Negro Please: Bobby Brown Swagger Jacked By Usher

“I watched one of Usher’s shows and he basically did my whole show. It was as if it was me on stage. The thing about it is, I love seeing that. It’s a compliment to me as a performer . . . I think you take parts of whoever is the hottest act of that era and you incorporate that into your own style. It’s just like taking buttermilk, eggs and corn meal, you whip it up bake it and you have cornbread.” –Bobby Brown, Bobby Brown: The Truth and Nothing But The Truth…

You whip it up and you have cornbread? No Arm & Hammer? No slow simmer?

The Kang of R&B (rocks & blunts) gets the “Negro, Please” right off the bat for pretending he knows the recipe to anything other than that sweet base.

By the way, I think you taste egg and cinnamon.

Damn. Did this nigga really use cornbread as an example? He must have meant “yellowtops.” Anybody incorporating a part of Bobby into their routine gotta come away with at least a contact high.

Brain ain’t right from inhaling the work all my life. Fuck it.

If you didn’t know by Season 1 of “Being Bobby Brown” that you couldn’t take this man’s words seriously, I also read that he’s telling grown-ass people that Whitney [Houston] introduced him to coke. I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that one as I’m pretty sure Bobby introduced Len Bias to an 8-ball on draft night back in ‘86.

Maybe she introduced him to the good shit…

Moving back to Usher, I know exactly what happened here. Bob was gettin high in front of the TV, fell half-asleep on In The Mix and had an out-of-body experience. It happens to the best of us. That shit is on cable all the damn time.

Seriously, though. I could see where the confusion lies, Bobby. Usher’s mouth twists up just like yours whenever he fixes up to talk, right? I heard as recently as last month he was sleeping on Superhead’s couch too.

Usher may too be pussy-whipped by a crusty-foot, psycho wolf bitch. He also may very well know what Superhead’s beef jerky holster tastes like. But that’s where the similarities between the two pretty much end. Anything past that is calling Mr. Hiding in Hip-Hop a crack monster.

You can’t just go throwin that whole “dopefiend” thing around, Bobby. That’s a serious accusation.

By the way, Bob– When you say “the hottest act of that era,” do you mean George Michael? Michael Jackson had this one shit out called Bad that year too. Shit, Whitney was whippin on your ass before *ahem* she introduced you to cocaine.

I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but in Harlem we were fuckin with Teddy Riley and Keith Sweat hard body. Bobby Brown wasn’t the clear cut favorite for shit. Hottest spoon? Maybe. Clearest cut lines? Definitely.

This is what happens when you fuck around and let a crackhead tell it.

I’ll tell y’all what. I’ve seen both of these guys live. Usher was at the the Izod Center. Bobby Brown was sweating and doing spins in the parking lot trynna breathe on my date. There’s no comparison here. Bobby’s been little more than a subway dancer since he last tripped over Ralph Tresvant’s mic stand.

Last week my nigga Bol took it upon himself to outline to us that “Don’t Be Cruel > Urshurr’s entire catalog.” For once, someone agrees with homeboy. Usher doesn’t have an album that tight. Ursh used to, however, put on the best song-and-dance R&B show since Mike Jack.

He recently relinquished that prestige to T-Pain at the Hip-Hop Honors.

Bobby might need to start seeing himself in some of that.

Negro, please.

Homie missed his chance to spring this shit on B2K a few years ago. Next thing you know people are gonna start saying Lil Wayne is baking his cornbread with Jay-Z’s huevos.

Questions? Comments? I still take requests.

P.S.: We might just have to go in double-time on his offspring behind what he said in them British tabloids. –Ron Mexico

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  • P-Matik

    All I can do is laugh here. You are jive funny. Maybe is Usher had bandmates to try to show up during live stage performances, BB might have a point.


    people need to not forget BB was one of the best entertainers in his era. so believe usher studied some of his shit,just like how every one studies MJ.not to say BB is MJ but people study the talents b4 them.people take BB for who he is now and forget who he was back then.BB wasnt the greatest but he had a name for himself so dont knock him for his opinion because most of yall were too young to see BB body is knockin neyo for sounding like and tryin to use certain MJ moves and also usher does the same so why knock BB?people hate on BB ,but really he is a real nigga,maybe feelin hisself 2much but he is real.BB has a point.

  • Shawn Blaze

    Bobby Brown is a bum…King of R&B my ass…Unforunatley the King of R&B is a pedophile….but honestly let’s be real Don’t Be Cruel was and is a classic…but if it wasn’t for LA Ried/Babyface (producer of Rock Wit’ Cha, Roni, Every Little Step, and the title track) and Teddy Riley on My Perogative thethe album woud be very mediocre. The guy has 1 classic album and 2 hot singles everything else is trash. Usher on the other hand has 2 classic albums, countless hits and a record that went DIAMOND…people there is no comparison

  • AlSween

    Even Usher has said he is influenced by Bobby Brown. So I don’t think Bobby’s comments are exaggerated.

