I knew this was coming. My dude over at MTV Rahman Dukes told me they were prepping the second installment of "The Hottest MC In The Game" a while back.The show is scheduled to premiere on MTV this coming Friday (May 16). Upon learning about it, I immediately turned around and tried to get J-Rod, formerly of the MTV NEWS Brain Trust, to spill the beans. No luck! I then hit my longtime debate sparring partner, Cash over at SOHH, and aimed him a link to the show's trailer. We went right at it. Should Soulja Boy and T.I. be on the list? Are Young Jeezy and The Game hot right now? And who's hotter: Lil' Wayne, Kanye West or 50 Cent?I'm sure news about the show premiering is already sparking debates. But I usually encounter the same problems when discussing those lists. Folks are unreasonably bias and always disregard the guidelines. Nas is my favorite emcee of all-time, but I agreed when MTV left him off last year's list. He wasn't hot at the time. By the way, MTV never claimed to be crowning the nicest or most skilled emcee, but the game's hottest. Hot is talked about, sought after, influential, productive, successful, etc, etc. It has jack to do with skills. Technically, you can be the most dumpster ass rapper, but still be hot.That being said, Soulja Boy better make the list. Sure, the kid's buzz is fading, but he's made undeniable noise from July 2007 through March 2008, MTV's time frame for compiling the list. He can't rap. But the kid is hot. Ask your little sister.I'm sure folks will lose their minds if Wayne reclaims his throne, but it's quite possible. The thing is Wayne was the hottest right around last July, but then Kanye nearly sold a freakin' million records. Let's not forget Fif. Dude's been killing the mixtapes as of late and he's generating crazy buzz with ThisIs50.com. For my money, Wayne, Kanye and Fif should be in the top 3. I just hope they don't put DJ Khaled on the list. Here’s who I think MTV might have on their list.1- Lil’ Wayne2- 50 Cent3- Kanye West4- Jay-Z5- Rick Ross6- Soulja Boy7-Lupe Fiasco8- Snoop Dogg9- T. I.10- Young JeezyAgain, I wish I could put Nas on there, but his whole Nigger buzz doesn't seem to be working all that well. What do you guys think? Who is on your personal list? Who do you think MTV will have on their list? Speak on it.