Posse On Blogway (Mar. 26, 2006 – May 28, 2008)

“It is no exaggeration to talk of compulsion. There are possibly some journalists who take a real pleasure in publishing horrible things or who, being poor, look to scandals as forming a sort of permanent basis for an income. But there are other journalists, I feel certain, men of education and cultivation, who really dislike publishing these things, who know that it is wrong to do so, and only do it because the unhealthy conditions under which their occupation is carried on oblige them to supply the public with what the public wants, and to compete with other journalists in making that supply as full and satisfying to the gross popular appetite as possible. It is a very degrading position for any body of educated men to be placed in, and I have no doubt that most of them feel it acutely.” – Oscar Wilde, 1891

“Peace party people, ha ha see you later” – Marcel Hall, 1987

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  • http://www.sportaphile.com Chuck

    So Noz and XXL had a bad split huh?….. sorry to see you go

    • http://www.cocaineblunts.com/ noz

      “So Noz and XXL had a bad split huh?”

      Not particularly.

  • Pierzy

    Damn Noz…you’ll be missed kid!



  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Dam when I first started reading this site it was you, Bol, YN, Tara, kris ex, Sickamore, and Drama blogging. (At least that’s how I recall it). Now, everyone but Bol is gone.

    I usually didn’t agree with most of your opinions, and occasionally a post would go over my head. And somehow I still feel like you’ll be missed.

    • Pierzy

      Yeah, it feels like that was the original line-up and now (almost) all are gone.

    • ST

      true words



    • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

      Ohh word, you right. I forgot all about her. But she aint really post all that much. But yeah, those were the days.

  • ST


    With you and Billy X. gone I can pretty much un-bookmark this site.

    that’s what ya’ll get for some grown men talk.

    You did very good work brother, I hope to continue to follow your sure to be long and successful career.

  • pileofshirt69

    You’re the best at what you do noz. Thanks for keeping it consistent. I look forward to hopefully more from you from http://www.cocaineblunts.com

  • pileofshirt69

    Wait, noz, you still didn’t give us that long awaited post about why you think “Volume 3″ is Jay’s best album.

    • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

      He’s got a point there.

  • D Frank AKA MC Shit

    As a musician and fan of music in general, you presence here was very welcome to me. Hip hop culture and my obsession with it is kind of a guilty pleasure to me especially because I’m white. But you fuck with me and are an intelligent (i didn’t say scholarly) writer and that’s what’s up. You know I stay on them cocaine blunts too because that’s what’s happenin YEEEYAHHH

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka 7Body Sin aka It’s A Myspace Link

    damn man, Jersey lost anotha soldier….

    Noz, 1-Love!




  • Matthew Africa

    Your shit is the best. I’m glad there’s still cocaineblunts, but with this column gone, I’ll have only half as many ideas to steal.

  • Jerz!


    Admittedly, I haven’t bought a xxl since YN left the building, and I checked for this site much less. But with billy x and you gone as well I think I’m just going to call it a day with this site. It was fun : /

  • TSF

    Been a fan of your stuff since before XXL (back in the day when you were still posting Aesop Rock joints on CB, wtf?), I guess I’ll just be checking CB from now on. Not to be a noz dickrider (ayo!), but on your best days no one else on this site could touch him.

  • b-ease

    Peace noz. good shit.

  • CHUN

    Chun man. Will miss you on this site!

  • http://www.otrfan.com concerned hater

    Noz, Wilde makes a great point. I feel it acutely just from reading this site most of the time. Thanks again for your posts, see you on the bluntside.

    Goodbye, xxlmag.com

  • Zottapottamottakiz

    ive been down from day one and never missed a post. keep up the good work noz. times are changing.

  • caaaanooooonnnn

    hopefully we’ll see a lot more of teh boy on Soulstrut/CB as a result.

  • Ghost Dog

    Damn, so shit is really in recession.
    Good luck to you Noz, XXLMAG lost.
    *cues Jean Grae – lovesong*




    Godspeed, noz. Where will you be spewing random streams of thought at next?

  • jimmyjoints

    the wilde quote read a little like a swipe at bol – especially since he’s the only one they decided to keep around here. your ‘best of’ links are mostly down already, too. kinda a shitty farewell.
    you’ll be missed, man. CB is cool, but you seemed to write more (not more frequently, but lengthier posts) here, and they were all some good good shit. peace man.

  • smitty

    Why? Why? Why? Why would lthey get rid of you and keep bol…I call shenanigans

  • henry


  • EReal

    OHHHH, So they MADE you write good things about trash rap…

    “We dont believe you, you need more people!”

    • http://www.cocaineblunts.com/ noz

      The Wilde quote says nothing of an unseen hand. It’s about personal choices.

      I believe in just about everything I’ve ever said in these pages.

      I shed a tear for that snapped D4LP.

      • EReal

        I shed a tear for that snapped D4LP.

        You damn smartass, we’ll miss ya.

        LOL @ You ethering BXS so bad he had to resort to racist remarks. Classic. Peace Bruh.

  • pat

    There is no way I am ever reading xxlmag.com again. getting rid of YN here feels like when the Phoniex Suns got Steve Kerr as a GM, everything gets fucked up

  • Moe Real

    Fuck it man! You can’t be worried about this shit. *takes XXL out of favorites, moves cocaineblunts up the cue*

  • steve

    as long as you keep cocaineblunts.com rolling, I am good. You were one of the few who kept the credibility for this website. fuck em.

  • jesus christ

    Peace out. You were a little bitch anyways.

  • baz

    You’ll be missed round here. See you over at Cocaineblunts.

  • kangs

    None of you got the Biz Markie reference

  • OnE3nD

    Well im officially un-bookmarking this place…ill miss you homie.

  • Slo Mo

    This blog was always interesting and original. It will be missed. Can’t say I have much reason to check out this site any longer.

  • boi-dan

    Take that ‘Gumbo…’ feature to Cocaineblunts. I enjoyed the classics.

  • daesonesb

    I wonder if Bol realizes that oscar wilde quote was for him?

  • Mike

    Hey Noz,

    I’ve been a big fan of yours and never commented but I just wanna say keep your head up and keep writing. Regardless of what most self-proclaimed intellectuals will say, hip-hop is an important art form and one of the purest forms of expression known to man. It’s important for critics to continue to point this out, so that after the Souja Boys and Rick Rosses are long forgotten, we can remember the great achievements. Keep writing, people will continue to read you at any site as long as you never compromise your principles.

    Best of luck,

  • G.M.P.

    *un-bookmarks site*

    at least we still got cocaineblunts