Whatever Happened To Funny Emcees?

So I’m on the treadmill trying to get my Gooch on the other day when the iPod shuffles onto Big Pun‘s “Taster’s Choice” skit off Capital Punishment. R.I.P

You know, the skit where two ladies are fighting to ride off the big feller? “She had you last night, Pun,” one lady complained. I busted out laughing and nearly bust my ass off the treadmill while listening to the skit. Pun’s packing the mac in the back of the AC and his gun fight skit with some dude that sounded like Canibus, were equally funny.

It made me think, though. Emcees don’t make me laugh as much these days. Reggie Noble and Eminem used to have some of the funniest lines. Like, there’s plenty of funny characters out there, but it doesn’t appear to translate into lyrics, mostly interviews. Skillz and Phonte from Little Brother definitely have comedic value. 50 is a borderline comedic genius, especially in interviews, Kanye West has some hilarious quotables, Snoop Dogg is a jokester and it’s all deliberate. I’m sure there’s more, but for the most part, I’m mostly laughing at emcees rather than with them.

Like, I don’t think Dipset means to make us laugh when they’re talking all that swag splashing stuff. It’s accidental comedy. The same goes for Lil’ Wayne. I laugh at him more than with him. Webbie and Boosie, I love those guys, I’m afraid the chuckles may be at their expense.

There used to be balance. The Chronic featured some pretty gutter material, but it was balanced out with some skits, like the “$20 Sack Pyramid” interlude. Shoot, come to think about it, skits suck now. Ye’s funny, but them Broke-Fi-Broke skits weren’t. I can’t remember the last funny skit I heard on an album. They just sound forced now. Dudes need to pick up De La Soul’s first two albums and study.

What do you guys think? Any funny emcees left out there? And what about these damn skits? What’s the last funny interlude you heard? Speak on it.

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  • http://xxlmag.com eskay

    I went to high school with one of the chicks from that skit. my man Dave smashed too. ha ha.

  • TanYeezy

    Luda’s been keepin it thorough with them comedic value skits …. how you gon justify actin a fool and omittin Chris Lova Lova like that?

    Get on the ni99a’s dick before i slap ya in ya god-dang mouth ol’ gargage ass ho’!

  • Champlain

    Yeah Jim Jones has me dying all the time…but i dont think he means to be so funny. I think the reason why we dont get the funny skits and what not is beacause rap is takes itself too serious now…just my opinion on it.

  • Zimbabwe’s Gangster

    Luda’s been keepin it thorough with them comedic value skits …. how you gon justify actin a fool and omittin Chris Lova Lova like that?

  • Truth Be Told

    Right on point…the humor and “fuck it-ness” of rappers acting stupid and making funny skits really isn’t around these days..I don’t remember the name of it, but I always loved the Fugees skit off of “The Score” when they were talking to the Chinese dude and he whooped their asses. I’m pretty sure it was the track just before Fu-Gee-La check on that.

    Oh and the Outkast joint from Stankonia about dude who couldn’t get his pipe game on (no ‘mo)..that was the lead in for “Call Before I Come”

  • B

    The last funny skit was from Playboy Tre… he was talking about rappers mugging all the damn time. Shit was hella funny. But yeah, as far as any mainstream acts… check out Messy Marv, he makes some funny ass skits too… And some songs… check out his song “Don’t you say that.” He is a fool.

  • B

    How did this guy become the most consistent blogger on this site? He posts like everyday… these other lazy ass bloggers should take note

  • Danny

    I don’t know what you are talking about…

    Cam’Ron is a comedic genius…

    “He look like a gorilla, with rabbit teeth, Bugz Monkey.”


  • http://ifux.alumnah.com/ i Fux aka Etheraldinho aka Farouq Obama

    What about Ghostface he dropped The World According to Pretty Toney book and that ish is bonafide comedy and he says funny shit in his rhymes like ‘i used to like her but she broke my chico sticks’

    the Kids on Pacific Division all seem to be pretty funny and come off as so on their rhymes

  • http://ifux.blogspot.com i Fux aka Etheraldinho aka Farouq Obama

    Devin the Dude can keep it lighthearted with the best of them……

  • DevilintheFlesh

    Its funny cause i was thinking bout this the other day…..The Classic shit is Biggie’s Playa Hata…Fuck a skit he made the whole damn song funny….(no p diddy)

  • http://myspace.com/DJMydas DJ Mydas

    I agree with Farouq and Danny. Check Cam’s “Shitty Skit” off of the “Public Enemy #1″ tape.

