I Miss Cam

Pause, actually. I don’t do no homo.

But Cam’Ron‘s name has been poppin’ up as of late. First off, New York is warming up and me and the fellers are predicting a hot summer. The Real World‘s coming to Brooklyn and we totally plan on crashing the house and making at least one of the roommates cry. But besides the hot summer reference, Cam came to mind while listening to “Nothin’ On Me” off Tha Carter III. Is it me or Juelz Santana merked that beat? Anyway, it’s no coincidence that Alchemist produced the track. It reminds me of Cam’s “Wet Wipes” from Killa Season.

I been bumping it all weekend along with personal Cam favorites like “Get Em Girls,” “Down And Out,” “Weekend Love” and Dipset joints like “I Really Mean It” and “Dipset Anthem.” I even went back to “Horse & Carriage.” I know he released Public Enemy last fall, but it’s not enough. I need Cam to get off his ass and start flooding the streets again. I could use a couple of holy molly bars, but per YBF, he may be too busy chillin in Miami with Queen Latifah. Look at his demeanor in the pics, though. Something looks off…Like, dude looks sad or something. Just as I’m writing this, I see Cam dropped a new song entitled, “My Aura.” I need to listen to this joint a few more times, but I already know it won’t cut it as far as my Cam fix goes. If Cam is gonna get off the milk carton for real, I need him to murder the track like this classic Rap City freestyle.

The thing is, Cam just missed a golden opportunity to generate some buzz. Jim Jones reportedly closed Hot 97′s Summer Jam this weekend. If any of you have been to Summer Jam, you know it’s the perfect occasion to bring out special guests. Jay-Z ended Prodigy‘s lyrical career (R.I.P.) there. Shoot, he brought out Michael Jackson out the same year. I hear Alicia Keys brought out Wu-Tang Clan, but Jim Jones…Well, he brought out Juelz. Imagine how nuts it would have been if Cam popped up on stage. Giants Stadium would have gone ape crap. I wonder if Jones even considered it. They may as well make up, because I don’t see Jones pulling off another “Ballin” and I’m not sure dudes are waiting for Santana to drop like that. A Dipset reunion would generate interest.

I miss Cam, pause. I thought Tha Carter III was gonna hold me down for the early summer, but I keep skipping through the damn thing. Common and The Game are dropping this summer, but then what? I need Cam to follow-up with some niggorant ass music like only he can. What do you guys think? Anybody else looking forward to Cam returning with some fire, or should he just stay in South Beach?

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    i`m not a fan of cam but seriously i think cameron is lyrical and better than 50 but you know how G-unit stans are.
    That new song is better than any thing 50 cent has put this year.
    I`mma cop NIGGER,L.A.X and RAW FOOTAGE when they drop.

  • Dipset Dude

    For his sake he should come out with somethin, but unless its crazy hot!, its a wrap for Cam. Game Over.

    • tito

      cam is nice… we need him back with the whole crew to really pop things off….

      • chad bro chill

        cam is nice hes pretty funny too but dipset sucks the pipe
        juelz was ok but now he just seems corny
        jim never was good ballin=crank dat soulja boy
        hell rell is all right
        and all those other niggas cant rap for shit

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com ron mexico

    the only place to go in cam’s career is “confessions of fire.”

    his other albums have moments, but he never should have stopped being the guy who raped his poodle then turned said poodle into oodles of noodles.

  • Pierzy

    I used to feel Cam but it’s been a while. What did NaS say way back when? “Cam’s a great lyricist but his albums are trash”? That sounds about right. Lyrically, he’s taken a step backwards and with the Dips in ruins, he’s probably struggling. Say what you want but he didn’t win against Jay and although he & 50 didn’t have a clear-cut winner, 50′s career has continued while Cam seems to be stuck on *pause* (Big Pun intended). Dude used to have skills…remember his freestyle with Charli B-More on Funkmaster Flex’s first album? That was fire. But I think it’s time to file his retirement papers…

  • http://nahright.com eskay

    Cam >

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I always hated Cam cuz the nigga is fucking stupid. Holy, moly, Nancy Palosi ass nigga. I’m glad he’s gone. Dude was worth a laugh every once in a while, but don’t act like he had skills. Altho I’ll admit I might hate dude so much just because I went to school in Harlem at the peak of Dipset and niggas swore like Cam was the greatest rapper alive.

    As good as that Juelz verse is, Fab is really the one who kills it with his Wayans brothers references (listen to it again, I missed it the first few listens but finally caught it this morning). Plus anyone else notice how Wayne covered so many different styles on C3 but when he tried to do some NY shit wit Fab, Santana, and Alchemist he just couldn’t keep up with the New York boys?

  • Rex Banner

    Im waiting on some new fire from cam, the new joint my aura is hot though. But i need an album quick Cam come on lol

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    HELL YES!!! Cam needs to get his sh*t together I miss those slick bars he put together. I respect Cam cause he a cool dude, and he do his thing regardless which makes his music hot to me, and he does rips it. Totally disagree with you about Tha Carter III. That CD is gonna be in the Stereo for awhile like when I first bought Tha Carter awhile, damn what anyone else says, the sh*ts fire. Also the NIGGER album Common’s album and LAX will be hot but Weezy holdin it down this summer.

    • Pierzy

      Carter III is aight but it ain’t all that…

  • Dal

    yea i was saying that Cam should have came out at Summerjam……. too bad cuzJim Jones was kinda whack…. summerjam for that matter was kind whack

  • Mr_carter

    for real i think cam’ron is not capable of making good music no more but juelz is very capable.

