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Towards the end of the song “Misunderstood” from Lil Wayne’s new Tha Carter III – the second rap song in as many years to sample arguably the most obnoxious classic rock song ever, right up there with the J Geils Band’s “Freeze Frame” – Lil Wayne lights up a blunt and launches into this ridonkulous, several minutes-long political screed. I figured it might be interesting to pick it apart and see what sense it makes, if any. So that’s what I’ve done here below. Note, as if it wasn’t already obvious, that Lil Wayne’s words are the ones in italics.

Without further ado:

I was watching TV the other day. Got this white guy on there… talking about black guys. Talking about how young black guys are targeted. Targeted by who? Birdman America.

If you notice, Lil Wayne speaks of the prison-industrial complex, and the disparity in crack and powder cocaine sentencing and what have you as if none of this had ever occurred to him before in life until he saw some white guy talking about it on TV the other day. To me, this drives home the fact that a lot of these rappers are just plain ignorant. The reason all they talk about is bling bling and shooting people and drugs in their rhymes is not because the TIs ordered them to talk about ignorant shit. That’s just all they know.

You see, one in every 100 Americans are locked up. One in every nine black Americans are locked up. What the white guy was trying to stress was that, the money we spend motherfuckers to jail – a young motherfucker to jail – it would be less to send his or her young ass to college.

I hadn’t been aware of the statistic Weezy cites here, but far be it for me to question the validity of a statistic mentioned on the Lil Wayne album. At any rate, I think we all know that the imprisonment rate in the black community (mostly of black men, I should note) is fucked the fuck up. Given that he ends up talking about school, I’m surprised he didn’t just go with the statistic about how more black men in this country are in jail than they’re in college. But like I said, a lot of this shit is news to Lil Wayne. He might not have been aware of that one.

As far as his point about how it would be cheaper to send thugs to college than to jail, I’m not necessarily disagreeing with him about the cost. I’m sure he crunched the number. But I’m wondering if the solution is really to send everyone to college. On the contrary, I’d argue that one of the problems in this country is that so many people are in college. Shit, even Lil Wayne himself is in college. We’d probably be better off reverting to the system we had before, where a man who’s not that smart could make enough money to provide for his family by putting together cars or whatever, and only smart people got to go to college.

Another thing this white guy was talking about was that our jails are populated with drug dealers… you know, crack cocaine. Meaning, due to the laws we have on crack cocaine and regular cocaine, the police are only logic by riding around in the hood all day, and not in the suburbs. Because crack cocaine is only found in the hood, and that other thing is mostly found in… you know where I’m going.

Listening to Lil Wayne expound on drugs, crack sentencing and what have you, you get the idea that he’s informed by his own personal experience on a couple of different levels.

First of all, Lil Wayne has obviously had his share of experience with drugs. As I mentioned before, hardly any of this shit is news to anyone other than Lil’ Wayne. But it is the rare occasion when you hear someone expound on the disparity in crack and powder cocaine sentencing from a junkie’s perspective. For example, when he talks about why crack cocaine is mostly sold in the hood, he doesn’t speak from a dealer’s perspective, i.e. what are people in the hood gonna buy? Instead, he notes that crack cocaine is much cheaper than powdered cocaine, and that’s all people in the hood can afford.

It’s a subtle difference, but it’s an instructive one, I think.

Also, as Lil Wayne mentions later in his diatribe, he lives in the suburbs now, rather than the hood. As such, I’m sure he’s discovered what those of us who’ve been living in the suburbs have known for years now – namely, the fact that, if you live at the end of a cul de sac, you could sit on your front porch and do illegal shit all day long and the police would never know. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a cop car drive down my parents’ street. My guess is that Lil Wayne just now realized this, and it bothers him that this is the case, in that, if the police would just stop patrolling, the imprisonment rate in the black community would probably drop precipitously.

We don’t have room in the jail now for the real motherfuckers – the real criminals. You know, sex offenders, rapists, serial killers… shit like that? Oh don’t get scared, I know you saw one of them sex offender papers. Don’t trip, he live right on the end of yo block. That nigga live right down the street from you – sex offender on a level three drug.

Similarly, you get the idea that there must be a sex offender living in Lil Wayne’s new neighborhood, and it bothers Lil Wayne that the police stay fucking with him just because he likes to get high – meanwhile, the guy at the end of his street once raped a child, and you don’t see the cops sweating him, now do you? I’ve lived in like five different places in as many years, and I’ve never seen any papers talking about how there was a sex offender in the neighborhood. Granted a couple of those places were near schools, and sex offenders, by law, aren’t allowed to live too close to a school, temptation being a motherfucker and all.

Mr. Al Sharpton, here’s why I don’t respect you, and nobody like you. You’re the type that gets off on getting on other people. That’s not good. No homo. And rather unhuman, I should say. I mean, given the fact that humanity – well, good humanity, rather – to me is helping one another no matter your color or race. But this guy and people like him, they’d rather speculate before they informate, if that’s a word.

