NEGRO PLEASE: Hip-Hop’s Top 5 “Smart Dumb Niggas”

[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice]

NaS is such an enigma as a recoding artist. He is clearly a genius on several levels, but then he becomes an idiot savant during interviews.” –Billy X. Sunday,

The enigma that The Hon. Billy X. Sunday refers to is actually the presence of a phenomenon touched on by Katt Williams. One such as Nas can be described as a “Smart Dumb Nigga” or, for the sake of aesthetics, an SDN.

Y’all know what I’m talkin’ about, when a nigga just smart than a dumb motherfucker in your living room smokin up then come out and say something like:

“Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Why did Judas rat to Romans while Jesus slept?”

In the wake of the medical community’s recent discovery of the SDN virus, “Negro Please” is negro-pleased to present Hip-Hop’s Top 5 Smart Dumb Niggas. Baseball’s All-Star week just passed, so fuck it. Let’s have our own.

All ballots are write-in. Here’s Ronaldinho’s card:

Nas – Have you ever seen/listened to a Nas interview? For a man so brilliant on record, Nastradamus doesn’t always have his spit game together when there’s no instrumental behind him. He’s hip-hop’s definitive example of niggas who aren’t really saying anything when they’re not talking that old off-the-wall, back-to-Africa shit rapping. It’s like Mr. Jones steps into a booth and somehow morphs into a coherent being. Without that “Book of Rhymes,” he sounds like any other nigga I’ve met from Queensbridge–including Ron Artest.

Ghandi was a fool.

Trick Daddy – Trick Daddy Dollars is the antithesis to the Nas example. Trick knows EXACTLY what he means when he speaks. The problem is, the general public usually doesn’t. Trick is an unconventional SDN because he’s far from the most articulate nigga out there, but his sincerity extends despite his conversational limitations… kind of like a developmentally disabled child.

David Banner – I love David Banner. No nullus. I totally appreciate how politically astute he is. He seems to watch the news from time to time and recognizes that he can use his platform to evoke social change. If nothing else, Banner will keep us abreast of what’s rattling around in that skull of his. Dude seems like he has all the best intentions. He doesn’t give me that “I’m preaching so you can look at me” vibe like some rappers do.

This doesn’t mean you have to follow him down the river.

Like Trick Daddy, The Black Hulk doesn’t always make the most sense when he speaks. Unlike Trick, I don’t generally understand what he’s trying to say. If for no other reason, Banner earns his SDN tag because he clearly can’t keep his eyes on the prize when some caramel trim walks by.

Nigga just turned into the Hamburglar before my very eyes.

Mos Def – Once the poster child for head-wrapped, earth-toned intelligence in rap form, Mr. Smith has seen his flock diminish since the days of Black on Both Sides. Once the Neo[-Soul] and Messiah to hip-hop’s Matrix, Mos Def is now little more than #69 on Stuff White People Like. Actually, he’s an established actor who is still referred to by his rap name for some strange reason. White people even pay him to lecture them!

Unfortunately for the Mighty Mos, smarty-art niggas who get caught up in all the niggerish bullshit they rap about avoiding must register themselves at the DSDNS (Department of Smart Dumb Nigga Services).

White Chocolate skrippin-ass Superhead ex-wives make sure my Umi says that Dante is a dumbass. Had a spark when he started, but now he’s just Chick-tested, Whitey-approved Saturday morning garbage. Were it not for his recent portrayal of Gangstalicious, he might have lost me entirely already.

P.S.: Being self-righteous doesn’t inherently make one smart.

Ghostface – The nigga admittedly doesn’t remember what he means when he says Dr. Seuss-ish shit like “Ayo, Spiced-out Calvin Coolidge and “Seasoned giraffe rears.” That’s more than enough to earn one’s SDN certification.

Sadly, I grew up believing that every Ghostface line I didn’t understand contained some god knowledge I needed to study up on at the god hour… or something like to that effect. I grew up right by that school not far from the Apollo. Weirdos like Ghostface killed whatever god knowledge curiosity I might have developed. If that shit was gonna make me a SDN (Sherm & Dope Nigga) or a Parliament Funkadelic-lookin boy yelling indiscriminately at all white people, I wasn’t interested.

[Addendum: Ironically enough, Ghostface is the earliest documented pioneer of "Smart Dumb Nigga's" use as medical terminology. (See: The World According to Pretty Toney) Thanks, Casey.]

