Since we were on the workout tip earlier this week, Jackpot AKA "I'm Coming For Bol's #1 Blogging Spot" asked me what kinda playlist I was working with when I exercise. Honestly, my answer to him was that I listen to a lot of different and weird shit. I don't necessarily need bass-heavy music to get me pumped, like most people. Plus I work out in the crib (benefits of having your own treadmill) and I can just throw whatever I want into itunes and crank that soulja boy volume. Here's a list of a couple joints I listen to, not necessarily in order, but in some capacity during the week when I work out.

1) "Conan The Barbarian" original motion picture soundtrack-
2) "Rudy" original motion picture soundtrack- the music from the last scene in the movie is quite inspiring
3) David McCallum- "The Edge"
4) Raze- "Break For Love"
5) Farley "Jackmaster" Funk and Jesse Saunders- "Love Can't Turn Around"
6) Lyn Collins- "Think About It"
7) Ghostface Killah- "Fish"
8) Sunz Of Man- "Soldiers Of Darkness"
9) Mobb Deep- "Shook Ones"
10) The Firm- "Firm Biz" Remix
11) Terror Squad- "Whatcha Gonna Do"
12) Crooklyn Dodgers- "Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers"
13) Capone-N-Noreaga- "T.O.N.Y."-
14) Dre and Rick Ross- "Chevy Ridin High" (instrumental)
15) Beanie Sigel- "The Truth"
16) Lil Jon- "I Don't Give A Fuck"
17) 50 Cent- "Places To Go"
18) Pete Rock- "Till I Retire"
19) Prodigy- "Don't Be A Follower"
20) Ras Kass- "Goldyn Child" (DJ Premier Remix)
21) Rich Boy- "Chevy A Monsta"
22) Rich Boy- "Throw Some D's"
23) Rick Ross- "Hustlin" (instrumental)
24) Rza- "Holocaust"
25) TI- "Big Shit Poppin"
26) Terrace Martin- "Ridin"
27) Timbaland- "Give It To Me"
28) Cappadonna- "97 Mentality"
29) The Clash- "Police On My Back"
30) Cam'ron- "Down and Out"

What about you, what joints do you listen to?