Your Favorite Rapper Has Been Shot!

This blog will hopefully get what’s left of your imagination flowing. Here at XXL we spend so much time spewing endless knowledge that you, the readers, rarely get a chance to really create. And I’ve been told by my employers that user driven content is more profitable valuable because it doesn’t cost us a thing. So here’s the assignment for today: pretend I wrote something timely about rap music in this space and then respond in form. It can be anything pertinent to the hip hop nation – a beef, a brawl, a shooting, a scuffle, a stabbing, a tussle, a caterwaul, some static, or perhaps a few high profile artists coming to fisticuffs. There’s a wide variety of hypothetical hip hop news to choose from. If you really wanted to color outside the lines you could speculate about an artists sexuality or discuss the release date of a highly anticipated album being pushed back. Extra credit will be granted if you can tie your topic to a contentious race issue, real or imagined. Consider it blog comment Choose Your Own Adventure. Or Mad Libs[1] I want to see all my fruitflies turn into brilliant fireflies. It’s your time to shine.

Who stole the last piece of chicken? Where dem dollars at? Whut the album? Speak on it. These comments aren’t writing themselves, people!

[Posse On Hillbilly Heroin T-Minus 3]

[1] And I’m not talking about that guy who plays the melody to “Superstition” with one finger and then multitracks it, though he is a genius!

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  • Incilin

    I don’t even get what we’re supposed to do. And even if I did have a clever idea I’d just post it on my own blog. Plus, considering that most of the more intelligent and or creative commenters on this site seem to have their own blogs it’s wonder why anyone would let their creative juice be a profit for this site. Or maybe I just don’t get the assignment.

  • Maurice Garland

    I personally think that Soul Food was a better album than Still Standing. I always thought that I was in the majority on that stance, but as of late I’m noticing people thinking the other way around. I liked Still Standing and what it had to offer, but I dont know, I guess I’m just a sucker for nostalgia.

    Oh yeah Noz, since you mentioned it…yes I do think that Boots is probably Hip Hop’s most slept on MC. In fact, he and Killer Mike just might be the last MC’s walking the earth that people in the offices are actually afraid of. Add M-1 and Stic to that too.

    Oh yeah, I couldn’t leave without saying this. That line where you hinted at video hoes falling off tremendously…I agree. We don’t even know these hoes names anymore. Who are they? I might just blog about that tomorrow to further explain my point.

  • …..


    Kanye west has recently been announced by MTV as the “HottestMc in the Game”. He has a sold out tour, platinum status album and now a mixtape that listeners are considering a “classic”.

    Kanye West: Graduation The Musical
    DJ: Stanley Logan (

    Kanye has gone on record stating that he doesnt make “40 records and choose” his approach is moreso creating about 14 records and working on them for a very long time. With that said,it seems that a lot of the samples he uses become more of a way of paying homage to the artist rather than just “a hot sample to flip” as some producers do.

    The mixtape above features Kanyes music as well as the samples blended together in fashion that could only serve as a tribute to each artist, including Kanye.

    In the past he has recieved a ton of flack for always using samples, but compared to other producers, he really doesnt seem to be mass producing music. The music he makes serves more of a purpose than anything else. And that purpose is to inspire.

  • render

    homie I can’t believe you just wrote that hiphop is “lazy porchmonkey noise that is only bearable when perfected and appropriated by aryan visionaries like El-P and the insane clown posse”

    Can’t fuck with this nazi ass blog no more

    • Bol


  • bding7

    is paper chase on vol. 1 or 2? amazing post,by the way.

  • Sonic

    Breaking news, this just in. Just a few hours ago backstage at The Source Awards, platinum selling rapper 50 Cent was assaulted by fellow artist Lil Wayne and his entourage. Sparked by comments made by Mr. Cent earlier in the year he was caught backstage (where his security detail was, who knows?) and confronted by Wayne about some of his earlier comments about the Cash Money Records artist. Mr. Jackson (50 Cent) responded by throwing a haymaker at the shorter artist who dodged the blow and responded by jumping on 50 along with his entourage of around 15 people. (No Homo) They proceeded to pummel Mr. Cent and his bandmates Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo until being pulled off him by the authorities. The paramedics quickly escorted the G-Unit members away in an ambulance. Wayne however was uninjured and when asked if the state would be pursuing charges Officer Rios responded, “Probably not, nobody really likes 50 cent anyways besides white boy gangsters and teenage girls so we look at it like Mr. Wayne did everybody a favor.”

  • Maurice Garland

    oh yeah, i forgot to add…Da Organization is probably the only other crew out of Atlanta other than the Dungeon and perhaps the Attic that never really got their just due as an entire collective all at the same time.

    why don’t you post “Back Door Jody” tomorrow?

  • Casey

    I agree, it’s not suprising at all to see that Prodigy got raped in jail.

  • ceedat

    You right bro Dallas is the next city to popoff and it is astonishingly smilar to some early NY type shit, down to the one or two standouts, Tum Tum & DSR, Mr. Lucci and Mr. Pookie and a slew of young cats picking up mics like its 1988

    • ceedat

      Or maybe more like early N.O. *rack daddies away*

  • Billy X. Sunday

    This drop was bananas.

    I love Mad Libs.

    I’m killing myself for not going out to the J-Period B.I.G. tribute party tonite.

  • Smitty

    Speaking of cities popping off, I disagree that Dallas will be the next city to popoff. Unfortunately for it the label machine has already had its fascination with Texas and that came out of houston. And now its moved on, still looking for that next region or area to pop off. What about Boston? And being from the southwest how have we not heard some like tejano rap (bad word choice there) but southwestern influenced rap, perhaps by hispanic artists? I am sleeping on this shit? Like I cant think of anybody that I would say damn thats southwest…50 signed that Hot Rod guy outta Phoenix I think a couple years ago, right as he was cellaring the best M.O.P album in a dungeon at his house, never to see the light of day, but I never heard a peep from high and I am from Tucson. Thanks for the brain stimulus noz…and ceedat

    BTW where can i find that multitracked superstition on one hand…is it off the Stevie LP? I need some more Madlib and MF Doom where those motherfuckers been

  • brandon soderberg

    Loved the BOSS write-up on ‘Life n a Day’ by Chocolate. I hadn’t thought about the album in a while! You even provided a zshare link to it! HOT DOG!

  • Them

    You need to get off this lazy meta-blogging bullshit and get back on top of slaving Hip-Hop. It’s like my favorite blogger has been shot. You know what they say: it’s better to burn out than fade away.

  • AJG Da Aviator

    Yeah i agree, I think Kanye did do a rumplestilskin on the industry. Baically he gather all his great thoughts on Graduation. He feel asleep and his dreams became Regestration. Alas!! When he awoke, all his memories before sleeping cam back to him, we have Graduation which by far in my opinion is best next to College Dropout. Drop out to me has to become a Diamond status CLASSIC!!!

    Im waiting on MY SPACESHIP, so I can go and TOUCH THE SKY, fall back to Earth and witness FLASHING LIGHTS!!!

  • gerald n. the birdman

    Those gay-sex polorides of Kwest tha Madd Ladd and Jay-Z from 87′ just destroyed my entire world view.

  • KQ

    Noz, I cant belive you’re trying to suggest Slick Rick might’ve been raped in jail just like that Houston cat…

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