Is Killer Mike with the terrorists?

This past weekend, in between shifts at the BGM and a trip to the O’Fallon, MO Heritage and Freedom Fest, I saw Killer Mike’s new video for his song “Pressure” featuring Ice Cube, and of course I was taken aback.

The video combines footage of everything from 9/11 to the LA Riots to the Jonestown Massacre, as if it was some hip-hop-themed episode of one of those shows Fox used to run back in the late ’90s, like When Animals Attack. You can hardly look at it and not feel… shall we say, touched on some level. No Boutros.

However, that wasn’t the only reason I found the “Pressure” video bothersome. I also found there to be several similarities between it and various al Qaeda recruitment materials, and I’m wondering if, in creating the “Pressure” video, Killer Mike means to align himself with the terrorist cause, of if he’s just trying to rile people up, to get his career back in order. Either way, this is definitely some dangerous ground he’s treading.

The obvious reference point for the “Pressure” video, whether Killer Mike and his director want to cop to it or not, is “Dirty Kuffar” by Lupe Fiasco Sheikh Terra featuring Soul Salah Crew, the legendary terrorist rap video that hit the Internets about four years ago. (Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ!)

The “Dirty Kuffar” video begins with footage from CNN of a marine killing a terrorist and talking about how good it felt, and then some masked terrorist guy starts rapping about… I don’t know, probably about how he hates freedom and how he’s hell bent on destroying Western Civilization. I don’t speak terrorist. I know there is a part towards the end where a guy brags, in English, about how his fellow terrorists took down the World Trade Center on 9/11. I’m assuming they made sure to put that part in English just to taunt the families of the people who died on 9/11. Those terrorist fucks.

Regardless of whether or not Killer Mike and the guy who directed the “Pressure” video, Giovanni Hidalgo (presumably not the Latin percussionist?), saw “Dirty Kuffar” and attempted to emulate it in their own video, there’s a remarkable similarity between the two videos. Beyond the fact that they both include very similar footage (war scenes, images of George Bush and Tony Blair, footage of 9/11, they even both feature clips from the film Bamboozled), they both seem to espouse a similar message. Namely, that the price of “freedom” is death. Or in other words, that acts of terrorism are justified, if they’re for a worthwhile cause.

Or am I reading too much into this?

I’m sure the TPARs of the world will suggest that I am (TPAR = Giovanni Hidalgo?), but I don’t know. It’d be hard to watch the video and not see just that. In “Pressure,” Killer Mike talks about giving his life for whatever cause he supposedly stands for. (Presumably, black people’s right not to go to jail for selling drugs, and an Obama presidency.) And the video ends with Malcolm X – a Muslim, we should note – talking about how, in order for the black man to be free, he has to give his life. Oh, really? Which doesn’t strike me as being all that different from what the terrorists believe. Or is terrorism no longer terrorism when it’s your cause the terrorists are fighting for?

Oddly enough, this is hardly the first time Malcolm X’s name has been invoked in this context. A while back, I brought you fruits the story of how al Qaeda put a tape out specifically targeting black Americans. In it, not only does Osama bin Laden’s no. 2, Ayman al-Zawahiri, quote from the exact same Malcolm X speech that’s excerpted in the Killer Mike video, but he also invokes a lot of the same house negro-field negro rhetoric that Killer Mike puts forth in his verses. Hmm… What’s more, as I was consulting Wikipedia re: “Dirty Kuffar,” I read that the terrorists have their own Malcolm X film, Malcolm X: Prince of Islam, the credits of which feature a rap song by, you guessed it, Sheikh Terra and Soul Salah Crew.

Damn, Killer Mike!

