A Milli… Vanilli

Rap music is firmly entrenched as pop music now. And just like everything else in the popular culture universe, from reality shows to daytime television, the world turns on a soap opera.

The Fisty Scent saga with his weedcarriers is never ending. When is Lloyd Banks going to get into the act? Between Tony Gheyo pimp smacking children to an actual woman named Shaniqua burning down houses and now a confused Young Bucktooth, Fisty Scent doesn’t even need to release a record to be an entertainment powerhouse. Why isn’t there a reality show on t.v. now following him around. We would get to see firsthand exactly how close Gheyo keeps it [ll].

The Young Bucktooth reply almost flew up as fast as the taped phone call too. Damn, the internets doesn’t wait a fucking minute. This shit ain’t like the old days when we would have to wait months to get a reply on vinyl. I just read a news article that said that vinyl sales were on the rise. Who the fuck is buying records now? I mean who has a record player anyhoo. I know who is buying CD’s though. Thirteen year old white girls a/k/a the Miley Cyrus Soulja Boy demographic. Generation P for puberty. P is also what R. Kelly likes to do to these chicks.

Lil’ Wang is about to do Milli Vanilli Ice numbers with the ‘Carter III’. I’m not surprised either since that album does have the new millenium ‘Macarena’ on it. I went through a week of hearing ‘Lollipop’ in so many different places I just had to laugh. Baseball stadiums are using it to warm up crowds. Never mind the lyrics of the song. Its not like he’s telling people to ‘Superman that ho’. That is also pop music’s greatest advantage. It can take anything decent and innocuous and transform it into something ribald.

Lil’ Wang and Young Bucktooth are going to be the stories of the summer. Fuck that new NaS album. I was waiting on the Gayme’s latest album as well, but it looks like Fisty Scent is going to drown out dude’s voice with all of his shenanigans. The G Unit album wasn’t even high on list of shit to fuck with despite the few tracks I had already heard having some fire to them. Now I wanna listen to that album just to see if Fisty admits to burning down his house. Rap dudes stay telling on themselves.

What do you think is next for Kanghey? I can’t imagine that dude to let all these cats get headlines while he only gets bylines. This shit is hee fucking larious. I can’t forget about the little general T.I. either. Or drunk ass Jeezy. I’m glad school is out so I can just fucks with crap music and all of its characters. The south stays losing though. No matter how many records Lil’ Wang sells.

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  • Mean Greene

    Waste of life…

    • MOE


  • d_major

    u must be running out of shit to write about…….and i must b running out of shit 2 read.. u got me there

  • http://xxlmag.com Cal

    It would be safe to say that the generated hype is also going to hurt wayne’s #’s after everyone finally realizes what a shit sandwich it is then sales will drop hard. I don’t think any wayne hater had a doubt in mind that the album would do well first week sales and all but i’m sure it aint hit 3,4 milli mark!

  • http://mysapce.com/marko4aoc Marko-V

    Midwest Stand Up! Yea Marko-V from the Lou reporting and representing. This summer is going to be a bust. I didn’t buy Lil Wayne’s album and judgin by The Nigger Tape, I gotta listen to Nas’ new joint before I spend hard earned money on some shit he puts out about God knows what. Unfortunately, he’s gotten scatterbrain on me (pause). Buck and the whole Aftermath roster is garbage now to me. This includes Busta Rhymes (that nigga just got 2 much body weight now), Bishop Lamont (tired of rappers talkin wreckless then throwin GOD in there to make them seem smart), Game (Pain is boring and his flow is gettin 2 predictable) and G-Unit (50 finna quit rappin and Buck should 2 cuz what type of credibility does he have now)…where Eve at? How Bus drop another album and no Rae’s Cuban Links 2? This shit is just wack. I bought the Cool Kids album and after 3 listens I got tired of it. Can anyone tell me who has a buzz worth following?

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Fuck with Wale (wah-lay), or stop listening rap for a few months and get your rock music on.

    You bought Cool Kids?

    Damn homey.

    • http://myspace.com/marko4aoc Marko-V

      Damn, I heard of dude yet didn’t pay too much attention. I’ma find a way to cop the mixtape tho. Again, I’m in the Lou. Niggaz not bumpin Wale in they oldschools on Natural Bridge and Kingshighway on a Sunday at the park.

  • 239allday

    You win Mr. Sunday. Your points are now valid to me. And I don’t know why dude was criticising Busta Bus when he bought that cool kids album. LOSER.



    • nellz

      that n.e.r.d album was a waste of money…i shoulda just downloaded that shit.

  • http://dronkmunk.com dronkmunk

    This was your best post ever. Let me find out Bol is ghostwriting your shit!

    Seriously tho. I LoL’d

  • Worley

    “Between Tony Gheyo pimp smacking children to an actual woman named Shaniqua burning down houses and now a confused Young Bucktooth, Fisty Scent doesn’t even need to release a record to be an entertainment powerhouse.”

    Classic material.

  • Simba

    U mad?

  • Sign O’ Da Times

    Tony Gheyo… Kanghey… Gayme??? WTF dude. I thought we were done twisting names up after jr. high. Your hate is off the charts bro. Too bad cant say the same for your maturity.

  • http://abrahamreyes9.blogspot.com/ Abraham Reyes 9

    Lil wayne aint been hot since the hot boys this is just him doin his thing but like everyone says he a sellout keep doing ya than crackhead

  • render

    LOL at dude who bought the cool kids album

    You might as well of wiped ya ass with that 10 dollars

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Even though sonn lost buying that Cool Kids album Hip-Hop won because at last he bought something.

    Whats the last album or CD any of you jokers purchased with your allowance?

