Get Off Andre’s Dick

Hip-hop must collectively be under a rock. You know they say most folks don’t get the flowers while they can still smell ‘em and all of ya’ll sending bouquets to Andre 3000 may be a few years too late.

Truth be told, dude has been ill since Outkast’s debut in ’94. Not ill with a guest verse here and there, but conceptually, lyrically and eternally ill. So how come Mr. Benjamin didn’t make hip-hop’s “hot” list until 2008? Let’s go back…

Remember “Myintrotoletuknow” off of Southernplayalistic…? Of course ya’ll don’t. Dre dropped a classic when he spit, “See this rap shit is really just like sellin’ smoke/If you got some fly shit ya niggas gonna always know” (Also see, Jay-Z’s “Rap Game/Crack Game” for you late comers). On “Elevators” off of ATLiens, dude proved that he can relate to the regular Joe when he spat “I live by the beat like you live check to check/If you don’t move ya feet then I don’t eat so we like neck to neck.” Or when he bared his soul on “Millennium” when he goes “I had the best of life in my clinches, but monkey wrenches were thrown/Like chairs kings sit on.”

When Kast dropped Aquemini two years later Dre raised the bar on the very first track (“Return of the G”) as he stood up for himself amongst all the critics who blasted his weird wardrobe choices: “Return of the gangsta/Thanks ta them niggas who get the wrong impression of expression/And the question is Big Boi what up with Andre/Is he in a cult, is he on drugs, is he gay?” Then there was “The Art of Storytellin Pt.1 & 2” which opened up a new lane for 3 Stacks (If you thought his “Whole Foods” verse off of that Lloyd remix was ill, you need to check this). By the time Stankonia came around it became increasingly clear that Dre was getting bored with conventional rap and pushed the envelope on “Gasoline Dreams,” while “B.O.B.” was straight sick. There isn’t an MC alive who can match that flow (“Stack of questions with no answers/Cure for cancer cure for AIDS, make a nigga wanna stay on tour days“). Still most rap fans slept and failed to crown Dre king, and when he dropped “Hey Ya” most forgot that dude was one of hip-hop’s greatest and actually tried to SHIT on him.

The fact of the matter is you’d be hard pressed to find a wack Dre verse, yet he rarely appeared on any one’s greatest MC list. Now he drops maybe 4 verses (Not songs, but verses) a year and Hip-hop is on his dick. Son is ill no doubt, but I can hardly consider him one of the hottest in the game today for the mere fact that he don’t do much.

I will take quality over quantity any day, but I put Andre Benjamin in his own category, at least until he decides to drop a cohesive body of rap work like an album or a mixtape. And I’d go even further to argue that Big Boi is equally as ill as his Outkast PNC, but I don’t wanna give the Dre stans a heart attack, I’ve already done enough damage. –Rob the music editor

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  • yeah


    • Valdez

      pretty good points made, EXCEPT…

      the fact that his track record solidifies him as arguably THE illest. u said urself he got bored, which is why he doesn’t rap anymore. so everyone is late crowning dre. at least they didn’t wait til he was dead like pac.

      if he never spits another verse, he’s still top 5 greatest all time, period.

      he’s better than jay. i say this because jay is almost more style & swag than substance (relax, jay-z dickriders, i said ALMOST)

      dre is straight up ALL substance, but he also a trendsetter and a tastemaker.

      as far as straight up lyricism the only other cat i can think of that is on par with dre is nas, real talk.

      now let the hate begin, lol.

      (all that said, pac is still no. 1 on my all time greatest mc/artist (not “rapper”) list because of what he stood for. he single-handedly tried to save, guide and reprogram the minds of young black people. that says A LOT about how much he really cared about us.

      it’s obvious that jay’s only motivation is money. and i don’t know what biggie cared about. maybe versace shades & shirts. fuckin a lot of bitches. & his man c-gutta fuckin dudes in their asses & throwing them over the bridge, smh.

      Baltimore hip hop at it’s best.

      • QCFSmitty

        I feel yah dog to me dre in the dre is the best rapper. I have never heard a wack verse or a wack song fron dre or outkast for that matter. I just wish he would feed his fans. Even the love below was crazy. That album was gr8,it was in another lane.

      • ClickClack

        what a nice man 2Pac was. Everyone should look ‘up’ to him.

        GET REAL DOOD.

      • florida_evans

        “all that said, pac is still no. 1 on my all time greatest mc/artist (not “rapper”) list because of what he stood for. he single-handedly tried to save, guide and reprogram the minds of young black people. that says A LOT about how much he really cared about us”.

