I reported on Teddy Riley's studio's financial woes months back, but somehow someway that post got lost in the annals of xxlmag.com's search engine. Damn.

To rehash, Teddy Riley took out a loan on his Virginia Beach studio, Future Sounds, a few years ago, which he eventually defaulted on. When he moved into the spot in 1991, it was a state of the art studio, but as we all know, technology has advanced pretty far since then. So now it's out of date, and Riley himself has been plagued by all sorts of financial woes, even filing for bankruptcy in 2002. So Teddy tried to sell the studio in an auction, but nobody met the starting bid of 500k for the building.

Last night, Future Sounds burned down.

"Teddy Riley's abandoned Future Records Recording Studios on Virginia Beach Boulevard burned early this morning. Shortly before 5 a.m., someone passing by the abandoned studio at 4338 Virginia Beach Blvd. near Princess Anne High School saw smoke and flames shooting through the roof, said Battalion Chief Dave Hutcheson, fire department spokesman. Firefighters who arrived shortly afterward had the flames under control about 40 minutes later, Hutcheson said. They were able to put out the flames without a second alarm, he said. Firefighters still were on the scene at 6:25 a.m., cleaning up and checking for hot spots. Investigators are at the scene trying to determine a cause, Hutcheson said."

Does that sound suspicious to you?