Down with dark butts

Just when I was starting to think Yung Berg might be cool.

First, there was that time when he said his album kept getting pushed back like Flo Rida’s hairline. Which is fucking hilarious, as far as I’m concerned.

Then, the other day, he went on that show Lip Service talking about how he’s gonna punch Flo Rida’s cousin, Brisco, in the mouth when he’s sees him.


I don’t even know who the fuck Brisco is, but something tells me that, if his name is Brisco, he could probably kick the living shit out of Yung Berg. He’s probably on the same roids as his cousin, Flo Rida.

Still, I could appreciate Yung Berg’s recklessness. He was starting to remind me of a young Prodigy from Mobb Deep. He’s even got similar tattoos.

Well, never mind all of that. As it turns out, Yung Berg is just as much of a pussy as I thought he was.

On that same Lip Service where he said he was gonna knock Brisco’s teeth out, he said some shit about how he generally won’t have sex with a woman who’s darker than he is (and he ain’t that dark). And now his handlers have got him issuing an apology, lest this shit cut into ringtone sales for “Hey Sexy Lady.”

Here’s the exact quote, courtesy of Ron Mexico:

I’m kinda racist… I don’t really like dark butts too much… It’s rare that I do dark butts. Like really rare… It’s like, no darker than me. No darker than me.

Which really doesn’t strike me as being that big of a deal. Is it really all that racist to prefer light skinted black chicks to dark skinted black chicks? That may have been a poor choice of words on his part.

Indeed, the shit he said about Brisco seemed to be the more pressing issue initially.

But you had to know black chicks were gonna be up in arms about this. It’s the same thing that happened with the Don Imus incident, last year – it’s the criminalization of stating any kind of aesthetic preference with regard to black women’s skin tone.

Think about it. Did anyone really think, when Don Imus referred to Rutgers women’s basketball team as nappy headed hoes, that he meant to suggest that he thought they were turning tricks? No, obviously he meant they were darker complected, and hence less attractive, than the team from Tennessee. He even went so far as to preface his remarks with a reference to the film School Daze.

Again, it may have been a poor choice of words. But I’m at a loss for any huge issue with the substance of what he said. If that’s his opinion, that’s his opinion. What, a man can’t have a preference?

The truth of the matter is that, all things being equal, it’s a man’s biological imperative to make sweet passionate love to the fairest skinted woman possible. It’s because lighter skin is a sign of youth, and hence fertility. Preferring light skinted black women to dark skinted black women isn’t any more racist than preferring women with big cans to women with small ones.

If I was Yung Berg, I wouldn’t have apologized for shit. The only thing I can think is, Yung Berg is a young guy. He’s yet to spend the amount of time that I’ve spent studying, alternately, science and pr0nography. Maybe he’ll read this post and rescind his apology. If not, I’m done with him. Not that I was gonna listen to his music in the first place. I’m just saying.

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  • 239allday

    The first fuckin sentence threw me off already. You thought young herb was “cool”…Okay?! And I was never offended by the remarks made by Imus because the shit was funny as fuck. What I am offended by is how you compared Young Herb to Prodigy. I am also offended at how Gay this nigga Young Herb is because he neglected to mention how he not only likes light skinned chicks, but he also likes for them to have a pair of balls and a wood.

    • Ron Mexico

      yeah, i didn’t think imus meant any disrespect. i laughed when i first heard the remark. he was trying to be funny but it came off to the public as tasteless and tactless, which it probably was.

      i know all about that world.

    • Zas

      DAMN! sucks my dick! They always got shit that already hit the other sites and dey always take the mutha fuckin weekend off! Hip hop don’t take the weekend off! Get ur shit right XXL or I’ll be dropping ur mag too!


    • Zas

      you ever notice if you put the name of this site in ur message it doesn’t post automatically. That’s some hater shit. They too scared to see real posts that include problems wit their site. Like that fact that they take the weekend off! Hip hop don’t sleep! Get ur shit right site! I might hafta drop the site and the mag!

