Y'all already know what it is when you read this column. Shots are constantly fired at the southern region and wack rappers in general. Call me the mayor of the haters if you want. There was no one as satisfied as I was when it was revealed that Rick Ross chose to paint his past more askew than Savador Dali.

But now I'm starting to feel a kind of way in how this story has been blown out of proportion, especially with the information outlet The Smoking Gun leading the charge. It would be those types of dudes that have no problem posting the government names and addresses of Rick Ross' family members on some "journalistic integrity" bullshit.

What the fuck does this dudes momma and sister have to do with his career choices? I feel a kind of way about this media witchhunt that is putting other people in the spotlight that didn't choose that career. And for what? To further prove that Rick Ross was a correctional officer? We already know that. Despite his denials we know it. Thank you Smoking Gun.

Smoking Gun, how about doing some real proactive investigative shit and find out who killed Biggie Smalls. We already found out that Tupac is alive in Cuba and he has had visits from Fisty Scent, Joey Asscrack and Dave Chappelle disguised as Nelson Mandela. There is an industry rumor that one of the popular rappers is just an android. I'd like to know who the robot rapper is. Can you go in on that story Smoking Gun?

I've linked to TSG enough for this Rick Ross story and they repay me by bringing Ross' mother and family into the fray. I don't smell that shit Smoking Gun and it definitely ain't Hip-Hop to snitch on peoples who ain't have nothing to do with anything. Rick Ross is gonna have a hard enough time putting his persona back on top of his profession. There is no reason for his sister Tawanda to get looked at sideways when she walks through Wal-Mart.