With all this talk of marrying strippers I thought I could add to the discussion by letting you all know the proper methods for disciplining your whores wives. Keep in mind that I do not support nor condone the physical or mental abuse of a woman. There are times however that people need to have the shit smacked out of them. Just a single smack will do when placed properly along the cheek. Repeated smacks constitute abuse. The idea is to make your point and not to endanger your soulmate. Hitting bitches because you are angry is so fucking analog. This guide will bring you into the digital age.

First off, you should live in a city that has lousy professional sports teams. Kansas City, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland should all stand up. Fuck it, Missouri, Ohio and the whole midwest flood zone this for y'all. Studies have shown that cities with high unemployment and poorly performing sports franchises are rife with domestic violence. Somewhere down the line someone effed up disciplining by becoming domestically violent. We need to get that old thing back. It all starts and ends in the bedroom.

There is never a time when you can legally smack the shit out of your broad, except during consensual relations. You need to hold in all that anger until you are banging and when she asks you to do something harder you should thrust her head into the wall. Maybe you are giving her backshots and slapping her ass? Take that opportunity to slap the taste out of her mouth. You have to maintain an open palm at all times though. No closed fist assaults are allowed. As soon as you close your fist you have voided this guide.

Women typically require having sense smacked into them on a semi-annual basis. The tough cases need quarterly disciplining. If your woman needs to be reminded of your sovereign nature more than that I suggest you find another whore wife. Women out here are a dime a dozen. Simply find a woman with some makeup on and high heels and you have instantly have yourself a video ho vixen. Just don't let the smooth breasts fool you though, women will love you greater when you keep them on point like a ballerina.