  • Fuck Black Niggers


  • Ron Mexico

    niggas can have a sexual preference. we all do.

    but you know the history behind this and how us “dark butts” are perpetually demeaned, devalued and dehumanized.

    when you go in on the darkies as hard as he did, it’s hard not to feel a little sting of the paper bag test and “which doll is [nice/beautiful/good]?”

  • The Spaniard

    “…Which really doesn’t strike me as being that big of a deal. Is it really all that racist to prefer light skinted black chicks to dark skinted black chicks?”


    “…Not that I was gonna listen to his music in the first place. I’m just saying.”

    Zing! My sentiments exactly.

    • everybody killa

      thats that man’s opinion he dont have to like dark skined women.i love them all,like project pat said”she con be a stick or big ass hippopotamus”belive that playa!!!

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    First off I agree Bol, your preference is your preference, but I know some fine chocolate young ladies who would blow your average caramel, almond toned woman out of the water as far as looks goes. On to Young Berg, Berg as far as I’m concerned is a Baby Back b*tch who is actually hilarious. He’s about 5’7, 145 pounds and HE out of all people says he’s gonna whoop someone’s ass. LMFAO! The kid’s a comedian. He barely can keep a straight posture cause his Transformers necklace outweighs his ass.

    • Shawty J

      “He’s about 5′7, 145 pounds and HE out of all people says he’s gonna whoop someone’s ass.”

      I gotta make a small correction here, bro. Berg is not 5’7″, I saw the dude in the airport the other day, he’s barely pushing 5’5″, and probably only weighs 135.

      “He barely can keep a straight posture cause his Transformers necklace outweighs his ass”


  • international playa from da hymalayas

    She-iiit somedays I wake up and I’m feel’n the need for some chocolate and booty, (For Young Berg it’s chocolight and booty), maybe some salsa and hips, saka and lips, crackas and tits, curry and clits, or whatever I feel the need to smash to my hearts desire.

    Hey, when a man isn’t free 2 desire anything he wants then this coutry is fuck-da-fucked up!

  • maximus 32

    Just like I thought. You and Young Homo are both bitches. “It’s because lighter skin is a sign of youth, and hence fertility?” black as your ass is I know you got a dark-skinned mother, sister or aunt. You go say that shit to them and see if they don’t beat your punk ass. The Imus comment definitely leads me to believe that this is just one of your hobbies. Your other hobby is selling your ass to white homos on the weekend. I think I understand you though. You don’t really believe this shit you just write a shock blog. You still a bitch though…lol.

    • stylez da ripper

      *Let the church say amen*

  • color coded?

    “It’s because lighter skin is a sign of youth, and hence fertility. Preferring light skinted black women to dark skinted black women isn’t any more racist than preferring women with big cans to women with small ones.”

    Statements like these are the reason hip-hop is dead, cause fake ass, pro-establishment, homo-erotica, cracka luv’n, silence of tha lambs nigga skin wear’n, mofo’s like you who live off the death of hip-hop, like vultures on dead carcasses spread death, disease, and mayham to the ears of the inocent minded.

    Do you really think that lighter skinned black women are any more youthfull, or fertile than dark skin women?

    I mean, every statue of fertilty I saw in the caribbean was made of dark wood, not birtch. Matter of fact the avereage caribbean can leave a thumb print on a piece of coal, but yet and still they are strongly attributed by sexual ability, knowledge, and prowess.

    My jamaican chick does this thing where she hangs from under me, and swings on my jimmy like a kid at the playground!!!

    Niggah that shit feels like a chocolate, and blackberry parade on my banana, and coconuts!!!!!

    Fuck what Young Berg iz talk’n bout.

    • Domina Raven Blaque

      Could not have been said better.

