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XXL Mag family,
My badd for being out of work this week. Me and my broad are naked in the Caribbean. I’ll be happy to get back home though. Shit gets expensive in other people’s neck of the woods. Still and all I needed to get some R & R.

I’m mad I missed the Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – Ice T flare up. Everybody was quoting the fact that Ice T mad e the song ‘Cop Killer’ and now he stars on a television show as a cop as if the two have anything to do with each other. Do y’all little niggas still think that people live the songs they sing? Niggas grow the fuck up. And just so you know, but Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em is 35yrs old. That fool served in the Army during the Persian Gulf war alongside Mystikal.

If y’all niggas do some research you will find that Ice T’s album with Body Count titled the same name is one of the most hardbody albums in the history of headbanger music. ‘Cop Killer’ ain’t even my favorite track. Peep ‘Evil Dick’ which was the most mysoginistic song ever recorded, to ‘KKK Bitch’ which extols the benefits of interracial love and ‘There Goes The Neighborhood’ which is the anthem for when Black kids start fucking with speed metal. Body Count was the fucking shit and I still bang out to their music. If you are still ‘Supermanning Dat’ Ho’ then you need to step your game up to ‘Cranking Dat Squirrel’.

At the end of the day it isn’t so much Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s music that shits on Hip-Hop but his ethos of getting rich by doing whatever. But I blame Fisty Scent and Jay-Z for that shit more than I can blame Soulja Boy. There’s a generation of music fans that imagine rap to be a get-rich-quick scheme if you have a gimmick in place. That was never the case, but still and all this myth is perpetuated by some of rap’s most popular and celebrated stars. Until we see the underbelly of the business which has artists owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and recoup fees.

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em isn’t killing Hip-Hop. That shit died nearly thirty years ago when the Robinson family produced the Sugar Hill Gang. These dudes were three strangers who had never even met before they were placed together in a studio with Grandmaster Caz’ stolen rhymebook. We’ve been feeding off the carcass ever since then. I can’t hate a culture vulture for finding his food can I? Hell yes I can. And I will. The only radio broadcast rap music you will hear in St. Maarten is the steel pan sound of Soulja Boy and the Top 40 bubblegum gangsta anthem ‘Lollipop’.

This is why I make sure I keeps my iTunes handy. Here are a few Hip-Hop songs for you to enjoy when you ain’t fucking with no rap music.

Body Count – KKK Bitch

Body Count – The Winner Loses

Body Count – There Goes The Neighborhood

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  • thoreauly77

    hell yeah BXS- body count was my shit. i need to get this off of itunes myself so i can reminisce. as it is, you should check out the latest bad brains effort with HR back on vocals and produced by adam yauch. it’s called “build a nation”.

  • dubbzz

    Welcome back Billy…but on a serious note, you cant really blame fisty and jay…them niggas did it with class..houlja ya boy on the other hand….but the bottom line should be, he trying to get his money, i’m happy to see young niggas get money, but the way he’s doing it is wack

    • MOE


  • akaTheRealist

    “Crank Dat FLYING Squirrel”
    Wale reference?
    The Mixtape About Nothing Is The One Of The Best Albums out so far this year.

  • adrian smith

    body count first album cop killer is the shits sick album got it on vinyl cant get cop killer on cd version there goes em fucking nigger there goes the neighbourhood is a good song to fucking a white woman try it bitches

  • Maddolies

    Soulja Boys Clueless. I Watched One Interview Where He Said 50 Cent Was His Favorate Old Skool Artist. I Was Thinkin Dis Nigga Cant be Serious!

    • Real Talk

      “I Watched One Interview Where He Said 50 Cent Was His Favorate Old Skool Artist.”

      That’s cuz Soulja Boy isn’t hiphop. He knows more about boy bands and Disney sing along video tapes than he does about rap music. When most of real hiphop heads was checkin JayZ live in Madison Square Garden on DVD, this dude was watchin Sesame Street on Ice. When we was watchin the Beef DVD’s wit really old geezer rappers like Pac and Biggie, he was downloading B2K and Hanna Montana videos off YouTube. Soulja Boy thinks everyone should just forget about these old rappers with their rhyming and wordplay, and just study his background dancers all day. That’s what cool kids do anyways! Super wicked groovy dance moves are the new jammin thing dawg!

      Soulja Boy, if you reading this look up this guy named “JayZ” on wikipedia. He had a hot album come out way back in the year 2007. Soulja Boy fans, please wikipedia Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. I know their names are strange and not as cool as Soulja Boys, but the wiki articles are super crazy radical to read and there’s not too much big words either.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “And just so you know, but Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em is 35yrs old. That fool served in the Army during the Persian Gulf war alongside Mystikal.”


    Seriously, when I see Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat” video, I think that him has some 35 years old. That fool look so older man, imagine Soulja Boy at his 50’s doing the “superman” shit, damn!!!

    Ice-T look more younger than Soulja Boy,

    Soulja Boy, “Eat a Dick, Mother F!!!”

  • master cheef

    are you really on the beach with a woman? Or, are you just having computer trouble and problems coming up with something to write about again?

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    “Cop Killer, better you than me/
    Cop Killer, Fuck Police Brutality!”

    I was 7 years old, when I saw on the tv, bush and quayle pissed off, time warner was pissed off, it was one of my first experiences with hip-hop culture. Sunday your bringin back memories kid!! That’s when parents hated hip-hop, and cooler white males ran the labels. Ahhh oh well.

  • 239allday

    Mr. Sunday what’s good though. I’m feelin todays edition. Kept it short but sweet. Them other niggas was trying to delve deep into the psyche of soulja bitch and ice t. You hit the nail right on the head. That nigga soulja boy is the best example of coonery in 2008. He’s just whoring out our culture for the fuckin money, and that’s where I can’t respect the nigga.

  • chad bro chill

    y’all little niggas still think that people live the songs they sing?

    ^so tru and to be honest think about it what would you rather have somebody with no talent that used to be a gangsta or somebody who has good skill with the mic just rapping about being a gangsta
    it personally dont really bother me cuz i dont think any of these rappers tht say they hav ever really sold more then a dime bag to they homie anyway

  • Billy X. Sunday

    239allday, what up my nucca?