No seriously, if you know where some protest Hip Hop music is, please point me in the right direction. I mean, Chuck D once said that Hip Hop was the "Black CNN," but now, it sounds more like the Black Cinemax or the White BET.

Granted, I was only between the ages of 8 and 12 when Public Enemy and voices of the like were out motivating people go do something when shit wasn't going right. But, nowadays, I only get motivated to "get money" when travesties around this country happen.

I guess the money motivation is supposed to help me so that when/if I fuck around and end up in court for something, whether its a police beatdown/shooting or some dumb shit I brought on myself, I have the bankroll to hire a team of layers to eat the case as Jadakiss once said.

I'm also motivated to look fly at all cost too. I mean, when shit hits the fan, a nigga still gotta look good for the cameras.

Oh yeah, I'm also motivated to fuck all the hoes I can while I'm walking the earth. What's life with out pussy? Or pussies rather? When the government and the establishment is suffocating us from all angles, nothing relaxes your mind like a nut. Awwww Skeeet Mutha Fuckaaaa!

Oh yeah, I get motivated to smoke that Purp too nigga. Gotta get high to get your mind off this bullshit brah. Thats the only way to deal with the pain my nigga. Fuck going out and saying shit or doing something. Get high niggas, get high bitches.

Money, hoes and clothes is all a nigga knows and cares to know at times like these.

Police shooting niggas? So.

Police chasing folks down, pulling them out of their car and beating them to a pulp? So.

Another election looking like its about to get stolen? So.

Natural disasters happening around the world? So.

High ass STD rates? So.

Get money, look good, fuck hoes and get high nigga. Thats the American Dream folk!

But yeah, after seeing the video of the Philly Police beating down someone for no good reason and reading this blog post by Jacinta Howard. I just had to ask, where is the protest music. Not saying that it don't exist, I just don't know where it is. Granted, no one wants to listen to it ALL THE TIME. But damn, we listen to everything else ALL THE TIME. Why not more of some shit that matters?

If niggas can record diss records and post responses on youtube within minutes. Why can't more niggas get outraged by whats going on and urge their listeners to FIGHT THE POWER?

Fuck it. I'm tripping. This is entertainment. Shouldn't even be sweating this shit. That's what we have Sharpton and Jesse for, right? Another question is, when we do get some music that actually speaks on whats going on, why don't we support it strongly or as much?