  • SDUB-google-me

    First of all we all have a preference when it comes to women; round ass, cute face, hair, eyes, lips ect….How come it’s always the darker skin sisters that get played out by dudes in public but on average they seem to always have the Phattest asses…hince Buffy the Body. I don’t give a fuck what a nigga say if she (Buffy) gone let you hit, I don’t care if her ass was the color of black electric tape. If you pass that up your preference is men. Ever since slavery this is Willie Lynch syndrome of thinking has had us competing against one another. I’m dark skinned so I know what it’s like. I’ve been called everything from Black Jesus to Daffy Duck with his beak smacked off…all of which is funny…lmao. What is not funny is the burden you put on someone at a young age because there skin has a different tint to it. Hell I love women, the only nigga that love women more than me is that dude Capt Kirk, he was stiking his dick in more photosynthesized bitches than a pollenating bee flying from one colored flower to the next. In closing Young Berg can have a preference now because he has some noteriety before then he was in the Chi hitting chicks that looked like Grace Jones. Young Herb is pussy, Frisco is pussy (of course Bol) and any other man that will pass up ass because of it’s skin complexion. Truth be told the dark skin chick off of Girlfriends was the best looking one by far hands down. Oh yeah Bol light skin might be a sign of youth and fertility but if you look around the only ones aging dramatically at a rapid rate our farere skinned women. Us dark niggas is bilt for this shit. Let the polar cap melt fuck it. It’ll be dark niggas, roaches, Mexicans (someone’s gotta sell fruit) dogs and Chinese people (someone’s gotta cook Lassie; I sure as hell don’t know the recepie for beef chow mein)

    • Bol

      >Ever since slavery this is Willie Lynch syndrome of thinking has had us competing against one another. I’m dark skinned so I know what it’s like.

      Someone give this man a hug.

      SDUB, it’s not your fault.

      It’s not your fault.

    • The Spaniard

      “Truth be told the dark skin chick off of Girlfriends was the best looking one by far hands down.”

      Even if she is the “best” looking one, it’s all relative anyway. None of those chicks are too special in any case. But if I had to pick it would be the hippie chick.

      Whitey wins again!

      Besides, that dark bitch looks like skeletor. She has some big cans though. I’d shoot her with a six stringer for sure.

      Oh well, different strokes.

      Fags like taking shot in their escape hole. There no explaining personal preference at times.

    • DevilintheFlesh

      “Mexicans (someone’s gotta sell fruit)”…..

      Sorry if you were offended darky, but you are obviously a bigot too.

  • giantstepp

    We all have a preference in what we like. Young Berg is not wrong. His issue was saying that shit like he did. You are trying to sell records so you almost gotta walk/talk like a politician on some things. if not, you’ll alieaniate (<spelling) a whole demographic that could’ve been record sales.

  • SDUB-google-me


    Lol….you trying to play me but you know I’m telling the truth. You a funny dude though good post, and I like the slick reply. Fat intelligent niggas always have been my arch enemies.

    Bol look like a Hybrid Shreck and Mr. T?

  • Yayza

    Every time I read or hear something Yung Berg says, I seriously have to stop myself from bursting out into laughter. I will never take shit he says seriously, ever.

  • Jason Murk

    Most of the high yellow girls I’ve fucked are conceited and have bad attitudes. So now, I leave them yellow girls alone.

    I prefer slim chocolate females with thick asses. I don’t like em super thick tho cause I get bored easily … I gotta be able to do all positions. It’s hard holding a heavy bitch in the air for a long period of time. And slimmer girls are usually more flexible. So yup, slim chocolate females are the way to go.

    But hey, that’s just me and my experience…

    Young Berg is a bitch tho.

  • um

    so you hate yb for preferring lighter-skinned women, but if a rapper talks about liking dark skin and not light skin, nothing would happen. nobody would complain.

    • katchin05

      Yeah um, Bobby Valentino. You might wanna google that one.

  • Manny78d

    I married a white woman, but being married I know that I did not “select” a mate based on color it just is what it is. Life deals you cards and shit. When I was out there though, I was cool with crushin a girl just so long as she had some meat on her bones and wasnt fake. ( Of course she cant be horsefaced but that applies to all races ) Berg is real real suspect, on a bunch of levels. I have a feeling that this dude has always been corny trying to fit in. Now he thinks this is what his audience wants to hear.

    This dude should be shot, or be in a car-wreck, or something life threatening so he is forced to reevaluate is outlook on life.

