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  • henry

    o shit twice in the same week, yea never heard of the dude until he died, might check out his work and put down the mike

    • Burnout


      Man will go down as a legend.

    • My Effin’ Opinion

      I can appreciate the fact that you might check out Carlin’s work Henry, but it baffles me that you never heard of him until he died?????

      I didn’t think this could be possible being that this man has been puttin’ out shit for the last 51 years.

      Easily, one of the top 3 comedians of all time … I’m still pissed over his death.

      • Burnout

        Same here.

      • Bol

        It’s cool to not know shit.

        You could fill an encyclopedia with the shit I don’t know.

      • henry

        i never even heard anyone talk about him,maybe im too young born in 1990

        lol@ bol

  • thoreauly77

    don’t know if i have commented on one of your blogs yet jay, but i do check for them. this one right here is the reason why; great drop and carlin’s death is truly a bummer.

  • Casey

    Why did you feel the need to do this? It only takes away from the actual routine…

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    BOL: [i]You could fill an encyclopedia with the shit I don’t know.[/i]

    Chapter 1. Effective Blogging


    Lemme Stop, I used to dislike you for no apparent reason, but I have come to learn that you serve a purpose and I can’t hate on that …

    … so don’t be expecting to see a video of me dissin’ you on TMZ: “Bol, tell me how my ass taste”

  • My Effin’ Opinion


    A grandioso Nullus, btw.

  • chad bro chill

    what does this have to do with rap i got a feeling your on the wrong website

  • Loopy

    RIP n all but y do u post sum BS unrelated hip hop shit? u take ages 2 make a vid and when u make one its completely irrelevant to the site ur on. maybe its al, the politic shit or im jus being ignorant but stop coming incorrect with irrelevant bs.

  • Vicious Seiger

    George Carlin was a rebel with a cause, never afraid to question the status quo and authority – Something we used to not mind doing in America until we [and not all of us] started caring more about If Brad is going to marry Angelina and not why we are fighting a two front war and paying 4.25 a gallon for gas. It’s sad to say this but Tavis said this recently on air that we as a nation take too much direction from what someone tells us to do and not so much as to what we think. The American Psyche is on cruise control we don’t like to think anymore. We hire people who tell us they’re smart and we keep blindly following them, never bothering to question their decisions. At least George, Richard and many others challenged us to speak our minds and take a moment to think, reason & question our leaders, their decisions, our society and ourselves. RIP George.

  • d. b. cooper

    “i never even heard anyone talk about him,maybe im too young born in 1990″

    This doesn’t make any sense. What would make sense is if you died around 1960.

  • Mitch

    George was the man. Thanks for the vid; it helped cheer me up.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    George Carlin was more Hip-Hop then you will ever be.

    True story.

    On point, as always.

    • Loopy

      lol @ you saying that like you know me or some shit like that

      • Tha Philosopher

        yo calm down with all that ‘like’ shit and lol and @ your not texting your girl right now… damn ten year old

        • Loopy

          I said lik etwice. All that? You’d think I’d use that word at least half of the sentence… And calling me a ten year old? You think “Tha” makes you look cool? Seriously if you’re gonna get at me…make sure it ain’t over some stupid shit like saying a word once out of place. Idiot.

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    RIP George Carlin

    This is a huge loss for hip-hop as well as the rest of the world. Rappers could learn a whole lot from Carlin. He’s in my top five along with Pryor, Marty-Mart, Seinfeld, and Chris Rock. One Love

  • Eman

    Except Bol on occassion all the bloggers are weak on XXl now. I have a good sense of humor but when some old grumpy hippy makes fun of Religion and the average american life thats not funny to me. I have no idea how this relates to hip hop besides the fact that a bunch of people commenting say Carlin was or somehow might be or is straight up Hip hop. Lets give it a rest already.

    • 239allday

      Bol is wack!!! Ron Mexico owns my nigga!!!

    • The Spaniard

      Fuck religion and fuck the “average” American life.

      What the fuck is the average american life anyway?

      “Some guy made fun of my sky wizard! Boo Hoo!”

  • lookadeez

    whether you heard of him or not, Carlin was a gret comedian, in my top 3 easily, and very influential to my life. The man was a thinker!

    Thank God for youtube and the like cuz now you can learn about him whenever you are ready to.

    RIP George!

    Nice work on the vid as well!