        Interestingly enough,you could be referring to The Blastmaster.By saying single handedly,you dismiss what Kris did,and still does.You can also say Kris also did a better job,and was more successful.All I’m saying is,check out KRS’s ENTIRE LIFE’s body of work and it will be oh so clear…

        “You respect Tupac,Tupac respected me”-KRS One

    • BORN

      HE IS A BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I came into this world high as a bird
      From second hand cocaine powder
      I know it sounds absurd
      I never tooted but its in my veins
      While the rest of the country bungies off bridges
      Without no snap back
      and bitches they say they need that
      To shake they fannies in the ass clubs
      they go the other route
      turn each other out
      burn each other out
      where a bonified nigga like me
      can’t even get no back rub these days
      ain’t that bleak on they part
      but let me hold it down
      cause they shut you down
      when you speak from your heart
      now that’s hard
      while we ranting and raving bout gats
      nigga they made them gats
      they got some shit that’ll blow out our backs
      from where they stay at!”

      NEED I SAY MORE!!!!!!!!!

      • Rob the Music Ed

        This is my point exactly. ANDRE has BEEN ILL. But as hip-hop fans we tend not to give our greatest MCs their just due until its to late. Big and Pac died before we collectively recognized how great they were.

        The fact of the matter is as ill as Andre is, I can’t consider him one of “today’s” hottest MCs when there are kids who are going hard at this… Wayne being one of ‘em, B.O.B. being one, Joe Budden being another.

        • BORN


          [Andre 3000:]
          Now Walk It Out Like A Usher
          If You Say Real Talk I Probably Wont Trust Ya
          If You Wanna Go To War, The Gunz My Pleasure
          Even Jesus Had 12 Disiples On The Level,Trigger, Whatever
          Pumm You Dont Want Naw Dega 3 Thou
          I’m Like Jury Duty Your New To This Part Of Town
          Your White Tee Will To Me Looks Like A Nightgown
          Make Ya Mama Proud Take That Thing To Sizes Down
          Then You Look Like The Man That You Are Or Wat You Could Be
          I Could
          I Give A Damn ’bout Your Car But Then That Would Be
          If It Was Considered A Classic Before The Drastic Change In Production When Cars Were Metal Instead Of Plastic Value
          Is Wat I’m Talkin About
          Take Two Of These And Walk It Out
          You Be The Reason They Talk It Out
          You Cant Be The King In The Parkin Lot– Forever
          Not Sayin I’m The Best But Till They Find Sumthin Better
          I Am Here No Fear Right Me A Letter ’till Then
          I Walk It Out [x7] I Westside Walk It O-O-Out [x3] Then Eastside Walk It O-O-Out!


      • Kev Lomax

        Finally some one quotede this verse… my all time favorite and prolly one of the illest verses ever laid down.

        Some of us been listening to Dre from jump so we recognized dude years ago.

    • MOE


    • DJ Daddy Mack

      I totally agree with you, Rob. Now, you are on the right track.

    • Deez Nutz

      Andre 3k > any in hip hop

  • black nasty

    i got off his dick ten minutes into IDLEWILD…im leapt off his dick and back onto skee lo’s. boy is hype.

  • Ghost Deini

    I agree.

  • marz

    3000 stacks has always been on my fav emcees list top five
    one of the greatest

    big boi is better than most imo

    dre may only drop 3 or 4 verses a year but they be the best 3 or 4 verses of the year

  • Ramses DG!

    First bitch!!

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    Co-Sign x 100

    Get my pool in the back.
    —Killa Cam


    Are you the same punk who was riding 50′s dick the other day? You’re showing how much credibility you have yet again firstly by using MTV’s ‘hot list’ as a basis for any kind of argument, then proceeding to demonstrate why that list clearly means nothing by the fact that he wasn’t on it and yet you seem to think he’s been hot since 94.

    Why is this irrelevant blog above Bol’s?

  • eskay

    Now this post I can co-sign. I been saying this shit.

