Would You Dudes Bone Any Of These Miss Rap Supreme Chicks?

So I’m watching Ego Trip’s “Miss Rap Supreme” last night and couldn’t help but notice that most of these chicks’ faces are way harder than their rhymes.I know, I know. It’s not about that. I usually advocate good music over image, but never have I wished for shallow producers so badly. I’m surprised VH1 didn’t sneak anything in. Them chicks are anti-cute. I really wanted to like the series, but it’s on its fourth episode and my interest is basically gone. I bet you some eye candy would have kept me tuned in, though.  I Tivo’d last week’s episode and still haven’t watched it. I just skipped the joint.So I’m watching Lady Twist‘s team do some spit and dance routine and then Miss Cherry (absolutely no relation to Carl “Jackpot” Chery) takes her turn and starts rapping about how bad meaning good she is. “Pretty chick, coke bottle shape, bla, bla, bla,” she had the nerve to rhyme. Pfttt! She’s a thief and a liar! Inexplicably, them chicks are always rhyming about “working the middle” or getting their poon licked. At one point, Byata, who is actually an ok rhymer, claimed, “we ain’t giving it up.” But it’s more like nobody wants it. At least I don’t.Amazingly, somebody must be beating them chicks and I’m not talking domestic violence here. Khia must have gotten the inspiration for “My Neck, My Back” somewhere. And Ms. Cherry, (again, absolutely no bloodclot relation to Carl “Jackpot” Chery) is allegedly T-Pain‘s baby moms, so it gives you an idea of the kind of creep jobs these chicks attract.Off top, that German chick who got eliminated and then came back and then got eliminated again, is on the better looking side, but I still wouldn’t go there on a rainy Sunday night. If I had to get down with anybody on the show, it would be Yo-Yo hands down…ass up. Let me stop! Would you guys get with any of them? If so, who? Speak on it!

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  • paychexx

    naw sun

    like a mc once said”if everybody hittin’ dimes then why all the ugly chicks got babies”


    • BIGNAT

      i think you meant to say “if all yall fucking dimes who got all these ugly broads pregnant”

      • paychexx

        good lookin, cant remember who say it but that line stuck with me.

        • BIGNAT

          it was saigon

      • Mr S

        Rappers claim that they had broads, but I doubt they was bad broads. I’m feelin’ disrespected. If everybody fuckin’ dimes, who got all these ugly bitches pregnant!

        Great Line!

  • Yunganamal

    I would put Chiba on my team she has a alright face and body is ok

  • LOL

    Khia is cute in a wrong kind of way.

  • Deez Nutz

    You just wasted 3 minutes of my life…doesn’t YN own that garbage azz show…thats probably why they made him kick rocks from here because they caught wind of that bullshyt and didnt want to be affiliated(but yes I would play with Yo-Yo all night long)

  • one shot deal

    those are some nappy headed hoes on that show. They all look horrible, i just watch it for the funnys. that crackhead was actually the hottest one, I would have hit that like crazy. Once she left and the german bitch is aight looking id smash but she left, the rest of them look like shit.

  • Pierzy

    I never saw the show but I just went on the website and it looks like a Howard Stern contest – “World’s ugliest female rapper” with a $10,000 grand prize from Proactiv or something…

  • Josh

    Um, aren’t they all gay?

  • ri067953

    Nikki got body. D.A.B who was kicked off was mad cute but she was a former junkie so who knows whats crawling around her vaginal area.

  • gooch

    they all have too many tattoos and look too dude-ish to me…. it’s pretty disgusting

  • Braile

    Muthafuckin Chiba maybe nicki 2 states
    lady twist could get it…….sike
    the rest of them are ok but chiba sexy bad eye and all

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com ron mexico

    i agree. yo-yo done cleaned up. she gotta be like 45 by now. but she looks better than any of the contestants.

    i agree with the general consensus that chiba could get the closest to the pipe.

