Let's all be honest and admit that live rap shows are mostly ass cheeks. I am tired of rappers pointing the microphones out to the crowd so that we can sing their fucking songs. I just paid my good money to clap so these dudes could rap. Picture that I paid money to come to a venue and then I gotta be the motherfucker rapping? Fuck no.

Last night I went to see Wale, backed by a go-go band, along with Blu & Exile and the A-O-K collective featuring Fresh Daily, P.Casso, 8th One, Homeboy Sandman and Nola Darling. This was a literal all star night for underground acts. For good measure, your boy Skyzoo, and Skillz, the million dollar backpacker even showed up to spit a few tracks for the peoples.

The show was held in the legendary nightclub S.O.B.'s which is like the last venue left standing from grimy NYC. If you are an underground emcee living in the tri-state area and you haven't rocked the mic at S.O.B.'s or even been to show there for that matter please retire from the game. Get a job somewhere doing anything but rapping because you don't have the essence of Hip-Hop. Unpredictable glitches in the sound system to janky microphones are all part of the flavor. Real emcees overcome these obstacles.

So these cats A-O-K were okay. There was so many of them they needed their own show. They brought sufficient energy and rhymes for the most part and they have a female set called Nola Darling that was real nice on ther eyes. They reminded me of a more feminine looking Zhane. This cat from London Che Grand was scheduled to get on next but time constraints and sound issues fucked up his set. He seems like a good joe. I have a mixtape with some joints from him on it that I will play sometime this week. I'm kind of backed up on my new music right now. Moving right along...

Blu & Exile is a show that you need to see when you get the chance. First off, these two dudes are so fucking chill I can't stand it. When I sat down to interview Blu in the green room I didn't realize that the white dude next to him was Exile. I thought that Exile was a fucking Mexican. Plus that white dude had the look of a manager type (read: weedholder). You already know that white rolls with that good green ish. So instead of making me feel like a douchebag these dudes went in with me and we chopped it up for a bit. Blu & Exile are crate diggers. For me, those are the ultimate types of Hip-Hop heads. Thy use their tour dates to travel the country searching for rare vinyl. I'm going to buy their album on the strength of their crate digging pedigree, and the fact that they gave a supreme stage show.

Wale was the next act and he brought every Black dude left from D.C. to get on the stage with him. From DJ Alze to Pete Rosenberg. Wale has been the shit for a New York minute now and I wasn't disappointed by his energy of his stageshow. Most people on NYC, myself included, only have a cursory knowledge of Go-Go music, but it is very much part of the Hip-Hop canon, or certainly a cousin as is dancehall reggae. Go-go music is classic move your ass party music. If you can only do a head nod then you aren't built to bounce with a go-go beat. That is what Wale did for his hour long set. He bounced up and down. He rapped fast and then slow. Wale even let the drummer get some.

The next stop for Wale is overseas where he will headline for Jay-Z. That's all pretty well and good for the guy making people listen to go-go music again. If Wale, or Blu and Exile are in your town I stringly suggest you copp yourself a ticket. You won't be one bit disappointed.