  • hot rod

    Lil wayne brought the most hype to that track and thats real talk.

  • og bobby j

    In my opinion…cam career lost almost all its promise when big L died. Few sparks here and there…but COTC era, cam was nice…..but he fell hard.

    Lyrical….sure…he makes shit rhyme…but there is no coherent thought….

    CAM is Ass.

    Get My pool in the backround….

  • http://myspace.com/yeahirap myspace.com/yeahirap

    dilly dally patty watty smatty happy you aint happy well be luccy ducky I get sucky I aint miss dude at all I never listened to his garbage except when my cousin forced me to in his car horrible to be honest I did not even read the blog on dud ehe has new music up whatever he was staright back when Pun was alive I could sit through his verses on Banned From Tv,and Fantastic Four Children of The Corn He Was Straight Back Then his Verse On 8 Is Enuf Is Aiight

  • devond

    ythe bad thing about it is jim jones had a crzy run when he had stack and max b from the city of god to harlem diary of summer but only one hit came out but when cam had his rub from diplomats 1 to purple haze the entire dipset team was winning even pee ons like 40 al and jr writer but i do need sum killa it would be only right and is it me or did lil wayne steal juelz momentum and swagger with that damn i cant feel my face tape

  • eLi pOrTeR

    Sure, y not. Cam Is a funny dude. “Get My Pool in the Back” has to be one of the funniest moments in hip hop, PERIOD. I also beLIEve that SDE is a Very very underated album. He had Jay’s thing thing singing bout cocane….ha ha ha….. KILLA!!!!!

  • Mr S

    I was saying the same thing before I read this, I was getting depressed playing the classics over and over. I need new Cam classics. One or two on a new album will suffice.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dfranksound D Frank

    Cam’s last 2 albums are recent classics. There’s not many recent classics these days.

  • RotterdamSoldier

    Yeah that Rapcity freestyle was sick.
    I think Cam should get back to the C.O.F. S.D.E. days cause even tho those albums may have not sold as much as the albums he did later in his career, to me those were RAW.

  • guttaMAN

    yall remember the RAP CITY basement show when the Dipsets were freestylin and then Cam raps while counting his money??? that ishhh was so fly. His swagger was crazy then.

    • $ykotic

      I was thinking the same thing when I heard that “My Aura” jumpoff. Son is quite entertaining. And ya’ll can’t hate on his street grind. U know how sometimes even though u smoke wit your peeps there be them days u just wanna smoke a el 4 dolo? Cam seems like he just took a lil vaca.

      But u can tell that inner beef kinda hurt him. Especially the way he always bigged up Santana.

  • G

    I miss Cam from CONFESSIONS OF FIRE. I thought he would be the next BEST. But then he came back with rhymes like ‘computers be putin’ and ‘eat some rice a roni, do the hokey pokey’…. He just wack now….

  • http://myspace.com/phantom916 phantom

    Looking for NAS, Cube, RZA and Game…..I dont think I forgot anything. I dont own any lil weeny cd’s and I think I will continue the trend. People should stop trying to make sequels and make new shit. There were some good Cam joints on purple haze I remember liking. He has never been a favorite of mine though. I understand how it feels to want some heat from your favorites though and not get it for a long time. Good luck with that.

  • kells

    Cam said he got IBS, i heard he got AIDS. I heard if a dude drink behind Cam he going to get infested with all kinds of shit and diseases. I heard he might show up 3 months later and 30 poounds later talking about all he remember is he had a little bit of Cam’s Snapple. That’s what i heard

    • son boy

      Yeah I heard that same Young Buck song with 50 Cent ranting at the end. Probably a lot of people have heard it. Doesn’t make it true.

  • az$$rugerman

    Cam is madd funny and entertaining(i.e. Rico>>Paid in Full), and I completly agree with the column, however, Cam has been slackin’ on his mackin cuz even if U press play on Public Enemy No.1>> its not too impressive and that “Suga Dugga”(whatever its called) track should have never been made public!..back to that subject matter,
    Cam made his 1st mistake by saying its gnna be a “HOT SUMMER”, only to disappear w/no material…then later he gave 50 more AMMUNITION when he made that CURTISSS! track..dnt get me wrong, it was one of the most hilarious diss tracks to date..Then he gonna let Capo steal his spotlight when he’s the 1 that gave birth to Jimmy in the 1st place..

    I know Cam gets alotta hate from heads but come on , King Joffy Joe the Rap Game is missing you B!!!



  • http://yahoomail.com Official!

    I agree with you dawg except when you say Juelz merked that “nothing on me” Wayne killed that track bro!

  • http://blockishot.com/blog Kirk

    Cam is one of the all time greats you get like your top 100 mcs cam’s on the list. So of course I want to hear him but will he dissapoint me that’s the question and the answer is yes everytime. Cam just doesn’t care enough to make classic material anymore believe me I wish he would prove me wrong. Still want to hear some new cam that my aura is mediocre at best.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Come On, Where You Been At? Cam’ron Is Finished. Personally, I Think Dude Is Lame. Plus I’ve Heard Him In Some Interviews And Fuck He Get On My Nerves. I’m Glad 50 Went At Him After That Retarted Ass Phone Call He Made.

    RIP Cam’ron :)

  • http://xxlmag.com Johnny Fontaine

    “I caught 6 cases all over big faces now its tip laces”Cam kilt it on BFTV….never liked him since he started that “computers putin” type flow.



    CAM needs to come back with the lyrics. i only wanna hear him come back like that verse on Dj Clues the professional 2. who remembers that verse? MTV I SHOW YA THE REAL WORLD