  • Dre”Outkast #1 Fan”Peoples

    First Bitches(whatever the hell the point of that is?)….you got it right seems like like niggas is so caught up on hip hop NOT dying that people are making all kinda gay ass list and saying all kinds of stuff just to over-put hip hop thats not dumbed down out there.When Hip-Hop was alive,Do you think people would be on lupe fiasco all like that?or 3 stacks?Lyrical raps and artist are like jrdans and forces to me,Theirs alot a “FAKE” fans out there that don’t know Nothing about what they reppin’.Niggas out here talkin bout “you ain’t from the hood,you ain’t got more J’s Than Me!”..But can’t even name the numbers,which ones he won championships in or which ones he wore in space jam.All these niggas talking bout”i’m a fan,I’m a fan”Please!niggas don’t know 3 Stacks From a Double Stack from Wendy’s.niggas just say shit cause they think that’s what niggas want to here.I’ve been a 3000 fan since a kid and i can name just about every artist he’s worked with,songs he featured on and all the albums and how much they sold.MTV pissin’ me off trying to get back to there Yo Raps! days(I got the Puma’s,Them shits is sick!)Doing alll these list and telling these peopl who hot.How come luda never made a list or Fab?.Niggas is throwing salt in the game by forcing themselves to be fans of something just cause they don’t want “Hip-Hop” to die.That’s All I see it as.

  • c-flat

    Dont fall for the BS. This dude just trying to generate some responses to his blog. Thats IT. Trust me. No one in their right mind agrees with this bullshit.

    Get a life dude, b/c you’re a wack a*s cornball for saying something that stupid.

    • that guy

      get a life and some pusssy, douche bag

  • Dre”outkast #1 Fan”Peoples

    I was 1st but my computer slow as hell!LOL

  • Info by John Doe




    • Valdez


  • dusty boy

    Andre is the muthafuckin’ TRUTH!!! He dont need to drop a full album or a fuck ass mixtape. He’s awready done all the foot work and is a fuckin’ KING in hip-hop!!! Andre is a fuckin’ KING every where!! Andre 3000 will always be #1 in my book!!! I aint finna knock none of the yuongins doin’ they lil’ rap thang right now but this nigga Andre is on a whole different level!!!


  • John Brown

    Ok, I dont know what the Eff you are talking about, but in the SOUTH DRE been mention as one of the best of all time. Is people in the EAST COAST & WEST COAST that are late. I dont blame you though because while people in the south was crusing to “Southernplayalisticaddilacmusic” in their Cadillac, yall was on the subway. BTW, here is one artist who wasnt to late on realizing that Andre 3000 is a beat on the mic. I believe he rapped “It goes Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie Andre from OutKast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me” in 2002.

    • Kev Lomax

      And while we was on the subway and every passenger had an iPod, “ya’ll” was just getting internet service.

      Kill the fuckin stereotype… retard.

  • de@atl

    Man, im from a-town. i been following dre 3000 from day one. kast is the greatest of all time. 3000 is one of greatest all time MCs. The kudos he is recieving is long overdue. When they said the south was slow, not smart, can’t rap. There came dre 3000, dungeon family. Always rep’d ATL to the fullest. Dre was the first real MC in Atlanta.

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    “Still most rap fans slept and failed to crown Dre king, and when he dropped “Hey Ya” most forgot that dude was one of hip-hop’s greatest and actually tried to SHIT on him.”

    “Son is ill no doubt, but I can hardly consider him one of the hottest in the game today for the mere fact that he don’t do much.”
    It goes from “TRUE” to, WTF??

    How are you gonna give this man all these props in the beginning, but all of a sudden you end up shitting on him, just like the people who didn’t put him on their greatest MC list?? You feel the same way they do. You feel that he didn’t do much, and so do they. That’s why he didn’t make anybody’s list until 2008. So if anything, you’re just as late as them. You’re one of those people for real, so why did you even write this blog?? There was no point for real. He’s always been in my list personally speaking. If you felt he was dope from the jump, then you should also realize that he’s been singing since AQUEMINI, which shows his balance in his music, as well as creativity. The man is not only an emcee, he’s a musician. He goes beyond HIP-HOP, and so does BIG BOI. So he has done alot as an artist. It’s just that people like you, and those that you speak of in your blog, SHITTED on him when he did push the boundaries. I thought you were gonna come with some valid reason on why you feel he isn’t all that. But instead I see that you can’t, and you end up shitting on him because he didn’t rap for a certain amount of time. Little do you know, STANKONIA, SB/LB, and IDLEWILD, all had ANDRE 3000 rapping (with LB only having one song though). DRE’s catalog is huge enough for him to go down as one of the GOAT in HIP-HOP.

  • John Brown

    Is a BEAST not a beat..

  • E20

    First off…

    “Sometimes the Rap Game reminds me of the Crack Game” – is Nas (for you late comers). Yup Nas even said that before 3000 on Illmatic, “Rob” you buster/lame.