  • TEA


  • laShawn

    thers millions of katz in the u.s and each and evry 1 of them should have a preference. he aint have to apologize for that IF HE WAS SAYIN IT AT THE CRIB OR SOMTIN, hes sayin it for the world to hear – as an artist u gotta watch wat u say cos them sales figures can go from 100,000 to 10,000 in a second. it jus shows hes inexperienced in the game. this music industry is a burden but if u gettin into it u gotta take responsibility. i can say i hate skinny bitches – i aint shitt so its okay – but if im tryna go platinum thats gon hurt me. ANYHHOOO berg is a lil bitch anyway why yall wastin time on that fool

  • niggafrommemphis

    Who the fuck is this dick suckin ho boy any damn way.all the ladies reading this,don’t buy that fools’ shit and don’t vote 4 his sorry ass videos and don’t believe that ho ass apology.if he actually sprang on brisco like he said,at least i can think of him as honest,a lil bit.

  • allnice

    Yung Berg sounds like a another funny dude that can’t rap but if that’s what he likes, than that’s that. Chicks, black chicks especially, complain about everything because they are emotional windbags. Nothing they say or do is logical or relevant (unless it research about how women are pretty boring), so who cares about their opinion? That’s why Don Imus is still employed. No one gives a fuck.

    If he was gully he wouldn’t have apologized. He wants to sell to black chicks? They not even the ones that are gonna cop his album or come to his concerts. He has no integrity….big surprise.

  • render

    Dont even try to front like your cheeto eating fat ass wouldnt jump all over the first piece of pussy that looked your way regardless of complexion. I seen you on video and couldnt tell if you were a dude or a fat ass dyke.

    Put some bass in ya voice son!

  • solo

    man fuk yung berg he aint said one word/
    brisco give me the call and i’ll flush this terd/ nigga must not have heard we dont play round here/ aint allowed in FLA u better stay from round here/ u dont fuck with dark women? my nigga u fukkn up/ but i kno yo mama like dark dick up in them gutz…..str8 slut….

  • $ykotic

    Dumbass nucca feeling himself cause he got a lil groupie poonani and a CZ pendant.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Berg is entitled to his preferences [despite how fruity they may sound] but to tell the truth I guess I’ve never really sat down and just flat out excluded any one kind of woman. Maybe because I can appreciate the selections that are available. It’s kind of like how hollywood believes Halle Berry is the perfect selection for every role needing a black woman – you don’t know if they’re ignorant of other choices and what they might have to bring to the role or that they just prefer Halle. If you asked me what’s my type – I’m pretty general – FINE. Dark, Thick, Light, Petite, Long Hair, Short Hair, Big Ass, Small Ass, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Handicapped [well, maybe not handicapped] – damn if you look good and smell good I’m ready roll. Most of the men I know feel just the same. All I can say is if Berg wants to limit his selection then that’s more for the rest of us Chocolate Lovers.

  • Ghost

    Racist and sexist all at the same time good job yung bitch.

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  • Rex Banner

    his career is pretty much over now, why would u say some dumb shit like that. I dont discriminate beautiful is beautiful any race/ color/ anything else

  • E.S.O. Boy

    My God I couldn’t disagree more with this bullshit ass blog. Im not gonna waste my time to insult the idoit that wrote this blog, but I gotta clear up a big ass misconception. For a black man to prefer light skinned girl over dark skinned girls, is classic SLAVE MENTALITY. For yall who don’t know that slave mentality is, I suggest you read Malcolm X’s book. Some of the baddest women alive are dark skinned. Gabrielle Union, Foxy Brown, Serna Williams….Damn whoever wrote this made a bigger ass out of himself than YungBerg faggot ass.

  • kirk

    The recklessness in times of low record sales isn’t a good look andhe knew it so he tok the statement back it really was a matter of fanbase I mean bol you’re not buying any young berg records i don’t care how much he hates dark butts they buy his cd’s so he better not piss them off.

