I'm as surprised to see chicks fighting at a WNBA game as I am that cocaine rappers are full of shit. What took so long for the truth to come out. Half these broads prA'li have penises while the other half wear strap-ons.

We live in a strange universe that is steadily effeminizing men (flip-flops?!?) and making women more masculine, as if this is a sign of equality. You would think that if the great god in the sky wanted everyone to be considered equal then he would have had men kissing men on the lips on the regular and not just rappers and faggerts doing that shit.

In this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah I look at the females as the most egregious culprits in the loss of sanity. The women always have to hold shit down for the men. The men are always crazy and greedy and stupid. The men wage wars with other people's children but the women that were supposed to be the voices of reason never stood up. No Oprah, no Hillary, even no Ellen [ll]. How many more years will the war in Iraq continue? And don't forget about the war in Afghanistan.

Why are motherfuckers always fighting in the Palace at Auburn Hills? The Detriot Pistons left the downtown area because their fans (read: white) grew tired of stepping over homeless Black men in order to get into the arena. I haven't been to East St.Louis yet and I have only passed through Ohio, but if there is a city with more homeless Black men than Detroit I don't wanna know about it.

I wanna stick my head in the sand like white does and act like it isn't my problem. If I were white I could get myself a nice house with a mortgage and I could pretend to be middle class and I could shrug my shoulders at all the poor people who are under-educated and under-trained. Instead however I have to live in this Black skin which isn't really Black either but that is the whole point since no one is actually white or Black. Although I did encounter this dark skinned brownish purple motherfucker one time.

I like to listen to rap music and imagine that none of the other shit going on around me exists. I try to forget about oil being nearly $150 a barrel when only 6 years ago it was $25. I try to ignore the fact that I can't go grocery shopping without squeezing off a C-note and coming back home with barely enough food to last a half a week. Rap music should help me forget that my privacy rights are being taken away from me. Ignorance is bliss was never more important than it is at this moment.

The world WANTS to be stupid because being dumb and being a coward is easy. This is what comes to mind when I see women fighting and rappers lying.