    AS little as 3000 does each year, the quality of his material is still head and shoulders above Kanye’s, Lil Wayne’s, Jay Z’s, 50 cent’s, Soulja Boy’s, and who ever else the fukk Radio/Mtv thinks is hot.

    So lets not jump off of 3stacks dick just yet, lets hop off of Kanye’s, Lil Wayne’s, Jay Z’s, 50 cent’s and Soulja Boy’s dick. Them dudes aint doin nothing new or special, they just cater to mainstream while artist like Andre challenges mainstream.

    • actually…

      dre is top 3 definatley, but dre and nas actually said the shit at the same fact i bought southernplayalistic and illmatic on the same day when they both came out at the same time….dre said it on the intro–the first verse on the very fist kast album and nas said it on his first album…

      my freshman year in highschool in nj everybody was bumpin both albums that spring/summer….i actually bumped southernplaylistic a lil more than illmatic …kast had those amazing beats and we had never heard those accents and that kind of flow before (although we had never heard anyone rhyming like nas either–its a shame he cant rap like that anymore)–plus the chronic also came out that spring…damn those were the good days lol

  • Incilin

    Thank god someone said it. I feel you man. That verse Dre spit on “Elevators” is my fave verse of his. But not to front, I really don’t get why people love Dre so much. And those last 4 verses he dropped was ill, but not enough to warrant the dick riding he’s been getting, especially from older folks. It seems like a lot of these older dudes are just bored with rap, just like Dre himself, so when he goes off on some other shit it’s exactly what they want to hear. Simply put, I just don’t understand his why people love him so much.

  • DSuth313

    Andre has been doin it foreva eva.

  • 239allday

    Once again some nigga offa the xxl staff(who prolly got his ass whooped in highschool) finds another way to hate on the south. When 3 Stacks drops nigga he drops jewels. Listen to royal flush or the Art of storytellin pt. 4. Get off your own dick buddy.

    Quit hatin the SOUTH!!!

  • 2Gutta

    andre 3000 is wack!! overrated


    so what’s the criteria for being considered one of the best? doesn’t outkast have like 8 albums out? how does this work, you have to do 10 songs per year or you’re automatically not great anymore?

    dumb post.

  • KastOut

    Dre and Big Boi been bringin it since like 93-94!! A none stop barrage of words,thoughts, and cadences but done so effortlessly that sometimes you gotta hear em a couple of times before u get the exact gist of their mindset when they made a certain song. But they Have Always been top 5!!

  • Chi-town Finest

    You musta bumped yo fuckin head. 3 Stacks is the Man. He can Drop shit whenever he want to and its gon be hot. Just cause he ain’t dependin on his rappin alone to eat don’t mean he ain’t a fuckin beast. Fuck you talkin

  • Danny Myers

    3 Stacks is a fuckin poet and a half!!! The man obviously was on your mind for you post a blog about him. Nuff said.

  • jimmyjoints

    OK, so let me try to make sense of this bullshit.

    first you say that 3k is one of the best, historically. then you say that that doesn’t mean much now, since that doesn’t translate into him being the ‘hottest’ of 2008.

    so you’re trying to tell me that being the hottest rapper in 2-thousand-motherfucking-the-nadir-of-hiphop-8 is a higher status than being one of the GOATs?

    please die a slow and painful death. now.

  • kenny

    yea he needs to flood the market with mixtapes like wayne and then drop a mediocre album . real guys with talent stay in thier own lane . they dont need to produce albums every year . they dont neeed to go touring every day of the yr . u gotta remember that the enigma and elusiveness of a star makes em even more special . that verse on ´´greeen light ´´ that was a normal verse but so real and fresh.

  • jimmyjoints

    ALSO, compare him to the other historical “greats”, and tell me he doesn’t look better. nas and his publicity stunting ass needs to quit…have common and jay-z aged well? pshhh.

    other than a brief yet severe case of baduism when he got all sing-songy and shit, 3 stacks has been one of the most consistently ill mcs ever.

    g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-gggg U NOT like its 2003 all over again. fuck tha office.

  • will

    Why is this garbage ass blog above Bol’s? This post is only slightly less retarded than the one concerning 50′s rapidly diminishing celebrity being hiphop personified.