  • REAL TALK 08

    Yung Berg=Ray J’z gay lightskin bottom bitch…this the same dude who was talking bout a man’s boxers being worn backwards..and then,get hit in the bootyhole..Yung Ber gay…also Yung Berg=the new

  • Bahama Mama

    As an African American woman who is often considering light I feel yes He is entitled to his preference but at what cost to your people. This is all slave mentality. It’s sad that we are still doing the Brown Paper Bag test. His popularity will fade with time but he is an example of our community and how we don’t value ourselves and anything else is better than being Black. Guys asks if your mixed as if it’s a complement. I am offended by it and ashamed that this is our culture a bunch of self hating people. We are not the only race or culture to prefer fair skin tones but we stand out above everyone else. Personally I don’t have a skin tones preference cause I believe all things have beauty and value. I live in LA and I have been hit on More Whites, Latinos, Asians, Indian and etc. than Black males. At this point black women aren’t light enough so we are put to the side for something else. I just wish that Black Men Held pride about Black Women isn’t of this Bullshit.
    Young Berg is fucking gross

  • ThundaMan

    Not mad he said it, though I don’t agree personally.

    Agree with Bol. Mad he apologized. You suppose to be a rapper. People being mad at something you say comes with the territory. Its part of the job description.

    A rapper that don’t piss anyone off with something he say might as well be an R n B singer.

    If the words leave your mouth, thats it. Man up to your words. Fuck em if they don’t have a sense of humor.

  • bou





  • Rob Digi

    “it’s a man’s biological imperative to make sweet passionate love to the fairest skinted woman possible. It’s because lighter skin is a sign of youth, and hence fertility. Preferring light skinted black women to dark skinted black women isn’t any more racist than preferring women with big cans to women with small ones”

    Post some evidence to support your claim about fair skinned women. I studied biology and i’ve never heard something so stupid. Yes
    Breast size has been proven to be a biological perception of fertility at the subconsious level. But i’ve never heard anything about light skin.


    Wow really?

    i like how niggas above me gettin mad cause they found out niggas got preferences on how they like women…yall all sound like bitches…GTFO with that shit.

  • yoprince

    damn. knowledge is power. education is necessary.

    there is no biological or evolutionary explanation for the preference of lighter-complexioned women over darker-complexioned women. bol is wrong. fairer skin does not equate with youthfulness.

    if it’s truly purely about preference, then the question is whether equal amounts of people have a preference for darker skin as those who prefer lighter skin. the answer is no. why do more people prefer lighter skin? some reason other than evolutionary or biological, SOCIETAL reasons. Slave mentality calls for self-hate, and the preference of lighter skinned women is a leftover product of that way of thinking.

    in fact, if you think biologically, tanned, smooth skin and rich pigment are a sign of developed sexuality and fertility. as a baby, you’re pale, and you get paler again when you’re really old. less pigment equates with more blemishes and more wrinkles. so bol, was really wrong on that point.

    furthermore, our darker sisters are generally more shapely, which evolutionarily thinking should attract more men from a fertility standpoint.

    bol, you’re too smart for this.

  • cisonfire

    women (of all colors) have preferences of the color of the men that they like. hence the term, “tall, dark, and handsome.”

  • Kim

    The next time that White man doesn’t give you a job etc, understand it is his preference.

  • katchin05

    “The truth of the matter is that, all things being equal, it’s a man’s biological imperative to make sweet passionate love to the fairest skinted woman possible. It’s because lighter skin is a sign of youth, and hence fertility.”

    On that sir, I’m gonna say “Fuck outta here.” So men who prefer darken colored women (and they do exist), are ignoring their ‘biological imperative’ for what? A fetish/preference? Healthy skin, long hair, full lips and body parts generally unmarred by gravity show youth and fertility. Light skin shows an absence of melanin, nothing more or less, from a genetic ‘breeding’ perspective. If you’re gonna talk science out of your neck, please back it up.

  • dope boy

    Im black, but latinas are where its at.

  • pause

    that shit about brisco was fuckin hilarious

  • infinite_styles

    First off Brisco is Flo Ridas twin brother and he aint nearly as big as Flo. Second your right he shouldnt have apologized for what he said. Alot of women don’t like light skinned men. Do they apologize for it? Nope they say we got played out in the 90′s.