  • The_Truth

    Dude reminds of the drunk on the corner yelling at nice cars “YOU AINT CLEANER THAN ME YOUNGIN! YOU SHOULD’A SEEN ME IN ’78!” *does a drunk spin move, hits the ground and give other drunks high-fives*

    -C’mon now, Bobby.

  • 239allday

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! u actually made me laugh outloud. I could give a fuck about R&B so fuck bobby brown. Usher’s tight though. thanks for the laugh.

  • Incilin

    I was under the impression Ron Mexico would become a permanent blogger and would get his own slot on the panel. I didn’t think he’d just be a guest poster on Jackpot’s blog. But this post aint bad.

  • Max-Jerome

    By the time everyone reads this, the drama will be over but Bobby Brown is 100, 000% correct. This has been on-going for over 8 or 9 years. Usher feels he is giving respect, but what his is doing is ripping off.

    USHER has even got into a tussle with Bobby in Atlanta.

    Don’t believe me???

    Please copy and paste this link and find out why Bobby Can’t Stand USHER. Then come back.–bobby-brown-medley

    :::if you didnt see clip, ignore the below text:::

    Welcome back.
    This is why some of the xxl readers are completely “out of the loop”. If you knew your history, there is a difference between paying homage and ripping someone off.

  • daesonesb

    this dudes shit is funny.. anyone got a url for him?

    • ron mexico

      check the name, holmes.

  • Rizob

    Wow this is just as bad as Saigon claiming the entire South is biting by just rapping period….. wow what ignorance in the world……

  • eLi pOrTeR

    Really doe, Bobby did have the game on lock back in the day. But now that I look back on it, Bobby was marginaly talented back then in the same way that Urs is marginaly talented now, both are products of great production(as is 90% of the R&B game) NiggERs are easily impressed if they consider either of these two kats great at anything… At least Bobby married a chick w/ cashflo as opposed to a chick w/ cases…But overall bobby takes the L for being a CrizackHead delux while this Ursher shyt is still playin out. lets give him 2 or 3 years to see if he ends up exactly like the tru king of Rocks and Blow.

  • I’m cruel, I know

    “but honestly let’s be real Don’t Be Cruel was and is a classic…but if it wasn’t for LA Ried/Babyface (producer of Rock Wit’ Cha, Roni, Every Little Step, and the title track) and Teddy Riley on My Perogative thethe album woud be very mediocre.”

    Yeah, if I didn’t have 4 more inches of dick, than you, your wife would be callin you daddy instead of me…

    Relativity, man? Open you eyes, and see the half of glass. Not half empty, or half full.

    Yeah, BB is a bum now, but you was still callin the honeys “tenderoni”, and wear’n a gumby dammit…GTFOH

    • ron mexico

      i’m gumby, dammit!

  • az$$rugerman

    Hottest spoon? Maybe. Clearest cut lines? Definitely.

    LMFAO!! man this cat is hella funny..I was rollin ova here @ work. Makes some good points tho..Bobby did his thing in tha 80′s but material wise, Ursher leapfrogged this lOCKjAW COCAINE ASSASSIN!! he got at least a few classic albums under his belt, shiit ask the ladies

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    Sound The Fuckin Trumpets, A New Era Begins!!!


  • chad bro chill

    yo lil wayne did steal jay-zs huevos i seen the nigga do it

  • Club Med

    Bobby Brown did sort of invent the whole R&B bad boy thing. The gyrating onstage thing was something he does have a right to take credit for. These claims would have made more sense before Confessions however, because once Confessions came out Usher moved into a league of his own. But if you look at the latest Chris Brown, it’s a total imitation of Bobby Brown. That goes to say that Bobby’s career still has a profound impact on today’s r&b singers and I’m sure Usher will tell you that Bobby was one of his major influences. Although Bobby’s claims are somewhat exaggerated in case against Usher it does have some merit.


    LMFAO @ “beef jerky holster”

    “Don’t Be Cruel” is a brilliant album. I’ve bought it & never bought any of Usher’s. However, Usher has consistently made a career’s worth of decent albums compared to Mr. Brown’s lone, shining, once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment.

    Now what the fuck does any of this have to do with Hip-Hop?…….

  • k swanger

    “Superhead’s beef jerky holster…”

    I laugh for 5 minutes off that shit…

  • Johnny Fontaine

    If any poster on this blog was born after 1978,then you should STFU.Nigga BB had the game on lock back then,he was hood ,he was live and he was going to jail for his concerts….dance fucking bitches on stage and shit.To tell the truth Ursh is paying homage slash bitin this niggas style.

  • bella

    lol! you still crack me up ron mexico!

  • kay king

    fuck boby brown aint no swagger jacked by usher.usher raymonds is the man.

  • Maddolies

    Haha Shit had me Larfin owt loud.

  • ron mexico

    i knock ne-yo for being a fake-ass mike.

    but i definitely don’t count. point taken.

    good luck in the GE, big homie.