NEGRO PLEASE: Yung Berg’s Backward Boxers

“You could fuck up a man’s happy home. It might be one of them dudes you talk about in the book that wears his boxers on backwards every damn day, getting hit in the ass, but he probably still got a wife and kids and you might fuck up his life.” -Yung Berg,

If you go to Big Green, you’ve more than likely seen this video plastered in the background of whatever you were actually there to ingest. Terrence “Superhead” Dean’s new tell-all “Hiding in Hip-Hop…” has obviously ruffled some feathers in our beloved, hallowed rap game.In a rapper fried rice panel discussion Nelly, David Banner, Chingy and our winner, Yung Berg all give their thoughts on the book and its potential repercussion.Chingy makes no bones about his hatred of the homosexuals, as is illustrated by his introductory soundbyte in which he’s a Luda tickle away from dropping an f-bomb.“I hate f–… gay.”The man totally was just about to say “I hate faggots” in front of a rolling camera. This coming from a nigga who step outside with earrings the size of ketchup packets lookin like he was playin in grandma’nana dresser again.I couldn’t call it.Berg pretty much described his own Wednesday night fantasy. Or, at least the one that comes to his mind when asked very general questions about a new book on the subject of homosexuality.Gremlin Lite doth protest much. (Weezy F. = Gremlin Dark)If you’re wearing the boxers backward and getting hit in the ass, why lie to your family? Why lie to your peoples? Why lie to yourself? If you’re not getting… you know. I’m not writing that shit out a third time. Why advocate such disregard for integrity?Whatever answer you give is sure to provide valuable insight as to why homophobia is thriving in the “urban” community.…and don’t sit up here and call the shit “snitchin” like Gangtalicious.Also, don’t be ass-ignorant. Berg didn’t have take it where he took it.Berg is painting his rap persona to be some kind of Chi-town boss, right? Isn’t that who Mr. “Sexy Lady” Man is supposed to be? An ass-ignorant little 106 & Park pit boss without code?Negro, please.At least Chingy’s an ass-ignorant flunkie without code.We wonder why there’s no progress. The children deserve better than these cloudy, half-steppin ass niggas on The Negro Channel every damn day.–Ron MexicoQuestions? Comments? Requests? Sick of hiding?

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  • Marco317


    • bmac

      Rappers like Chingy always confuse homosexuality with flamboyance/femininity. I could care less if I’m around a bunch of guys who fuck guys. But it’s when they start snapping their necks, doin the high-pitched voice thing, and want everyone to know they’re gay… then it’s a problem for me.

      Jackpot’s right though… Chingy will wear big-ass earrings but say he hates faggots. Chingy appears gay but probably isn’t which is confusing to young people (like young Berg) who are easily impressionable.

      I’m not homophobic… so I don’t see a reason that anbody should hate somebody they don’t know whom hasn’t hurt them. My solution- a man should be masculine and a woman should be a lady… that’ll sqaush all that nonsense. And do whatever you want behind closed doors safely.

      This book is goin to be funny. Cam’ron and Jim Jones have to be in that shit.

      • ron mexico

        ronnie, not jackpot.

        fuck it… i give up.

  • HU

    I agree. Most of these rappers should not be allowed to speak about serious issues. They’re completely ignorant and wield too much influence over the ignorant masses. Anything a dude with a tattoo on his neck says should be laughed at. Any person on this earth with a tattoo on their neck is basically publically proclaiming that they’re a piece of shit and they don’t matter to anyone.

    • Caine

      Your the ignorant one homie. Tattoos ain’t shit…Damn fool.

    • mr.escobar

      Yo u r the gayest ass mutha fucka on the plaanet to say that some one with a tat on their neck is saying that they r a piece of shit. That shit is ignorant as fuck. I am someone with a tattoo on my neck and I have two degrees and I own my own business so fuck u homie grow ur ass up

  • fuckyou

    rappers are so fucking retarded

    they always end up broke anyways

  • Yusef Shaheed

    Please watch the video again b/c you are misquoting Yung Berg. This is how rumors start.
    He did not say he might be someone who wears his boxers backwards. I’m not even a Yung Berg fan.

    • BYGGZ

      naw nigga,YOU watch that vid again,that dude sounded suspect to me,and I thought that wayyyyyyyy before I read this blog,obviously,the SOHH crew did also–they posted his quote as the link to the vid….. Can you say “down-low”?

  • jonathan

    man you mofuckas is such a bad joke seriously! question yourself! not me and the torture! you believe what you want! seriously! goodluck and take care! you niggas went from chaising every woman i ever been with and imitaiting my sex style to accusing me of all this nonsense! these mofuckas go from the amusement park lolol get your tickets you made the amusement park famous to whatever you say now my nigga! i was born in hiphop this is what i did all my life you understand! while you was a fan i was with kris and scott you understand! incase they not playing those clips! get a life! seriously! for real for real! and stop living off torture! if you aint gangstalk my life and torture me to death! i would probably still have or have a different girlfreind! you understand! so assume what you want! but assume about your life! seriously! goodluck adn take care! for real for real!

