[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice]

I’m sure by now everyone’s been made aware of the vicious and senseless attacks on hip-hop megalopolis, SOHH.com.

What no one’s certain of is who exactly should take the blame/credit for them.

“It all started in the ‘Just Bugging Out’ (possibly Niggaspeak for 'Low Blood Chicken') section of the SOHH forums with a thread titled *Stands in the middle of street and calls 4Chan out* here. They’ve made a new thread. It’s Here. Judging by the sheer volume of African Americans in jail, this sort of ‘goading the hurricane’ behavior makes sense. Typical nigger interactions include bragging about how much money they (don’t) make, the speed in which their WalMart plastic hub spinners rotate, and how many whyte wimmenz they’ve given the African-Injected Dick Sickness (AIDS) to. However, Anonymous has no regard for ones material gains, a loud-mouth, and how “nannified” a racial demographic is. Anonymous only exists to destroy. That lesson has been made abundantly clear to SOHH.com.” -4Chan’s unofficial register via Street Knowledge Media

This was not your typical rip-and-run, children. The attack has "Inside Man" written all over it. With that said, I never had a forum account that worked in my 2 years writing for Big Green. I also assure you that I had nothing to do with the attacks, and that I am not in the least bit overcome mit der Schadenfreude.

I just thought some German would be appropriate today. No? Too soon?

Ronaldinho doesn’t buy the notion that a shitstorm this massive originated from some e-thuggin on a message board. If such were the case, SOHH = San Quentin and would have been incinerated by Nazi hackers years ago.

Negro[es], please. Simma yuh poom poom.

Given the personal nature of some of the attacks, I’m inclined to believe that someone with intimate knowledge of the target put a battery into the hackers’ backs. No matter how misguided the swipes may be, some of subject matter involved is far from common knowledge. Whether or not the email prank is true, which I don’t believe it to be, someone has to have some personal knowledge of the target(s) for any of this to stink the way it does.

Somebody’s check came a little slow? Maybe a disgruntled employee got a little tired of waiting around for an unfulfilled promise?

Plus, the rampant Nazism propagated in the attack is a little cliché. Its always some Aryans inciting the masses on a chocolate-flavored an "urban" website. Please pardon my reluctance to fall headlong into the outrage until everyone’s better informed.

The greatest effect of a terrorist act is the immediate confusion that ensues. This applies to e-terror as well. In the wake of the attack on Big Green there are already measures being taken to limit what can and cannot be said on certain nappy-headed websites. If there’s anything Ron Mexico will lay his livelihood on the line for, it’s the preservation of the right to express oneself freely.

If there’s war to be made behind any of this, I’ll be making it on that front.

I wouldn’t be surprised if blog war were soon waged on rival hip-hop sites. Anyone could be down with 4chan! Hell hath no fury like a woman weblog nation scorned, right? SOHH may just start its search for Osama Been Bloggin right here at XXL. Who knows?

Wouldn’t that be some shit?

The stark reality is that this could happen to your favorite site at any time. Browse carefully. If you see something, say something.

Tupac IS alive, well and owes me a bunch of bananas.

50 Cent would marry a watermelon if he could. Watermelons don’t get pregnant, leech child support and welfare, nor do they Left Eye niggas’ cribs.

See. I did NOT write that shit!

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