Real talk, Scott Storch was on fire a couple years ago. There was "Lean Back," and "Candy Shop," "Just A Lil Bit," and even just a year or two ago he had "Make It Rain" literally ruling the clubs. What the fuck happened?

Now the guy is auctioning his yacht on Ebay, getting Bentleys he bought for irrelevant rappers like Lil Kim repossessed, he owes mad money in child support, and now he's got a warrant out for his arrest. Ridiculous.

This is what happens when producers become divas. I've heard horror stories about Scotty from some friends of mine in music publishing. But that's neither here nor there. Right now, with the industry being what it is, all the bells and whistles don't matter. All that diva shit is out the window. It's grind time for real. What matters is your work ethic, your business being right, and delivering incredibly hot records. Nothing else.

There's a rapper out of Detroit who goes by the name Trick Trick. You might have heard of him, he sorta has a reputation for beating the shit out of so-called gangster rappers who come through the D frontin. Anyway, he's got a song out now called "Let's Work," and the hook says "If You Don't Work, You Don't Eat." How fucking true is that statement?!?!!?

Now I'm not saying Scott ain't working. Actually I don't know what the hell he does all day, and I'm sure he's a good guy and all. But seriously, in this game you've gotta maintain an underdog mentality at all times if you want to win. As soon as you start believing your own hype, you're on the way out. It's not just like that with rap music, it's like that with life, period. You can't rest on your past achievements, you've got to constantly redefine yourself. You're only as hot as your last hit.

Of course the internet being what it is, and corny mothafuckas in rap media world over-hyping any piece of shit news they can get, this thing with a warrant being out for his Scott's arrest has been blown out of proportion something ridiculous. Still and all, it's sad that it's come to this. There was a time where all you could think of was hot records that he'd done. Now it's like you can think of him for all the wrong reasons.

Plus hip-hop's...ahem... other white guy, JR Rotem has like 3 singles on the radio right now. And JR came from playing keys for Dre too. So it looks like the underdog's definitely on top now.

JR Rotem>>>> Scott Storch