NEGRO PLEASE: Young Buck’s Straight Outta Assville

[Editor’s Note: ‘Blogger’s Note’ has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice.]

“Fuck G-Unit.”Young Buck, in concert last week

“I done got outta line a little bit with you.”Young Buck crying like a bitch, 50 Cent’s speakerphone, like yesterday.

Apparently, not every backwater nigga with a talent is ready to leave the comforts of the Chitlin’ Circuit.

We all know just how cheeky a gorilla 50 Cent can be. Why would Buck allow Mr. Candy Shop the opportunity to peppermint cane his dumb ass with a Linda Tripp move like this? Even if you aren’t as politically astute as to know what the fuck I’m taking about, you’ve at least seen “The Wire.”

NEVER talk that sensitive shit on the phone, cuz. In Avon and Stringer’s case, they had to make sure not to compromise their product on the hotline. In Buck’s case, he left his balls completely out in the wind for Fitty to tear away with his new bionic dentures.

When you argue with your girlfriend, you always resist the urge to leave that sob-filled apology on her voicemail. Why? Every dude reading this shit knows exactly why. Follow through with the Carl Thomas [emotional] whine and your old “Whip Appeal” ass is sure to be the newest podcast sensation when the relationship goes all the way sour.

Instead, 50 plays this perfectly. Homie puts down his goblet for a moment to wipe the mascara from Buck’s eyes. Despite the incoherent stammering of a man who sounds like a runaway slave cornered by the meanest bounty hunters in Mississippi, Pimpin’ Curtis handles his one-time bottom bitch with a sensitivity paralleled only by Terrence “D-Jay” Howard in the waning moments of Hustle & Flow.

50 Cent: You gotta stay closer to me, Buck—so you don’t fuck up. From now on, lemme take your taxes to Goldstein.

Young Buck: [*cracking*] I know, man. I know. I’m just so confused.

50: Don’t trip on it. We in charge now… [*pause*] I want you to say it.

YB: W-we in charge. [*bursts into sobbing*] I got soooo out-of-pocket, daddy. I’m sorry. You know I’d never—

50: I know, Buck. I know.

YB: I-I didn’t know I had to pay taxes on ALL my earnings in ’06. [*sniffles*] Then, you know… Section 16B had me all fucked up.

50: That’s why I handles the bidness. I do what I do. You do what you do.

YB: Yeah. I shouldn’ta bought them chains.

50: I’m actually relieved that you called. I need you to go pick up Yayo from Laser Park.

YB: Ain’t no thang, bossman. We cool?

50: Not really. [*hangs up*]

Were there a camera set up, I’m betting the house that you’d see all 32 of 50’s new solar panels. Why not go the whole round, Fif

Let’s play a game. I want you to play this shit back again and take a swill of that Hennessey whenever you hear the word “confused.” I guarantee you’ll be fucked up by the time the clip’s done.

Speaking of fucked up, it’s one thing fuck up on the job and catch a bad one from your boss. Buck is no less a man than anyone for that. It’s another entirely to roll back like a Trojan-ENZ on the disparaging comments you made 48 hours earlier.

If 50 Cent is so much of a bitch, why is it that you can say so to everyone on earth but him?

Instead we all get to listen as you show your true fuckin colors on the hoe end of that phone.

Negro, please.

This whole shit is a scene Straight Outta Assville.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Need a discount at Laser Park?

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  • T

    For the record 1st sayers are Gay. That shit is played like arnold and what u talking bout willis. With that being said Co-sign er’thang young Ron said. Never put yourself in such a compromising position. I know its cliche to say but “Chess not Checkers”. R.I.P Young Bucks career and credibility!

    • Deez Nutz

      Buck’s response…Yay or nay?

  • moresickaMC

    U ppl dont get it do u. This conversation was BEFORE Buck said “f** GUnit” 50 released it to show just how fake Buck is in private vs public.

    big chess move by 50.

    • DevilintheFlesh

      Finally someone gets it….everybody thinks Buck is apologizing and Curtis is okay with Buck after he said Fuck G-Unit. 50 let this out to get in his ass after he heard what Buck said.

