NEGRO PLEASE: Jim Jones Gives Nas Wedgies?

[Editor’s Note: “Blogger’s Note” has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice.]

Last Friday, WSHH–the ghetto’s finest news source—posted a video clip from the first episode of Global Grind’s new series Behind the Grind, hosted by Kim Osorio.

[Blogger’s Note: This “Behind The Grind” is not the same as Carl “Jackpot” Chery’s back on Big Green about… well… himself.]

In the series debut, Joseph “Jimmy” Jones does his damndest to illicit the attention of a Negro Please League roster in his first at-bat. Weighing in on Nas’ current feud with Bill O’Reilly and Fox News, the internets get yet another taste of Jimmy Being Jimmy. (I’m starting that blog. I called it, negroes!)

“[You’re] speakin’ ‘bout someone who’s not relevant in the game so it’s nothing [Nas] can do from a street aspect point of view to make a spectacle or get people to look at him. So he opts for the dweeb way to do it. That shit is bogus, man. I don’t wanna hear that shit… We don’t wanna hear that bullshit you trynna kick, man. That propaganda shit. Fuck outta here. It’s 2008 and it’s a recession. Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about getting back, finding out how we make some fuckin’ money in these fucked up times. It’s dry out there, you dig? It ain’t no money out there. It’s a drought out there. It’s bad for both sides of the fence whether you pay taxes or you don’t.”Jim Jones, Global Grind’s Behind The Grind

Way to bait the dirt angel, Kimmy. Roping Jones with that question is like shooting fish in a barrel with one of T.I.’s many AK-47s. I don’t think this could have been easier for the interviewer as Jones is a general shithead and apparently mashed every waking moment time he’s on camera.

Define irony: Jim Jones questioning the relevance of a rapper with the #1 album in the country while he’s in his basement trynna come up with another “Ballin’.”

I’ll pump the brakes. I shouldn’t be so hard on Jimmy for that one. He may not know what “relevance” actually means.

“You know… He not real. He a dweeb! Fuck outta here!”

I gladly concede to Jones that Nas isn’t the star he once was, but he’s far from irrelevant. Sorry. I don’t buy that argument from Bill Oh’Really or Pig Pen.

Speaking of “dweebs,” I haven’t heard that term since like 1989… and never once in real life. This nigga must have fell asleep on Saved By The Bell with one of them cropdusted blunts the Harlem rapsters are so famous for.

“I ain’t fuckin with that old Martin Luther King route. That’s that dweeb shit. Niggas tawkin bout social change. I’m trynna make some change. Don’t nobody wanna hear that bullshit he trynna kick. You know… that knowledge. Let’s talk about this money.”

Dirty negro, please.

I guess Rap City is Meet The Press to a nigga like Jones.E.

Nas is trying to lighten the load for rappers. When it comes to public image, Lord knows hip-hop needs all the help she can get. Unfortunately any progress we make for the culture benefits the niggas that need be left behind as well.

I understand why Jimmy isn’t so worried about Faux News, though. His media representation has long since been taken care of. You can catch Jones later this month featuring in the forthcoming CNN documentary Wack In America.

Dumb niggas will always be trynna figure out how to come up with a way to make money. (Note I didn’t say SDNs)

Yes, times are a little tight right now, but it’s not supposed to feel like a recession to a nigga that’s been BAAWWWWLLLIIIINNNN!

I guess dressing like he sleeps at the Port Authority Bus Terminal isn’t just a fashion statement for dude.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Are we still trying to Free Max B?

For Jimmy Being Jimmy I’d stick with the current host. Jones hacking away at Kim Osorio soft-toss could be the most interesting shit on TV since Ninja Warrior.

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  • 239allday

    Yo I just got done watching (C)Rap city’s booth segment and guess who’s on there. Jimmy. The dude Noe (you know, the one who sound like Jay) tried to go at Nas with a weak ass cliche line, observe: I’m nastier than Nas, I’m hospital food.

    Yo Jimmy, Step your rappin weed carrier game up!

    p.s. King coon Terrance J on 106 right now suckin off Roxy nonexistant dick…Awkwaaaaard!!!

    • 239allday

      1 more thing. That Faux(get it?) news thing is clever. I’mma borrow that.

      • Ron Mexico

        i can’t take credit for the “faux news” thing.

        i’ve seen that elsewhere in the blogosphere. can’t say where first though.

        i thought it was pretty damn clever.

        • chad bro chill

          this was a great post real hilarious
          jimmy being jimmy
          wen i first saw this i was like negro please this cat will do anything to diss nas
          nas could be giving food to starving babies in kenya and jimmy would be like they aint tryin to eat that shit you feeding them. they whole culture is starving and you making it worse

    • WANG

      i fuks wit byrdgang and i like jim and noe but dey gotta cut da bullshit

    • Penelope Rodriguez

      “I’m nastier than Nas, I’m hospital food.”