I consulted Google just now, and, come to find out, informate really is a word. According to the Free Online Encyclopedia (not to be confused with that other free online encyclopedia), it means, “to dispense information, as coined by Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff.” Well, what do you know! (To this day, I can hardly type the name Shoshana without thinking about Jerry Seinfeld’s teenage girlfriend with the ridonkulous cans. *takes a five minute pause for the cause*)

Now, where was I? Oh yes, the Rev. Al “Mr. Do” Sharpton. Say what you will about Lil Wayne, you have to give him a little bit of credit for going at Al Sharpton the way he has here, as much as the Rev. has done over the years to throw hip-hop under a bus. Just recently, he was one of the main people responsible for the new Nas album no longer being named after the dreaded n-word. You wish he would have structured his argument a bit better than he did (what’s with the humanity crap?), but I think he gets at the hip-hop community’s main gripe with Mr. Do, i.e. how is he supposed to be helping the hip-hop community if he’s constantly attacking it?

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  • Rizob

    Mane i hope the Celtics can keep it up when they play in Los Angeles…..FUcK Kobe, and what not….

    • Born and raised in Chatham County

      I agree wit Rizob. kobe is a swagger jacker. He stole all his shit from Mike Jordan. I know this is off-topic. but still.

      • Rizob

        plus he rapes ugly white women, gets caught for doing it, and buys his white wife a 4 milli dollar ring. All nba players fuck groupies, but Kobe the only one stupid enough to get caught….

  • DA Truth

    “I’ve lived in like five different places in as many years, and I’ve never seen any papers talking about how there was a sex offender in the neighborhood.”

    I live louisiana and they really do put a letter in your mail box with the name ,pic, stats, address & “sexually pref” of sex offenders down here.

  • P-Matik

    Let me know when you hear these gremlin looking cat start a track off with “I was reading a book the other day…”

    Wayne stay losing.

  • P-Matik

    Let me know when you hear this gremlin looking cat start a track off with “I was reading a book the other day…”

    Wayne stay losing.

    • Yeah Uh Uh

      You’re reaching

  • drydock

    One annoying aspect that is usually left out of the whole discussion on the crack/cocaine sentence disparities is that it wasn’t some law crafted by some old racist republican cracka ass crackers. The law came into being following the death of basketball star Len Bias. Leading the charge on this front of the war on drugs were white liberal Tip O’Neil and the Congressional Black Caucus. The majority of black congress members supported this law.

    • Yes Sir

      You should know by now that the powers that be always have a way to sway the public opinion with deception in order to proceed with their hidden agendas.

  • Abdulli

    You got to much free time on ya hands.

    • real talk

      aint that the truth, who gives a fuck. tell the ignorant fuck who wrote this to buy the album instead of downloading it. it dont come out till tomorrow. how do you think he heard it, two wrongs dont make a right asswhole!!!

      • chad bro chill

        “asswhole” is spelled asshole ya cunt. and wayne sucks “asswhole” anyway ur a cunt for planning on wasting ur money on such garbage if mayb u bought it by mistake id give u a pass but u plan on buying that garbage your the “asswhole”

  • N.O. in my blood

    “al sharpton is nothing but a don king with a perm”…lol…but all jokes aside what wayne said was pretty true…tell me if im wrong

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com ron mexico

      that’s ignorant.

      don king perm game serious.

  • Rizob

    anybody else notice on Golden Girls when Sophia starts a story, its alway in Sicily 1922.. Like 1922 is the only year where she experience these things to tell Dorothy Blanch and Rose…its hilarious…..

    • daesonesb


  • as opposed 2 wetdock

    So, you say’n the real reason it’s 1 in 10 niggahs in in jail because of 43 african
    “oreo” americans, and one cracka ass cracka?

    that’s fuck the fuck up!

    Now since they kids listened to NAS’s “Nigger”, and “Want to be a nigger too!” are now seling drugs just like the kids in the ghetto, and going to jail for like umpteen years, they wanna change the law back to what it was before?

  • http://www.myspace.com/alsween AlSween

    drug dealers period deserve to be in jail. big deal that there’s a difference in time. also complaining about al sharpton not liking hip hop is getting old. he’s middle aged and it’s his job to hate music made by a younger generation.

  • Chemdog

    Stop the hate child!

  • Mr.CLever

    Sound like Lil’Wayne Needs to pay attention to the News and stop getting high, Pick up a book Dummy! Where da fuck he been living? Under a Rock? Idiot! This has been going on. How long did he Stay in the Hood? a Week. Dude is a Joke. You think all this talk in his Raps about Pushing and Killing, and he’s shocked about the Laws. He ain’t Hood, never have been, and he doesn’t have any intellect, what he majoring in ” GETTING HIGH ” ? or Just Plain STUPIDITY?

