My apologies on the sporadic posting as of late, I've been in LA since last week doing my music industry 2-step, and well, that's a pretty time-consuming thing....

But one thing that has been on my mind like crazy is the upcoming NBA Draft. Will the Bulls take Michael Beasley or will they take Derrick Rose? One on hand you've got a freak of nature who folks think can drop 20 and 10 every night while not get along with anyone else on the team, and on the other you've got a point guard who will be more than solid NBA player. ESPN is comparing Beasley to players like Glen Robinson and Derrick Coleman, which if you're too young to remember any of these guys, is saying a whole lot about what type of careers they had. They put up incredible numbers but did nothing else.

The Miami Heat are picking at #2, and word on the street is that they've worked out OJ Mayo, and are highly interested in him, which is pretty interesting. Mayo and Wade in the backcourt? Mayo's another guy who is said to have character problems, but he beasted in college and looks to be one of the most talented players in the draft. If Beasley is available and they take Mayo, that'd be a wrong move in my opinion.

Which leads me to the rumor I just read, which is that the Knicks are hot for Mayo, and because it's looking like he won't be available, they're going to trade their #6 pick and Stephon Marbury for Shawn Marion. At which point I will breathe a sigh of relief because we'll be free from the Marbury curse.

This guy Danilo Gallinari from Italy looks like an interesting player. They're comparing him to Toni Kucoc, but if there's one thing that has been evidenced in the past few years, particularly in the Celtics/Lakers finals series, it's that European players come up short in the heart department come crunch time. Think the fact that half the Lakers team is European had nothing to do with them getting smashed by an all-black Celtics squad in game 6? Think again. Picking Gallinari might be the only move for teams picking in the top 5 (because let's face it, the draft isn't that deep), but it's not going to be a team-saving scenario. Package that pick and get a better player elsewhere.

What are your predictions?