    • ChaMp

      Yo, dead ass man, what the fuck are you talking about?

  • Bloodbath

    Yung Berg Look like garfield.

  • Pierzy

    People need to get over this shit. 10% of the population is gay – what’s the big deal? Grow up, you fucks!

  • @$$ HITTA!!

    Nuthin better than a tight snug butthole to squeeze in!

  • raeboo

    @ Pierzy

    So you think ONLY 10% of the pop. is gay? Puh-leeze, I’m gay and I know for a fact that more than 10% of this pop. is gay. More like 75%, if not more! I KNOW men with wives and kids that’s more of a lady than I am when they’re in the streets away from their other life. what Yung Berg said is so true…He might’ve said it before he knew it but it is SO true. Please believe me. And usually people who are homophobic are the ones that’s gay anyway. They just don’t have the cajones (balls) to be themselves, and can’t stand the fact the others do! Homophobia is rampant among the Black community, yes that’s true. But that’s expected…We bring each other down in every way we can on a daily basis, so what else is knew.

    • Sonic

      Dont say 75% of the population is gay. Say 75% of the people you know are gay. I think you taking too much of that pinga to the head and losing braincells due to lack of oxygen.

      • Flymasta

        i don’t think 75% of the population is gay this guy is prolly from san fransisco* or west hollywood or somewhere ike that

        • og bobby j

          I bet fruitloops is takin takes 75% of the load on his chin….

          fuck outta here with your make believe statistic…

          dont you have a balloon knot to fist? homo….

        • Jsouth

          “balloon knot to fist”? Get the fuck outta here.What the fuck is that? U straight up GAY homie.

        • Bol

          you know what, i’m Gay too (nullus)

        • BYGGZ

          We all knew that………..

  • smdh

    rappers=faggots in denial

    i hate gay people i just can’t wait to them trumpets blow burn in hell you nasty mothafuckas

  • Mike Crown

    Ron you think we can get a review of the banned Boondocks episodes?



  • something to think about

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again..a lot of these rappers are gay…the whole look..the whole culture..the whole “homies over hoes/fuck bitches” mentality…its straight out of the christopher street nyc gay culture…how many of them have to get caught with transvestite male prostitutes? how many times do they have to overcompensate with riduclous woman hating statements and crazy chicks in the videos…im not trying to offend anyone, nor do i think that anyone should be offended because theres nothing wrong with being gay…

    but the hiphop culture follows the christopher street black/latino gay youth culture in nyc–fact….the christpher street cats were wearing the 80′s shit with the thick rope chians, and those sunglasses that look like venetian blinds and everything last look at hip hop…i bet whatever they are wearing, saying ,doing now will be the next shit in rap ust like it always is….i’ll prove it—i’ll go down there sometime soon and write a post about what they are doing right now, and i promise you that you’ll see your favorite rapper doing it very soon….

    funny thing is–all these “thugs” in nyc laugh at the christopher street cats and talk about how gay they look and whatnot,and how they should kill themselves for wearing certain shit,… but then a few months later when their favorite rapper starts wearing the SAME shit–they all start wearing it..just like the huge earrings, the 80s shit, the bape shit, the birght custom patent leather nikes and the bape kicks that they used only sell in the village on broadway, those bright hoodies with the screenprinted designs all over them,–i coud go on and on…that was all “gay shit” and now all those thug niggas are wearing the shit…funny as hell to me

    honestly tell me that luda,chingy, camron etc. don’t look exactly like they just came straight from christopher street…the current male hip hop culture is gay cultre…and the reason that gay culture is hip hop culture is because a lot of rappers are gay…im not gay—im just telling the truth.

  • bedstuy_till_i_die

    damn nigga, i hate to admit it but that shit is kinda true…i remember when my nigga allen iverson first came out with the real thin cornrows with the shape up, and the neck tats and the big earrings and my niggas was like –damn i don’t know that little nigga look kinda chrostopher street now…them christpher street niggas used to have the neck tats and the braids with the shape up and the tape up under the braids and the baby hair shaped up in front of the braids and shit…real niggas was getting thier braids done regular no designs, no shape up no tape up nothin…we thought that shit was mad homo son

  • emil

    Are u and ron mexx the same person jackpot? If so ima need you to bring tkin videos back pronto

    • ron mexico

      nah, man… i know it’s confusing, but it’s me, baby! i’m just in jackpot’s column.

      hahahah @ bring back tlkn vdeos. much love, holmes.

  • G Off

    Replace Faggot with the N word and you have a racist old white guy. Same shit, different toilet. Tolerance of everybody is the way of the future. Get on board, or look as stupid as a racist does now.

    • og bobby j

      maybe raeboo can help you g off….in his ass.