      LMAO @ Jim Jones’ weedcarrier’s non rapping skills!!!!!!!!!!!

  • henry

    here i thought i was the only that watched ninja warrior, and everytime nas does an interview just play a beat in the background and he’ll sound smarter

  • henry

    i wonder if the math is scaring people away

    • Ron Mexico

      i was wondering the exact same shit.

      i don’t think it’s anything outside of skreetcorner I.

      if daquan has already served 7 fiends by 4am and has yet to do away the 6 remaining vials in his ground stash tucked in the southeast gutter of MLK, how many vials did ‘quan start his night with?

      if they started doing reading comp, i’d be a lot more worried.

      • henry

        13, i hope

        • Ron Mexico

          sorry. trick question.

          we haven’t taken into account the fiends that cop multiple times in a night.

          more than you know.

          the answer is D) not enough information provided.


          these shits is culturally-biased.

          now i hope i get the math question correct so this can actually post.

        • henry

          first i fail calc, now the internet smh

  • render

    “You can catch Jones later this month featuring in the forthcoming CNN documentary Wack In America.”

    LOL shit funny as hell

    Jim Jones is why I can’t hate on the south. They damn sure dont have a monopoly on nignorance. North, South, East, West…the whole game is on some dumb nigga shit right now

    and what up with this spam protection shit? What gave yall the idea that the average reader is capable of basic arithmatic?

    • Ron Mexico

      “Jim Jones is why I can’t hate on the south. They damn sure dont have a monopoly on nignorance. North, South, East, West…the whole game is on some dumb nigga shit right now.”


      …and 1+9=10

  • BiG KuntRy

    Jim gotta pick up those books, Nas is still relevant, and def has a message. We all trying to get this money. Shit I know to many people struggling with 2 and 3 jobs. I’m one of them”. But next time I see ya jim cruising uptown, to cop that dirty pif, ul remind me of why, niggas will always be niggas. In times like this? u worried about a fckn scarf, and some tight ass jeans. And I’m looking at the people and wondering , when shit really hit the fan, who is going to go to bed hungry, or knoc the local chicken wing joint, cause they broke. Grow the fck up, shit is bigger then what u see in ur louie shades. Listen to what dude gotta say, fckn crab. Niggas like you are used by the corporations that produce those images, u glorify. I live in those hoods. Aint nobody BAWWLLLLINNNN… U really need to step down, and instead of complaining work with the dude and make some change for real. But I guess the mind of todays negro is only to think about oneself. Hope you investing dude, cause when those music ventures dry the fck up. And they will. You better pick up a trade nigga, maybe a fckn mop and bucket. Can’t pawn some louie shades and ice out skull headz..

  • Da PartyStarter

    Jim Jones makes Flava Flav look like Henry Louis Gates…


    I guess dressing like a he sleeps at the Port Authority Bus Terminal isn’t just a fashion statement for dude

    hahahahaha bol named him the best dirt angel that shit fits him. that video was funny to jimmy alwyas looks like he just woke up.

  • Pierzy

    Jim Jones is, like the upcoming movie, “The Wackness!”

  • John Brown

    You know this is 50 cents fault (like everything else), he is the one that pushed Cam’Ron out of the picture and made Jimmy the boss of Dipset. Allowing him to do BITCHASSNESS interviews and God knows what else.

  • KjB

    Yo Ron, u forgot to carry over the number of patrols in the area of sales and the variance in spinner rotations equal to the number of duffle bags needed ummm… plus 5? lol
    Bill Orally apparently has a nigga on retainer or payroll or some crazy backwards deal. As far as Jim goes, I thought I’d heard folks sayin we don’t need him no more…


    yo they better leave NAS along. lets not forget EITHER. LOL

  • Macdatruest

    Jim Jones is Homo Erectus. He look used lmfao! If you think Nas aint relevant, look at Jimmy’s latest single “Splash” (yeah its gay) off his new album like on youtube or somethin’. There, you will see non-relevance at its finest. It pretty much sum up his whole shit right now. Nigga shit look low budget, hoes look dirty like on dipset crunk muzik video, dude look like a dirty ass Uncle Jesse off Full House like always and guess what its about? Money of course. Not suprising because its called splash but he aint with that showering and shaving. Thats that dweeb route shit. That soap propoganda. But yeah dude is finished. Fake ass rockstar spnish italian mexican capo, what-the-fuck are you? And is Jim sad? depressed? Damn Jimmy so sad he mad at freedom and equality. Or maybe he more concerned about “border issues” aint he from Peru? Nah that nigga need to talk about money caused he signed a deal for a nice size advance and it aint lookin like he gone be able to pay it back-somebody said they wanna se what his new album do, thats a shame cause his album been out for a while, it just flopped horribly, his label even knows he aint a star they heard “Ballin” up in some boardroom and seen a mash up of cliche’s that maybe they could make look cool to kids, but I think he too stupid for real niggas and too akward for kids to get wit cause fourteen year olds cant grow beards yet. And even younger kids say he look “stanky” He got a “loser” swag

  • Shawty J

    Great blog, Ron.

