Is Mos Def a wife beater?

Note to self: don’t marry a white stripper. While it might seem like the best idea evar, especially when you’re high, it’s probably not gonna end well. And then, if you’re famous, you’re gonna have to worry about her writing about about your relationship, telling all kinds of bullshit stories about you.

Don’t believe me? Ask Mos Def. There’s a story in the Toronto Star today about the book written about him by the white stripper he married a few years ago.

If there’s an upside to this situation for Mos Def, it’s that the book was self-published, and obviously it’s not being very well-publicized. I remember reading, on the late, great SOHH, back when it was announced, but that’s all that I’ve heard about it since then.

You’d think that if this shit was on the market, someone would have been read it and excerpted all of the juicy bits for the Internets’ collective amusement. Which I took to mean that maybe the book was still hung up in some state of publishing limbo, like the book where Ray J claims he’d banged over 1,900 women by the time he was 26.

But no. Apparently, there’s copies of this shit out there in the wild. The broad who wrote the story on it in the Star had to have read it in order to describe it as lacking coherency and being rife with spelling and grammatical errors.

Or could the reason we’ve yet to hear very much at all re: Alana Wyatt’s Breaking the Code of Silence be that there just isn’t much to hear? In her interview with the Star, Wyatt claims she doesn’t name any of the celebrities she’s been with, other than Mos Def, out of respect for their wives and children.

To wit:

“I disagree with putting names of people in there, just out of respect for their wives and children,” said Wyatt-Smith in an interview. “If this was about making money, getting rich, I could have wrote a tell-all book, 10 times better than Karrine Steffens.”

Which I took to mean that she probably just hasn’t had sex with very many famous people. If she did, she could have gotten an actual book deal, complete with an advance and a spell-checker. But just Mos Def and Saukrates wasn’t gonna cut, especially with the state Mos’ rap career has been in as of late.

Think about it, if she really had any ethical concerns with putting people’s business out there in the street, why would she be writing a book about her relationship with Mos Def? It even says right there in the article that Mos has six kids by four different women (Mos = the underground Flava Flav). Imagine how they’re gonna feel knowing their father got high and accidentally married a white stripper.

If it’s any comfort to Mos’ kids, though, I’ll note that there’s a picture of Alana Wyatt alongside the story in the Star, and she looks like the kind of broad you could get high and accidentally marry.

One thing I did find interesting was the following bit, in which Wyatt describes one of her first public outings with Mos, and suggests that she may have had sex with Kanye West.

“He had asked me if I would attend a MuchMusic performance featuring Kanye West. Now, that was a little awkward because a year prior I had met Kanye in Vegas and we had a moment! NOT SEXUAL! I REPEAT, KANYE WEST and I NEVER have had sexual relations,” she emphasises in the book. She adds: “Much to my surprise, Mos introduced me as his wife.”

I’m assuming that’s about as close as the book gets to describing sex with any celebrities other than Mos, and that’s why the Star chose to excerpt it. But I’m at a loss for what it actually means. If all she did was, say, walk pass Kanye West in a hallway in a casino, why would she be nervous about being around him with Mos?

Maybe by “not sexual” she meant that she blew him, but they didn’t actually fuck. You know how white chicks like to blow mad dudes and claim it doesn’t count as sex. Oprah even did a show on it once. It’s one of the reasons why I love white chicks. (Any black chicks reading this might want to consider taking notes rather than just complaining.)

Supposedly (and here’s something else that’s gonna upset Mos’ many, many children), Wyatt’s relationship with Mos Def ended a mere matter of week’s later, when Mos put his shoe on her down in Brazil. The Star doesn’t excerpt any actual scenes from the book of Mos disciplining Wyatt, but it does include the folllowing quote from Wyatt, explaining her decision to end her relationship with Mos.

“I don’t believe that his intent was to hurt me, I believe that he was trying to prove a point,” she said. “But I had shared and cried with him many nights about my past (abusive) situation and I asked of him not to do that, because it brings back memories; so I found it to be more disrespectful, because he knew what I had been through.”

The specific language the Star uses is “an argument that got out of hand,” and I’m wondering if whatever this incident was isn’t similary glossed over in the book. If it is, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s because there was no such incident. Maybe Mos just got down to Brazil, saw the number of smokin’ hot broads of ethnically indeterminate origin walking around, and thought to himself, “How in the fuck did I end up married to a white stripper from Canada?”

In the interview with the Star, she claims the reason there’s no police record of this incident is because she didn’t go to the police, because she didn’t want to cause any problems and she figured this was an isolated incident. But something tells me this broad was savvy enough to know that, if there was any evidence at all she’d been beaten by a black rapper, she probably could have cleaned his ass out in a divorce settlement. After all, she used to be a stripper. Then she wouldn’t have to be writing a book about this shit to try to get some money.

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  • Cl


    Your cataracs(sp) are fucked up. That girl ain’t nowhere near white.

    • Bol

      Neither is George Hamilton.

      • Ron Mexico


        she got that c. thomas howell goin, sonn.

    • MOE


  • laShawn

    preach. note to self: never marry a white bitch period.

    for now its all gd gettin with em, they freaks. but as a wife?!! hell to the no

  • eLi pOrTeR

    For the record, All men are women beaters, It just takes the right chick to bring that shyt out of you…As a law enforcement officer, I’ve seen men from all walks of life beat the shyt outta broads…Although I havent beat the shyt out of a chick yet, I have come dang close…REAL TALK!!!!

