Rants From The 8th Floor…

What it do, fellers?

It’s been a minute…just about two weeks to be exact. But I’m sure you didn’t miss me. Ron Mexico has done a stellar job overtaking “Blogger’s Note” and judging by the comments, you guys seem to agree. If all goes according to plan, Ron will get his own space starting next month and I’ll move over to this here staff blog.

I won’t be the sole blogger, though. Some of my co-workers at the mag have plenty to say and want to share their views with you. This is just a quick introduction. An XXL staffer will be back later on with our first post. See you then.

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  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    First evar?

  • henry


  • Lancelot

    Go2 Hell!

  • Pierzy

    If recent history is any indication, Lil Wayne & 50 Cent will be all over this…

  • JaCk

    who the hell are you in the first place?

  • FaMe

    who the hell cares what the staff has to say? you can’t even sell magazines anymore. why would i waste my internet time on you losers? Bring Elliot back or end up like The Source


  • 239allday

    State ya name fuck nigga!!!!!!!!

  • FLIP

    Go home, Roger.

  • http://twistedreality.info/www.xxlmag.com/ www.xxlmag.com

    Rants from the 8th floor.. Huh, really? :)