NEGRO PLEASE: Weezy The Anti-Drug?

[Blogger's Note: Ron Mexico has temporarily taken over Blogger's Note]

“I don’t drink alcohol. I never did like the taste of it… I’mma be the dude in the club drinking the most sweetest drink just ‘cause I care about what it tastes like. I feel you have to be a certain high or on a certain level to not even care what something tastes like and I don’t get to that point. Other than that, music’s my drug… I am the ultimate high… I could just look in the mirror or just cut on one of my songs or anything. I just feel myself. Look at me, you know? Yeah.” – Lil’ Wayne, BET’s Blueprint.

The above quotation is in response to Big Tigger asking Lil’ Weeziana about his “relationship with drugs and alcohol.” Strangely enough, Dr. Carter’s safe negro rhetoric comes long after his said “relationship” with the hot white girl has been put out there worse than Landon [Bobby, jr.] Brown’s.

Come on. We family, right XXL? Everybody here got a cousin or an auntie or a pops on that shit. Dwayne’s been crying out for help on record for years now. Nigga got the interview fodder to match. We gotta call bullshit when he goes on national TV trying to tell us we ain’t seen what we done saw and heard what we done heard.

It’s always the farthest-gone case that’ll try to slap that on that Vaseline, that one cheap-ass suit they got from the African spot, NOT shower, throw on that Mary J. Blige shit and tell you he won’t change his life. His life’s just fine.

Since Wayne’s got some change, he can try to cover it up with a bathing ape and some jewelry. Oh, and tattoos. Lots and lots of tattoos.

Welcome to Weezy’s online intervention.

Should we start before or after he got busted with damn near a quarter-pound of grass, enough MDMA to keep Lindsay Lohan busy for… hours, and half a brick of coke with a mold of his nose just sitting there for border patrol?

They didn’t even have to call them CSI niggas or nothin.

Fine. We’ll start after.

We all remember this one. During a show soon after Weezy was released from the pokey, he berated his team on stage in true Kobe Bryant fashion. He yelled at them niggas like a stage full of Luke Walton.

I’m not saying you’re not supposed to light a fire under your spoon… I mean, weed carriers when they slip. Carmelo did it and hasn’t been caught with a sack of that good, aromatic B.C. shit since. He still keeps La La’s eyes real low, right? I’m just saying you don’t light said fire in the form of a violent cocaine rant in front of 20,000 Sidekick 3s.

Ain’t enough “feeling oneself” in the world to come out and ramble like that.

“A junkie can’t do what I can do.” Ah, yes. I was waiting for this little omen. This is The [I’m] Good Confirmation. Every junkie says this shit at some point. Whether they’re selling hot dogs at The Garden or imploring that we all “lick the rapper,” every junkie transcends to this great moment of invincibility.

If you ask me, Arizona border patrol must have missed the heroin.

Doesn’t he have a song called “Pill Poppin’ Animal?” Have I not heard this man stammer on about the wonders of promethyzine? Oh, that’s right. I saw this natty gremlin’s instructional video on how to make lean. I also remember him after whipping up a batch more perfect than your sister’s Kool-Aid proclaiming, “It’s like a magazine. I’m like a weekly prescriber.” He meant “subscriber,” but you know… He was blazed and on lean.

Even very recently, at the height of when he should be defending his sobriety, Weezy can be seen high as fuck while participating in an advice video-blog segment entitled “Ask Weezy.” He’s abso-fucking-lutely correct in his counsel. You don’t play around with the herp no matter how long it’s been for you… but the nigga is again, clearly roasted.

“Intervention” is an ugly word. Besides, I ain’t here to save a ho. Especially some fully-grown man-ho. In the immortal words of Chad Butler, “I got a thang. You got a thang. Everybody got a thang.” I’m just asking where the fuck does an addict in full-on tumble get it in his mind to go out of his way to tell the people he got urine as clean as a kindergartener’s?

Negro, please.

Don’t insult the average BET-watcher’s intelligence.–Ron Mexico

Questions? Comments? Requests? Should I let you snort a mountain?

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  • Justice4all

    Enough of this dude, I’m going to start calling this site WEEZIENUTSACKBABY.COM, do you people listen to rap or just skim through it?

