Rap music is firmly entrenched as pop music now. And just like everything else in the popular culture universe, from reality shows to daytime television, the world turns on a soap opera.

The Fisty Scent saga with his weedcarriers is never ending. When is Lloyd Banks going to get into the act? Between Tony Gheyo pimp smacking children to an actual woman named Shaniqua burning down houses and now a confused Young Bucktooth, Fisty Scent doesn't even need to release a record to be an entertainment powerhouse. Why isn't there a reality show on t.v. now following him around. We would get to see firsthand exactly how close Gheyo keeps it [ll].

The Young Bucktooth reply almost flew up as fast as the taped phone call too. Damn, the internets doesn't wait a fucking minute. This shit ain't like the old days when we would have to wait months to get a reply on vinyl. I just read a news article that said that vinyl sales were on the rise. Who the fuck is buying records now? I mean who has a record player anyhoo. I know who is buying CD's though. Thirteen year old white girls a/k/a the Miley Cyrus Soulja Boy demographic. Generation P for puberty. P is also what R. Kelly likes to do to these chicks.

Lil' Wang is about to do Milli Vanilli Ice numbers with the 'Carter III'. I'm not surprised either since that album does have the new millenium 'Macarena' on it. I went through a week of hearing 'Lollipop' in so many different places I just had to laugh. Baseball stadiums are using it to warm up crowds. Never mind the lyrics of the song. Its not like he's telling people to 'Superman that ho'. That is also pop music's greatest advantage. It can take anything decent and innocuous and transform it into something ribald.

Lil' Wang and Young Bucktooth are going to be the stories of the summer. Fuck that new NaS album. I was waiting on the Gayme's latest album as well, but it looks like Fisty Scent is going to drown out dude's voice with all of his shenanigans. The G Unit album wasn't even high on list of shit to fuck with despite the few tracks I had already heard having some fire to them. Now I wanna listen to that album just to see if Fisty admits to burning down his house. Rap dudes stay telling on themselves.

What do you think is next for Kanghey? I can't imagine that dude to let all these cats get headlines while he only gets bylines. This shit is hee fucking larious. I can't forget about the little general T.I. either. Or drunk ass Jeezy. I'm glad school is out so I can just fucks with crap music and all of its characters. The south stays losing though. No matter how many records Lil' Wang sells.