NEGRO PLEASE: Kimora’s Spoiled Milk

“When you get married, you’re forced to drink the milk long after it’s spoiled.” – Kimora Lee [Simmons?], GIANT Magazine


Hmmmm. I guess if you ask Russell to buy a gallon of rare and priceless African gorilla milk, you’d best be drinkin that shit before the expiration date.

So… Kimora’s calling Russell the spoiled milk? While he admittedly looks like some shit that just hatched a few minutes ago, there’s no excuse for that level of disrespect. Not only did this man put you on his meal plan like a mmmmmotherfucker, homie was already beginning to curdle when you started sippin.

You know how it goes in the morning. This skank opened up the frigid-dator door, saw the old-ass date on the carton, sniffed it, swished it around and said, “Fuck it. I’m putting this shit here on my Malt-O-Meal.”

A year later, she ain’t eatin that bagged, welfarish nonsense in front of Pokemon anymore. Her Cocoa Pebbles be the Post shit now. WIC check ain’t covering the brand name cereal, baby.

Sadly enough, she wanna clown like she ain’t on the same slippery slope as everyone else. Sooner than later someone’s gonna make a tasteless sushi metaphor and trade her in for Amerie.

No one’s taking anything away from what Kimora did with Baby Phat. But please understand that there’s no show without the $100 million Rush Card she got broke off with to start.

In other words: You did great work, but an empire was handed to you, Boo Boo.

Yet you fix your Amistad-suckin lips to shit on Big Russ like he didn’t have to deal with your crazy ass blowing blunts down the interstate in his whip every other day. For shame.

I gotta get back to the quote for a second. Homegirl really said “forced to drink.” Everybody know ain’t nann nigga force her to do shit. She saw that horny old man, put the teriyaki sauce on his shriveled up chicken tenders and got to gumming until he moved her in.

Honestly, it looked to me like Kimora was trynna Anna Nicole that ass. She just got in the game a tad early. I bet Kimora was mad as hell when Russell started doin’ yoga and getting all healthy and shit.

Apparently she didn’t feel “forced” enough not to publicize the fact that Djimon Honsou was beating up her Blood Diamond with that African soupbone. Cinque got her all the way knocked up before she even thought about filing for a divorce.

I guess his milk is pretty fuckin delicious. Good for you, Kimora!

Negro, please.

Ain’t nobody sayin you shouldn’t leave Russell. We don’t know what goes on behind those closed doors or on that solid gold toilet. I’m just saying you should step away from the situation with some class.

Quit while you’re a couple hundred mil’ ahead. Enough people already think you’re pretty trife. No need to fan the flame and embarrass the kids at school. Their friends read this shit.

Thank y’all for coming out. God bless you. Good night.–Ron Mexico

Questions? Comments? Requests? How’s your grocery list looking?

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  • Detroit P

    Damn…………………..Good Shit

  • Pierzy

    Fuck her. Coattail-riding bitch.

  • jonathan

    another bitch going to prison! Im not married to phillapeno ma! i dont even know that bitch real name! this shit is over man! all these bitches gotta go to jail! seriously! its the only way! seriously! goodluck and take care! seriously! damn does anyone know what the bitches i been with really look ike! i can tell they dont! the shit is crazy! its time man! damn i hate to do it!

  • Lancelot

    OwCh!~ (no opinion) !%*#@%%!!!!!

  • the chancellor

    “Ain’t nobody sayin you shouldn’t leave Russell. We don’t know what goes on behind those closed doors or on that solid gold toilet. I’m just sayin you should step away from the situation with some class.”

    This is what I’m talkin about,
    Viva MEXICO!!!
    Viva el REVOLUCION!!!

  • eLi pOrTeR

    Another WHO-R that hit the “BLACK LOTTERY” and now wants to talk greasy….I swear we fellas stay losin(when it comes to hoez). When are these rich cats gonna get the memo….fukk the broads then put em out in the morning..don’t wife em then get madd when you gotta part wit half ya cake(or maybe more if kids are involved). But whats sadder is that these naggers really think these hoez be into em, in their mind they’re like “Man, she really likes me, even if I wasnt worth like 100 mill, she would really dig me!”

  • zeldaleft

    did we seriously lose noz and (almost) BXS so that this jackpot cat could lease out his blogspace when he cant be bothered to post something about lil wayne?

  • $ykotic



  • KQ

    if anything was ‘spoiled’, its kimora.

    stupid whore. hope rush had a good pre-nup.

    • ron mexico

      2 points

  • avenger xl

    Kimora Lee is a skank anyways. Russell has been chasing and bagging young tail of all kind since Run DMC run shit (no robert kelly). But seriously Oh girl is a tramp who fucked her way to a fortune. That is why when you get money if you don’t have yo broad with you. You better just fuck at will and stay protected.

  • Rizob

    dude blog about the comments section from yesterday’s blog. its some serious convo goin on there….


    tham russel should take the kids from her ass and just leave her the house. no child support for you

  • Cal

    Fuck Kimora! She must feel invincible with all that mula and Djimon’s big ass on her back. As a guy sternly against violence this chick deserved a few golden loafers to the ass so she could learn some manners.

  • chad bro chill

    so is ron mexico like the alter ego of jackpot i always pictured ron mexico as a mexican but jackpot deffinately appears to be black from his picture…. wierd

    • ron mexico

      nah. jackpot and i ain’t the same dude.

      i’m just doing “negro please” in his space for the time being.

  • Tyler

    Damn my Nigga. U sound like a man that has had his heart broken a few 2 many times. U should blast off on a stank ass bitch up on here atleast once a weak Bro. .We brothers need somebody 2 shoot that truth game at them cause alot of these hoes out here in the game got shit all twisted up yo and they need a straight talking 2 or they need that weave touched up if U catch my Tokyo Drift. Great Post. Classic Malcolm X type shit my Big Homie, just like the new Nas album with no hate on Weezy but he just made a good record not a Classic and I am from the South and a Fan of the dude, ya’ dig.

    • ron mexico

      i’m with you dude. for the record, i’m a wayne fan and think this carter iii is cool but not no damn classic.

      and thanks for the love. we gon keep it crackin every day with the high-quality hate.

  • dada da daddy

    Kimora nicole smith.
    this guy russ was in kru=shgroove 83
    and 25 years later this no talent Bz is shitting on him, yung bz’z always do this. leave a business mastermind mogul for a formerly homeless broke actor, she stepped down. and now dont nobody want her ass

  • Sonic

    That bitch aint even fine! Theres an old asian chick that looks exactly like her working down at the hawaii spa givin BJ’s for $60 you can have it all for $125 tip included (pun intended)

  • c b w

    Let’s face it, Russy was on his Captain Save-a-Hoe when he scooped up Kimora. You can tell she wasn’t down for him. She only had those kids to solidify her financial future. And let’s keep it funky, did Russy hit it or slow roast syringe it in her?

    All she should get is a Kangol, some laceless Shelltoes, and LL’s boombox from Krush Groove.

    She not love him longtime.

  • http://xxlmag Johnny Fontaine

    “All she should get is a Kangol, some laceless Shelltoes, and LL’s boombox from Krush Groove. ”

    Thats classic ether at it finest…lmao

  • Eazy E

    I love XXL. Click my name. I aint dead.

  • Bird

    I don’t feel sorry for Russy. That’s what he gets for running down a funny looking teenaged model and spoiling her. He knows the rules. Senior citizens got to pay a premium for that young booty and the older you get, the more you gotta pay.

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