Today will be my last day as a blogger/columnist for XXLMag.com. I was advised to go out in a blaze of glory on some ol’ Scarface shit. I was debating whether I would go out like that Scarface or this Scarface. I chose neither.

When I was told that I’d be getting cut from the team. I didn’t really feel a certain way about it. I could see it coming. Numbers are what matters in the blog world apparently and I wasn’t generating them. My comments were lower than most of my fellow bloggers, which means I wasn’t saying shit to pique most XXLMag.com readers interest. I never saw how many hits my posts generated so I never really knew how many folks was reading my shit anyway. Only way I could gauge how many folks was peeping me out was when I’d go out and have random folks running up on me in the club, at the park, at a show, at the airport, etc. telling me what they thought about what I had to say.

Another number I guess I failed in was in posts overall. I mean, when I first started here, I was pretty on point. But shit, I mean, I live a life and I be having other shit to write in other places. Not saying that folks that blog everyday don’t have lives because I know 5 that do (just kidding…maybe).

Fuck it, that’s an excuse. I honestly just didn’t have shit to say everyday. I didn’t want to waste folks time and braincells by just posting something solely for the sake of posting. Lord knows I don’t like to waste time and braincells reading shit that was posted solely for the sake of being posted. So shit, I slacked off a little. Figured I’d only speak when I had something to say. Then, when that little poll came out showing that I came in last place, I was like fugg it, ahahahhaha. Niggas aint reading this shit anyway, ahahahaha. Thanks to the 15 folks that did vote for me though.

I just want to thank everyone that’s visited Black Ice over the last six months. I’ve enjoyed it most of the time. I was brought in to be the “Southern” blogger, which I started off trying to do. But shit, I came up listening to everything from everywhere, so I felt that I was skilled enough to touch on everything.

If you enjoyed Black Ice, feel free to fuck with me over at www.therezidue.com. I can’t guarantee that you’re going to get the latest Carter III news over there, but its a pretty cool place.

Yeah, that’s about it. I had a bunch of sarcastic shit to say. You know, like a list of do’s and don’ts for the next blogger in line, but I figured, nah, I ain’t gonna go out like that. Waste of energy.

So, peace out. Enjoy the rest of your day.

*Special shout out to B.Fred for giving me a shot at this. Special shout out to B.Peters for getting me in this door period. Peace.

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  • boogie nights

    And with that, I am officially finished visiting this site…

    See you in Pitlanta.

  • Pierzy

    Damn. ANOTHER one…you’ll be missed!

  • Neven

    i’ll stop by over there………. like you wrote above you didn’t post just to post. plus xxl is fallin off anyway.

  • henry


    if jay smooth is leaving i might as well only go to bols site

    • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

      If Jay Smooth leaves this site, this shit will officially be wack. Jay came second in that poll so he ought to be safe. And despite his limited posting, dude is a fucking genius.

      Funny how Jackpot called XXL the Lakers just a few weeks ago, but now ya on some rebuilding shit (new coach (Dawton), dropping veterans (Noz), and underachieving rookies(Sorry, Ice).

      It’s always kind of sad to see someone go. But honestly, you get what you give. You never really had many memorable posts, and your words here confirm that you really didn’t put in too much effort to the posts anyhow. Even the way you write about being too lazy to put together that list just shows the minimal effort you put into these posts.

      The only truly great post you ever had was the one gay rappers, which was ironically your last real post before you got the boot. So maybe your getting kicked off too early.

      You was never really a force and never made a dent on this site. Lucky for you, your actual writing is a lot better than the shit on this site (Although I’m pretty sure I can find some of your reviews on this site anyhow). But it’s sad to see a nigga go. So peace and I’ll see you in another lifetime.

      • daz_oc

        I suppose you can do way better huh??

  • major

    in the words of Warren G

    “i looked at the brother like damn what’s next”.

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      They got my homey hemmed up and they all around. Ain’t none of them seeing if they going straight pound for pound.

  • thatdudedan

    they get rid of you but keep Bol… why?? At least keep bloggers who actually listen to rap music.

  • yaboy

    wow… xxlmag.com stays losing…

    good luck man

    *bookmarks therezidue.com*

  • http://dffierman@ua.edu D Frank

    That’s fucked up that they only two dudes who I actually read their non XXL blogs are leaving.

  • daz_oc

    I really did like most of ur posts. You, Billy and Bol are the ones I read the most. Ima go ahead and visit ur other site…..damn this site fuckin fallin off hard

  • j.calderon

    I second what yaboy said. For real though, it’s quality over quantity man. Even though you ain’t post the most but you’ve been on point.

  • Tito Santana

    Man thats some bullshit… this Was the only reason I came to the site. When shit like this happens that means its bigger and better opportunities out there to get… Homie keep ya head up. You already know…. Eastside all day…

  • ulysses s

    rip black ice, good luck with whatever’s next

  • http://www.writersblockmedia.net R.E.

    You did your thing my dude. It ain’t over though, time to lace it up for the other team.

  • cocotaso

    first dallas, then noz now you. who else is worth checking for besides bol now?

  • M

    xxl is dying..
    best wishes for your upcoming projects

  • http://myspace.com/ajgaviator AJG Da Aviator

    Damnm my nig, u gone too. Thats two we’ve fuckin lost this week. Damn XXL, wutdafuk are yall doin!!! But hey dats life my nig, thanx 4 keepin up da positivity and not blowing off. Farewell, ill check u out on da other site

  • TSF

    Damn homie, first noz then you?! You dudes knew more about hip-hop than anyone else who wrote on this site! I’ll check you out over in Pitlanta.

  • Franchise

    peace, homie

  • PH

    OK now its really OVA!

    I really appreciated your work and hope you have much future success!

  • Detroit P

    Damn I liked some of the shit you did…didnt you drop that Royal Flush post?…this site is weak now…damn…death of a dynasty

  • gerald n. the birdman



    I WISH TO EXPRESS MY SINCERE DISGUST WITH XXLs call on this one. See u on the next site homie. Preciate XXL 4 being real however and letting the homie know where we can find him. GTRG>>>BBB

  • http://ifuxwitit.blogspot.com TMB

    As someone who has been following your blogs since MySpace I know you are one brilliant muhfucka… See you on therezidue — I’m hoping you do another Thugnificent & Gangstalicious post soon.

  • Crash

    XXL is takin an L on this one… Ice, ur def one of the most insightful cats doin the blog thing. Ur work is appreciated more than u know, certainly more than the numbers show homie, believe dat!

  • Silky Johnson

    Keep up the writing.
    You do good work and got a real passion for the music and it came through in your writing.

    I’ll be keepin an eye out

  • big nick digga

    I blame the new nigga. You didn’t have to train him before they fired yo ass did ya ?

  • Zottapottamottakiz

    whats happening with this site? keep the good work up.

  • fe

    It’s seemed like everyone else on here bloggin is simple. I enjoyed reading your bloggs. I could relate to you. But most people want to read about Carter III (simple). You are much more then that! Keep your head up.

  • Ty

    why does XXL always get rid of the intellcual muthafuckas