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Last Friday, WSHH--the ghetto’s finest news source—posted a video clip from the first episode of Global Grind’s new series Behind the Grind, hosted by Kim Osorio.

[Blogger’s Note: This “Behind The Grind” is not the same as Carl “Jackpot” Chery’s back on Big Green about… well… himself.]

In the series debut, Joseph “Jimmy” Jones does his damndest to illicit the attention of a Negro Please League roster in his first at-bat. Weighing in on Nas' current feud with Bill O'Reilly and Fox News, the internets get yet another taste of Jimmy Being Jimmy. (I'm starting that blog. I called it, negroes!)

“[You’re] speakin’ ‘bout someone who’s not relevant in the game so it’s nothing [Nas] can do from a street aspect point of view to make a spectacle or get people to look at him. So he opts for the dweeb way to do it. That shit is bogus, man. I don’t wanna hear that shit… We don’t wanna hear that bullshit you trynna kick, man. That propaganda shit. Fuck outta here. It’s 2008 and it’s a recession. Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about getting back, finding out how we make some fuckin’ money in these fucked up times. It’s dry out there, you dig? It ain’t no money out there. It’s a drought out there. It’s bad for both sides of the fence whether you pay taxes or you don’t.”Jim Jones, Global Grind's Behind The Grind

Way to bait the dirt angel, Kimmy. Roping Jones with that question is like shooting fish in a barrel with one of T.I.’s many AK-47s. I don’t think this could have been easier for the interviewer as Jones is a general shithead and apparently mashed every waking moment time he’s on camera.

Define irony: Jim Jones questioning the relevance of a rapper with the #1 album in the country while he’s in his basement trynna come up with another “Ballin’.”

I’ll pump the brakes. I shouldn’t be so hard on Jimmy for that one. He may not know what “relevance” actually means.

“You know… He not real. He a dweeb! Fuck outta here!”

I gladly concede to Jones that Nas isn’t the star he once was, but he’s far from irrelevant. Sorry. I don’t buy that argument from Bill Oh’Really or Pig Pen.

Speaking of “dweebs,” I haven’t heard that term since like 1989… and never once in real life. This nigga must have fell asleep on Saved By The Bell with one of them cropdusted blunts the Harlem rapsters are so famous for.

“I ain’t fuckin with that old Martin Luther King route. That’s that dweeb shit. Niggas tawkin bout social change. I’m trynna make some change. Don’t nobody wanna hear that bullshit he trynna kick. You know… that knowledge. Let’s talk about this money.”

Dirty negro, please.

I guess Rap City is Meet The Press to a nigga like Jones.E.

Nas is trying to lighten the load for rappers. When it comes to public image, Lord knows hip-hop needs all the help she can get. Unfortunately any progress we make for the culture benefits the niggas that need be left behind as well.

I understand why Jimmy isn’t so worried about Faux News, though. His media representation has long since been taken care of. You can catch Jones later this month featuring in the forthcoming CNN documentary Wack In America.

Dumb niggas will always be trynna figure out how to come up with a way to make money. (Note I didn’t say SDNs)

Yes, times are a little tight right now, but it’s not supposed to feel like a recession to a nigga that’s been BAAWWWWLLLIIIINNNN!

I guess dressing like he sleeps at the Port Authority Bus Terminal isn’t just a fashion statement for dude.

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For Jimmy Being Jimmy I'd stick with the current host. Jones hacking away at Kim Osorio soft-toss could be the most interesting shit on TV since Ninja Warrior.