  • markeith

    fuck you and your blog

    you just want niggas to read how stupid you sound

    3000 is the fuckin truth for hip hop right now

    plus your postin a blog on xxl. com if you havent noticed them niggaz is fallin off the map its like they lost the love for real hip hop and went to the rap game

    eat a dick nigga(c) ronald stinkmeaner

  • Justice4all

    Who else has the body of work Dre’3000 has? I mean this dude has multi plat hits, countless classic verses, AND… he does it the way he wants to do it. He’s not your favorite rapper that spits about gunz and trash women, he spits on relavent topics that concern us as a people and culture.

  • spa

    But he was always on greatest mc’s lists… at least top 25… I even remember back when blaze magazine came out and ropped their top 100 he was high on that list… everything else you say I agree with though

  • Wil

    Yesterday the blog was about how much of a genius 50 Cent was, and now how overrated Andre 3000 is? Whoever is writing this is fucking retarded.

  • DANJA29

    I think a lot of y’all are missin’ the point. He’s not discounting Andre at all, he’s sayin’ that nigga drops about 3-4 verses a year. He’s practically inactive at this point, so he really can’t be considered one of the best in the game right now. If he came out with an album, or even a single for that matter, he’d be “in the game”. But since he’s been way out of the loop and hasn’t really dropped shit, that kinda moves him out of the running.

  • Dirty Red

    2Gutta you must be one of those people who thinks Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, and Bow Wow writes their own raps. Dre is easily the greatest writer of all time hands down. Jay Z made the most money, 2Pac captured the people but neither of them had more substance than ANY Dre verse.

    Quit hatin the South

  • moresickaMC

    I don’t know why people keep overlooking Big Boi…he is JUST as ill in my opinion. I demand a Big Boi article

  • Frawst

    3 Stacks is straight quality. Look at his work, it speaks for itself. Even when he was singing it was that fire when you listened to the words. The year that SpeakerBox/ The Love Below dropped, the gave Jigga the verse of the year even when “The Day In The Life Of Benjamin Andre” was a 5 min straight autobiography of OutKast and till this day I’ve havent heard anythiing iller that that. from nobody but 3 Stacks himself. He’s been on my #1 list and most likely #1 on you favorite rappers top 10 list, ask Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z and Eminem. Yeah he’s illusive with the verses but when they come its a tsunami. He explained it best on Cool Breeze’s “Watch For The Hook” (Tryin to out do the last verse that i wrote/ That is my curse!) That’s that dude. Sunny MF’n Bridges /3 Stacks

  • Frawst

    Oh Yeah E20 Nas sampled 3000′s voice on the “Rap Game reminds me of the Crack Game”


      actually, nas said that first in “represent” on illmatic.

    • e20

      Frawst, You got it twisted.

      Nas did not sample 3000′s voice on Illmatic. Those bars came from the NAS classic “Represent”. As a matter of fact, Outkast hadn’t dropped their 1st classic cd yet.

      Jay Z sampled both Nas and 3000′s bars on the song “Rap Game / Crack Game”
      off of the Life & Times of S.Carter Vol.1

      Uhh, yeah
      Won’t stop niggaz
      “Somehow the rap game remind me of the crack game” –> [Nas]
      Jigga! Feel me
      People, told ya motherfuckers, told ya
      “See that rap shit is really just like sellin smoke” –> [OutKast]
      Uhh, Roc-a-Fella

  • romil

    5 YEARS FROM NOW THEYLL SAY BIG BOI IS THE NICEST. BECAUSE THEN THEYLL START PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM. Both of these guys are Nice! 2 Different FLows 2 Different styles thats why they always drop classx

    Daddy fat sacks b i g b o i its that s ame mutha that put them nuckles to your eye



  • geico lizard

    you cant expect a new album every year from a rapper and then you judge him each year if he is still good or not. we have dead rappers who havent released new material but we keep them in the top 5 dead or alive so why are you putting so much pressure on andre? i admit i want another outkast album with both of them rapping and i also want a fugees album and dr. dres detox to drop but that doesnt mean dre 3000 or dr. dre or the fugees arent still some of the best to ever do what they do.

  • Word of Mouf

    Whoever wrote this blog is a fucking idiot. Lil Wayne who? 3 STACKS!

  • David

    R u fuckin serious mayne, all u fagits need to stop lettin lil wayne hump yall niggas , he just to oversturated and too overatted….

    this nigga be on everybody song, and come out with one good punch line on that record and people think he destroyed the song….

    one Dre verse in like better than a wayne song….

    and Murs
    are by far the most underatted ever…..

    think im lyin….

    • Rob the Music Ed

      Lupe is INSANE! Joell Ortiz is another lyrical monster.

