What’s Your Excuse Soulja Boy?

I may have to cut Brian “B.Dot” Miller a check. All our convos have been turning into blogs as of late.

While discussing B.O.B as part of the new era cats last week, B. Dot pointed out that he was only 19. Hmmmm! I’m not too familiar with his material, but taking “Cloud 9″ for example, B.O.B.’s content partially reflects what I was doing around the same age…getting high. Please don’t tell my mom. The good thing is she hardly speaks English, so I’m probably in the clear. But, basically the 19-year-olds I’ve encountered in my lifetime, me included, were all about girls, sports, hangin’ out, drinkin’, smokin’ and maybe school. Soulja Boy, not so much.

I’ve actually heard little more than his singles and various offering on the net, but from what I’ve gathered, dude’s music isn’t an accurate representation of a 17-year-old black kid in America, or at least the ones I know. Granted, times have changed, but my little cousins of the same age ain’t really trying to “Crank That.” SB may be more of the 17 year-old kid than I know, I just don’t hear it in his music. It’s almost like 8-year old kids relate to him more than high school seniors. Being a “role model” could have something to do with it as well.

See, when critics come down on Soulja Boy, there’s always a cop out that he’s for the kids or that he’s only 17. Ppfffttt! Wasn’t Nas only 17 on Main Source‘s “Live At The Barbecue?” “Streets Disciple, my raps are trifle/ I shoot slugs from my brain just like a riffle.” Dude, this is coming from a teenager.

Granted, it’s not given to everybody to be a lyricist, but don’t tell me dudes, no matter what the sub genre, don’t strive to write the flyest stuff they can come up with. Shoot, even Soulja Boy comes off every now and then. Surprisigly, SB said, “you’re a prisoner from my 8 bars” on V.I.C.’s “Get Silly” remix. My dude Rob over here at XXL sent me “Marco Polo,” a song SB got with Bow Wow. Dude said something like, “This is not the Matrix/ but I am the oracle/do you wanna fuck me?/ the question is rhetorical.” Soulja Boy knows what rhetorical means? Considering that “haters get mad cause, I got me some bathing apes” is his most memorable line to date, not bad. Not bad at all.

Bottom line, there’s no excuse why SB shouldn’t come off more often. So what if he’s 17? Andre “3000″ Benjamin was 19 when Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik came out. “I’m only 19, but my mind is old,” Prodigy said on “Shook Ones Pt.2.” He was only 16 when Juvenile Hell dropped. Rakim? Dude was 18 when he penned “My Melody.” Lauryn Hill was 19 when she spit on that “Nappy Heads” remix. What about Shyheim or Lil Jamal from Illegal. Dude was nasty. You get the freakin’ point. Let Soulja Boy be your guilty pleasure if you want to, but don’t give him a pass when it comes to content. So, what’s your excuse DeAndre?

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  • jonathan

    it aint nothing to believe! just because something is right dont mean the people that are in power wont let it be what its suppose to be! you act like your not living in this same world im living in! if there was a right way i wouldnt even be getting tortured! forget all the other nonsense! seriously! wake the fuck up! dont you see the bullshit! there is nothing for me to believe! I SOLVED THE RIDDLE YOU DIDNT YOU ALL THOUGHT YOU WERE ROBBING SOME KKK! THEY WERE ROBBING ME! I SOLVED IT! THROUGH PUTTING IT TOGETHER! YOU DIDNT SOLVE IT! I DID! THERE IS NOTHING TO BELIEVE! I KNOW WHATS GOOD! I KNOW WHY IT WAS GIVEN TO ME! TRUST ME! JUST BECAUSE IT IS! DOESNT MEAN THEY WONT DO ALL TO TAKE IT AWAY INCLUDING LETTING YOU MONKEYS STEAL ALL MY SHIT TORTURE ME MURDER MY FOLKS AND PAY YOU FOR DOING IT. ITS BY DESIGN! TRUST ME! TO COVER UP! THE 15 20 YEARS THEY WERE TAKING IT! GET REAL MY NIGGA! SERIOUSLY!

    • Notsuoh

      ….Uhhhh…What are you talkin about??????

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Yeah you right on all of this. But I gota say that since SB is 17 or whatever, dude might grow up and be nice one day in the future. You never know.

