Pause, actually. I don't do no homo.

But Cam'Ron's name has been poppin' up as of late. First off, New York is warming up and me and the fellers are predicting a hot summer. The Real World's coming to Brooklyn and we totally plan on crashing the house and making at least one of the roommates cry. But besides the hot summer reference, Cam came to mind while listening to "Nothin' On Me" off Tha Carter III. Is it me or Juelz Santana merked that beat? Anyway, it's no coincidence that Alchemist produced the track. It reminds me of Cam's "Wet Wipes" from Killa Season.

I been bumping it all weekend along with personal Cam favorites like "Get Em Girls," "Down And Out," "Weekend Love" and Dipset joints like "I Really Mean It" and "Dipset Anthem." I even went back to "Horse & Carriage." I know he released Public Enemy last fall, but it's not enough. I need Cam to get off his ass and start flooding the streets again. I could use a couple of holy molly bars, but per YBF, he may be too busy chillin in Miami with Queen Latifah. Look at his demeanor in the pics, though. Something looks off...Like, dude looks sad or something. Just as I'm writing this, I see Cam dropped a new song entitled, "My Aura." I need to listen to this joint a few more times, but I already know it won't cut it as far as my Cam fix goes. If Cam is gonna get off the milk carton for real, I need him to murder the track like this classic Rap City freestyle.

The thing is, Cam just missed a golden opportunity to generate some buzz. Jim Jones reportedly closed Hot 97's Summer Jam this weekend. If any of you have been to Summer Jam, you know it's the perfect occasion to bring out special guests. Jay-Z ended Prodigy's lyrical career (R.I.P.) there. Shoot, he brought out Michael Jackson out the same year. I hear Alicia Keys brought out Wu-Tang Clan, but Jim Jones...Well, he brought out Juelz. Imagine how nuts it would have been if Cam popped up on stage. Giants Stadium would have gone ape crap. I wonder if Jones even considered it. They may as well make up, because I don't see Jones pulling off another "Ballin" and I'm not sure dudes are waiting for Santana to drop like that. A Dipset reunion would generate interest.

I miss Cam, pause. I thought Tha Carter III was gonna hold me down for the early summer, but I keep skipping through the damn thing. Common and The Game are dropping this summer, but then what? I need Cam to follow-up with some niggorant ass music like only he can. What do you guys think? Anybody else looking forward to Cam returning with some fire, or should he just stay in South Beach?