    • 239allday

      Kill yourself if you are serious about Brisco being Blo rida’s twin brother. If not continue living.

  • omar almighty

    Whatever a mans prefrence is thats his B.I. As fr as that Flo-rida shit when niggas gone stop playin gangsta and using music to stand on the shoulders of real street niggas. i seen cuz on rap city his whole persona lets you know he soft. dude gotta be bout 5’5 130 soak and wet and standin in timbs.

  • Tha Weatherman

    Hey, let me just say this.

    I’m 18 light skinned and is probably like the target for females period, but I perfer dark-skinned chicks. For some reason I just like them I prefer them in sex and relationships. Some say that alot of light-skinned women like dark skinned guys.

    Don’t tell me that uve never seen like the hottest light-skinned chick with the darkest dude ever, ugly or not (no homo).

  • MissWhatsTheWord

    The problem wasn’t that Berg prefered light chicks. The problem was the ignorance and negativity , he attached to being darker skinned. His whole dark butts and pool test (much like the paper bag test), comments were the problem.

    In his own way saying the dark girls don’t look as good without their weaves and fake lashes (as if these light and exotic looking video girls aren’t sporting a ton of weave, breast implants, butt injections and so on). Basically implying a negative stereotype with being dark.

  • Peru (Chicago)

    Yung Berg from what part of Chicago…GOD DAMN, IT MUST BE 2 SIDES!!!


    I hope young berg get his ass whooped!!!

  • Shawty J

    Truth be told, I agree with Bol to an extent on this one. If Bol only wants light skinned chicks, that’s him, that’s his preference. But what I disagree with Bol on is that Berg didn’t need to issue an apology.
    Of course he need to issue an apology. Berg is an entertainer, his finances come from people attending his shows and buying his albums (if he owns all of his publishing and didn’t blow his advance). To make things worse is that he’s a pop rapper which alienates your audience to women and kids, pretty much. If you go out there making retarded and semi-self-racist statements about women who might buy your album it’s gonna mess with your money.
    Berg was right in issuing that apology and for his wallet’s sake he better hope that it sunk in. Berg should’ve had his thinking cap on during this interview, when that question came up that brother should’ve been thinking “How can I say I prefer light skinned women without pissing of dark skinned women.” Easy answer, do it without calling dark skinned women “dark butts”, duh. Or say something like you love all women, but prefer light women.

    • Shawty J

      Oh yeah, typing error at the beginning of my rant, the first paragraph should read as follows:

      “Truth be told, I agree with Bol to an extent on this one. If Berg only wants light skinned chicks, that’s him, that’s his preference. But what I disagree with Bol on is that Berg didn’t need to issue an apology.”

      I went on cruise control and forgot to proof read, bad habit of mines.

  • zacreole

    Murs said it best: I neeed some Dark Skinded White Girls-Those Volumptuous Niggaish white girls & their alternative, nerdy, suicide type of Nubian Sista from tha burbs who likes rock & has a white step dad. To black 4 tha white world too white for the black world. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I like them hoes. & milky hoes. Goya hoes. Sexual chocolate hoes. Triple H hoes. Can’t forget about pork fried rice hoes. What about red dot special hoes? You know tha dot, I know tha dot, I seen it a lot.

    Tha only hoe Bol know is a strobelight hoe. Young Berg be likin’ them AFDC Hoes. Tryin’ to gradjamacate from a Similac hoe to a Pinky Hoe but can’t afford tha camel toe so he need to take his piece of fuckin’ pizza & go da fuck back to Africa.

    No extra for Moosarella & shit-He can’t afford to pay her any more child support I mean (Moosearella-Thass his BM. No W. Juss B. Uhhhohhh Mook, they killed his (Radio) fawkin music.

    Fight tha shower, dirty ass lil nigga. You don’t wanna wash off what little black ya got left. Take your dirty mouf to da dirty south with a SASE to Khia’s Crack, Neck, Back, & that other thing they, we call you.

    You are what you eat, it sucks for the rest of us that when you spit you floss your bullemia.