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    The prison stats Wayne is referring to is most likely related to a NY Times article from not so long ago. If you Google “1 in 100 Americans prison” or something like that it should come up pretty quick. But yeah, that diatribe is as coherent as Wayne could possibly be.

  • Worley

    “the Rev. Al ‘Mr. Do’ Sharpton[e]”

    Classic line from Do The Right Thing.

  • Rizob

    i wonder if anybody gonna cop those new plies and tyga albums……

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    damn bol, this comments section is fucked the fuck up. even worse than normal. the average commenter is making about as much sense as jonathan. for real for real!

  • whats CraCCin

    6ring yn 6ack. xxl fell off. Criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

  • Club Med

    I haven’t heard this song yet but I probably will later. I hope it’s produced by Kanye because that beat to “I Feel Like Dying” was a banger and if the beats tight I might actually enjoy what the guy has to say. But as far as Weezy’s position on political issues, I’m guessing he’d probably make a better rapper than he would a politician but free speech being what it is he might as well have his say. For real though, going to Weezy for his take on daily events is like going to Ja Rule for his opinion on what happened on 9/11. How much sense would that really make?

  • AZ40

    I concur only lil wayne fans are ignorant enough to think any of this is breaking news, they so used to hearing him speak jibberish they don’t know anything else

  • Tyler

    DA Truth says:

    “I’ve lived in like five different places in as many years, and I’ve never seen any papers talking about how there was a sex offender in the neighborhood.”

    I live louisiana and they really do put a letter in your mail box with the name ,pic, stats, address & “sexually pref” of sex offenders down here.

    ^^^^^^^^^ Yea 4 sho’. I used 2 live around your way 4 a minute and I be damn if I didn’t get one of them joints with BoL’s picture plastered up in that bitch so kids like Wayne need 2 be on the look-out 4 the big black Doggie Monster, ya’ dig.
    Anyhoo. . . Yea Nice dick riding post BoL. We know U hate Wayne. I think we got that point about 1,000 post ago yo. Even tho’ Weezy point may have cum late 2 him no homo and may not be crystal clear 2 U BoL but we get what young blood was coming from which what other rapper took the time out on one of his biggest album not 2 spit shit over more wack beats but actually took a minute 2 talk about something? Pause 4 that cause. . Yea and the point really was that now he has U MR. BoL aka “the Molester” talking about it as well which is a good look 4 us all don’t U think? Hip Hip Hooray. Hip Hip Hooray.

  • http://nonthreateningblackmale.blogspot.com/ LOL

    you care too much about Weezy



  • chad bro chill

    everybody who works for this site hates lil wayne so why is there an advertisement for carter III on the top left of my screen

  • Shawty J

    I’ve heard Misunderstood, but didn’t pay it much mind because 1) Weezy sounded ignorant and 2) Weezy sounded high during his rant. With that being said you don’t have to break down the rant to expose why it makes no sense, all of that comes off up front.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Shoshanna Lonstein nigga!

    Jerry Seinfeld was smashing that tail when she was fifteen, but the Jews get down like that on some orthodoxy shit.

  • Pinto

    ALL drug dealers should be in jail. The police should keep patrolling the hood looking for them!! Fuck them!!! (And I’m not white, man, I’m black). The less drugs on the street the better. No pulling the race card saying the cops targeting the black community. They actually doing us favour by arresting all those motherfuckers. They cutting out the weeds that are choking our communities. By taking away the drugs and the drug dealers they making our environments better. And I’m from South Africa I know something about racism. Black people must stand together. And fuck Al Sharpton! Fuck white people! Once again FUCK drug dealers! AND FUCK ALL RAPPERS GLORIFYING DRUGS ON THEIR SONGS!!! (Not that I don’t like thos type of rappers i. e like Lil Wayne but I HAVE to say FUCK THEM for what they doing!!! FUCK EM FUCK EM FUCK EM)

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Yeah, there are some non-informated people on these comments. That’s what cats get for listening to that Weezy speech anyway. It makes more sense after the first listen, but it’s just as hard to get through.

    Besides that, the album is way better than I expected.

  • label(me)

    stop hatin whatever punk wrote this is not that educated either.. plus we’re in America Wayne can say whatever the Funk he wants you don’t have to like it and Misunderstood was a Nina Simone tune 1st is Nina Classic Rock? or R&B?

  • prakash

    common’s misunderstood > wayne’s misunderstood.

  • VA

    this whole thing is hallarious 2 me! like dude said this site hates lil wayne but they even added a lil wayne section and prolly about 40% if not more of the news and music is from lil wayne hes wat keeps yall site going lmao and them eye candys of cousre

  • Jack

    why do you think lil wayne ends up in the negro please section in xxl almost every month everyone loves a dumbass.

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