Who Let The Dogs Out?

You know why Diddy always avoids jail time? He doesn’t have a lifestyle that lends itself towards institutionalization. Diddy travels to St. Tropez. Diddy takes bubble baths. Diddy smashes Sienna Miller. More rappers need to do what Diddy does.

Diddy hangs out at the Kentucky Derby. Most rappers are at strip clubs or dog fights. Please note the case of Sean Bell’s murder and understand why strip clubs aren’t going to be included in healthy lifestyle living. Also study Michael Vick and DMX’s issues with dog owning to realize that isn’t a viable choice either. I’m pretty sure that some rappers could find a way to make owning fish illegal too.

Did any of you study how a horse was shot and killed at the Kentucky Derby because it broke its ankles? No one from Peoples Ethical Treatment of Animals said a peep either. Why? Horses are bred improperly just like dogs and even though horses aren’t biting one another like these dogs they are still being euthanized when they break a leg. Horse owning needs to become part of the rapper lifestyle. I hear all these rapppers talk about their wild money and their high-end designer shoes, but no one raps about owning a horse farm with a few hundred acres.

Even Jay-Z who is arguably Hip-Hop’s richest rapper (what, no “richest rapper” list MTV?) never rhymes about owning horses and he deals in multi-million dollar deals. I don’t think that rappers lack the money in as much as they lack the lifestyle that would lead up to ownership of things like vast acres of real estate. I mean, you see that Birdman puts his money into a sheet rock wall instead of using a proficient tax lawyer to help him launder his shit.

From now on if rappers talk about money it better be on some next level shit, like how do I increase my FiCO score, what the nex tax codes mean, or what city has the best value in real estate. Otherwise I’m going to start thinking that these rappers are as poor as I am. I just got my stimulus money in and I copped a fifth of Henrock. Next stop is to hit up my white boy with the mango hashish. Kids, don’t be like me. Drugs are bad.

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  • Champlain

    mango hashish…sounds mad good.

  • you need something?????

    I could go for some hash right now…or anytime…but kush will do.

  • geico lizard

    whatever whites say is legal is the way the country works so horse racing and hunting is legal and dogfighting is a felony so your story is right rich blacks need to try to do stuff that the country says is legal with their money even if it doesnt make that much sense why one is cool and one isnt. i have to disagree about strip clubs i need to defend them so at least go to a strip club in a better part of town with more security even though the dances will be more expensive at least you may not get robbed or harrassed by cops. women go to strip clubs all the time and i havent heard many stories about them getting beat down by cops but they do get drunk at the club and crash the car sometimes.


    Correction: PETA did make some noise, but like you said, since it’s a legal pasttime enjoyed by wealthy white people…they labeled PETA “insane Johnny Come Lately’s” (pause)and said breaking ankles and getting shot is just part of the sport.

  • california

    its almost impossible for horses to recover from broken legs,

    they’re put to sleep to stop the months/years of suffering theyd go thru tryn to heal a broken bone

  • Pierzy

    Co-sign this… good call Billy X.

  • http://www.rockthedub.com khal

    1) where tf is my stimulus check at? (www.howispentmystimulus.com)

    2) real sports with bryant gumbel had a story on its new episode where they spoke on wtf happens to horses. like white people eating them in burgers and shit. the sick ass shit was how they murk the horses – a bullet to the middle of the skull, or stabbing them in the spine, or busting a cap in their head. my wife physically left the room when they showed the horses getting merked.

    and we are tripping on michael vick. i saw video of white men and messicans murking mad horses, stringing them bitches up like wet clothes, and there’s no congressional hearing.

    3) i miss smoking weed. if i had 0 responsibilities again, i’d be knee deep in dutch innards.

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


  • EReal

    I just got my stimulus money in and I copped a fifth of Henrock.
    Yeah we can tell. And who calls Hash “hashish” anymore??

  • http://www.myspace.com/wbwrkz KY KN Reppin

    The horse dat broke its ankles didnt get SHOT…they “euthanized” it (shot it wit needles)

    Matta fact, the crazy thing bout it: ppl consider the chemicals they injected the horse wit was more “humane” than sum of the chemicals prisons use for Lethal Injections

    Jus thought dat i should bring dat up bein from Kentucky and errythin


  • Big Black Bull

    Heavy D & MC Hammer had horses in the early 90s.

  • http://suckapunk.blogspot.com Suckapunkin’

    PETA fucked up big time on this. They could have gotten people to question the very sport o horse racing, but instead just went after the individual jockey, as if he wasn’t doing shit every other jockey did.

    The richest rapper list is put out by Forbes, not MTV.

  • Incilin

    Great post.

  • P-Matik

    Good drop.

    Actually, PETA did beef about that horse getting put down. They just got shut down real quick. That, or just ignored.

    And do you know who is the largest private holder of land in the USA is? Wait for it…

    Ted Turner


    Yes Billy Sunday you finally got a Topic that is On-Tha-Money! Diddy may not be a Dope Rapper(shit he ain’t even a Averge Rapper), but, this Negroe makes Millions upon Millions of dollars, schulps the baddest most mixed,spanish,black,white,arabian females most you kids just daydream about all while doing particulary Prickish shit live on TV. Yep these kids are doing their Damn Thang!

