Think about it. The opportunity was there. Now, whether Wayne could have pulled it off is an entirely different story.

The thing is, as big as Wayne's buzz was last year, when Fif started baiting him, I don't think any of us knew, him included, knew how big it was. Sure, some of you will front now that the numbers are in, but with Kanye West moving 957,000 copies off that 9/11 buzz (bigger in my opinion), I doubt anyone projected Wayne to do "A Millie" when his turn finally came.

When Wayne's first week numbers first came out, one of my friends joked, "50 you were the man, homie. What the fuck happened to you?" For some reason, I think folks would have gotten a kick out of Wayne using that line. Imagine if Wayne clowned Fif in a similar way, waited for Fif's response and then unleash the onslaught. Who knows what could have happened?

The thing is Fif began baiting Wayne during a vulnerable stage. "Straight To The Bank" and "Amusement Park" had just bricked and the 50/G-Unit backlash was at an all-time high. Meanwhile, Wayne could seemingly do no wrong. And having Kanye West (the no.1 human being in music) co-sign, couldn't have hurt either. Fif wasn't in Ja shape last year. Rule was just free falling at the time. I'm pretty sure he would have faded on his own, Fif just expedited the process.

But, using his momentum and Fif's backlash, Wayne had absolute potential for damage. The thing is, I don't think he's that wise. I mean, dude didn't even get Jay-Z's "Dr. Carter" for God's sake. I don't think he has what it takes to go in on record and then launch an attack to move somebody out of the game. Given the same platform, somebody like Jay or Nas could have really hurt Fif. Looking back at records like "Backdown," Fif didn't really ether Ja lyrically. He just merked him with all the extra curricular show pranks and interview jabs. Plus, he didn't let up. I doubt Wayne has enough off syrup time to stay on somebody's ass. Then again, maybe he does. But bottom line, there's no way Fif would have let himself go down and he probably would have hurt Wayne in the process. I guess Wayne had too much to lose. Maybe he was at least smart enough to know that and fell back. Could Wayne have Ja Ruled 50? Absolutely not. Could he have hurt 50's career. Hmmmm, I wanna say no. But then again, I didn't think dude would sell a million either. --Jackpot