I’m sure I’m leaving out a slew of worthy candidates. That’s where you, the “Negro Please” reader, come into play. Feel free to nominate your own starting 5 SDNs of hip-hop. Please include nominee’s name, position and a brief explanation of your choice.

Dumb Dumb Niggas, or DDNs (i.e.: Yung Berg, Tony Yayo) will be terminated on sight disqualified upon receipt.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Should we approach T.I. for the tournament theme music? Nevermind. He’s busy. Maybe Banner?

If you guys can get me a total of say, 16 smart-dumb niggas, we can do this the fair way.

Feel free to include Diddies, video hoes, weed carriers, etc. I happened to fill out an all-rapster ballot, but anyone in the hip-hop universe is fair game.

Enjoy your weekends, bitches.

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    you suck!!
    You bitch cum coon cum porch monkey ass nigga.

    • Ron Mexico

      somebody missed their dose this morning

    • DevilintheFlesh

      Dare I Say: Nas has a ghostwriter?

      • King B

        uh…no you’re wrong you are dumb as hell to THINK Nas has a ghostwriter…….anyways as far as this list I guess Ron was bored to death so he had a dumb ass moment and made this list, the fuck was you thinking to put Nas, Mos Def, and Ghostface killah on there??? you deserve the smart dumb nigga award Ron

    • MOE

      You forgot young buck, the game, rick ross, and lil wayne…smart dumb niggas!

      • Pierzy

        What about the dude that demanded an apology at a town hall meeting because he was offended by the term “black hole,” calling it racist? When he was told it’s a scientific phenomenon coined by scientists, he called the scientists racist. He deserves his own list…

      • Aries from MS

        Hahahaha lol, nah, tham niggas just STTF, Stupid to the fuck!

    • Deez Nutz

      Jesse Jackson

    • ACE HU$TLA

      I aint even gon lie…
      Trick Daddy Dollars should be number 1 on this list.

  • A-mar


    how could u leave out mr. west?!

  • Chuck


    posts like these are the reason I havent unsubscribed from XXL’s RSS feed yet… nice shit

    • black&mild

      good shit ron but u forgot 50 nigga said “i use big words but i cant spell em” and nas even though he is my favorite rapper sounds like he smokes 7 l’s of that kush before he does interviews. nas if ur reading this put the dutch master down

  • Worley

    Any rapper still f*cking with Superhead is a smart dumb nigga: smart enough to get a deal, negotiate corporate politricks, but dumb enough to f*ck with Superhead.

  • black & mild

    Good job on than ron im a nas fan but that nigga sound like he just smoked seven l’s of that kush when he does interviews. oh and u forgot 50 nigga said “i use big words but i cant spell em”. that should give him the nuber one spot

  • 239allday

    Not really Hip Hop but I think this is one important smart dumb nigga. Obama of course. I would like to nominate that nigga for not thinkin that he didn’t need to act like a regular politician to win presidential office. But he is obviously changing some of his views just to please whitey. Step your politician game up Obama. Fox news comin for that half black ass.

    • Boogie The Don and thats whats up.

      Bowl cuts never faded/ advenger related/ got the sideburns on chins/ the jewels so flagrant/ its evident/ the shine on mines reek paper/ speak neighbor/ gotti wanna do us all a favor/ got the toast up/ roast one/ gems looking murky/ standin’ in the rain, passing out cold turkey/ was raised by, only the dummies who wanna murk me/ I dunk those, olly oops, James Unworthy/ the scope of the dope, got him hurtin’/ I keep a fresh mint piece Newport, gotta keep him flirtin’/ no frontin’, hour glass head n1ggaz be wanted/ the Vatican from all roads, homey I’m huntin’/ ducks nothing, the jazziest guy of all/ well some, maybe more, hell I let you make the call/ double up x L no slippin’ forgot one/ Pastor Troy’s “Vice Versa” single, ‘ish was forking dumb! Rally’s.

      -Boogie The Don of Ru-So Records

      myspace/Ru-So Records

      • Ru-So Records

        Hotdamnit! I guess ya’ll just gone make me say it huh? Fine. Go home. There. I said it. Ya happy now.

        “Say it again.”

        Go home.

        • 239allday

          Boogie, I’m kinda feelin the verse, but you’re mistaken homie if you think Pastor Troy’s vice versa was dumb. That shit was fire.

          But if you meant dumb as in good, then disregard the sentnce above.