    • Silent Fashions

      I Feel you WWooowWW..They on this dude nuts..he is wack! Bottom line…The dude tell you he homo and yall still like him. Weezy F*cking Baby!!…Yall need to see the real! One

      • Pierzy

        Co-Sign. Dwayne’s a bitch.

    • KO


  • 11KAP

    I think weezy is gay.

  • Jerod

    For real, I love Wayne’s music, but XXL, get off his fucking dick for 10 seconds.

  • 11KAP

    is this dude gay? xxl must be too then, if he is.


    this dude talkin is fuckin on somethin, hes on some clear hatin, just tryin to cut weezy down cause hes a hoe ass chump work at some bunk ass magazine company

  • chad bro chill

    hahaha lil wayne was probly trippin on sumthing wen he said tht and what a pussy he doesnt drink beer he sounds like girls at my school

  • wahh

    weezy need to cool down the sirup and the weed. He needs to keep of it for a little while for damn, he startin to say what ever falls in to his head at the time of the happening. its not just this, he offn say against himself.

    and yeh xxl is stuck on weezy at this point in time. let it be man, a little PR is good, to much just makes it irritating.

    But love to weezy he has some bangin tracks but he is to cocky

  • G Off

    Why is Landon Brown self cock-blocking? I really don’t understand that one…

    • ron mexico

      word. i wouldn’t want the whole world to know my soupbone been there.

  • G Code

    Wayne is fake. niggas need to stop ridin his ass.Not only does he bite otha niggas lines, he bites otha niggas dicks(I only love birdman).If you respond to this comment you’re probably a weezy dickrider

  • MrPresident916

    damn hes already guna sell a million copies his first week.. damn yall must be on his payroll.. every fuckin day theres sumthin new.. THA COUNTDOWN CLOCK.. THEN THA OTHER FUCKIN THING WIT THA INSIDERS TALK BOUT HIS OLD SHIT.. THEN WAYNES WORLD NOW WAYNE MANIA.. GOD DAMN STOP SUCKIN HIS DICK U FUCKIN FAGGOTS.. there aint no otha website supportin this nigga that much.. GET OFF HIS DICK!!!!!
    Carter 3 really isnt that fuckin tyte.. it got sum bangers but not tha whole way thru.. plus he RECYCLED sum of his LINES.. thats cuz he came out and everyone elese shit and ran out of matieral..and they went to new york cuz he fuckin left new orleans after katrina and never went back.. he doesnt kno wats goin on down there.. he said it himself!! he went to miami and never looked back for his people.. man i used to be a big fan of wayne but im gettin sick of his ass.. bcuz of u.. again please get of his dick and fuckin find sumone else to write about.. AND PLIES NEW CD IS WAY BETTER THEN C3.. GO GET IT DEFINITON OF REAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eastwacotx

    i wouldnt go a national tv a tell everbody my vices he iz human yall act like he the only one in the world on sumthin hell ray charles was on that damn thang aint nobody tell him to stop so talk bout somethin else

  • Ben Rome

    get a life he said that cuz that show was replayed at all hours and kids were watching it. he didnt wanna glorify drug use. of course we all know he does drugs…get a life and get off his fucking dick people

  • Bird

    Oh wow, people are really fexed about the Weezy coverage. I remember the good ole days when 50 owned XXL. Has Wayne officially knocked 50 from the top spot? I mean official official? No wonder he’s trying to come at T.I. now.

  • Joe Steezy

    THE HEROIN is in the syrup. Codeine = a pretty strong opiate. Of course this is Weezy F so hes probably sippin on hydrocodone which is even stronger.

  • Changeman

    Ayo, Wayne is an idiot for real though, how you gonna say you got clean piss, Nigga Please is Fuckin’ right, we all been seen you with that cup and on MTV Jams while they play the Weezy Weekend special you can clearly see that nigga fucked up off something while getting a tattoo. So Weezy get of the hard shit dog and just stick to the herb cause those other drugs will fuck with you. Plus E bad, that shit puts holes in your brain.

    • ron mexico

      i’m sayin. the nigga got a styrofoam cup in front of tigger.

      he probably sippin lean while answering the damn question.