    • og bobby j

      “as a law enforcement officer” PIG!!!!

      • eLi pOrTeR

        Dude!!!Relax, I’m no more a law enforcement officer than say hmmmm,Shaq… no wait, bad example lets say ummmm, TI…. nah nah nah… I dont like that one either…how about ummmm… 50 Cents….wait! thats worse… howsabout I aint a pig and u need to get off that Rebel without a Cause a matter of fact go get some puzzy and relax, cause right now u acting like a “COP” tryin to patrol the post… in the words of ICE T…. E.A.D.!!!!!

        • og bobby j

          I see your response….but i my screen all it says is “oink, oink, oink….

  • ri067953

    Yea, she look like she a mulatto but that could just be the fake tan. She gotta be white cus she knew better then to call the cops on Mos. If she were half black, she would have called the cops and gotten Mos for his cash, that is if he has any???? She alright lookin but I’ve seen better looking chicks rolling round the local jr. college. Word!!!

  • A yo


  • Vicious Seiger

    Funny, how people claim they’re white when it suits them and it sounds more sensational for a book but on her myspace page she labels herself “black/ african descent”. She seems like another black girl lost. As sexy as she is, she suggests all this muslim literature but I doubt she really applies any of it. Girl sounds like she living on front street. I hate people who want take a swipe at fame for just sleeping with someone famous. Alana, I’m sorry no one cares about you or the fact that you slept with Mos. Now, you have a choice swallow a few more famous people’s babies and then write a book or be a real woman/mother and stop trying to whore yourself out like Karrine. Ladies, this goes out to you all – Give a man more to appreciate then what between your legs and treat yourself with respect if you want to be respected. This is real depressing when you see so many young, beautiful ladies carrying themselves as little more than whores. Ladies you are, deserve and can do better than that.

  • northern california bay area

    i plan on marryin a beutiful blonde-haired blue-eyed snowflake goddess…
    mmmm mmmm… on citas ya digg…

    ya boy tryna retire from tha game…

  • Hey

    Since the girl isn’t white, this post lost a shiteload of legitimacy. Regardless, Mos Def is still a douchebag.

  • dronkmunk

    mos los

  • avenger xl

    Mos needs to do another good record like Black on both sides. The new danger was thrown together and true magic was like someone raided his ipod for a variety of joints he was working on it was not a true release. There must be something about hollywood that turn rappers out like pimps do their employees.

    And what is pizzy Mos Def doing beating on chicks first he don’t pay child support now he beating on chicks. Dude looks like a recovering herione addict. He better never date one of the Williams sisters or he gone get beat to grizzound.

  • chad bro chill

    kanye west is gay he probly couldnt get his dick up and thts y it was awkward
    and why is she a white stripper shes clearly black mayb im jus not getting sumthing

  • The Nicker

    Dude, Big Black Africa . . .

    When you paying for 4 kids instead of a yacht
    GOT! This is how you get got.

    And out of 3 baby’s mamas only one of them hot
    GOT! This is how you get got.

    When you marry some stripper in the T-Dot
    GOT! This is how you get got.

  • geico lizard

    i have to agree with you Bol on black women need to start sucking more dick because i hear black women complain about not being able to keep a man or find a husband and then reuben studdard married one of the girls from the tip drill video and mos def marries a stripper and im sure both of these women made sure their men got as much sex as they wanted so black women need to stop making guys beg for the pussy or feel guilty for even wanting it.

  • Heather

    I am unfortunate enough to actually know Alana Wyatt and let me tell you, she is exactly the opposite of an abuse survivor. What I like to call her is the “Hollywood Whore.” I met her at a karaoke bar somewhere in the GTA and from the moment I gave her a little attention she was giving me her life story. She is the most self centered person I’ve ever met, as every conversation revolves around her and the alledged “abuse” she suffered at the hands of Mos Def.

    After having her hang around more often I was eventually invited to be her “personal assistant” and asked to quit my job so that I could hail to her every whim and fancy. Thinking that this could be the opportunity of a lifetime and a way to help support my own family, I called her to say that I would do it. Nothing ever came to fruition and she dodged my calls after that.

    Now I have a really good friend who is involved in the acting community as well as a really stellar singer and knowing that Alana had connections I put them in contact with each other (at this point I was still somewhat believing her story but I told my friend to watch his back.) Man I wish I had seen through her a little sooner because she took him for a ride. She arranged a meeting with a “big shot” producer “friend” of hers in L.A. Well let’s just say that my friend paid his own way there and then they get there and she goes to pay for her room and her credit card is declined so she makes up excuses and my friend is footing the bill for not only himself but also her for the entire 4 days they were in L.A.

    This woman is a parasite with very closed minded opinions and views on the world. She is in fact not white (pls. don’t lump the rest of us white women into her category) as she’s Italian and Jamaican and she was not only a stripper but lived on the streets from a younger age than most as her mother pretty much abandoned her. Did she tell you any of this in her “tell all” book? I doubt it. Most likely because she’s exactly the type of person you think she is.

  • Byron Shaul

    Very good written story. It will be helpful to everyone who employess it, as well as myself. Keep up the good work – can’r wait to read more posts.