    • Incilin

      Yeah, I think your right. Buck mentions that taxes is coming up soon, but it’s mid June. This conversation must be from around March or April or so. But either way, Buck looks awful for crying. And everyones talking 50, 2 weeks before TOS. Hmm…


      chess move? it more like hoe shit! just like mexico said, this is like when you spill your guts out to your girlfriend, then she plays it for anyone who wants to listen. MEN DON’T DO THAT! Where have all the real men gone. and 50 been a fag, everytime he talks, he has another MAN’s name in his mouth. I hate hoes like that. I like classy hoes! LMAO!

      • Igetmoney

        You say you hate when niggas have other mens name in their mouth right? Do you like game? the nigga has had each rap nigga in his mouth.

      • lonewolf

        i think that was a bicth ass move on 50 part that use to be your boy and he gonna put him out like that 50 aint real straight up fake we see the real side of him YB is the one thats real dirty south stand up

      • dss

        no u idiot, 50 is a fuckin’ genious, he KNEW that at some point, one day buck is gonna do some stupid shit, like saying fuck g unit, so he basically ensured himself by taping the convo, and this couldn’t have happend in a better time for Fif and the Unit

    • XXLwakeup


  • dez

    I got soooo out-of-pocket, daddy


  • Sheri

    lol, i thought that was part of the conversation, funny.

  • UGK 4 LIFE

    nigga fuck whoever wrote this shit. bucks bein the man and talkin str8 up 2 50. im too high to go on but bucks ill and fuck the haters. dirtyy south stand upp.

  • The Invisible Glass

    Buck is finished. This proves that money can’t buy intelligence. Another career killed by ignorance

  • major

    i agree wit dude, this convo had 2 be before he said “fuck G-unit”.

    That being said, it dont really matter. Buck wtf were you thinkin man? crying on the phone to 50? I dont c how he can get outta this one. Im not even gonna try 2 defend that shit

    • missile 6000

      Yeah this is before Buck made the F g-unit comment. This is from around February or maybe March. Buck on the tape talking bout the concert in Chatanooga, that was February. Was 50 wrong for taping it, I don’t know. If he didn’t I would still be thinkin that Buck is just doing his thang like whatever. But, now I see that he really out there popping fly, then alling and apologizing. The thing is, don’t talk tough before- – talk tough after and leave out the stuff in the middle.

  • giantstepp

    Damn Buck! The crying doesnt phase me, it’s the pleading type tone, the bowing down etc. that fucks with me. Guess its a wrap for the Outlawz, C-Bo and the others signed to Cashville…Damn! I was checking for Cashville too.

    Shouts out to GAME for standing toe to toe!

  • Jaii

    I’m not tryna justify cryin in this fake ass music industry…. but in certain cases (believe it or not) it’s better 4 some niggaz to stay broke rather than give a nigga ‘x’ million(s) and have him not know what the fuck to do with it…. Buck fucked up his money… he got kids…. providing 4 a child is 1 thing, a car note is another, mortgage is serious… but nigga owes THE GOVERNMENT…. and all that while his ‘boss’ isn’t letting him tour, which (as u can see in this dwindling industry) is the only way a nigga signed to a major like Interscope, can really make any money… I wanna say more but I gotta pick up my son from school… peace

    And shouts 2 Jonathan The Eli Porter of this blog shit

  • Uzzee

    LOLOLOL. Great article, nyc 1 blud…

    Yeh man, 50 cent outsmarted buck, but lets see wat happens next…

    LMAO @ the runaway slave bit…

  • $Crack$

    Hey at least this nigga aint as stupid as Games dumn as he realized he fucked up whether he honestley is feelin fif or not why the fuck wouldn’t ur dumb ass stay with the unit to make that god damn money…basically fuck game..nah fuck the west side get money bitches

  • Rockcity

    I don’t think it really matters if this happened b4 or after he said fuck the unit. btw, funny ass post, and i swear when 50 said you have to stay close to me i just knew he was straight HOMO, I mean what grown man talks to another grown man like dat? Something is not right within that camp.

  • kool mag

    yo that shit was the best fuckin break down of a convo i ever heard im diein right now lol

  • phatsam

    you dumb fucks when 50 says stay close to me he wouldnt have been getting high he probably wouldnt have been listening to some of you stupid ass niggas that say turn on the nigga that put you in a position to be rich and he probaly would have invested his money in that vita water deal if he was close.nothing homo about that i would like to be close to a nigga that make business moves like that aint nothing wrong with learing how to make mo money .no rapper has made mo money or bussi move than fif in a five year span .

