Just to piggyback off Bol's drop on the subject... Yes, T.I. had to become a confidential informant. He had no other choice. Do the knowledge on this case without the fanboy sunglasses on to distort your vision. Sonn was busted with military issued machine guns. Not them shits you get from the fifty million title pawn shops located in Atlanta. He had the shits that BlackWater USA has access to. The Feds were not gonna let dude walk without finding out where the hole had been sprung in their pipeline. Believe that.

The south runs radio-ready rap music thats for sure, and southern rap artists have no problem singing either. Do you remember when Lil' Wayne gloated after Drama got pinched saying that, "Now Drama has to play the game fair." SMH to Lil' Wayne talking like Drama was on HGH or something. It's a damn shame that a former Hot Boy felt some kind a way that Drama was getting his paper how he lived. Hating someone for getting their hustle on isn't gangster in my book. The fact that Drama had found a way to sell product in a downturning market should have been inspiration for rappers to emulate that man's grind, instead of turning him over to the authorities to slow up his chips.

For even more proof that the south loves snitching I point you in the direction of Rick Ross. He choose the moniker of a former drug kingpin turned informant. The real "Freeway" Ricky Ross had been sentenced to life imprisonment which was reduced to twenty years which was reduced even further because Ross spilled his guts about his operation. The south used to be about rappers like Scarface who represented that real hardbody go out like a man shit into this new get caught snitch do an eight month bid shit.

But that is how fucked the fuck up the game is now. Wack is the new fresh and dumb is the new smart. Several months ago we saw the rapper Plies manager get pinched for trying to bring back Tony Montana. I'm sure someone snitched on him too. Suge Knight was allowed to run roughshod over rap music until Vanilla Ice snitched on him for dangling him over a building parapet. That was the beginning of the end for Suge, and another case of a southern based rapper using the authorities to help them recoup. Shouts to Jeezy for not snitching yet.

I was just reading an article here where Wayne was interviewed and claimed to have been in the rap game for FIFTEEN years. Damn, that's old head status. So if he were really 25yrs old now that would mean he got put on at 10yrs old. That's pretty ridiculous considering there hasn't been another 10y.o. rapper discovered. Don't even try to mention Bow Wow either. That fruitbag is in his thirties. He has that shit what Webster Emmanuel Lewis had that keeps his ass so small.

The prevailing logic is that who would want to listen to a 10y.o. rhyme? For that matter, what the hell would a 10y.o. rap about anyhoo? Stealing candy? Lollipops I suppose. What's really scary is that BirdBrain must have coerced this dude into that whole mafia man-kissing thing way back when Wayne hadn't even passed puberty. At least R. Kelly fucks with bitches that have reached adolescence. Allegedly.

The midwest remains the most hardbody region in the country. Everywhere else is mired in a drought and these folks are steady getting kicked out of their homes from floods. Shout to Cedar Rapids. Too bad that your city has to wear that name literally right now. The chick in the R. Kelly video trial didn't snitch either because she isn't from the south. Shorty got peed on and still played it off. That is hardbody. She knew damn well that she loved the warmth of Kellz pee on her face and she wasn't about to let his indictment ruin her chance to get that again. She might be too old for Kellz now though.

On the real though, I'ma let y'all return to your gangster music. What is that track called again? Lollipop.