From T.I. To C.I.

Just to piggyback off Bol’s drop on the subject… Yes, T.I. had to become a confidential informant. He had no other choice. Do the knowledge on this case without the fanboy sunglasses on to distort your vision. Sonn was busted with military issued machine guns. Not them shits you get from the fifty million title pawn shops located in Atlanta. He had the shits that BlackWater USA has access to. The Feds were not gonna let dude walk without finding out where the hole had been sprung in their pipeline. Believe that.

The south runs radio-ready rap music thats for sure, and southern rap artists have no problem singing either. Do you remember when Lil’ Wayne gloated after Drama got pinched saying that, “Now Drama has to play the game fair.” SMH to Lil’ Wayne talking like Drama was on HGH or something. It’s a damn shame that a former Hot Boy felt some kind a way that Drama was getting his paper how he lived. Hating someone for getting their hustle on isn’t gangster in my book. The fact that Drama had found a way to sell product in a downturning market should have been inspiration for rappers to emulate that man’s grind, instead of turning him over to the authorities to slow up his chips.

For even more proof that the south loves snitching I point you in the direction of Rick Ross. He choose the moniker of a former drug kingpin turned informant. The real “Freeway” Ricky Ross had been sentenced to life imprisonment which was reduced to twenty years which was reduced even further because Ross spilled his guts about his operation. The south used to be about rappers like Scarface who represented that real hardbody go out like a man shit into this new get caught snitch do an eight month bid shit.

But that is how fucked the fuck up the game is now. Wack is the new fresh and dumb is the new smart. Several months ago we saw the rapper Plies manager get pinched for trying to bring back Tony Montana. I’m sure someone snitched on him too. Suge Knight was allowed to run roughshod over rap music until Vanilla Ice snitched on him for dangling him over a building parapet. That was the beginning of the end for Suge, and another case of a southern based rapper using the authorities to help them recoup. Shouts to Jeezy for not snitching yet.

I was just reading an article here where Wayne was interviewed and claimed to have been in the rap game for FIFTEEN years. Damn, that’s old head status. So if he were really 25yrs old now that would mean he got put on at 10yrs old. That’s pretty ridiculous considering there hasn’t been another 10y.o. rapper discovered. Don’t even try to mention Bow Wow either. That fruitbag is in his thirties. He has that shit what Webster Emmanuel Lewis had that keeps his ass so small.

The prevailing logic is that who would want to listen to a 10y.o. rhyme? For that matter, what the hell would a 10y.o. rap about anyhoo? Stealing candy? Lollipops I suppose. What’s really scary is that BirdBrain must have coerced this dude into that whole mafia man-kissing thing way back when Wayne hadn’t even passed puberty. At least R. Kelly fucks with bitches that have reached adolescence. Allegedly.

The midwest remains the most hardbody region in the country. Everywhere else is mired in a drought and these folks are steady getting kicked out of their homes from floods. Shout to Cedar Rapids. Too bad that your city has to wear that name literally right now. The chick in the R. Kelly video trial didn’t snitch either because she isn’t from the south. Shorty got peed on and still played it off. That is hardbody. She knew damn well that she loved the warmth of Kellz pee on her face and she wasn’t about to let his indictment ruin her chance to get that again. She might be too old for Kellz now though.

On the real though, I’ma let y’all return to your gangster music. What is that track called again? Lollipop.


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  • Mike Tieson

    Many African negroes have become accustomed to using fresh monkey shit as hair grease. No homo.


    wtf? this is some real funny shit, shout outs to billy, thats a gangsta of a blog…..

  • you suck so bad

    what a stupid ass post. I thought this was gonna be about TI snitching? you started talking about that then you realized you had nothing else to mention on the subject so you switched over to lil waynes age? you suck.

  • itachi

    stop riding the haters, man. Would T.I. snitch? knowing full well if he did he’d be fucked over more than once..

    • DevilintheFlesh

      So what if he did come clean to the feds?!?….

      I’m sure Billy “Hardbody” Sunday….(no homo) would have chosen to sit in the pen for 10 yrs rather than “snitch” on some people who apparently already “snitched” on you.

      Fuck that shit, yall talk that tough shit damn well knowing you would rather do a quick 1 year bid and get back to chilling with your family and your millions.

      I don’t blame him one bit….get money my nigga….cause you couldn’t do it from behind bars.

  • http://xxl JACOB DA RULER

    wackest post i have read on here…ever

  • waynehater


  • waynehater


  • waynehater


  • dAT DO

    damm, lil wayne is a hater!

  • waynehater


  • yoprince


  • dubbzz

    Shouts to Jeezy for not snitching yet<— Lol

  • the chancellor

    ” Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut!”

    Word to Bobby Milk

  • geico lizard

    welcome back to the blog scene billy X, nicky barnes and frank lucas snitched and they claim new york not the south. freeway the rapper is from philly and he got his rap name from freeway ricky ross too.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    What up Geico Lizard,
    Do you listen to music from Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas?

    So then WTF R U talking about?