  • Changeman

    It’s funny how a lot of ya’ll gettin mad at XXlmag cause they keep putting up stories about weezy, when ya’ll know Damn Fuckin’ well that you guys read the shit just cause it got Weezy on it. Instead of xxlmag get of of weezy how about ya’ll get off him. Plus the album only had a few accaully good songs. And the Drought is over pt.2 Carter 3 joint was much better than the actual product C-3.

  • Changeman

    It’s funny how a lot of ya’ll gettin mad at XXlmag cause they keep putting up stories about weezy, when ya’ll know Damn well that you guys read the shit just cause it got Weezy on it. Instead of xxlmag get of of weezy how about ya’ll get off him. Plus the album only had a few accaully good songs. And the Drought is over pt.2 Carter 3 joint was much better than the actual product C-3.

  • the chancellor

    Mexico, let me break it down,

    Wayne is a lyricist, but he’s gettin in his own way. I know this because I was in similar legal troubles with weed and syrup, by the way niggas in detroit and lansing have been on that for a few minutes…

    Syrup is not a joke. If you do sip, do it with people who are responsible that you can trust with ya life…

    On that note, there are better albums this year than that c3

    Hnic pt 2 > that carter 3

    • ron mexico

      negro please is brought to you by…


      sip responsibly.


    So much hate for a man who just outsold Mariah and Usher combined for a first week total in 2008.

    Truth be told: in the south, Wayne rules. Probably out west too, and possibly the midwest. New York? Not so much.

    But that’s ok, because nobody from New York buys Hip-Hop records anyway, especially local artists.


    Can we please stop hating and start trying to see that whether or not people are willing to say they actually like the album, Weezy did accomplish something here?

    • ron mexico

      sure. just not when we’re here to talk about the stupid shit he says.

      we can show him love every damn where else on the site.

      we don’t always play so nice in my house.

      • thoreauly77

        strange, i thought you were renting this house from jackpot?

  • Young J

    Ron Mexico was the name Mike Vick used when he got his STD test. LMAO!

    For those of you who don’t know, Vick has herpes and knowingly gave it to some broad. Thats case was settled out of court.

  • D Lux

    Weezy Watch lol. i aint neva seen a rapper get more attention than him. Dis is ridiculous, n for all da ppl that even care bout his drug habits, why do u. he is doing them not me, him drinking syrup or doing coke got no affect on our lives

  • 239allday

    I think the dude Ron Mexico is in love. You really care huh. Your boys prolly caught you listening to lollipop, so you had to prove to them you wasnt a stan when you prolly bought five copies. I’m a fan of Wayne but damn yall niggas on his dick.

    • ron mexico

      lollipop is actually my myspace music.

      just changed it today.

      i’m confused as to how everyone is drawing love from my post.

      it’s hate, dammit.

      i’m gumby, dammit.


    Co-sign 239allday.

    I mean, who’s to say that these dudes who refuse to even attempt to find something interesting on C3 aren’t really feeling it?

    I think this shit is simple. All great artists have great haters. I’m done with defending C3, because 900k in 7 days speaks for itself.

    And for the record, I’m never one to say that record sales mean great talent or classic material. And I never said C3 was a classic. I just said it was dope.

    So the question is: Could it be that a new reality in rap music has formed out of (seemingly) nowhere? And does that mean that people who can’t see where it’s going are doomed to try to repeat history, instead of carrying on the true tradition of Hip-Hop, which is to keep it moving away from the establishment, by any creative means necessary?

    But you’re all right. C3 is just another wack album by another sub-par southern rapper.

  • Paulie

    Enough with that shit!! Kill yourself fool!!

  • kc

    Wayne never said he stoppin smokin weed n doin dat lean. he said he was done with coke. He still da best doing this lyrics swag style anything.
    Stop hatin cuz if u aint kno itz not workin 4 u r him Y@ Digg i’m out! o yeah da carter iz dope get it! i cant be on nobody dick either i got 2 many bitches 4 dat! N if u cant respect dat yo whole perspective iz whack!