  • lookadeez

    props Billy. Boy you and Bol actually make sense today. . . imagine that.

  • jollyrench

    Your post was on point. Mike Vick killing dogs because they can’t fight anymore is comparable to millionaires killing horses because they can’t run anymore.

  • Ruestar

    Terminator X and the Valley of Ostriches.
    I heard he fights them bitches like no ones bussiness.
    Real Vicious.

  • BigNickDigga

    There was a rapper who tried to own a stable of horses, his name was MC Hammer and you see what happened to him. He went broke.


    mango hashish? you be smoking on another level on a side note where the fuck is my check at? the real reason that rappers can not get into the horse business. think about it it’s a mostly dominated by white people. who is going let them have that super sperm no homo. i read in the paper that shit can go for like 50 g’s or more a shot. if the male was a good race horse. now the mom you got to buy her to and she had to be a good racer to make you a champion. so before you do anything just to get started you gotta shell out at least 500,000 to get started. get about 3 pregnant horses gotta buy good ones and pay for the shots. then you need a place for the horses. then you need ot hire a staff to take care of the grounds and the horses. then you gotta feed them fuckers and get them a race trainer. i bet i am missing more stuff but most likely you gotta spend over a million on chance because you might not make that shit back

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka 7Body Sin aka 4Gotten Alias

    dat mango piff is a thumbs up from me, so i can imagine the H-bomb…..

    but um, back to a more sobering state, fuck a dog, it was meant to protect the cave people and it ended up licking chicks twats causing syphilis, and do ya research dat shit originated from dogs……….i find it ironic they can voluntarily body a horse because it cannot race anymore, but when you manually do it because ya dog ain’t got no more energy(peta-correct for fight/purpose/whateva other reason u got him for… spare me the hate mail bastidz). I say arrest the dude who bodied the horse, did they even produce his gun license? i’m just sayin…..

    damn i don’t get my PS3 money til next month, thanks Bush, should’ve made it a mandatory….all ya doin is printin extra paper anyway, it costs nothin but a a few trees………

  • dirt

    Yo, I hear what you sayin but.

    “Did any of you study how a horse was shot and killed at the Kentucky Derby because it broke its ankles? No one from Peoples Ethical Treatment of Animals said a peep either. ”

    It was euthanized, and a horse with two broken ankles has no chance of surviving, they will keep trying to get up untill they die or just snap their legs completely. And PETA and all the animal groups are all over the jockey and the horse owners as we speak, PETA = worse than the feds in animal world, they will make your life a living hell.

    Anyway, horses ain’t forced in the same way at all, you see these motherfuckers torchering their pits ? they use excessive force and majority of the time both dogs end up dead, how many race horses actually die on the field ?. You see those pathetic fucks that electrocute their dogs in the ring just because they won’t fight ?

    Yeah, it’s a tad different fuck boy, I hate the feds and law as much as the next guy but the dog fights are beyond barbaric and some of the owners are complete cowards.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Bubble Baths….

  • Super Awesome

    i agree wit what you sayin about changin that strip club image but some rappers might not like horses. Horse racing isnt as COOL is it used to be, id be doing better things with my money

  • Mee

    Yeah, PETA did get riled up. The horse was euthenized on the track. I too questioned why horses would have to die because of a broken leg but I read that despite their size and power, they’re very fragile animals. Infection sets in very easily, they’re not able to shift their weight to favor the injured leg (i.e. dogs) and it’s just an all around bad situation for them. In the world of racing however, the horses are often treated better than the Jockies who ride them! Anyway, black people have long had jacked up priorities as far as money is concerned!! We do ill and just flat out ignorant shyte w/ our dough. You don’t hear Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5 or Madonna writing songs about their cars, jewelry and deep pockets.We’re the only ones who relish in that lame crap! We need to get it together and get “fully focused man!!”

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    You sound like the coward to me.

    Do the real knowledge on the violence and brutality that is inherent in the horse breeding game and learn about how many colts and mares are executed (fuck a euthanize) because their bodies couldn’t handle the steroids and hormones they were injected to make them grow faster.

    Read that article and then tell me that bullshit you were talking.

    • Zottapottamottakiz

      first off anybody who kills animals (not euthanization) deserve what ever they get. i dont understand how now that michael vick has been busted for animal cruelty its all of a sudden not that bad. people keep trying to justify it like hes the victim. how? he new it was against the law. i dont want these sick, animal killing bastards around any of my kids. people of all races have been done for animal cruelty (and rightfully so) so this isnt and never was a race issue. let all these sons of bitches suffer the consiqueses. you come across as a real ignorant person billy.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Ignorant of what simple simon?

    You can’t even comprehend the shit that was written here because you are a white supremacist apologist. This drop doesn’t say that Michael Vick ISN’T a criminal. It says that people that kill horses in the name of sport are as well.

    Go read a book you illiterate son of a bitch and step up your vocab.

    • Zottapottamottakiz

      i said it wasnt a race issue billy. i never said that you thought michael vick wasnt a criminal, i was just stating what i have heard other people saying on the matter. also now that i object to animal cruelty im all of a sudden a white supremacist despite the fact that my mother is not white. sorry to hurt your feelings billy you soft american bitch.