Detroit Broads Are More Hardbody Than Your Favorite Rapper…


I’m as surprised to see chicks fighting at a WNBA game as I am that cocaine rappers are full of shit. What took so long for the truth to come out. Half these broads prA’li have penises while the other half wear strap-ons.

We live in a strange universe that is steadily effeminizing men (flip-flops?!?) and making women more masculine, as if this is a sign of equality. You would think that if the great god in the sky wanted everyone to be considered equal then he would have had men kissing men on the lips on the regular and not just rappers and faggerts doing that shit.

In this modern day Sodom and Gomorrah I look at the females as the most egregious culprits in the loss of sanity. The women always have to hold shit down for the men. The men are always crazy and greedy and stupid. The men wage wars with other people’s children but the women that were supposed to be the voices of reason never stood up. No Oprah, no Hillary, even no Ellen [ll]. How many more years will the war in Iraq continue? And don’t forget about the war in Afghanistan.

Why are motherfuckers always fighting in the Palace at Auburn Hills? The Detriot Pistons left the downtown area because their fans (read: white) grew tired of stepping over homeless Black men in order to get into the arena. I haven’t been to East St.Louis yet and I have only passed through Ohio, but if there is a city with more homeless Black men than Detroit I don’t wanna know about it.

I wanna stick my head in the sand like white does and act like it isn’t my problem. If I were white I could get myself a nice house with a mortgage and I could pretend to be middle class and I could shrug my shoulders at all the poor people who are under-educated and under-trained. Instead however I have to live in this Black skin which isn’t really Black either but that is the whole point since no one is actually white or Black. Although I did encounter this dark skinned brownish purple motherfucker one time.

I like to listen to rap music and imagine that none of the other shit going on around me exists. I try to forget about oil being nearly $150 a barrel when only 6 years ago it was $25. I try to ignore the fact that I can’t go grocery shopping without squeezing off a C-note and coming back home with barely enough food to last a half a week. Rap music should help me forget that my privacy rights are being taken away from me. Ignorance is bliss was never more important than it is at this moment.

The world WANTS to be stupid because being dumb and being a coward is easy. This is what comes to mind when I see women fighting and rappers lying.

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  • John Brown

    I watched ESPN last night and lets be real there wasnt no FIGHTING there. But, them broads atleast “fight” better than NBA players (minues the ARTEST BRAWL).


    • 239allday

      Half them bitches is men.

      John Brown… I tried to tell that nigga Billy Sunday that shit last time.

      Haitian bitches >>>>>> All them Hoodrats

      I know my ZOES feel me!!!

      • John Brown

        Lil Haiti homie, ZOE POUND all day…

        BTW, yesterday you said that TRICK & JT Money are the only true rappers in Miami. I agree but you forgot PICCALO homie. Gotta respect PICCALO. Dont forget those hood classics “BIG MONEY BALLERS”, “T-SHIRT”, “PUT MIAMI ON THE MAP”, “I REPRESENT” just to name a few. They never got the shine that Trick did but they are up there with him. But T DOUBLE D is still the MAYOR.

        • 239allday

          Nigg I forgot about piccalo, the video for stick and roll out right now. I don’t know why the fuck BET aint playin that shit but they steady playin Young Herb shit. And on that note, Brisco a real nigga too.

        • John Brown

          Its BET homie, what you expect?
          Damn if all them Miami Rappers that was rapping back in the days would still be rapping right now they would get their shine. Im talking about Zoe Pound, Three Da Hardaway, X-con, Piccalo and countless more. Not that fugazi Pretty Ricky.
          T Double D, Brisco & Piccalo should make a 305 group.

        • 239allday

          Yuh I know, I watcj MTV jams for videos. But what about that nigga d-cell, I think he straight.

        • John Brown

          Or bout Video Mixx…you ever watched that show…

        • NAWLEDGE

          I cosign with EVERYTING John Brown said all day!! HAITIAN CHICKS >>>>>>>>>>>> EVERY CHICK!! Looks, pussy, hardbodyness, EVERYTHING!

          Btw, my homie directed that Piccolo vid.

          Go check him out. And yeah, “Pictures on A T-Shirt” put Dade on the Map. But Pic aint rappin like he used to. He used to rip shit, now he on a Soulja Boy type of vibe. Only 100,000x better.

          And lets not forget about Dirtbag. Remeber when he was Jovicous?? That nigga done got outta jail, cut his hair, slimed down and all.


          ZOE 4 LIF!!! AYITI!!!

        • iLL G

          u miami haitian niggas need to take that shit to a instant messeging room lol

      • DJ Daddy Mack

        oh really? i only meant one haitian girl. i gotta admit that i was very scared of her. lol. but shes great and a+ sons!!!!!!!

  • dj ashy fingerz

    “The world WANTS to be stupid because being dumb and being a coward is easy.”

    realest shit you ever wrote

  • Peru (Chicago)

    Every bitch aint gotta a dick, I fucked with Candace Parker while we were in High School, by far the best pussy and head game I’ve ever experienced. Shorty may not look appealing in the hoopin uniform, but get her in some tight jeans or boy shorts, DAMN!!! Oh, I’m 6’6″ so her being 6’3″ wasn’t an issue, should’ve had some kids with her ass. We’d be raisin a potential gold mine, possible 7’8″ nigga waitin to hit the NBA…oh well.

  • Mika

    wait ………. are we done with Rose alrdy ? whts the update ??? fuck wnba …i want some rose sh** Bol.

  • tobasko


    Gat damn… this post is that real assed shit.

    A man that can have a title about some bitches fighting and then move into something so much more important and it not seem like he’s reaching…. just beautiful man.

    For the record, I’m probably gonna get fired up here in Canada for reading your posts all the time, but if you keep bringing wisdom like this, I’ll settle for browsing the classifieds while the boss is writing up my pink slip


  • Tha Ace

    i feel what u sayin but i opened this expecting to read all about bitches puttin their dukes up and expected to get a few laughs out of it

  • Whitey H. McKracker

    The funny thing it Detroit’s coach is Bill Laimbeer, one of the most dirtiest NBA players ever. He was the most despised player in the NBA for years. But looking back on that now, you gotta give him credit.

    check it:

    - Whitey

  • jojo

    You can take Rick Mahorn out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of Rick Mahorn


    The fight was some funny shit. Rick Mahorn tried to play it off like he didn’t pull a bitch move and push homegirl over, but the funniest shit was when the little broad came up from the the back to defend her teammate and gave him one in the neck. Then when he turned around all pissed off she stood her ground like she was ready to come from the shoulders again. It can’t be a cheapshot when it’s a female, she gotta have some heart. The L.A. broads showed more heart. I’d fuck with Candace Parker homie, she’s not half bad. Most of the WNBA broads is on some lesbo shit anyway. And Rose is gonna take a couple years to develop, can’t just take over right away as a rookie running the point. You need to check for Micheal Beasley this year. He put up like 28 in his first summer league game. The Heat gonna be alright with him, DWade and know they got Shawn Marion. You only need to pick up one or two people to contend in the East, we all saw that with Boston this year.

  • MOI

    I like to listen to rap music and imagine that none of the other shit going on around me exists

    as an aside, mahorn and laimbeer were the shit as the bad boys. hilarious that they’re there for this.


    Candace Parker is still a top-tier lite brite. It’s good to see that she didn’t take that bullshit and got her bodyslam on. Fights happen all the damn time in sports anyway, and a good girlfight is always entertaining.

    I can’t lie; that brawl made her sexier. Call me ignorant now, please.