  • Pierzy

    I completely agree but, in fairness to the wack SB, comparing him to Rakim, NaS & Lauryn isn’t fair to ANY of them…

  • texasleen

    its all about LIL CHUKIE

  • Kappa9

    Not that I’m trying to make an excuse for SB, because he could step his lyrical game up. But all those people that you named was brought in the lates 80s and early 90s, when hip hop was more grimey and their subject matter reflected their environment. They didnt have the internet and other things like they do today. Hell, what is Shawty Lo and all the other rappers in their 20s excuse for being wack

    • Be a Nigger Too

      Shawty Lo is 32 and Plies is 31. LMAOOOOOO!!!

  • henry

    the deal with jonathan

  • oneofthemyo’s

    Shawty Lo is not in his 20′s hip hop is bad enough now ‘a days stop trying to embarrass my age group.

  • Mee

    I agree w/ Pierzy, those comparisons were waaaaaaay off! One cannot compare SB to the likes of Rakim, Naz or Lauryn (who by the way, is likely the DOPEST female MC to ever grace the mike)!! Things are different today, younger folks have access to so much more therefore, they have an advantage (you wold think). But the Hip-Hop audience has changed as well. We accept less so we get less. It’s like they’re given away record deals somewhere!!! SB is hot to a lot of people and was even mentioned on MTV’s Hottest MCs in the Game……. Come on!!! That just shows how it’s changed, would someone as lame and lyrically weak even had been mentioned on such a list back when Hip-Hop was actually great (i.e. Rakim, Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, Too $hort, Big Daddy Kane, Dana Dane, Rick the Ru;er, Doug E. Fresh,)??!!
    Why is SB even a topic? I’ll tell u why because Hip-Hop is in a very desperate state. We’ll take anything with a bangin beat and a catchy hook no matter how lyrically empty and foolish is it, we’ll take it!!!

  • WTF

    What’s up with publishing crazy azz jonathan shit, you must want someone to R.I.P. him one. Don’t get it… And you have the nerve to screen my shit…

    Fuck you, and this bullshit azz blog sight…

  • Yaw

    I don’t think that Soulja Boy, or most other rappers for that matter, really needs to justify their lyrical style, at least to some extent. If all rappers were to try and reach the standards of Nas, Rakim and Lauryn Hill, all we’d have would be clones of Nas, Rakim and Lauryn Hill. And to be honest, although Nas is one of the best rappers ever, his choice in beats at times leaves me more eager to read his Hip Hop Qoutables than listen to Hip Hop Is Dead, or whatever that ‘Nigger’ album is gonna be called now.

    And it is true that most rappers strive to produce their most fly lyrics at times. But I feel it’s worth noting however that rappers such as 50 Cent deliberately dumbed themselves down lyrically. And furthermore, other rappers such as Eminem, although better than 98% of rappers around today, have not consistently reached the standards lyrically (or musically for that matter, which is another argument lol) that I feel they previously had such pre-Encore, or Kanye West when he released College Dropout. And I don’t even know what to make of Lil Wayne anymore. Considering the lyrical standards he set for himself during The Dedication and Da Drought series, would the ‘Best Rapper Alive’ make ‘Lollipop’? Who is he trying to compete with- Jay-Z or Flo-Rida?

    At the very least, Suulja Boy provides some variety in the type of music being made. Granted, he could stand to step his game up lyrically sometimes i.e. although I’m a fan of his I thought his verse On ‘Yahh!’ was extra corny. However, if you want to hear the lyricism of Andre 3000, you could always just listen to Andre 3000.

  • giantstepp

    Good drop however, the names you mentioned, even at that age (17-19) are all lyrical giants. SB needs to step up, but Im not sure if Nas, Rakim etc. are fair comparisons.

    Oh, and lets ban that fool Jonathan!

  • http://myspace.com/phantom916 phantom

    Soulja boy is WAK! No question.

  • Mo Nages

    Could be a ghostwriter, ya neva know. I find it hard to believe that he knows what rhetorical means. Shit I dont even think he knows what “question” means

  • Detroit P

    Wow…..alot of these guys just missed the point of this post entirely….too much exposure to the internet kills brain cells…go outside and read a book

  • render

    Think about what was hot when kids like Soulja Boy were hittin that age when you really started to listen to music. Round ’02 and ’03 you had dudes like Nelly and 50 absolutely running record sales. Eminem is the greatest lyricist most these kids have ever heard and Jay-Z is considered old school

    These kids didnt grow up listening to Rakim or KRS on pause tapes like the nas’s and prodigy’s of the world. They grew up knowing hiphop as a lucrative multi-million dollar entertainment industry.