Having said all that, I seriously doubt that Killer Mike is aware that his thought process, as put forth in the “Pressure” video, is so aligned with that of the terrorists. Most likely, he didn’t have all that much to do with the creation of the video. There’s some performance footage of him in the video, but if you notice, his verses – a fairly unsophisticated rant against black Clinton supporters and the police, and especially police who happen to be black Clinton supporters – don’t necessarily coincide with the images on the screen. And yesterday, days after the video hit the Internets, I heard some radio interview where he was talking about how he hopes there’s gonna be a video for “Pressure.” Which I took to mean he must not have had much, if anything, to do with the making of it.

If not, he might want to see about distancing himself from the video. Whoever did put it together has got him looking like he’s with the terrorists. Or at least more so than he should if he ever wants to ride on an airplane again.

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  • jock


  • JDizzel3000

    now killer mike is a terrorist??….wow

  • Deez Nutz

    Bol…y don’t you go hide in the mountains like a terrorist ala Bin Laden

    Killer Mike is the one of the few rappers that actually has something intelligent to say and you talking bout he a terrorist? WTF?

    You sure you aint one of those white people from Ice Cubes show that painted there skin black…


    I don’t think i’ve ever heard you give props to anyone.

    (Damn homey…you used to be the man homey…wtf happened to you homey)

  • paul

    95% of the time, i’ll simply skim Bol’s posts, on rare occasions I even chuckle at some of the stuff I read. I recognize the bait Bol throws out there to rile people up and how effective he is with it. So for that… he gets a golf clap.

    I read this post and couldn’t resist the temptation to reply. Bol you are a fucking idiot!!!!

    there, you win… another sign of participation which only fuels the fire.

  • $ykotic

    Did anyone explain to “Killer” Mike that because of the Patriot Act he now will be under CIA surveillance? As well as ANYONE he deals with?

    There is no way he doesn’t know about the video.

    “You know u done fucked up, right?”

  • the r

    wow bol…you REALLY REALLY REALLY hate all black people don’t you, seriously only you would find something out of nothing…you still keep referring to this dirty kuffar video…wtf…anytime a nigga steps up and talks about real shit, you are the first the respond negatively.

    BOL = FOX news…no credibility at all.
    You may articulate but you are far from intelligent…

    • Hey

      ^ You would have a point if you didn’t overstate your point like a mofo.

      Bol, at this point it just looks like you’re taking the conservative angle to piss off people.

  • Rizob

    must’ve been a slow day, no way does he actually believes most of the stuff he wrote, but, the nigga had to right about something…..

    Hey Bol, tomorrow you can write about the G-Unit flop,

  • og bobby j

    3 things
    fuck killer mike
    fuck islam
    and fuck obama

    • Hey

      So you’re voting for the other guy?

      LMAO, what a fucktard.

      • og bobby j

        nah cuz…ron paul if at all. Cant believe the stupid people in here talking about how the planes didnt knock the towers down…..damn….cant cure stupidity i guess. Hence the same clowns support Obama cause his skin color….not his non-existant platform. such dummies…

  • Neven

    The only terrorist is the US government. The fact that they push their Western christian life on the rest of the world and blow up their own buildings with remote airplanes. So the vice president company’s can go over seas and charge the US government extra money on the contract. IF killer mike is a terrorist than what is Immortal technique, bin ladin shaved.

  • geico lizard

    i dont understand why people have to insult you when they dont agree with you. i dont agree with what you said this time but ill keep reading your blogs and website.

  • SouthCakC23

    the fact that this ass clown used the term “unsophisticated” in connection with Killer Mike clearly show’s that this fool is a dumb ass.

    The fact that this fool is trying to say that Killer Mike has himself looking like he’s with the terrorists as a result of the video is clearly too ignorant to see the point being made in the video.

    Then his reference to Malcolm X being a muslim as if being a muslim is a bad thing.

