So I'm watching Ego Trip's "Miss Rap Supreme" last night and couldn't help but notice that most of these chicks' faces are way harder than their rhymes.I know, I know. It's not about that. I usually advocate good music over image, but never have I wished for shallow producers so badly. I'm surprised VH1 didn't sneak anything in. Them chicks are anti-cute. I really wanted to like the series, but it's on its fourth episode and my interest is basically gone. I bet you some eye candy would have kept me tuned in, though.  I Tivo'd last week's episode and still haven't watched it. I just skipped the joint.So I'm watching Lady Twist's team do some spit and dance routine and then Miss Cherry (absolutely no relation to Carl "Jackpot" Chery) takes her turn and starts rapping about how bad meaning good she is. "Pretty chick, coke bottle shape, bla, bla, bla," she had the nerve to rhyme. Pfttt! She's a thief and a liar! Inexplicably, them chicks are always rhyming about "working the middle" or getting their poon licked. At one point, Byata, who is actually an ok rhymer, claimed, "we ain't giving it up." But it's more like nobody wants it. At least I don't.Amazingly, somebody must be beating them chicks and I'm not talking domestic violence here. Khia must have gotten the inspiration for "My Neck, My Back" somewhere. And Ms. Cherry, (again, absolutely no bloodclot relation to Carl "Jackpot" Chery) is allegedly T-Pain's baby moms, so it gives you an idea of the kind of creep jobs these chicks attract.Off top, that German chick who got eliminated and then came back and then got eliminated again, is on the better looking side, but I still wouldn't go there on a rainy Sunday night. If I had to get down with anybody on the show, it would be Yo-Yo hands down...ass up. Let me stop! Would you guys get with any of them? If so, who? Speak on it!