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What if Foxy Brown and Rick Ross hooking up is an arranged marriage by the t.I.'s at Universal Music Group? And why not? The t.I.'s realize that the game needs a female rapper to step up and get some shine. Foxy Brown could be a hot commodity with her provacative looks (read: really bulbous breats) and her street cred at an all time high. The only problem is that Foxy has become somewhat institutionalized. If she is free to roam in the public sector then he is likely to throw a brick at someone who crosses her. Real talk is that homegirl needs supervision.

Step in another one of UMG's properties , er, artists, Rick Ross. His background as a correctional officer might just provide the stablility that Foxy Brown needs to complete her next album. The correctional system in Florida is one of the most hardbody detention systems here in America. They are a privately owned corporation that can legally beat kids to death. Rick Ross hopefully won't have to do that to keep Foxy in line, but if he did, he would get off all charges.

Rick Ross might be mad at Trick Daddy for exposing him as an federal agant but Trick Daddy has been on the other end of that coin as well, literally the wrong end. Peep his history with Detroit's Trick Trick. It makes sense to me that a syndicate of corporations that own stock in the prison industrial complex would consign their employees to portray characters that would ultimately drive business upwards by helping to maintain the flow of inmates. It's the hustle of the flow.

"The number of women in prison, a third of whom are incarcerated for drug offenses, is increasing at nearly double the rate for men." - The Sentencing Project

I'm certainly not going to blame rap music for this shit either, but it isn't helping solve the problem. America puts too many people in jail. Period. Of course, there are the unsociable motherfuckers more 7:30 than the Joker, but the overwhelming majority of inmates are being held for non-violent crimes. And most of that is related to narcotics in some way. Why else do we continue to build jails if they aren't profitable? Gas prices continue to escalate and car manufacturers don't stop building automobiles either. I always wondered if Sunoco or Shell owned stakes (stocks) in Daimler-Benz?

This is what I mean by making sense of the senseless. If profit is the motivating force of capitalism then who stands to gain the most at the end of the day. Those are the dudes that run this rap shit.


The top 10 jail movies of all time...



48 Hours

Escape From Alcatraz


The Running Man


The Shawshank Redemption

The Green Mile

What was that movie with Niggerlas Cage? The Rock? Thanks.