        • Ron Mexico

          the only thing dumb about “vica versa” is the spelling of the title.

          man, them guitars give me chills very time i hear.


          i don’t have any grounds for pastor being an SDN.

        • Boogie The Don and thats whats up

          Bonus. If ever I said it. 1



    A PIC.



    have you heard that guy that beat up shawty lo? that nigga is retarded, you gotta put him on blast!

    • 5

      And often.

  • henry

    shouldnt tupac be number one, i read on rolling stones that laurence fishburne had lost respect for tupac because he was smarter than everyone around him but he still did stupid shit like attacking that crip at vegas that led to his death. Though he did sound smart in interviews and in his songs, he did go to jail for sexual abuse, man tupac was a weird ass dude, maybe cuz his uncle touched him when he was little

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Others SDN:

    Kanye West
    Dj Paul and Juice-J (Three 6 Mafia)

  • bongolock

    aww man! this is great! u caught me off guard with ghosts 4th chamber lyrics.

    keep it comin (no keith sweat)

  • C-Money

    Best post yet Mr. Mexico…U were starting to lose me on a lot of your posts but maybe that’s because I’m a Smart Dumb nigga (SDN) myself.

    Don’t forget to add to ghostface that he doesn’t even remember writing Supreme Clientele and he has no clue what any line from that album means lol

    The only one i disagree with on your list is David Banner. Yes he can be delusional or sometimes talk just to hear himself talk, but most interviews I see from him are usually on point.

    There’s not too many SDN around if you really think about it. Mostly DDN so I really can’t add to the list.

  • Queens Boy

    i think that was a ok list ron but i would add on Lloyd banks…simply because in one magazine interview he said the game raps like milli vanilli What The Fuck????? please put him on that list

    Btw Another hilarious post Ron and also add uncle murder(hit up youtube to see what i’m talking about, type in uncle murder speaks on papoose incident in the search bar)

  • dj ashy fingerz

    Plies- the opposite of Knaws

  • Zo

    I cant believe no one has mentioned the biggest “Idiot” out!!! Lil Wayne is a fucken SSDN Shermed out Smart Dumb Nigga…I don’t think me or him understand WTF he’s talking about half the time…He did make a milli though. I guess that makes him smart?

  • Now Born Supreme Justice

    Most of what the Wu spits especially GZA, RZA and Ghost is steeped in the laws and degrees of The 5% G’s & E’s… What is hillarious is that a wanna be pseudo-intellectual such as yourself would describe some of HH’s most coveted artists as SDN’s… A term Ghost made famnous if not coined… Number 1 on my list would be YOU!!!!

  • Willie Blak

    Ron, ya post game right now is more serious than Diesel’s in his prime! I’ve always felt like Nas doesn’t get the recognition he deserves because his lack of interview quality. Dude just comes off boring and not worth reading/watching and in this day and age, you have to be entertaining and provocative inside(for the most part *coughs* Soulja Boy) the booth as well as outside of it.

    • 239allday

      Nas doesn’t really come off boring in his interviews. He actually comes off uneducated, uniformed, and sometimes ignorant to what he is actually talking about. Remember when he was on 106th and Park trying to start another Black Panther revolution in response to sean Bell tragedy. Or last week when he called John Mccain a racist.

    • Boogie The Don and thats what up.

      With some ‘ol spine-tingling buss ya shit open beats too.


    Thats a cool little list and I get the point you trying to make but honestly I’d take Mos Def and Ghostface off and add maybe a Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

    Kanye because I still don’t know why exactly George Bush hates black people.

    And Wayne because I still don’t fully understand Misunderstood off Carter 3.

    Mos Def is a actaully smart motherfucker. Putting Mos Def on there is like putting Lupe Fiasco on there.

  • ant

    He aint no where near smart but he got the dumb part down pact! LIL WEEY-ANA
    The nigga thought jay was talken bout air n the sky on his verse on mr.carter and he had 2 have it explained 2 em

  • Creala

    Once again, black people hatin on other black people. When is this shit going to stop.

  • Crimson

    I always heard it referred to as “Smart Dumb Cats.” That would make it SDC.

    Wayne is the obvious choice. When he did “Georgia Bush” I was like, how the fuck does this gremlin know all this shit?

  • jojo

    Rather than give you a list of potential geniuses afflicted by the dumbass bug, its better to give a list of dignitaries that can be debated as being SDN’s.