    So it aint really surprising to see Soulja Boy churnin out tracks with a funny lil dance and minimal effort on lyrics and song structure. He’s signing contracts, making videos and having dwight howard doing dunks to his shit.

    Expectin him to step up his game in light of this would require a respect for the artform and hiphop as seen by the kids these days is anything but art.

    Tho to get off my old man shit… not all kids are ignorant like that….just most of em

  • $ykotic

    Homie(SB) is not such a great topic for the wrong in Hip Hop today, but you gotta question the label execs that determine what gets released on the airwaves.

    We said back in the 90′s that the “dumb down” theory would kill the quality of music.

    I don’t expect Souljah to get better because he is deemed successful by his past “hit”. Why should he change the formula?


    And yes comparing him to those pioneer’s is blasphemy.

    Plus the beats are not classic renditions.

    To be honest, I compare Souljah to the throwback jersey phase. Many overpriced, a lot bootlegged, worn by non-sports heads, now sitting in the closet. Dead and played out.

    R.I.P. Souljah Boy. Hopefully you will do a Tevin Campbell and stack that bread and go to college or trade school.

  • Club Med

    Seeing the amount of success Soldier Boy has had commercially, there’s really no reason for him to change his style up. Lyricism isn’t what’s keeping him in Bathing Apes. He may as well keep doing what he does and keep cashing those checks. He’s a young dude. Let him live. He’ll grow on his own terms as evidence by all he’s achieved since dropping out of high school. He’s not an MC he’s in the business of entertainment.

  • chad bro chill

    (notices comment was deleted)

    ….well then xxlmag soulja boy got rich off making gay music i hate him and his music
    but id do the same thing if it meant i could get rich

  • Maddolies

    I always thought That Soulja Boy Wouldve Been A Lil Jon Fan. Nellys Lyrics Aint Nowhere as bad as Lil Jons.

    And Throwbacks? Dont Think I Ever Rocked One Of Those.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    y’all niggas need to get your heads out your asses how can you compare 3 of the greatest of all time to SB? the nigga aint done shit for the game and he all bout the party shit,but I aint saying that is fucked up but that’s how shit is these days nobody wanna hear the lyrical shit cos it’s just plain boring,,let’s not forget some of the so-called wasn’t that lyrical at all ,50 is the first that comes to mind apart from a few bars on GRODT the nigga never lyrically achieved shit. the ngga is 17 in 2008 when the president is dumber yhan him so why should he drop crazy metaphors when dumb shit like Weezy and 5o be selling like hot cakes.back to the Rakim and Nas shit,let’s not fprget em niggas where not as popular as SB at 17 and didn’t have #1 hit singles so we should at least give his retarted ass the benefit of the doubt.and lets not forget that we are all products of our environment ansd when the nigga was growing up 50,Nelly,lil jon, and all em southerbnn wankas was blowing up, nigga was 2 young to have at least heard eminem ,pre-encore.but at least he should have heard Documentary which is the last classic rap album.another thing is why the fuck shoukld all rappers be gangsta is gangsta rap the definition of hip-hop today or what? let’s not forget LL’s gay-ass was spitting gay shit since his teens but he once called himself the GOAT.

  • droopey

    are you forgetting that now schools are getting shot the fuk up by kids nowadays and people are looking for something to blame.

    its a new era and things will never be the same as the past but the new generation will always surpass the old. maybe this is the way to go.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jtgbeatz -=JTG=-

    “This is not the Matrix/
    but I am the oracle/
    do you wanna fuck me?/
    the question is rhetorical.”

    Yeah I knew what he meant…..Matrix=oracle=already know the future/answer=rhetorical question=not answered/already knows
    she don’t have to answer cuz he already knows the answer
    (that doesn’t mean its a yes……maybe thats why he doesn’t want her to answer)

    …………I still have a hard time giving him credit………thats the problem, you always have a hard time giving him credit,
    Thats not good SB, step ya game up!

  • Demon Jason

    Both Soulja Fag & Bow Meow can go eat shit & drink piss