    Philly’s Freeway got his nickname because even after he signed the deal with the ROC he lived under the superhighway that runs thru Philly.

    • N.O. in my blood

      you keep bringing…“Now Drama has to play the game fair”…like that is a monumental statement…and it is the truth…i saw the dedication 1 and 2 in the damn mall on a rack…you cant sell a mixtape in the store those beats are super copyrighted and all that…i think you are kinda lame billy ol boy…you be on that bullshit

      • Billy X. Sunday

        Did Drama put them CD’s in the mall himself or did some store owner decide to place them there because they were selling like crazy?

        And when you say mall I don’t really trust you because malls where you live are typically bootlegg

        • DJ Mydas

          yeah, you can sell them shits to Sam Goody on consignment and then they put ‘em on the shelf. They got it in my town, too. The burden of proof for copyrights is then shifted to the person that brings the cd to Sam Goody. Shit still ain’t legal.

  • khal

    lol, kellz def peed all over that bitch. damn shame.

  • 239allday

    Why are there so many cocksuckers that post blogs on xxlmag. Look Billy Boy, You must have wrote this while in the john because this is definitely some horse shit. Why do you insist on shittin on the south. And u obviosly have a personal vendetta against wayne because you spoke more on him than T.I. in which the blog was about. Oh, its horseshit because ur a jackass.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Listen up ladyboys, Santa Claus is fiction. I call shit how I see it in plain terms. Since you were raised by your mothers and your older sisters that makes you all emotional when you get that truth pill.

    What more do you fuckwads need to know about T.I. Sonn was stuck. Sonn was fenced in. He did what he did because at the end of the day he realizes that all that gangster rap talk is a fairytale meant to put YOU niggas in the pen, not him. Period, point blank.

    • og bobby j

      damn…..this nigga billy just murked all you slack-jaw faggots.

      LMAO at ladyboys….

  • Incilin

    “The prevailing logic is that who would want to listen to a 10y.o. rhyme? For that matter, what the hell would a 10y.o. rap about anyhoo? Stealing candy? Lollipops I suppose.” -

    Lmao at that one. Good stuff.

    But as far as southern rappers snitching, my guess is that anyone who woulda got caught like TI with all them guns would have snitched. And although I’m quick to label Tip a snitch, I don’t really blame him for snitching. However, I do blame him for doing it in the first place, and for getting caught. Maybe southern rappers are just getting caught more often?

  • Me

    Funniest blog of the new millenia…Judging from the comments Lil Wayne fans sure are a soft bunch

  • northern california bay area

    tha bay area is tha hardest…

  • render

    No nigga with a mic is a gangster, point blank.

    Niggas pick up mics cause they don’t want to be gangsters. Any rapper in the game gets pressed with 10 to 15, they’re gonna be singing louder than aretha. They aint broke hood niggas whose only real currency is respect and loyalty…they’re living way to comfortable for that

  • king blair

    Your dumb as shit cuz none of you are in the streets or have been in the streets. Street dudes don’t get online and comment about stuff they don’t have knowledge of. If TIP did snitch his federal case log woulda been sealed and would be hard not to know he was an informant. His records are still active and public. The reason he only got one year cuz the evidence was all circumstantial and relied on one solid witness account TIP coulda went to trial and possibly beat it but based on his record he took the smart route. His case wasn’t about TIP going to jail it was about a district atorney trying to shine in a election year.

  • TOOPair

    First off, T.I. got bread. for all you suckers that thinks dude is really gonna tell on a federal source AND NOT GET KILLED in the process , got lyin on lockdown.

    Rick Ross is the same way. he had miles of money to get the best representation. PERIOD, hence O.J. Simpson.

    drama and cannon got the wrong end of the stick, which sucks and weezy don’t even count as a human because he claims he is a martian.

    i would do my time, no matter what, but it don’t make you hardbody because you choose NOT to snitch.

    people are people. you make it seem like there is a league of extraordinary hardbodies somewhere layin low in effin’ dungeons somewhere, who’s sole power is not to snitch.

    you can’t just say there is someone that you know for a fact that wouldn’t snitch!!! bullshit. . .if the right situation comes up, you never know what the hell they would do, honestly.

    big up to people that keep it real,


  • Billy X. Sunday

    You effin meatball,
    There is NOTHING circumstancial about the police getting a search warrant, kicking down your door and uncovering a cache of machine guns.

    Some circumstancial shit would be if you were on the tour bus and they searched that shit looking for weed and found guns. Y’all niggas is making stupid look like your professional aspiration.

    The bitch in the R. Kelly video is hard fucking body. She sat in front of a judge and jury and said that she was NOT the bitch in the video with R. Kelly knowing that she was clearly that bitch.

    Lil’ Kim > hardbody > T.I.

    Lil’ Kim took the weight for her peoples. Lil’ Kim never snitched.

  • kells

    TI told on somebody…how u a multiple time felon getting caught with army guns and u getting 12 months…long bread is cool but it has its limits…TI said something to the govt



    So anyway, yeah, it’s a proven fact that Wayne was dealing with Cash Money at a very young age, and 10 is not out of the question.