    1.) Flava Flav (dude is technically a DDN, but at the end of the day being apart of PE, regardless of hypeman status, has to account for something)

    2.) KRS One…I really, really wonder about the guy. There’s no question that he is a legend that has contributed so much to the game. He has alot of bright things to say, but sometimes he says the most absurd shit

    3.) Prodigy. Exhibit A: Rikers.

    4.) Digable Planets. Same reasons for the Ghostface explanation.

    • Ron Mexico

      oooh… consider KRS added to the pot!

      flavor flav is actually a really smart dude. crack put him on the SDN/DDN border. but i like it. he goes too!

      prodigy is getting a lot of support. i never thought he was all that smart to begin with, but if you went to art & design, i guess you’re either kinda smart, kinda gay or both.

      i’ll go with the former.

      nice nominations, jojo!

  • Marko-V

    What about Stlyes P? Or Talib Kweli?They both can come off really intelligent in their rhymes and lose it during interviews. Alot of you all will hate me for this one but Andre 3K is a smart dumb nigga no matter how artsy you want to make his actions.

    Get @ me:

  • Rashad

    This is some straight coon bullshit. First off no one is totally smart and dumb, we just have our moments. its the people who deviate from the norm or popular society vote that is ruled dumb or smart based on their actions. Nas asking why is water wet, or the sky blue is intelligent. Think outside the box, God gave us knowledge however not all of it. The sky could be a mixture of colors to make it blue, why is it named blue? maybe it was called another color centuries ago. His interviews are good, on 106 and Park recently he proved that. McCain is biased becuase he voted against the MLK birthday, but now supports him because he needs the black vote. Everyone has their dumb moments, however, someone is perceived as dumb only if the other does not agree. Dumb is an opinion, another can be smart by others standards. Minstrel Show post.

  • Michael

    becasue Nas is so brilliant in the studio people forget he dropped out of the 8th grade. It’s very apparent when he’s being interviewd that he has a hard time getting his point across.

  • laShawn

    game dont really spit intelligent rhymes but he he somethin else on a track but in person.. – yall already know.

    weed carriers: lloyd banks, yayo,









    • Bang

      Yeah and the dogs buried in the backyard son, tell everyone about that

      • Ron Mexico

        hey, man. sometimes niggas got the same name.

        where my dogs at?

        scooby dooby dooooooooo…

        mike vick-lookin boy.


    Kanye West (Have Him Come Out To Soulja Boy Music During The All-Star Game Since He Is On Nas’ Level,And What Not)

  • Greg Enemy

    I nominate…

    Plies and Rich Boy

    for the same reasons Trick Daddy and Banner were nominated

  • IndyKid

    I think this dude is an SDN. He has got to be retarded. This guy doesn’t have good writing skills or any interesting thoughts

    • Ron Mexico

      that took entirely too long.

      i’m disappointed in you all.

  • Freddie B

    I nominate every new artist out there who try to speak intelligently in interviews and say they have a message in their music but all you hear is more ring tone crap. The list is too long but include Flo Rida, Plies, Yung Berg, Ace Hood, Soulja Boy, Shawty Lo, VIC….

  • MBizzle

    you forgot to mention yourself ronny

  • “The Party Killa”

    I defintely have 2 say Lil Wayne, but I think he falls under the catergory of DDN…..Cuz he just say the DUMBEST SHIT EVAR!!

    • nellz

      well he’s (supposedly) getting a college education…so that would qualify him under SDN

      • Dub Sac

        For most colleges, all you need is money, not actual intelligence. That’s obviously Wayne’s ticket. Does anyone really believe he has the attention span to read a book, discuss it critically and write a coherent four-to-five page term paper on the subject?

  • REAL TALK 08

    Damn Nas got dissed..but Lil’ Wayne was nowhere to be seen on this list…lol XXL mag luv sum Young Money!…he must have stock in this mag…

    • Ron Mexico

      maybe RON MEXICO (not XXL) thinks lil wayne is just a DDN?

      definitely not a smarter dumb nigga than the guys i mentioned.

      when you don’t know the difference between “heir” and “air” you’re just a DDN.

  • bennieblancoh

    How is T.I. not on the list? This mo’fo got caught with Tonz’O'Gunz like a damn Gangstarr record!

    Cam’ron!!! 60 Minutes Interview… dead issue!

    Diddy… rich outta his ass but feels the need to upload YouTube clips! That mo’fo didn’t get enough hugs from mom dukes as a kid.

