"You could fuck up a man's happy home. It might be one of them dudes you talk about in the book that wears his boxers on backwards every damn day, getting hit in the ass, but he probably still got a wife and kids and you might fuck up his life." -Yung Berg, SOHH.com

If you go to Big Green, you’ve more than likely seen this video plastered in the background of whatever you were actually there to ingest. Terrence “Superhead” Dean’s new tell-all “Hiding in Hip-Hop…” has obviously ruffled some feathers in our beloved, hallowed rap game.In a rapper fried rice panel discussion Nelly, David Banner, Chingy and our winner, Yung Berg all give their thoughts on the book and its potential repercussion.Chingy makes no bones about his hatred of the homosexuals, as is illustrated by his introductory soundbyte in which he’s a Luda tickle away from dropping an f-bomb.“I hate f--… gay.”The man totally was just about to say “I hate faggots” in front of a rolling camera. This coming from a nigga who step outside with earrings the size of ketchup packets lookin like he was playin in grandma’nana dresser again.I couldn’t call it.Berg pretty much described his own Wednesday night fantasy. Or, at least the one that comes to his mind when asked very general questions about a new book on the subject of homosexuality.Gremlin Lite doth protest much. (Weezy F. = Gremlin Dark)If you’re wearing the boxers backward and getting hit in the ass, why lie to your family? Why lie to your peoples? Why lie to yourself? If you’re not getting… you know. I’m not writing that shit out a third time. Why advocate such disregard for integrity?Whatever answer you give is sure to provide valuable insight as to why homophobia is thriving in the “urban” community.…and don’t sit up here and call the shit “snitchin” like Gangtalicious.Also, don’t be ass-ignorant. Berg didn’t have take it where he took it.Berg is painting his rap persona to be some kind of Chi-town boss, right? Isn’t that who Mr. “Sexy Lady” Man is supposed to be? An ass-ignorant little 106 & Park pit boss without code?Negro, please.At least Chingy’s an ass-ignorant flunkie without code.We wonder why there’s no progress. The children deserve better than these cloudy, half-steppin ass niggas on The Negro Channel every damn day.--Ron MexicoQuestions? Comments? Requests? Sick of hiding? ronnie_mexxx@yahoo.com