Today will be my last day as a blogger/columnist for I was advised to go out in a blaze of glory on some ol' Scarface shit. I was debating whether I would go out like that Scarface or this Scarface. I chose neither.

When I was told that I'd be getting cut from the team. I didn't really feel a certain way about it. I could see it coming. Numbers are what matters in the blog world apparently and I wasn't generating them. My comments were lower than most of my fellow bloggers, which means I wasn't saying shit to pique most readers interest. I never saw how many hits my posts generated so I never really knew how many folks was reading my shit anyway. Only way I could gauge how many folks was peeping me out was when I'd go out and have random folks running up on me in the club, at the park, at a show, at the airport, etc. telling me what they thought about what I had to say.

Another number I guess I failed in was in posts overall. I mean, when I first started here, I was pretty on point. But shit, I mean, I live a life and I be having other shit to write in other places. Not saying that folks that blog everyday don't have lives because I know 5 that do (just kidding...maybe).

Fuck it, that's an excuse. I honestly just didn't have shit to say everyday. I didn't want to waste folks time and braincells by just posting something solely for the sake of posting. Lord knows I don't like to waste time and braincells reading shit that was posted solely for the sake of being posted. So shit, I slacked off a little. Figured I'd only speak when I had something to say. Then, when that little poll came out showing that I came in last place, I was like fugg it, ahahahhaha. Niggas aint reading this shit anyway, ahahahaha. Thanks to the 15 folks that did vote for me though.

I just want to thank everyone that's visited Black Ice over the last six months. I've enjoyed it most of the time. I was brought in to be the "Southern" blogger, which I started off trying to do. But shit, I came up listening to everything from everywhere, so I felt that I was skilled enough to touch on everything.

If you enjoyed Black Ice, feel free to fuck with me over at I can't guarantee that you're going to get the latest Carter III news over there, but its a pretty cool place.

Yeah, that's about it. I had a bunch of sarcastic shit to say. You know, like a list of do's and don'ts for the next blogger in line, but I figured, nah, I ain't gonna go out like that. Waste of energy.

So, peace out. Enjoy the rest of your day.

*Special shout out to B.Fred for giving me a shot at this. Special shout out to B.Peters for getting me in this door period. Peace.