    Game… why open your mouth?

    Suge Knight… knows (knew?) the industry but can’t put the Super Gangster cape away

    Elliot Wilson… LOL

  • Tony Grand$

    I am amazd that nobody nominated this cat. Earl “DMX” Simmons. Dumb ass period, just grab any entertainment periodical or hit a music news website to find out y, and if u aint already no, you’s a DDN. But ya boy was smart enuff to carry a label full of no talent bums for quite a while. I blame Superhead. In fact, that broad is a SDN mos def! She smart enuff to suck and fuck her way to royality, and dumb enuff to tell on herself and mad niggas, then back to smart for makin hoeing a lucrative job. Jesse Jackson has evolved n2 a DDN, actin like he jealous of Barak Obama. That nigga watchd Dr. King die. The least he could is support another young black mans dream without gettin all homo and shit! Then u got Dr. Dre bcuz let’s face it, that man is a sonic genius, but he’s the dumbest executive producer ever. How he let so much talent just bounce? This is music Doc not basketball. Top DDN honors go to Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson! Nuff said. Lastly, numba 32, Magic Johnson. This dude owns half of L.A. (In the shack nigs!), but can’t talk his way out of a paper bag!

    Still Cali dreamin u suckaz!! Chuuuch!

    • Ron Mexico

      i like the superhead nomination. gonna go with it.

      thanks, tony.

  • millie

    dont forget

    diddy, 50 cent, remy and fat joe

  • vonnievonn65

    He might not be a RAPPER but he qualifies for one of the smartest dumbest niggas blogging…get a real job fat azz….

    SDN – Ron Mexico

  • moodswings

    I think u had a good point. But there are definitely many more rappers who cant say nothing during interviews.

    In David Banner’s case, i think its more personal than his ability. He is better than u claim he is at interviews. Even your exposition on how he should be on the worst list ever doesnt add up.

    “Banner earns his SDN tag because he clearly can’t keep his eyes on the prize when some caramel trim walks by.”

    When will we as people give good reason for a cause rather than finding a slick-writers-way of hating someone cuz u personally dont like him.

    Yall Bias. Inform dont impose your opinions.

  • Jack

    for sure lil wayne should be on this list in song he sounds more intelligent most of the time but in interviews he doesn’t’ make any sense

  • Bluexhox

    Man, This Was Some Supa Insanely Halarious Funny Shit For Real. Props To Ron For His Gut-Busting Litterary Observations On All Things That Are Comedic (Albeit In Some Cases Unintentionally But Funny Nonetheless) And Everybody Up Here For Their Interpretations Of All Things SDN, SOSDN, SDNFNO And A Whole Bunch Of Alphabet Soup Ancronyms….lol Keep Bringing Laughter To The World Ya’ll…

  • They call me Jesus Freak

    Yo Ron, I usually cosign every word you write, freal. But that racist ass bullshit you talk about Def man, that’s some top notch bitchassness right there.

    Yo, I’m sorry that you feel cause white folks dig on Def and because he’s doing his thing that makes him fit this category.

    I’m white as hell and loyal to this blog, but just this one time fuck you man, you need to grow up.

    • Ron Mexico

      i have no problem with you disagreeing with my selection of mos def. that’s why the floor is open for you to make your own suggestions.

      please don’t get it twisted. he’s not an SDN because white people like him.

      “Unfortunately for the Mighty Mos, smarty-art niggas who get caught up in all the niggerish bullshit they rap about avoiding have to register themselves at the DSDNS (Department of Smart Dumb Nigga Services).”

      that means he’s an SDN because despite being the beacon of negro rap intelligence and an icon of progress, he’s been caught up in a lot of dumb shit lately. shit that makes a smart nigga into a smart dumb nigga.

      the rest of that… whatever you felt like i was implying about white folks… i can’t say where it came from.

  • DJ Knox

    How dii Lil’ Wayne not make the list? When he rap, he say some clever shit, but when he’s being interviewed, the boy can’t put a decent sentence together. LOL

  • fg

    jay-z tried to school us on te stupidity of nas years ago but we didnt wana listen.

    i would also add pac to the list.for all his conscious rgymes i think he was one of the most ignoant niggaz out there .wth his whole over the top gangsta tak and i dare say he set hip hop back by ten years when he was alive .