      You can’t front on Wayne though. With as much as he does, you can’t say he doesn’t love this hip-hop thing. Is he the best right now? High debatable, but I commend his passion for this thing!

  • Mean Greene

    Anybody who says Andre is wack is a bonafide hater.

    Anybody who says Andre aint one of the best is ignorant.

    Anybody who says ya’ll niggas wont jump right back on his dick when he drops another game killing verse is full of shyt.

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    THANK YOU!!!!!!! No disrespect to Outkast but the way I figure it you need at least 3 solo albums to qualify being considered a top 5 MC. (Unless your B.I.G.) Yes he rips the verses on Outkast albums but I pretty sure it would be different if he was responsible for 3 verses a song. Which adds up to about 21-30 verses per album. Not to mention hooks and concepts. ALONE!!! Yes Outkast are legends but I don’t think 3000 should be considered a top 5 MC. Let me hear 3 classic SOLO albums then we can discuss it. Hell I’ll even settle for 2.

    • e20

      So you think anyone can drop a classic cd if they in a group? Get the fukk out of here.

      Andre aint got to drop another track and he will still be a legend. With or without your respect, his music is still classic, his verses have stood the test of time.

      • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

        Did you even read what I wrote? Yes he’s a legend. I just don’t agree that he’s should be in anybody’s top five. That’s my opinion. Read b4 you respond 2 me. Thanx.

        • e20

          I read what you wrote, and I just read it agian, and it still sounds like you think anyone can drop a classic Cd if they’re in a group, just like I commented earlier.


          Andre doesn’t have to drop another track let alone an album and he will still be top 5 material. Thats my opinion, read before you respond to me. THX.

    • http://xxlMAG 213allday

      I happen 2 agree wit JB. I don’t think Andre can carry an album by himself and make it a classic. Most groups aren’t the same when they do music individually anyway. EPMD, Mobb Deep, Tribe, Goodie mob etc. Anyone who says it isn’t easier being in a group as a opposed to being a solo artist is mistaken. Andre legend yes. Top 5 hell fuccing no!!!!! West coast.

  • MikeJones

    Yes 50′s dick is MUCH better..

  • Dre”3000 Out”Peoples

    John Legend Ft.Andre 3000/Green Light

    So,I went hard like madusa starin’ at me
    I told her lets go
    lets leave this lame nigga factory
    she said what kinda girl do you think that i are?
    the kind that you meet at a bar?
    you think you get whatever you want
    cause you some kinda star?
    no,I’m a comet
    and I just want you women
    hey,if i where you
    it’d be me that i’d go home wit
    3 the 1 and only
    1 thing you ain’t conciter
    I heard you when you told ya girl
    ohhh,he can get it
    admit it
    you did it
    lets hop a cab,and split it
    I’m kiddin’,we both going to where you livin’…..listen to the song man!like 239allday said “He murdered that track”

  • Dre”WTF”Peoples

    jb-da b.stuy reppa Shut the hell up.who’s your fav artist?…I bet 3000 got way more material to work with than alot of niggas to argue him being one of the best.expesially wayne!now,like jay-z said.he ain’t got enough cassics or memorable songs,versus,hip-hop quotables or none of that to be mentioned in the same sentance as some of th greats.but guess who does?….3000 out!

  • spirit

    quality not quantity.

    when dre raps, it’s always one of the best verses of the year.

    if his handful of guest verses outshines everyone else’s whole album, guess what? that makes him the hottest of the year…

    hip-hop was built on buzzworthy verses…people were counting LL out till they heard that historic ‘rampage’ verse….busta rhymes ‘scenario verse single-handedly opened the door for his solo career being seriously anticipated…nas’ verse on ‘live at the bbq’ cemented his legend when he was younger than soulja boy is now…and nas’ verse on only built for cuban linx had hip-hop fans worldwide dying for a new nas record

    all that said, your analysis is way off. quality over quantity. it’s always been that way. a catalog of three dope records that are dope front to back will always trump an uneven catalog of 10 records where 5 absolutely suck and 5 are somewhat good. lol. same with hot verses versus these mediocre albums people are releasing.

  • AlSween

    this blog should be inversed. putting out an abundance of bad verses shouldn’t make you the best. and we all know who that is.

  • 19 YR OLD.HipHopArice

    Dog like for real dre good but y’all just being on his dick because that’s the cool thing to do…He is better then most rappers today but really what is that saying ? It aint much comp now like it was in the 1990′s niggas is staright trash now…Like niggas believe wayne the only nigga that can rap good.But than if a nigga look a little different niggas scared to give him a chance..If Dre would have came wit that futuristic shit in 06 to now niggas would have been clowning him but since he a legend and the south hot y’all love him ..SMH!!