  • danja29

    Chiba gets it…

    Byata would if I were to believe that she wasn’t a raging full-on bulldyke.

    and that D.A.B. was lookin’ good… but as already noted, who knows what she’s carryin’ in her vagina given her history.

  • What’z Crackin

    Ya’ll niggas are foo’s I would fuck every last one of em cept the big bitch. you know why I’m a guy and a filthy animal also, and my dad told me these words “three things that you never turn down son money,food,and pussy” so if one them contestants wanted me to smash I’d get drunk and/or thizzed out and make it happen. all you other mu’fuckas would too, so stop frontin

  • Rockcity

    Like you can talk about what looks good and what doesn’t You musta couldn’t find nothin else to write about.

  • prinzNJ

    I’d stick it in Cheeba’s eye socket real quick! Smell me

    • Arcey

      u foul, son! but Chiba would get it + some head from Steele’s DSL

  • C-Money

    yo nikki 2 states could get it. She has a body and u could look at her face for more than 5 seconds……..as for the other chicks no comment lol

  • Tha Smashologist(Scorppio)

    No particular order:

    Rece Steele, cause them lips iz nice-N-thick, and I’d get all-N-between them tits 4real!

    Ms. Cherry, Cute, w/ prety color on’er, not alot of azz, but definately smashable!

    Loinezz, niggaz pah-leez, Qoute from tha liks, “Only when I’m drunk!”

    Khia, kinda cute 2 me, but got a foul mouth on’er, prahlee pop it inner mouth mostly, while I’m blazen y’know!

    Chiba, What else can I say but, I’d have that azz shmok’n! Lets role play girl, I’ll be the bong, now hit that shit!

    Downazz, I’d take that azz down 2 tha clinic 1st!

    Byata, I’d smash, but no comment follow…

    The rest gotta get some therapy 4 sterile sex appeal!!!

    Tha Smashologist out!!!




  • Smashologist returnz

    I couldn’t find Nicky2States myspace, but after some hunting She got my attetion.

    Nicky2States, cute-N-thick in tha waist, I’d buy a oneway ticket on Amtrak, and whoop the pussy through 2 states in a sleeper car. Yah fehl-mi?


    All these chicks look like they might enjoy watching Football more than me,if I was drunk,on “E”,sniffing that Bobby Brown and sipping syrup with Lil Wanker. Besides being intoxicated beyond my wildest dreams or suffering from accute Dementia, umm No. These girlies look like they be on that DaBrat shit.


    nicky 2 states she got a body and she know how to work it. d.a.b because she would be a cheap date give her a rock hahahahahah. rece steele she a big girl but in a good way not like lady twist thats a little to big. lioness only because she is german and she might have no hangups about the anal sex.

  • Smashologist strikes back

    Damn U niggaz iz some ole lying azz, solo sex’n, pocket pool play’n, no pole postion have’n azz, sock baby make’n mutha(shutyomouf)! I mean Damn!

    1st 90% of U niggaz ain’t getting none(PERIOD!!!), and U got nerve 2 say you wouldn’t smash atleast half of thez chick’s, NIGGAH PAH-LEEZ! Yah dickz iz gone fall-off 4 lying on him!!! Since, U wanna lie like a sack of shit, I’m a put a curse on U mofo’s!

    (Two snaps, the claps, and a cloud uh dust, Pussy no-moh makes Ur dick rust!)
    Done-dizzel bitchez!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka 7Body Sin The Great Ball Of Gas!

    i aint gonna front on some “holier than thou” shit, i’d smash a few of em on da humble, fuck it!

    and thats probably the realest answer posted, and i stand by that shit, Jer-z Up, Jer-z Out!

  • http://www.myspace.com/queensabag SABA


  • saba

    oh yea… good one carl!!

  • orangejuicejones

    Nicky2States all day….How could you not wanna smash. She got a pretty face, a thick ass body, and all kinda sex appeal (see the way she be twerkin that shit….) She done had four kids and looks like that! Give respect where respect is due…..