  • Billy X. Sunday

    When Snoop was going through his ‘izzle’ phase he was hardly intelligible, and that reminds me of Noreaga who also talks like a martian.

  • BGZ

    Co-sign on nominating Kanye, Styles P…..
    Lil Wayne is smarter when he’s clean-n-sober (the opposite of Nas), so at every full moon…
    Ghost is a verbal Jackson Pollock, don’t look at his words individually…

  • Creflo

    Kanye West – smart enough to believe in his rhyme skills when no one else did, dumb enough to think he is a great emcee, smart enough to call out W. Bush, dumb enough to favorably compare Soulja Boy and Nas…i could go on, he is, afterall, the King of SDNs

    E-40 – dumb enough to say all the indecipherable bullshit that he does, smart enough to make other people sing along

    Flavor Flav – smart enough to be a part of P.E., dumb enough to STILL not get it

  • Ron Mexico

    “Flavor Flav – smart enough to be a part of P.E., dumb enough to STILL not get it”


  • Ayre

    N.Y. Oil that is one SDN.

  • Eric

    you guys are missing the point. you have to be SMART to be a SDN. wayne can’t be on the list cuz he is not very smart.

    with that said i nominate eminem. lets not disqualify him from being a nigga cuz he white. that would be discriminatory.

  • biggiebig

    yeah i was thinkin bout addin kanye, wayne, and game wayne cuz when he talk he make sence but when he raps its “wtf” ye’ when he raps it makes sence but when he talks it “wtf” and just scrach off game cuz when u think about it he’s a dx3n

  • OG_912

    imma tell yall PERFECT niggas somn, im far from perfect, but if u sit and watch these so calld SDNs interviews, listen to their music, what do u consider yourselves??? just because they in famous, they eat and shit, like me and u, and if the white folks wuz 2 shoot u 30 times for no reason, most of these niggas on ya list would rally for yall hatin asses, im disappointed, Nas Nigger album in stores now, 4 all u Uncle Ruckus’ out there

  • Clever


    On beat or off beat,
    I’m Diabolical, remarkable,bling blinding wit da ripple tripple lyrical,/
    Desert eagle ah muahphukka til its pitiful/
    Shred wheat ah Rapper til he’s cereal/
    Serial killa word biblical/
    Leave ah dent in ya skull deeper than a scholar with a 100years and, ah 100books of word scriptual/
    CLEVER sickille razor tong clipual, accapalle spit u, chew you up dip you spit you like dip juice/
    Hill billy bob ya crew, stomp’em so deep til they fossil fuel/
    Pop you like pimple juice spew/
    I’mma danger, major damage ya main vain cus/
    Flow thick and luscious,its natural to cuff 16 when I bus/ Cripple ya typical, sick of you pop tarts sweet glispe of you/
    Think you hip-hop? tight nut, gay sluts, beat cha wit da slu of combinations and, uppercutz fucking clutz/
    For breakfast, rappers are pastries , chewed through followed wit black ink/

    I’m Cursed like God Think/
    My Mind move quicker dan God blinks/
    Just think, you can’t, cause I swipped ya word bank/
    When I feast, tattoo my bars on ya deep/
    Leave my marks , cause i’mma Muahphukkin BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Lil Wayne & Kanye west SMART DUMB NIGGAS!


    whats wrong with banner turning the camera on some tail she was fine he spoke his part. that whole interviwe he was looking for them he eyes was darting around

  • paychexx

    i gotta say t.i., dont get me wrong im a fan of him. But the shit he said on mtv parker report was fuckin stupid, this nigga said” all the real people are dead or in jail”
    does that mean becuz i dont sell dope or pop guns like a lotta dumb ass niggas who want to be lock up with other niggas with no pussy no money and most importantly no freedom, does not make me real? then also with what he said, does that mean he and all of hip hop artists who are not lock up are fake? if that truth then hip hop is some fake ass shit since the beginning.


  • jojo

    Add Afrika Bambaataa to that list…His contributions are unmatched by the current crop of artists and he is without question a pioneer of Hip-Hop. Bambaataa however, much like KRS, tries to have Hip Hop appear as being something sacred and revered when the truth is that in todays circle it is simply a commodity, which he sometimes just cannot acknowledge. I love hip hop and I do feel that a change is necessary to keep my attention from straying, but as a grown ass man, I dont think backpackers, breakdancers and grafitti artists are going to bring my ass back. I think the Zulu Nation does a great job in establishing a positive presence in Hip-Hop, but sometimes I feel like im listening to Jim Jones(NOT THE RAPPER!!!) give a sermon.