      • BYGGZ


    • ron mexico

      2 points

  • diggsy

    it’s a lot more believable that yung berg is a sissy rather than a chi-town boss.

  • MrPresident916

    Half of tha fuckin industry soemtimes look lik a bucnh of homos.. Chingy, Kanye, Common, Lil Wayne, T.I, Pharrel, Tyrese, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and etc, etc.. Does that mean ur gunna stop listenin to thier music.. Lil Wayne kissed anotha man on his lips no blood relationship at all.. and look hes guna out sell everyone this yr.. I actually think if a rapper came out and said he was gay i think he would sell more.. y? bcuz that would open tha doors for listeners who never cared for hip hop that would jump on thier band wagon.. lik all tha gays would support them.. if ur gay be fuckin gay who tha fuck cares.. lifes to fuckin short to be hidin in tha closet.. i aint gay but im best friend recently came out tha closet.. and for a while i was lik wut tha fuck.. but after a while its lik do wat makes u happy.. simple as that.. if u want be gay be gay.. if u wanna be in tha closet gay go fuck in tha closet then.. who cares get a fuckin life and keepin movin..

  • stuckfresh

    50 cent is a Faggot!! I know Yayo and Banks suck him off every week! Birdman the realest nigga living! Bitch im a stunna!!!! just a nigga with a whole lot of money!!!!

  • jimm-o

    ALOT of people here are forgetting the streets, they way people were raised, you think you can be a gay rapper and have homies? people would fucking abandon you like you were aids, a gay rapper will never be accepted because people dont wanna listen to the stero-tipical “faggot ass nigga” no one would wanna help a gay rapper regardless of skill. if a rapper i liked came out to say he was gay and had done things with men id feel sick, imagine if someone like nas,jay-z,DRE,eminem,kanye or even biggie did. gay is not street, not thug life thus gay is not rap. tell me im wrong all you like, tell me its “OK” to be gay and be a tough, gangster rapper your wrong, now i dont care if people are gay just so long it dont involve anything i like or to do with me.

  • big_SNOOK

    Stuck Fresh you’d prolly let weezy and birdman splurge on your grill faggot
    eat a dick bitch eat a cash money asshole you know its your dream FAGGOT


    Stuckbitch stop hatin!

  • E

    @ og bobby j: maybe raeboo can help you g off….in his ass.

    hahahaha i can’t stop laughin after that one

  • HOMOTHUG..tell’em

    Yo..i’m sick and tired of these Metro-sexual azz nigga z like Chingy,Yung Berg,Lil’ on,and so forth…hating gayz..yet they either look homothug,kiss men,or sound like dey wanna take it in da booty…95% of the niggaz on this site,and in the rap game GAY BI Or Curious…real niggaz don’t care!…They all can go eat a dick!






    All I gotta say….Yung Berg…He Fagged Out

  • chad bro chill

    eminem has a song about sticking a gerbal up ur ass hmmmm how come it never occured to me that was gay

  • the chancellor

    if you’re gay not that there’s anything wrong with that, then thank you for being you. On another note, the aforementioned rappers except chingy need to find other lines of work.

    Do me a favor and accidentally step on ya white sunglasses…THIS IS HIP-HOP!!!

    Peligroso es mi nombre medio.

  • Chris

    Gay rappers should not be allowed to rap..It would kill the game. U don’t see any ACTIVE pro sports players coming out…CUZ RAPPERS/ATLETES DO NOT WANT TO BE REPRESENTED THAT WAY

  • http://test test


  • daaamn

    fuck it ron…..just start signing as jackpot cuz half these dumb fucks think youre him for the gay shit. the things people cant stand to see or tolerate are things they are themselves.all them gay hatin dudes love gettin their shit pushed in behind closed doors.

  • Maddolies

    Bow Wow + Yung Berg = Dlow Lovers

  • Eazy E

    F everybody. Check out my blog you lame A female doggies. Keep barkin’ son. Keep barkin’

  • Worley

    All hetero men should stay out of any conversation about homosexuality. If you say you are hetero people will say you are gay. When that sh*t pops up just leave it alone. It’s a no win situation.

  • RBMC

    hey didnt chingy kiss a tranny at the AVN a couple of years ago….hmmm anyway who cares about gay rappers what up with the rising cost of gas food and shelter and the drop of the almighty dollar. Lets focus on that ish. I could care less if young berg likes hot dogs or tacos.

  • mussolini

    Hey….Hey Greetings n Love to one n all in the name of Jah Rastafari

    First of all i say Butty bwoy fi dead, we nah want c dem around we…How you fi turn fussy nah ..nah give me mi nine let me claat these blod claat gigi men…Sorry sir we black people n we dont mix in dat foolishness,, i agree with the extremists chop of dem head n chop it off like a fruit,,create a land just for dem some island or space far far away, remember how criminals were sent to australia during old times ..sometin like dat man. Let dem have their own space no women just men…Fuck out of here Batty bwoy Killa Fi Life.
    Rat It

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