This 88 Keys mixtape, Adam's Case Files, dropped like a month ago, and I just got around to listening to it (i'm busy like that). And truthfully, when I glanced at some of the artists that are on the tape my interest dwindled, as I have a pretty short attention span for guys like Grafh and Serius Jones (unless he's battling). That said, I actually like most of the tracks on the tape, because everybody's rhyming on quality hip-hop tracks, not like that corny 5-minute microwave music mixtape beats that most artists use these days.

The mixtape is a little teaser for the 21-track offering that will be 88 Keys proper full-length LP, The Death of Adam, which is executive produced by Kanye West, and should be hitting stores, itunes, or your local bittorrent file-sharing network in September. 88 was the mastermind behind a lot of classic Kweli and Mos Def tracks, and just in general has been floating beneath the surface for some time now. I think the most slept-on track he ever did was "Doctor, Doctor" for Consequence's often-overlooked classic mixtape, Take Em To The Cleaners.

I'd post a few songs but there's an issue with any file over 2 megs on, so just download the entire mixtape here.