    1.50 CENT-Even with all the success 50s had over the past 5 years, his recent missteps with Mobb Deep, Yayo, & Banks, & the G-Unit albums makes him a SDN. In his interviews when reporters ask him about the industry or G-Unit sales he always seems to have a know-it-all answer about records, the climate, or circumstantial shit, like he has the formula. That’s why he needed 4 singles out before he released the Curtis album, which still didn’t compare to Kanye’s musically or sale-wise. Smarten up 50, those cookie-cutter songs that G-Unit’s known for are done.

    2.Young Buck-”Even if you did the worsest thing to me(50) I could never write a rap in my mind negative towards you…I couldn’t do it like that with you.”

    Then comes…

    “My Interview”, “Taped Conversation”, “Laugh Now, Cry later”

    Young Buck was smart enough to apologize to save his ass, but turns right around and bites the hand that fed him. SDN(s) get confused I guess.

  • Eric

    How could we forget probably the smartest dumbest nigga? DMX. No elaboration needed.

  • jig

    #5:2pac-God bless the dead.Unfortunately,he was dumb enough to start livin that thuglife shit he was spittin,never been arrested before the rap game,and some of his interviews??WTF!?
    #4:Ghostface-Rap like ziti??Seasoned giraffe rears??And what the fuck is Theodore Unit anyways??!
    #3:Rick Ross-He’s not really a smart-dumb nigga,just dumb. Not only does he name himself after the biggest cocaine trafficker in L.A. history(He’s from Miami).But he was quoted sayin some shit like he cant live off of 10 mil a month??Thats like sayin please tap my phone,I sell drugs.Dumb.
    #2:T.I.-Maybe I’m dumb,but what does T.I. stand for??Is it an acronym?Who knows.Not only that,but you gotta be dumb when you’re one of the hottest,most noticable faces in the rap game and decide to go buy 10 machine guns YOURSELF. IN PERSON?? Did he forget he was on paper?? Once again.. W.T.F.?!?
    Last but not least..the smartest,dumbest nigga in the game is none other than,(drum-roll,please)
    D! M! X!
    #1:That’s right,Dark Man X.
    It’s really sad,too.cause he was THAT NIGGA once upon a time.Where did this dude go wrong? Probably when he crashed in that airport and tried to pose as a federal agent,after everybody in the world just seen “Romeo Must Die” or whatever that movie was called. Or when they found all those dead pits in his crib,along with crackpipes and hard. Or maybe gettin caught speedin on numerous occasions w/o a license.You would think after the first five times,a nigga would wise up and just go pay the fines,restitution,whatever,to get the license.Now my man Earl tried to get out on a $7,500 hospital bill by givin a fake name and fake social sec.number.Now that shit could work for regular people,but not motherfuckerz who cut records and been in movies and TV shows and shit. I’ll end it by sayin this…..

    • 239allday

      T.I. as in T.I.P. actually stands for Ten Inch playa.

  • king equality

    this post is kind of f@$%?! up we keep forgetting at the end of the day its all entertainment who’s really the dummy them for getting paper or us for letting most of these cats influence how we eat drink and dress. I would put them cats thats getting money and messing up all their chances maybe micheal vick pacman jones dmx how the hell didnt he make the list thats real insulting to call a person dumb or stupid so in reality ron you just did some stupid shit hope none of these cats wanna see you.


    50 CENT and SAIGON

  • Fuck that

    Fuck what y’all say Nas, David Banner and Mos are 10 times smarter than all you motherfuckers. So If they are SDN’s what does that make you fuckers?? Think about it!!

  • 11KAP

    Well I could say Soulja Boy sounds way more intelligent in his interviews than he sounds in his music, so you could call him a very dumb smart person, right?
    When you’re in the spotlight, you have to watch what you say. It’s inevitable that sometimes you will put your foot in your mouth or sound like a jackass, because too many people are jocking your every word. Nobody is perfect anyway, so you were pretty stupid to even bring up this subject in a blog. How about that?

  • Lowedwn

    Lowedwn’s S.D.N Sweet 16

    1) NAs
    2) TDD
    3) David Banner
    4) Mos Def
    5) Ghostface
    6) Rza
    7) Kanye
    8) T.I.
    9) Keith Murray
    10) Prodigy
    11) Rass Kass
    12) Wyclef
    13) Lauryn Hill
    14) Russell Simmons
    15) Xzibit
    16) Cappadonna

  • Lowedwn

    And in all honesty, Pac should’ve made that list, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put him on there.

