Don’t Call It A Comeback…

So it turns out that I wasn’t fired just yet. Me and accounts payable had some serious issues (read: my money bitches) and we managed to straighten them out. My advice to all of you that want to write down your thoughts for a living is to stay living in your parent’s basement because there ain’t no money in this shit. Okay, there’s a little bit of money, and there are fringe benefits like copious amounts of free alcohol and the occasional date with some young piece of tail interning for a public relations firm, but this shit better not be your get-rich-quick scheme.

I knew for sure I was done here when they created a category on the site for ‘Lil Wayne’. That’s big shit considering there are no other rappers in the game with their own listing at this website. The ‘Carter III’ must be a phenomenal album (read: massive Universal kickbacks to Harris Publ). I haven’t received my press copy (read: .rar download) yet so I will wait to give it a listen before I make any comments. Who knows, the ‘Carter III’ might just be what the games been missing (read: BXS angles for some UMG kickback loot).

To tell you the honest truth, I have been listening to the Wale ‘Mixtape About Nothing’ for two straight weeks ever since I got my copy. This is the best mixtape to drop since last year’s ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ mixtape from KanYe West. Wale got lyrics and he got depth as a rapper. I never listened to sonn as hard as I am now. He came up in the game so properly too. Nothing but constant hard work. No arrests, no press conferences, no clothing lines or alcohol endorsements. Just good ass rap music. Sonn has sick punchlines throughout the CD and the meanest reference to Oksana Baiul.

If you still don’t have this mixtape you are missing the best rap album of 2008 so far. I know y’all humps love to steal your rap music since all your money goes to the weed man and 10XDEEP knows your steez as well. Get the mixtape FREE here – WALE ‘The Mixtape About Nothing’

Another mixtape I have been fucking with is the joint called ‘TANYA MORGAN (is a rap group)’. These are some dudes out of Brooklyn that have a nice little Dilla vibe behind what I’m sure some of you would call hipster rap lyrics. This joint has been out for a minute so I imagine all of you cats have this joint by now. If not, download it from here – ‘TANYA MORGAN (is a rap group)’.

Did you copp that Jean Grae x 9th Wonder joint ‘Jeanius’? You need that joint in your life too. It’s been too long since we heard a female bring some life to the microphone. Jean Grae is better than 95% of the fools on the radio now. She’s definitely better than that dude you love to hear. Its funny how just three months ago I wasn’t excited for anything other than the Roots new album. Now, I want to hear more Wale and the new Common, and the new NaS, and the new Fifty Cent, and even the new T.I.

That’s what good rap music can do. It can open you up for more good music.

It feels good to be back in front of you. Thanks to all of you that politicked on my behalf. Let’s get it.

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  • defineMc

    Billy X for Mayor!!!!

    Wale is fucking killing it….nice post

  • raoul

    Hey Billy good to have you back. Give us some cool posts again and none of that garbage we used to get when you were depressed. By the way, when are you coming to South Africa?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    South Africa is def on my list, but y’all are behind Cuba, Brazil, Rome and Cairo.

    Who knows, maybe if a deal pops up I will make the jump.

  • Liam

    nice, this place was getting lame

  • Thhee

    Tell me your looking forward to L.A.X.

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  • E

    Damn homie, good to have you back. i kept coming to this shit site for the past week seeing if you had any new drops, i even forced myself to read one of Bol’s post but competition was Nada.


    I mean, seriously. Purse first; ass last. Shout to XXLMAG for cutting the check. Shit was looking grim around here for a minute.

    But yups, as I predicted months back, C3 is dope. I’ve been knocking it consistently until yesterday when I copped the new Coldplay. Yes, that new Coldplay. Shit’s also dope. Check track #3; I’m pretty sure Kanye produced it.

  • Jovan

    Glad to have you back in in this piece. We need an old head blogger who knows the ledge when it comes to Hip Hop.

    I guess I’ll have to treat bloggers like rappers now…if I want quality then I’m going to have to comment to pay my dues like I cop two copies of my favorite albums to make sure my favorite rapper’s favorite rapper gets the props they deserve.

    I been bumping that Wale shit for a minute as well. Sun really is the truth. Wayne has about 3 jawns on his album as well. It isn’t a classic but he showed some growth on Mr. Carter ( Jay got him though ) A Milli, and Dr. Carter is the best I’ve ever heard Wayne. He actually sounds like he cared about what he was spitting.

    • DA TRUTH

      JAY MURDER REDRUM lil wayne on mr. carter, Kanye Murderrrrrrrrrrrrrrred him on lolli pop remix. lil wayne has ben garbage since he stopped writing his lyrics. he only sounds good next to these non rapping so call trappers. you put him up against ANY real mc the respects the art they will kill him.