  • The Fattest Skinny Man

    Yall wanna talk about get off Andre’s dick…he cool and all but um did somebody fail to point out the tab of a particular artist at the top of the site who aint all dat?

  • yo

    looks like the office has resorted to jacking Bol’s style of blogging.

  • $ykotic

    Good post.

    I have always argued about 3 Stax getting his due.


  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Andre 3000′s career > 50 Cent’s, Lil Wayne’s and Kanye West’s career!!!

  • grp03

    3k is a raging homo…yeah he used to be ill in like the mid 90s, but we are no longer in that. everyone jumps on this dude’s dick even though outkast has been completely garbage since that speakerboxxx album 5 years ago and their brief appearance on International Playa’s Anthem. other than that, they haven’t done anything relevant. does anyone remember how bad idlewild was. (movie and album)

    • SouthCakC23

      how bad idlewild was (movie and album)

      Bitch STFU! Thas wrong with hip hop today…..all this bitchassness…..Thas why Idlewild went platinum bitch. A fucking sound track about the 50′s and it went PLATINUM!!!

      Then you call 3 stacks homo on the internet but damn show won’t say it to his face. Interwebby thugz make me LOL.

      Fuckin assclown.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    It’s not about how many mixtape, featuring or freestyle you doing in a year, it’s about keeping respect and be consistent year after year and that’s why Andre 3000 is in the “hottest” in game right now!!!

  • no

    lupe’s hotterrrrr

  • YG Stanley

    Ni@@a’s is too good for rap now-a-days. I guess they feel like they gotta present a certain message in they rhymes all the time, and if they choose to switch up they must abandon rap altogether. Like the ni@@a’s in the hood just won’t “get it”.

  • iLL

    So I take it you think 50 is hotter huh? Your points are invalid. He’s beyond that mixtape foolishness. From what i can see, Dre dont do this for monetary gain or for status, he do it for the art. Damn who is the hottest, the man delivers. I have to respectfully disagree with the point that he AINT hot. I like the fact he’s not into the commercial gimmickery (if thats a word).

  • daz_oc

    fuck what u heard beeshes!!!!! andre 3 thou is the shit

  • west philly’s finest

    Andre is overrated for the amount he puts out but bar for bar he’s better than your favorite rapper.

    “I dont slang never slung/but i’m one with the slum that has a name well fitting/plenty cheese getting/i guess that’s why they call it the trap/so watch your tail and i’m not kitten” Dre


    Andre form D.E.E.P 1994 Southerplayalistic

    No, I ain’t never been pimped by the system
    That’s because I ain’t no slave
    Don’t be tryin to sunbathe, never lived off in no cave
    Bloody old chap and in this head of mine is full of naps
    And the only thing I know is how to fuck and how to rap
    Y’all think I’m stupid cuz I shoots ‘em up like cupid
    And if you gave me a basketball, I’ll show you how to shoot it
    My head’s polluted cuz I’m truly bobbin to the bottom
    If a pair of Jordan’s came out, y’all figure that I got ‘em
    But no I don’t because I don’t be havin fun
    The gold that I am wearin is really made out of bronze
    It weighs a ton and makin my neck turn green
    And I got a criminal record that will never come clean
    Oh, and it seems that I make babies like a rabbit
    And then never taking care of them has just become a habit
    I grab my tablet and get busy with the pen
    Y’all could not be just like me if y’all was my twin…..

    And that’s just half of the verse!!!

  • wjk92

    Man what is wrong with you dre proved his self man sounds like somebody is hating. if you wanna say get off someones dick then it should be wayne wayne is ok but more than occasionally he spits a verse that is wack saying the first thing he thinks of “who dat, chew dat, swallow” dre is the illest slept on mc just like lupe if you ask me lupe kanye and dre are the top three but just because they don’t talk about gang signs hoes and cars they dont get just due and lets not forget Common.

  • az$$rugerman

    Co-sign.. However Dre still in my top 10 all time.. duke could spit..

  • Sahara

    I LOVE ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!