  • Martians > Thugs

    Carter III

  • TyTy

    This was hilarious… thnks Billy

  • iLL

    “The south stays losing though”

    Imagine that thought. I take it you from Boo York. The South has been 8 years strong. Nothing relevant is coming from the North and when it does it requires a southern artist or producer or southern feel to get some sort of spin. Cyphers arent hot anymore people get over it.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    “Cyphers arent hot anymore people get over it.”

    LOL. That’s my favorite line of the week.

  • chad bro chill

    its tru im glad all these stories are coming out now this young buck and 50 shit is gonna be hilarious its like watching two bitches yell at each other in the hallway you know theyre not gonna hit each other or anything but that doesnt mean they cant throw some verbal jabs and leave the other one with a bruised ego

    and im sorry but id much rather superman a ho then lick it like a lollipop thats some gay shit

  • http://www.theroyaltytakeover2.blogspot.com Yoda

    You suck…

  • Matt

    this is good shit.

  • thisis50

    U can tell Billy Ho liday is a hater damn get of these mens dicks i bet u wont print this cause its true.Dont worry as the man once said I need you to hate i use it for my energy.Keep on hating ho liday the world wont stop biatch.

  • bigpatty

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  • HipHopFive15

    Straight hatin son! Hahaa but shit is all gravy that had some truth to it

  • http://nope fuck you billy nigga

    fuck off homo

  • boltfromthablue

    the last 3 cd’s i bought…Ghostface Big doe rehab, Clipse hell hat no fury, UGK double CD

    i will be copin Saigon if/When that drops

    • squadwildin

      Last five cds i bought….
      1Definition of real-plies.
      2Ego trippin
      3savage life 2
      4big doe rehab
      5.the cool

      I purchase music too…just the good shit tho. never would have bought cool kids. i downloaded one song and that shit was garbage. one listen and i deleted it.

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  • http://xxl chuks

    you are a smasher billy. your comments have made my day

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    ^ We have fun over here. Glad you came thru.

  • http://xxl King Jacob

    dude, u might be the biggest hater on the net…face it, the south has taken over, and you just like the Lakers…You can’t handle “THE TRUTH”!

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    Yea Billy, you are a major hater. The BEST RAPPER of ALL TIME hails from the South, and the south is just killing to the game right now and will for a long time.

  • Bolyfromthablue

    FALL BACK the south has like 10 artists that are worth listning to i’ll name em

    Jeezy (ish)

    damn did’nt make ten through in Weezy and erm…ross or something

  • Ryan

    I have a turntable and purchase mostly vinyl, unless it’s something I can’t find on record or I know it won’t be pressed on vinyl. A lot of the stuff I find are vinyl LP’s and 7” with a limited run (500 or 1000 usually), so they are more collectible and fun to hunt for in record stores. That and old out of print albums I have downloaded but want a hard copy of. Searching for it makes you appreciate it more.

  • hip hop

    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!


  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Lil’ Wang and Young Bucktooth are going to be the stories of the summer. Fuck that new NaS album. I was waiting on the Gayme’s latest album as well, but it looks like Fisty Scent is going to drown out dude’s voice with all of his shenanigans.

    ^^^^I ain’t even seeing Game lol.

    The Young Buck/50 conversation will be the talk of the summer, like you said, and will go down as the biggest event this year in hip hop. LMAO

  • FaMe

    My question is, did anybody actually even buy that bullsh*t G Unit that came out like 2 weeks ago. I doubt it. And to answer your question, the last cd I bought was Tha Carter III. But the real question should be what was the last album you downloaded because all the good music is being given away. IE – Wale’s Mixtape About Nothing and Mighty Infamous’ Urgent Patience


  • http://www.xxlmag.com the chancellor

    I just copped that Roots shit, mainly cause of Wale, but that mixtape about nothing is that piff!!

    Got that too. Sunday u a fool for this one. They need to get you a front office gig cause you stayin on course like Rand McNally!!! I got an appointment…out!

    • boltfromthablue

      if you like that Wale shit then you need to check out, Tanya Morgan, Little Brother & Slum Village

  • Combat Jack

    ^”This shit ain’t like the old days when we would have to wait months to get a reply on vinyl.”

    Werd bond!


    Yo Billy.

    This shit cracked me up.

    “How close Gheyo keeps it [ll].

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Is that supposed to be A TYPED replica of Tony Gheyo’s BUTTHOLE?

    Wow…who taught you that one? The accountants at XXL.

  • P-Matik

    No wonder you killed the cRap Music Fantasy League. I mean really, who can keep up with all this BS??

  • ChevyBoy

    Swa-g-ger. WALE. Mixtape about nothing. DOPE. DOPE DOPE DOPE. Cop it at Elitaste.com. 50 sucks dick…erm, Wayne’s new shit is cool but he needs to lay off the lean. Yessir!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com the chancellor

    “Rich off of grammer, like I’m managin Frasier, Cheers!”

    This kid is the future, I don’t wanna read some dumb shit like, he sounds like lupe and this and that. No! This is real hip hop right here. Since he’s on Interscope now, Iovine and co.better not drop the ball on this dude.


    Although I disagree about fif being wack, u and the chevyboy still cool cause you fuck with Wale. I don’t even care if I sound like a stan. Is it me? I just can’t stop listening to this shit. Oh ya Julia-Louis Dreyfus did a drop too. Fuckin Elaine Benes! That is the epitome of hardbody.

    Fine. Fuck It. Done. Fin

  • niggafrommemphis

    You a straight ho for writin that shit.i know you got to be white cuz black folks aren’t as ignorant as the shit you write.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Right now Wale mixtape is getting constant spins on my system.

    Get that for free here


    Peep this drop and learn about the [ll] symbol.