This blog will hopefully get what's left of your imagination flowing. Here at XXL we spend so much time spewing endless knowledge that you, the readers, rarely get a chance to really create. And I've been told by my employers that user driven content is more profitable valuable because it doesn't cost us a thing. So here's the assignment for today: pretend I wrote something timely about rap music in this space and then respond in form. It can be anything pertinent to the hip hop nation - a beef, a brawl, a shooting, a scuffle, a stabbing, a tussle, a caterwaul, some static, or perhaps a few high profile artists coming to fisticuffs. There's a wide variety of hypothetical hip hop news to choose from. If you really wanted to color outside the lines you could speculate about an artists sexuality or discuss the release date of a highly anticipated album being pushed back. Extra credit will be granted if you can tie your topic to a contentious race issue, real or imagined. Consider it blog comment Choose Your Own Adventure. Or Mad Libs[1] I want to see all my fruitflies turn into brilliant fireflies. It's your time to shine.

Who stole the last piece of chicken? Where dem dollars at? Whut the album? Speak on it. These comments aren't writing themselves, people!

[Posse On Hillbilly Heroin T-Minus 3]

[1] And I'm not talking about that guy who plays the melody to "Superstition" with one finger and then multitracks it, though he is a genius!