    Young Berg-How did you get that name anyway? You’s either Benzino’s (Oh Schnops) lil bro or Jacob Tha Jewelers Bastard Halfrican Love Child w one of Crucial Conflict’s back up dancers)

    OyyVay. Elroy Cohen’s son of 3rd Bass gets tha gasface-no Auschwitz Baby. It’s all Manischewitz-All day Driedel Driedel I made it out of Clay-no Dice for you Knee-grow-I’s Andy Kapped.

    Kelvin chillin on a Celsius kinda thermostat, cha knowhatimean?

    Dude, watch out for Michelle Obama-She finna get her Travellin Vl’s on your lil Cunt-re Club ass & have you beggin to see Minister Farrahkhan to get a cold bean pie for your Pop-eye. (NO) Houston, I’m out.

  • zacreole

    Oops. I meAnt “too”. Oodles of oodles of (h)o’s ya know. I’m givin’…

    Pees (on) ya’ll.

    • niggafrommemphis

      Leave that pipe alone.its almost midnight,wtf u talkin bout that bulllshit!GET SOME PUSSY or somethin.

      • zacreole

        I tried but the line around ya mom’s house was just way too long. Maybe next time I’ll try some of that good late night cyber lovin’ that you must by down with by the gist of your late night forays into the blogosphere.

        & pipe kid? The only thing I smoke with a pipe is, well, I told you there was a long line. Sadly, I guess I’m just not as cool as you son. If you know anything about hip hop beyond say 2001 you might have “got” some of the references I mentioned when I was doin’ a lil late night buggin’ out. Sadly, not all of us are as Swass as you, Niggafrommemphis.

        PS-Maybe you can hook me up with a VIP pass to the place where it all goes down-I’m sure If I can’t beat my meat at least I can beat the heat in your Mom’s basement.

        A salaam a bacon Mr Bleek (no, Menphis)

  • Michael

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  • kelly

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  • Trickdd

    Lol people so quick to call him raceist mabe he was rape are abuse by a black women when he was young on some real shit he prolly gettin alot of pussy and realizing his groupies white and black the white ones got more money and keep there self more clean and are able to keep there Hygiene good witch is a sad thing but its just reality

    • FictionLess

      Trickd or whatever. White girls “keep there self more clean and are able to keep there hygiene good”. This is just a reality? Dog you are worst than young berg. How can you say that a whole race of people is more hygienic than another? Huh? Are black women genetically unable to clean themselves? Gotta give it to you bruh, this is by FAR the dumbest post I’ve ever read on this site, or any other site for that matter. Congrats!

    • katchin05

      Are you for real?
      Even if he was raped or abused by a darker woman, that’s still biased – even if it has a foundation. He should take his ass to therapy them.
      And I know you can’t have possibly meant that White women have better personal hygiene. I’m gonna assume you were using “clean” and “hygiene” as slang euphemisms meaning “they can take better care of themselves by buying nicer things and giving off a better appearance” because they have more money.
      Still stupid tho. Some of the richest females I’ve ever met are dark as night Nigerian women.


    “Alot of women don’t like light skinned men. Do they apologize for it? Nope they say we got played out in the 90’s.”

    whas funny is that alot of muthafukas that r offended by this blog wuz tha same muthafukas that was sayin that same shyt funny how the tables turn, but what tha fuk diffrence do it really make pu$$y is pu$$y all dat shyt feel good.

  • quesha

    exactly where did you get your scientific evidence that light skin equals fertility? that sounds like someone talking out the side of their neck. do light skinned women get pregrant easier? are dark skinned women more susceptible to miscarriages? how exacly does the amount of melanin equate to fertility?

    i would love for you to answer these questions. because if you have any scientific evidence to back up these silly comments, i would be surprised.

    any man or woman can have their preferences. i don’t date dumb, fat men. but i am not trying to sell albums either.


    fuck u and that fag Berg. That shit is racist, he said he wuz a little racist. Both u bitch’s are slaves. All NIGGERS need 2 die so real black people can exist!