  • poo

    sup ron, you hatin on weezy or you like the dude? i mean shit, you make this big ass post on ur blog about the ‘stupid shit he says’ then you say you got the niggas jams on ur myspace. you seem conflicted.

    xxl…cover something else then lil wayne man. everytime ic ome home from work i see a email containing lil waynes name. i mean, yeah, wayne is pretty cool guy…hes original…he does his thing, but yall act like this is the only dude who is rapping nowadays.

    and TI is a snitch. simply put, how are you gonna have 10 machine guns + silencers and scopes and get 1 year? oh, and he was on parole…AND he is a convicted felon. that shit is ridiculous man. straight up.

    RON MEXICO, get a new job nigga. youre trash. why you worrying about what wayne does or says. so what if he likes to get high….thats his business, not yours. write a blog abuot something effective. maybe write about how youre blog is horrible and pointless.


    holla back

    • ron mexico

      maybe you let niggas slide when they get out of pocket just because you like them.

      that’s not my style, though.

      thanks for playing.

  • avenger XL

    “But you’re all right. C3 is just another wack album by another sub-par southern rapper”

    Though you try and be funny this is the only truth to your wayne dick ride.

    XXL please take Waynes Dick out of your anus and/or mouth or rename your site

    and if one more of you dumb bastards say he sold 900K again like that is supposed to make it good I wish death on you society does not need you seriously. How many did soulja boy, hammer, vanilla ice etc… sell OK then think bitches

  • Pinto AKA DJ Supafly

    I co- sign with you Jackpot.

  • 4Play

    ey ill tel you wat man… im a lil wayne fan 4 real, bt if i gta read anymor of his bullshit comments nd ‘words of wisdom’ ima kill myself.
    XXL, how does lil waynes dick taiste, cauz u been suckin real lng nw huh.

    Give the people sum T.I.P. to read bowt!

  • mike

    What yall not understanding is the drug use is what makes his lyrics hot. But on some real shit I don’t see it or feel it. But I be believing it’s because I’m an old school cat, 41 to be exact. For me and my school we will never be able to feel it, because the niggahs rhymes ain’t crazy like that, they preschool, but they cute, and the niggah whole look is crazy, cause my school would have been beating him up from prekindergarten. He would have gotten no light, unless God intervened. But I guess that is what the women want. That shit make me laugh. Yo and I’m a Fat Joe fan, and he seen something in him, but even after that I still couldn’t see it. I recognized the lil slick word play after my man Fat Joe fucked with him, but I still couldn’t see it, because basically I think for me Lil Wayne got a look that make me want to slap the shit out of him. I wouldn’t though cause I’m too old, but I would if i was running. And he went with the whole T-Pain thing, and I even felt one song was cool, but he’s running with that, and that shows how hip hop is so wack right now, strictly dl niggahs, and gimmick ass niggahs.


    Whoa, avenger… that was me, not XXL. You’re stepping over the cliff right now. You can either fall back or fall forward.

    Be mad at Lil’ Wayne’s success your whole life. And make a mixtape that nobody will ever download to diss him and express your jealousy. And buy a bunch of his tour t-shirts and burn them in front of your house, piss on them to put them out and film it for YouTube.

    Then, when you’re satisfied [NOLO], tell me who else is this popular and talented and able to capitalize financially in today’s fucked up music industry.

    Or just shut the fuck up. For you, I’d suggest Option B.

  • enzow

    “its wayne baby thugged out on game baby i do your manyne lady in a blue navigaty thats game baby you can call me a game-shooter but since i drive a bubble kniccas call me lex luger. ”

    Or sumthing like that

  • poo

    sup all readers.

    ron mexico is officially owned. the dude is a chump. he is a conflicted writer. he makes this post about wayne hatin on the dude, then hes got the most faggish song by wayne on his myspace. (lollipop)


    and why you use the name ron mexico. itsnt that the name vick used to go undercover to get tested for herpes?

    wat nigga? got herpes to?

  • c b w

    Wayne is cool, but highly overrated. If this dude wasn’t on a mixtape every 3 days would he be getting talked about as much as he is?

    They said on tv that within the last year he spit over 1000 bars on mixtapes and remixes? That doesn’t make a nigga the second coming or the best that ever did it, it just means he’s doing his job.