    Jim Jones is a moron, and obviously proud of it. This retarded one hit wonder wants to question Nas’ relevance, just proof that nigga is higher than the Goodyear Blimp. Jones then goes on to criticize Nas for spreading knowledge?

    You gotta be kidding me. I though Rick Ross was the dumbest man in Hip-Hop for a minute after denying his pass, but I see Jones takes that title after criticizing knowledge and spreading ignorance.

    About a year and a half ago, Nas mentioned to Complex Magazine that Jones had a song called “Ballin” (as we know the song is really called “We Fly High”) and that he had never heard. I think Jones is salty that Nas dissed his little one hit success.

    What Jones should be salty about is MVP from WWE Smackdown. MVP took Jones “BALLIN” chant and his fadeaway dance got in front of a bunch of white kids and got more play off of it than Jones did, and still can.

    • Ron Mexico

      you guys are killin me with the comments.

      i’m proud to write for you negroes.

      non-negroes obviously included.

  • Stuey

    fuck this math shit it really works on my computer..

    • Stuey

      Oh shit it worked for fuckin once!

  • KF UK

    “non-negroes obviously included”

    thank you ron, thought i wasnt welcome for a second there… lol

    • Ron Mexico

      hahahha! of course you are!

      and i really mean it.

  • Maddolies

    Quick Someone Tell Me What 2 plus 9 is!
    ‘Judas’ Jones Is Wack! He Shoulda Stuck 2 Being Cams Bag Carrier. Cam Kept All Those Dudes In Line. And Dat Idiot Freekey Zekey Yelling Out “FREEKEEY!!” On BET Needs 2 Be Shot In The Head Wit Oe Of Tips AK’s. That Guys A Clown

  • EReal

    Yo, check out Jimmy’s newest single “BEGGGGIINN” off his joint “Recession Proof” comin soon.

    Also on the album:

    “Soup Kitchen” ft/Paul Wall

    “Cigarette Butts” ft/Mike Jones

    and the other new hit single,

    “Windsheild Washer” ft/Choppa

    • Dub Sac

      That’s comedy right there.

  • that nigga

    Isnt even sayin you would give another grown ass man a wedgie kinda suspect? No Jim Jones.

  • fredMS

    this ‘spam protection’ math seems like a way to keep nigs comments off the internets. conspiracy.

  • Profhit3

    I really hope Jimmy is pretending to be this stupid, because if he isn’t, “Blacks In America” are in deep trouble.

  • Yayza

    Jim Jones is a tool, and he really needs to back the fuck up and shut his damn mouth before he gets smacked the fuck up. Not to say that I would be the one to do it or anything, but someone will, eventually.

    I honestly think dude just looks at which rappers dropped an album recently, and then tries to piggyback on their success by dissing them. He did it with Jay-Z and American gangster, which backfired when it came out that he was basically just an angry Jay-Z stan, and now he’s doing it with Nas, who he probably has a poster of in his room or some shit.

    Jim Jones is WACK.

  • Queens Boy

    it’s funny…even with ballin jim jones is still irrelevant as fuck..nas brush them faggots off you and continue to spread the word!!!!

  • Lowedwn

    Damn, I’m a day late…but this is still some grade A hate Mexxico. You must look at Jim Jones blog days like the Globetrotters when they fittin to play the Generals, cause u don’t let up, then u drop classic lines like-

    Jones: “the fuck u talknbout shower nigga….I went in the pool today”.

  • c b w

    i’m really starting to think this finger puppet has some deep rooted issues from high school that he never resolved. Wedgies? Somebody must have really fucked him up when he was younger. Let’s keep it funky (like Jim) he could probably benefit from getting his head put in a toilet and then flushed.

    He’s a cornball.

  • Tony Grand$

    Jim jones looks like the Debarge brother the family chased out the house. Kinda like the by-product of a homless hells angel and one of the Olsen twins. Can somebody hit jimjim on his pager (I refuse to believe he owns a cell dressing like an unemployed skateboarder) and tell him that he has no swag left! He prolly came up with “ballin” when the neighborhood kids woke him up one morn asleep in the public bathroom. That nigga EREAL got me LMFAO! “Cigarette Butts” Poor jimmy put his foot in his mouth and prolly ate his shoe. if I was Rick Ross, I’d jump on this opportunity. That nigga betta do a song with NaS or start wearin some “fuck Jim Jones” skullies or sumn! Naw, prolly woodnt help.

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