  • Jhon da Analyst

    I love my chocolate summer honey bunnies. I could give less than a fuck what a majority of these niggas like. More Brown Sugar for me. Gotta love it. Like Rick James said………”Daaaaaarknessssss”!!!!!

  • Chef Daddy O.G.

    that nigga gay. if they pus is fine, who cares what color da skin is but a gay nigga!

  • Leonard Pearl

    Leonard Pearl!!!
    Leonard Pearl!!!!

    Was Caught Masturbating! at work on July 9!
    rofl dang boy!
    He was listening to this song by pharrell when he was caught in one of the movie theatres by himself,when he was supposed 2 be working!!

    He was working alright,his magic wand with pharrell on his zune lol lol lol!!!

  • Leonard Pearl

    I would suck the cum out of Young Berg’s juciy ass nuts for real and then let him spray his juicy,racist cum all over my Land Before Time lookingass face,Yeah!!

    -Leonard Pearl

  • 11KAP

    America is knee-deep in ignorance, shit and mental illness. Damn, why was I born in such a stupid ass country?


    everybody has a preference. me i like them all as long as there is something sexy about them that will attract me.
    He shouldnt have said it because he’s an artist now if i was a Darkskin female i wouldnt buy his shit.

    Sales go down!!!

    lets not talk about this dude nomore please!

  • trenton

    you thought young herb was cool!!! He remind you of a young PRODIGY are you serious dude!! I lost all respect for XXL. First the riding 50 balls shit waisting my time by pumping up that mixtape is crazy dude.. Hiphop is wack Im only buying Nas And Mos def and Lupe albums!! FUCK EVERYONE ELES!! B-more carefull

  • Real Talk

    Damn, does everything have to do with the history of racism and shit, even the color of the butt Yung Berg’s wants to bone? This is gettin a little ridiculous. For real, can we keep the whole slavery/white oppression thing out of the bedroom, particularly the whole racial-preference-for-the-girl-I-like-to-bone thing? Ropes hangin from a tree. Racism. Black dudes gettin shot dead by police in NYC when they unarmed. Racism. Ice T likin bleach blondes. Nothing to do wit racism. Yung Berg likin light skinned girls. Nothing to do with racism. Some guys like dark skinned girls better. Like me. Some guys like fat girls better. Some guys like Asian girls better. Some guys like white girls better. Somehow Yung Berg sayin this gots geek ass Black Panther wannabe mothafuckaz like “Generations ago, slave masters used to favor the fairest skinned Negro….” blah blah blah Shut the fuck up! MY GOD! We cant even have sex wit a female witout some geek ass mothafuckaz bringin up some bullshit about race!!



  • Loving Brown Skin

    1. “Dark Butts” .. he should have apologized for that statement, because it was wrong and there is no question about that. Its different to say I prefer a light skinned woman over a darker skinned woman as a preference, but he does seem a little racist to his “own kind” mind you. Whether its dark or light really doesnt matter but RESPECT is always needed.
    2. A quote from this article “it’s a man’s biological imperative to make sweet passionate love to the fairest skinted woman possible. It’s because lighter skin is a sign of youth, and hence fertility.” ..
    NOT ALL MEN want a “fair skinned” woman some men like the chocolate to lay down with and im sure the love is just as passionate if not more, especially if she is a woman to embrass who she is in all aspects from the color of her skin, to her grain of hair, to the thickness in her hips im sure he will think that she is just as youthful and just as capable of “fertility” as a “fair skinned” woman.

    Yung Berg, has probably never even experienced being with a darker skinned woman, but those who dont try will never know so thats his personal lost. Being a darker skin toned woman myself I have spoken with men that have said “Oh, I usually date light skinned women with long hair thats what I am attracted to” but in my mind that has never phased me because I aint “extremely dark” but I am “Brown” not Light and even though I have been told “I prefer light skinned women” I have also heard “I prefer darker skinned women”.

    Once again its all about preference but you dont have to announce it disrespectfully. Im more than sure he lost alot of “darker skinned female” fans over that statement. To bad the apologize more than likely was not heartfelt and just something to say for publicity but it was needed.

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