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  • Penelope Rodriguez

    *cries ’cause billy’s back*

    I thought you were gone. This site was feeling empty.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    You held out until they fired Noz, huh? “It’s either me or him!” … nice.

    Bloggers are like boxers and rappers, they never really retire. I knew yo’ stankin’ ass was gonna step back into the arena …

    i’ve been waiting for a “Mmmmmmm droooop” *Beastie Boys*

  • Incilin

    Good to see you back in action. I told we all told Harris Pub to “pay this nigger” months ago.

  • PH

    “back on the scene, with a pocketful of green”

    WELCOME BACK…I didn’t believe it till my boy forwarded your lastest…

    just when I thought I was out they keep pulling me back in!

    OK you better discuss the Jay Z- A Billie freestyle, Obama’s “pound” and hardbody hitlist: summer edition!


  • cold war kid


    And that Wale freestyle on the Roots “Star” beat might be the hardest shit I heard all year…

  • the chancellor

    Mr. Sunday please allow me to welcome you back!

    Ya I’m coppin that wale shit…his shit on the roots is bananas!

    Did they get julia louis-dreyfus to do a drop on there? That’s insane if they did…

    *in his best jimmy conway impression*
    “It’s gonna be a good summer!”

  • Larry Brite

    whaddup BILL!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    XXL fam what the fuck is really good?

    UnderWriter, you already know I put my bread before any broads.

    That Wale shit is a fucking heat rock. I ain’t stop playing the shit since I got it from him after he did a show. Sonn was passing ‘em out himself.

    That’s that new old shit for rap music. When dudes used to be their own street team.

    Should I even bother putting the Lil’ Wayne album on my laptop? Or will I be mad at myself afterwards?

    No fanboy shit, let me know whats really, really ‘hood.

  • Combat Jack

    Billy, that Nas “Nigger Mixtape” is fuego mayne!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Combat Jack,
    What up my nigga? Yeah streets is talking about that NaS shit. I’ma put that on my computer right now.

  • No Mames Buey

    Little Brother “And Justus For All” rereleased as a proper studio album.


    Phonte = rap’s MVP from a skills sold truth be told perspective, not a ghey swag media-saturated perspective non-skills perspective like the MTV list.

    Supposedly another Foreign Exchange, & Phonte solo, & 80s tribute album with Zo, are dropping by early 2009

    Then 2003-09 the dope Phonte album count
    4 LB studio albums
    2 LB mixtape albums of entirely new songs > most “actual studio albums”
    2 Foreign Exchange studio albums
    1 Phonte solo
    1 Zo 80s

    “That’s a 1 dope album every 0.7 year average”

  • HERM

    The best rap album of ’08 so far, in my opinion, is that Mood Muzik 3. Shit’s definitely dope. But I’m gonna have to check out that Wale shit.

    Sunday, I ‘preciate it!

  • henry

    welcome back

    the roots album disappointed me, ive been listening to more rock

  • yaboy

    MM3, wale (both his tapes) dont forget “100 Miles and Running”

    and the new nas mixtape… life is good…

    btw, the wayne aint bad… got a couple joints on there…


    I mean, it’s better than you’d expect. Of course I know you don’t expect much. To be honest, I’ve been the same way about Wale since Jay Electronica got all that hype and came janky [NL].

    Tell you what, I’ll go ahead and cop Jeanius and The Mixtape About Nothing. You get Wayne, and we’ll call it even.

    Matter of fact, I might even get The Nigger Tape before the day’s over. This is a good summer for Hip-Hop so far.


    Billy….If you don’t mind me asking (which you probably do)….How much do you make?

    A couple GILLI’s a year.

  • Embry

    Tonya Morgan are from both Brooklyn & Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Didn’t your daddy ever tell you it was bitchmade homosexual tendency to ask a man what he is holding in his pockets, front or back?

    XXL pays me enough that I want my shit.



      Your the fag crying about your scratch….

      It sounds like your grabbing your ankles and your butt hurt about your bank account.

      You proved my point.

  • clarknova

    I’m genuinely sorry you’re back, Billy. You dumb down the quality of debate here with your bullshit. I don’t wish firing on any man but I was kinda happy to see you go nonetheless. Oh well. Like I’m sure you’re about to point out (between homo and Lil Wayne references, your two pet hates), I can always go somewhere else… and I will. It stinks up in here.


    now you need that green latern and nas nigger mixtape and the carter 3 is such a disappointment waiting almost 3 years or more for a microwave burrito. is not cool i expected some grand epic shit well at least the N.E.R.D cd came out this week

  • Billy X. Sunday

    My badd Kletewood if you never met your father.


    Good to have you back Billy! Send me your pay pal account….I’ll throw a $50 spot your way.

  • Billy X. Sunday


    Looking for that Grant to supplement this X spot money