MTV Presents: Track Stars- Ryan Leslie

This is the pilot for a new online TV show about producers called Track Stars. It’s brought to you by one of the few people at MTV that knows what their doing, Timmhotep Aku, and subversively by yours truly. The goal of the show is to go behind the scenes and show you the making of a hit record. We already got behind the video, behind the scenes, behind this, behind that. Where’s the magic in the actual creation of the music itself? Oh, right, it’s forgotten about. The goal is to get back to that, to show you how hit records are made. Sometimes it’s a lot more simple than you think, other times much more complicated.

So without further ado, I present to you the pilot for Track Stars- Ryan Leslie.

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    Diamond Girl is a cool track. It’s unique and it’s real fun. Definitely one for the ladies. I always get hype when I see the video for Diamond Girl. I haven’t seen it played often on BET but it’s heavy in rotation on MTVJ.

  • 239allday

    Ryan Leslie is cool and all but that nigga is pretty boring. It a great concept for a show but it would be a lot better if you put a nigga Busta Bus or Trick Daddy in there.

    • Phil

      It’s called TRACK Stars, not RAP stars. please…

      • 239allday

        I know its a show about producers which is fuckin boring. I would rather watch a show about rappers. Plus Ryan leslie is a singer/rapper/producer so I have no doubt that they are going to document this nigga rapping and singing.

  • Dre”I’M MAD” Peoples

    I been riding with this nigga,He The Truth!

  • bornnraisedcmr

    Good Sh!t. Always interesting to see how people create music.

  • Big_Snook

    yall thank ryan leslie some good shit oh hell no oh hell no that nigga wack yall want some shit to jam better jump on the myspace and check out the boys full clip now thats some shit kong keep stankin on em..ya heard we keep the mean green and steady lean like ur boy weezy wee chyeea oh yeah ryan leslie smoke pole too

  • Apryl

    Ryan Leslie is very talented and well-educated to boot. Do your research!!! Being in the entertainment industry for years, its not easy to get those creative juices to flow. Props were props are due- don’t knock his hustle.

  • Shawty J

    I can’t believe MTV is actually doing a show about music. It’s great that their doing this, and I hope the show will last for a while. Although I’m not particularly a fan of Ryan Leslie, I did dig seeing his creative process.

  • TheCo!!inB

    i’ll watch it when i’m on a computer and not on my treo but if it’s anything like the joint where he’s rocking an ultra suede blazer then i’ll pass….i know he does the episodes for show but if he’s really rocking suits to make joints he needs to jump off his motif and hang his self…….great concept for mtv though, I fuckin love it. I don’t know who else they’re going in with. the dream and tricky would be dope.