  • westside kev

    dre is simply one of the best to ever picK a mic up, hop in the booth, if not the very best. Note taken dude needs to put more work out but his lacK of worK adds to his legend in a sense when his fans only have early kast muzik and a couple of verses here and there make you really see and appreciate how much of a beast blood really is. and i also understand the arguement that he can’t be considered one of the hottest today because he has no real body of work except the lonely verse every year but as long as he gets his respect as being amongst the top then i doubt him not being hot @ the moment would even bother him

  • nine xs

    all you wack ass, fake jake, wannabe rap critic muhfukkas talkin that shit about what Wayne AINT on a blog about 3 stax… whereas the man at the center of this piece has gone on record and proudly boasted what Wayne IS… the BEST!! instead of criticizing dude, sit back and enjoy his music, or is it that you can’t keep up? oh wait… the arrogance that is that east coast bias (bullshit as it is) refuses to allow YOU to own up to your own slow grasp of the man’s lyrical content… no substance by the goblin you say? find Nas and tell him hip hop aint dead, “Dr. Carter” just saved its life! bitches

  • http://xxlmag kev

    one of the g.o.a.t groups check three stacks verse on auiqmiai

  • Colron

    Yo, check out John Legends “Green Light” for anybody thats wondering whats the fuss about Andre3000′s verses verses. Its up there in Bangers


    Nobody in the south gives a fuck about this debate. Andre 3K can roast anybody’s favorite rapper if he really wants to, and that includes everybody that wants to rap or ever even tried. Fuck “consistency” or even the idea that he should do “more.”

    Is consistency really that important if you’re not consistently great at your own pace? Because plenty of rappers are consistently wack – all because they have the drug money to fund mixtapes and bullshit tours.

    Does a person’s fanbase dictate the rate at which a person puts out great material? Because if that’s how a star determines his or her star power, they’re doomed to fail because you can never know how the tide will roll. One day you’re the trendsetter, the next day you’re just another turd-burglar.

    Genius artists should not be held to the same standard as an average idiot with access to the studio and enough methamphetamines to finish an album in 48 hours. There will always be a difference in great work that takes time and “good enough” shit that keeps the party going.

    I can bring a gallon of Barton’s Gin to a party tomorrow night, and nigras will be jubilant. But if I bring a regular bottle of Grey Goose, I’m suddenly uppity. But really, I just know that good shit doesn’t have to come in quantity as long as it’s quality.

    And it’ll still get you drunker and happier. In the morning, you might not even feel a hangover, unless you O.D.

    That’s all for now.

  • Willie Blak

    Plain and Simple…… 3 Stacks = Top 5 DEAD or ALIVE!!!!!!!! So you know the routine! Paraphrasing the great Rakim Allah, “D!ck in ya Ear………F~ck what ya heard!” Peace!

    Google the name for the music! Available on

  • The Doc

    Man, you’d think Stankonia never happened the way people so easily forget about Outkast. That album should’ve changed the game. THAT’S what Southern dudes need to copy, NOT none of this crunk/bounce/snap/crank/crack nonsense. It was like a 4 1/2 mic classic to me. I was feelin’ them all the way back to “Playa’s Ball”. When I heard that I knew them dudes was gonna be hot. I’m from the South, and when dudes was on Master P’s jock, I was sayin’ “Naw, Outkast is what’s hot.” Dudes was lookin’ at me crazy.

    Now who’s got the last laugh?

  • MC

    3 staks is nice..He is considerably one of the best that ever blessed a mic. However, i also think he should bring out a solo album and shine. I think he got dope lyrics and have an amazing way of putting the words together but he is not a pac? He is not a Biggie..He is Dre from Outkast. ” similar to Lupe, they both has lyrics with deep substance but it means sht when you confuse half of your audience ” saying something only you understand ” which both does so often…However all of these artist are painting a picture. If you like their painting you buy it, if not respect it…1

  • gbj

    ya’ll need 2 get off of lil waynes or the syrup sippin grimlin faggot. lil wayne is sellin of all hype thanks 2 birdman’s bitch ass.

    XXL- quit dickridin or suckin dick 2 promote dis pussy faggot.

  • James

    Why does every blogger for this website absolutely suck?

  • andrew

    I’m sure you would rather us ride waynes dick.



    Fuck that Idlewild was great.

  • Shawty J

    Firmly agreed. Andre has been ill since day one.I think the reason people just started putting Andre in their hot list is because now that he only raps sporadically they have to appreciate him while they can. I also agree that Big Boi is equally ill.

  • nunya bizness

    Undoubtably, you’re the stan if you didn’t know Dre was in the Top 5. The Love Below should’ve woke everyone up. AND Idlewild is a CLASSIC.

  • Styalz

    Outkast feat. UGK – Int’l Players Anthem

    A3K’s verse in the beginning. ’nuff said.