    The first Cash Money album Wayne was truly featured on was The B.G.z”. It was him and B.G. Long time ago. Maybe Weezy’s lying about being 25, but how old can this dude really be? I know he’s not 30.

    But on the T.I. topic, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that I can see any way that he got out of this as easily as it’s being sold to the public. But unless it’s being kept ultra quiet (or maybe somebody just hasn’t properly investigated), there hasn’t been a major kingpin arrest around Atlanta since the BMF round up. So if he told the Feds something they didn’t know, it doesn’t seem to be much.

    Let me stop talking about this shit like I know what’s going on, because I’ll admit to anybody reading or listening that I don’t get close enough to the game to know shit about who’s got what or where they put it. That’s on purpose.

    And as far as Drama is concerned, Wayne could have been a bit more eloquent than to suggest that being arrested is what Drama deserved, but…

    Drama was making at least $10k per mixtape. That’s crazy, considering that the money wasn’t circulating properly back to the artists whose names were featured on the tapes. I’m sorry – isn’t the what the fuck is wrong with the real music business?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Arms dealers are NEVER the drug kingpins. BMF drug kingpins would have copped their guns caches from the same middle easterner that T.I. went to.

    Whatever Drama was getting as far as promotional money is whatever whatever. If he is caking up from selling his mixtapes then the artists that he features should have stepped to him and asked him to break them off. If Drama flexed then the artists could have stop feeding him material.

    Drama and T.I. were too cool for some folks in the Cash Money camp. When T.I. started throwing darts in Wayne’s direction is when they decided to target Drama. Going to the RIAA to resolve a situation is bitchmade.

  • 239allday

    Billy ol pal. You’re a fag! Your favorite rapper is prolly Fifty. Why do you talk street shit on the internet. What u Kno about that. Pun intended. You’re similar to clouds, you never touch the streets. What Lil Kim did was stupid, not gangsta, it would have been a lot easier to plead no contest. You honestly think that plastic bitch woulda done that if she was some regular hoodrat and not a rappin hoodrat!!

  • 239allday

    Billy ol pal. You’re a fag! Your favorite rapper is prolly Fifty. Why do you talk street shit on the internet. What u Kno about that. Pun intended. You’re similar to clouds, you never touch the streets. What Lil Kim did was stupid, not gangsta, it would have been a lot easier to plead no contest. You honestly think that plastic bitch woulda done that if she was some regular hoodrat and not a rappin hoodrat!!!

  • laShawn

    amen. bigg shout out to billy this shitt had me crazkin up!! BirdBrain is no hiphop great. hiphop died just after 50 released his debut and its been in a confusin state ever since. even 50 himself is confused, album is called terminate on sight and he takes out singles like ‘wanna lick’ and ‘i like the way she do it’ wats goin wit that. and on that t.i. snitchin shitt, do yall think he the only one? everyones a snitch in this every-man-for-himself world it dont matter wats involved, aint nobody doin hard time for anybody.. t.i. diddy 50 all of em, they aint real

  • mr615

    Who tha fuck let your stupid ass blog on there site is unbelievable! Hi Haters, as usual you up north muthafuckaz OR midwest, what ever your bitch ass is claiming found a way to make it a southern thing! HATE, HATE, HATE! THAT’S ALL YOU KNOW. The Midwest ain’t shit take it from me the world is the world nigga’z are singing in every damn state cause the cop make it easy for a bitch like yourself. Oh, and shawty didn’t snitch cause shawty got paid! Believe that! I really wish xxl would take your hate off the net, 2 many bitchassness nigga’s like you billy! Ignorant as midwest nigga’s killn bitch’s and kids!!!! I DIGRESS

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You so much of a bitch you must have been raised by your grandmother because even your mom couldn’t make you that bitchmade. In math terms you are bitchmade with the little 2 over the ‘E’.

    knowing street shit ain’t no fucking mystery. It’s called supply and demand. Simple simon niggas like you wouldn’t know a real street nigga when he is talking to you because you spent all your life up under your nana because you is a bitch.

    Street niggas be the first niggas to roll over on they mans n thems. How you think police work is done? They contract with the street nigga that is the biggest junkie to tell them who is holding what. Your daddy that you never met is prA’li that junkie nigger.

    Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up and maybe you might learn some real shit about the world bitch nigger. I done seen this shit already and I’m still here.

    If you are so street then tell me what a big eight is?

  • Matt

    Best blog on this site.

  • EffYou

    The term “bitchassness” sounds gay as fuck..It’s funny when yall down south niggas get mad when anybody say shit about yall..Shit,some of yall main down south artists got up north swag..quit bein so sensitive

  • Kornphlake

    What’s a big eight? Ball? Not street at all, as are most of your readers probably.

  • 239allday

    AY billy bob, when u speak of a big eight, are you referrin to that white. I don’t know bout that, I stick to the green. But you really hurt me with that post. If youre a real street nigga, then you’re right, I wouldn’t know any street niggas.

    Oh and EffYou, F-U.

    Quit Hatin The South!!!