  • MOE


  • maximus 32

    I normally don’t comment on blogs but you are definitely a house nigga…there is no doubt about it…probably a closet homo too. You are one of those black people that actually agree with majority of the viewpoints of commentators on the Fox News Channel. If you are stupid enough to believe in the War on Terror then you need to turn your blog over to somebody else. The War on Terror is really the war on the American public…keeping you scared of the “boogeyman” who is really funded by our government while the current administration kicks off wars and conflicts abroad to create business opportunities for oil companies and defense contractors whose boards they will sit on after they are out of office. Most white people don’t feed into that shit anymore…it is so obvious. The scary thing is the apathy of the American public. Where are the protests,civel unrest, the revolutionaries and activists? They actually reported that the US government awarded the 5 major US oil companies “non compete” contracts as it relates to oil fields and the oil supply in Iraq. You would think something like that would cause a drop in oil prices but just the opposite is happening. The shit is so obvious that we are being “bamboozled” and your dumb ass is writing blogs in an attempt to demonize Killer Mike, one of the few rappers who is actually making music that has some thought provoking content. The cause that Killer Mike and all of us should be ready to die for is true equality for everyone in this country…you sound like a true “redneck” with the nigga selling drugs comment. You should submit a resume to Fox News Channel. I think you and Armstrong Williams, Juan Williams and Larry Elder will get along real well. Hell, Condeleeza might even give you some pussy if you act white enough. You are going to have to get Bush to take his dick out her mouth though.

    • Neven

      Cosign times 10000000000000000000000000000000

    • BIGNAT

      tham homie we need to get you a blog. heh how about you take bol’s spot because he is talking some crazy shit and it’s not even funny

  • laShawn

    man sometime im real bored and i think ‘shit, waddup wit xxl mag they probably got some bangers’. then i decide to read some shitt aswell and i check out wat bol gotta say and shitt sometimes i laugh at the shitt but other times such as this i say ‘BOL YOU ARE A FUCKIN IDIOT!!!! KILLA MIKE TALK REAL SHITT THEN U GO OUT AND SAY HE A TERRORIST. ARE U SERIOUS??!! man sometime i think u tha white cooperate fool. everybody on the streets know 9/11 was a fake im surprised u still think they fell cos a the plane hit em, wake up fool it was controlled demolition (props to papoose) man i think u work for tha damn government tryna cover all that shitt up

    • og bobby j

      your comment proves you are the true definition of pure stupidity. Low IQ with a keyboard makes the rest of us laugh.

      • http://XXLMAG DUNFIYA


  • avenger XL

    Dear XXL

    If you have writing like this on your payroll, you might as well let anyone do it.
    You guys are getting worse as a magazine and website every day. So here you go Bol I spoke in your blog space and now you will get paid or whatever you get from this. But you really need to step your blog game up. The self loathing smart ass bit is getting a little Lame.


  • Miami Nigga

    Bol for your sake I really hope you dont believe in the bullshit you are writing. I pray that you are doing this just for a “shock” blog. I guess anyone who speaks out against what he sees wrong with “the system” is now considered a terrorist. Back in the pre-911 days these type of people were called “rebels” or “revolutionary” now you are calling them terrorists. This is the type of propoganda that is stirring up fear in our communities when the real ones that we should be fearing are the ones governing us. I’m glad Killer Mike has the balls to speak out b/c we dont have alot of voices of there to expose these frauds and so-called politicians. Everybody else is throwing rocks and hiding they hands. And by the way Killer Mike is muslim… I guess he really down with the plan huh. The revolution will be televised…Outtie 5000 G!!

  • Weasel F.

    Bol You need to holler @ TPAR (whateva happened to that brotha??), you must admit that he put in (nullus) some “flavour” in your blogs.
    Step your shock value game up Bol, you’ve been falling off as of late

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    Haha damn these people are mad at you Bol.

    Good Blog.

  • Anonymous

    man fuck that nigga BOI
    Ol Bobby Ray loooking mafucka

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  • conceive a boy

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  • ?!

    Why do you even listen to hip-hop if you’re this sensitive about its criticism of the U.S.? You write as if you are new to the genre. You’re undoubtedly a knee-jerk neocon/jingoist.