  • c b w

    I hope this list is not just limited to hip-hop artists because in no particular order….

    1. dave chappelle
    2. jesse jackson
    3. 50 cent
    4. nas
    5. t.i.
    6. nelly
    7. floyd mayweather
    8. al “big perm” sharpton
    9. david banner
    10. soulja boy
    11. lauryn hill (“Bitch done gone beserk!!” Richard Pryor)
    12. pac
    13. busta rhymes
    14. the game
    15. puff daddy
    16. flava flav

    talk amongst yourselves

  • capitalpro

    Albert Einstein published over 300 scientific works and over 150 non-scientific works.Einstein is revered by the physics community, and in 1999 Time magazine branded him the “Person of the Century”.All this and he couldn’t tie his shoe laces.

  • Mic Watta

    Number 1 for SDN of all time

    That’s a pic of rhymefest
    Not david banner

    Smart enuff to come up with this list
    Dumb Enuff not to edit it

  • Mic Watta

    Number 1 for SDN of all time

    That’s a pic of rhymefest
    Not david banner

    Smart enuff to come up with this list
    Dumb Enuff not to edit it

  • Mic Watta

    Number 1 for SDN of all time

    That’s a pic of rhymefest
    Not david banner

    Smart enuff to come up with this list
    Dumb Enuff not to edit it

  • Brodie

    what’s good with a post on the dark knight?

  • Tony Grand$

    W8 a cotton pickin minute! Yeah its me again. Nuttin betta to do. I’ve 4gotten evrybodys fav coon, farnsworth bentley. SDSDN (SUPER DUPER SMART DUMB NIGGA)! He smart for finding a way around gettin a real job whilst some of us monkeys gotta play in the cornfields forour supper. Dumb, for all the obvious reasons that would make a boot-lickin, shoe-shinin, spear-chuckin, massa’s ass kissin, toe-tappin, cornbread-cookin, cotton-pickin ass house nigger look like a dumb motherfucker in this the year of two thousand and 8! Oreo cookie ass wigger. Btw, love not hate! I bet Tommy Davidson could beat his ass. Hello UFC! Hahahahaha. Aight I’m done.

  • Tha Malcontent

    lol…i like most of tha cats on tha list except trick daddy, but yeah nas, banner, ghost, are definite candidates for SDN, on tha other hand mos is just human. Dude is like the hip hop paul robeson. he can’t help it cuz crackas like em, you know they love to steal or culture and those that shine…nas is dumb outside tha booth, banner is a hypocrit, ghostface says some dumb shit, and like you i thought maybe my lack of knowledge is why i couldn’t decipher some lines, naw its just jibberish to begin with (not all mind you). Trick Daddy….his name is Trick Daddy…lmao

  • KjB

    I think some other SDN listees could be E-40, Baby/Birdman, and any of the old Ruff Ryders clique. Flies, Piles, Plies… whichever one it is I’m still reminded of something shit related when I hear his “music.” The sad thing about D. Banner is that I think he’s a college graduate. SMDH. Thanks for not being afraid to “go there” Ron!

  • anutha_level

    D M X!

    as taken from an XXL interview:



    What the fuck is a Barack?! Barack Obama. Where he from, Africa?

    Yeah, his dad is from Kenya.

    Barack Obama?


    What the fuck?! That ain’t no fuckin’ name, yo. That ain’t that nigga’s name. You can’t be serious. Barack Obama. Get the fuck outta here.

    You’re telling me you haven’t heard about him before.

    I ain’t really paying much attention.

    I mean, it’s pretty big if a Black…

    Wow, Barack! The nigga’s name is Barack. Barack? Nigga named Barack Obama. What the fuck, man?! Is he serious? That ain’t his fuckin’ name. Ima tell this nigga when I see him, “Stop that bullshit. Stop that bullshit” [laughs] “That ain’t your fuckin’ name.” Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack.

    ….nuff said. *shakin head*

  • Provel

    1. T.I.


    3. LIL WAYNE

    4. JAY-Z


    6. NAS



    9. DIDDY

    10. YOUNG BUCK

    11. THE ROOTS

    12. COMMON

    13. MAINO

    14. PLIES

    15. RICK ROSS

    16. DMX

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