  • Big Jon

    50 has people on the web, if not he himself that looks around on it. This is in retaliation of the F G Unit, of the video on the web that Buck said…………if so….its a low blow 50!!

    Im not a fan of either…………Im judging the actions of a man……….just because he has slingshot and you have tank, do not mean you have to use your tank.



    “Got a Bentley that I only drove one time
    50 bought it for me shorty but it’s still mine
    My Chevy clean and the paint look like lemon-lime
    You wanna shine, it ain’t hard, just get on your grind
    We keep a bankroll, wallet full of credit cards
    Cup full of Cristal, box full of cigars”



  • T

    LOL. @ jonathan “The Eli Porter of this blog shit!

  • JA

    Everyone go to and go to audio to hear buck’s response to this. 50 just started another war. But this aint ja rule and fat joe. Buck and TIP will hurt you for real.

  • rz

    “Only 5-0 record telephone calls”

    “TIP, lay low you dont gotta respond, he got the magic stick, buck got the magic wand.”

  • 3 stacks 1#

    man dis is bad bucks gonna b fuked up rite nw

  • yo

    yeah having emotions in hip hop is gay.

  • http://xxl gside

    Never bite the hand that feeds you or feed youself.

  • http://xxl gside

    Never bite the hand that feeds you or feed youself.



  • everybody killa

    only a real man can admit when he need help,so give buck some the sametime 50 a bitch ass nigga 4 recordin they private talks and then puttin the shit on the net.buck was the best thing in g-unit i know that much & i dont even like them niggas.buck will be the 1 that destroys the g-unit juggernaut.get’em cashville soilder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Co-sign above…If this happend before the whole “fuck g-unit” debacle, then it just proves 50 is a bitchmade ho. no real nigga records private conversations like that, with every intention to put em out when someone fucks up. G-unit just a bunch of attention whores. 50 cent got 4 lips and bleeds for 7 days…

  • rkelly innocent? wtf? am i dreamin? is he? wtf?

    the shit is foul. as in .period.

    shouldnt of put the whole thang on the net.

    mad disrespectful. real uncool. . .period.

    and to all the internet wankstas………..

    u wouldnt say it to his face, so why blog it.

    buck would webbie your @$$………………

    50 a don, but shouldnt put the whole tape out.

  • Deezy84

    buck is gone. 50 is gona bury this dude now. no way this convo cuda bin from a yr ago. they jus got back from the international tour. and the rich tour was meant to b this yr. the whole convo is out now buck. 50 baited u out for a response n u fell for it u silly rat. i wish buck neva left the unit, but now he’s finished!

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Buck?! That nigga’s sweet sonn! Lookin’ like cookies and cream to me!!

    Hearing Young Buck crying to 50 over the phone like that made me quite angry. Does Buck know who he’s talking to? Doesn’t he know how 50 feels about people who diss him? I can’t look at Buck the same way again after hearing this conversation. I can’t. Buck lost his dignity weeping over the phone like that. You could hear the snot running out of his nose. Shit’s disgusting. 50 can go on to make more money but Buck? No one’s gonna want to work with him. After hearing that? Buck can make as many hot songs as he’d like, but people aren’t gonna respect him. Buck used to be my favorite member but after this…SMH

    The funniest part was when Buck said “Sometimes…a nigga get confused *sniffle sniffle sigh* LMAO! Shit had me dying. Now I walk around saying that, ’cause that line is classic!!!

    This situation also makes me wonder if 50 records his conversations with Em, Yayo, Banks, or anyone else…

  • niggafrommemphis

    I’m from memphis and when buck first came out with that “Cashville” shit,i didn’t like him.i tried listening to his music,outside of g unit.thought it sucked but i never knocked the dude,even to these young niggas up the street that like him.But The South ain’t gonna come together over Buck on this one.i have heard people say that buck “was” a real nigga up in nashville (we don’t say that cashville shit in memphis),but n ow,his g card is gone forevea.i can’t wait to see that man in his face if he comes back to town,he gonna look the other way.

  • the chancellor

    If Fif is such a bitch, then why hasn’t anyone done to him yet what these other rappers do? I mean they take jabs but they don’t land roundhouses. All of em, run down the list. I wanna know what the fuck Buck Marley was thinkin.

    50 Cent > Young Buck