    “No soap was used” = hi-larious.

    And Devin always has me dying. Most recently with “Just Because”.

    “I’ll glue your eyes wide open, have you roped in the kitchen/Take a picture of my nuts, so you can see what ‘cha missin’”


  • ri067953

    Since when is being funny needed to be a good MC? However, 3rd Bass used to have some funny skits on their albums.

  • Bobo D

    Sway DaSafo has a number of funny skits on his album “This Is My Demo”.

    There is one where these two africans from Ghana are talking and one them is thinking of going to the UK:
    “I’m going to naked myself, jump in the river and I won’t stop till I see white people.” LOL

  • Pierzy

    Sex/Head in skits are so played. Even when Jada did it on “We Are The Streets” I was disappointed. You were right – the only mainstream MCs that are still funny are Red & Em…and Ghostface, but again I’m not sure if that’s on purpose or not. I miss the early 90′s – who can forget the Wu-Tang skit: “Is he is he is he is he is he dead?”

  • major

    the most recent shit i heard that had me dyin laughing was the “roaches in the chicken” off the public enemy #1 by Camron. I know it was a mixtape but that shit was hilarious!!!!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “I came out my momma p***y — I’m on welfare
    Twenty-six years old — still on welfare!”

    ODB (Ol’ Dirty Bastard) feat. Raekwon & Method Man – “Raw Hide”
    from the classic album “Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version”

    RIP ODB!!!

  • the-K.I.D

    “I always loved the Fugees skit off of “The Score” when they were talking to the Chinese dude and he whooped their asses.”

    was jus bout to mention that skit. “i want a piece a chicken, and not that retarded leg!take that sh*t out”.

  • Big Black Bull

    Prince Paul & Mannie Fresh are the skit Kings!!!

  • http://www.fakeshoredrive.blogspot.com AB

    The funniest skit of all time was on The Chronic. That being DEEZ NUTZ. I still use it to this day (nhjic)

  • http://www.mceyetel.com eyetel

    On Bizzare’s CD, Blue Cheese & Coney Island, there is a skit “Is It Gay”

    That shit is funny as hell

  • http://encyclopediablack.blogspot.com Encyclopedia Black

    Prince Paul is THE king of the skit.

    The Killa BH skits from Joe Budden are also funny as hell.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Skits on albums now-a-days aren’t so prevalent because in the ‘download era’, most people won’t download the skit, or on those sites where you pay for the tracks, no one is going to pay to download the skit.

    Back in De La’s day, people were actually coppin’ albums, so the artists made sure the whole package was entertaining.

    Also, in the early 90′s most people were still rockin’ tape decks and it wasn’t so easy to fast-forward to the next track like on CD so you could expect (as an artist) for people to listen to them … so again, they made the whole album entertaining.

  • Trey Stone

    all i’m gonna say is that Mannie Fresh needs to make a solo album comeback

  • Juzzy

    Ludacris is the king of skits!!!!!

    ‘Come on over’, ‘Stop lying’, ‘T-Baggin’ and ‘Skit’ (off red light district)

    Dammmmmn funny!

  • jgullllly

    Hands down, eminem–funniest MC of all time…even now when he makes me laugh by trying to be a hardcore gangsta rapper

    Three 6 mafia has some funny shit too, its just not very lyrical like Em can be…they are pretty much straight foward.. ex: “knock the black off your ass” and “pussy got ya hooked”

    Gotta mention Ludacris

    Young Jeezy can get some laughs out of me occasionaly too.

    I dont know if anyone else considers afroman a rapper…but he has some funny shit—check out “i drive better drunk”

    50 also has his moments…not lately though

  • Dave

    The intro to Method and Red’s “Blackout!” is hilarious…

    Red: “Do you want to get hiiiiiigh man?”

    Meth: [coughs] “Does Pinocchio have wooden balls, maaaaan?”

    Gets me every time.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

    Devin The Dude
    Wyclef Jean

    Just a few more funny emcees.

  • Maddolies

    Cam’Rons Purple Haze Is Prob Sum Of The Funniest Shit Ive Ever Heard.. Introduced Me 2 “No Homo”.

  • Tanetoa

    C’mon Eddie Griffins skit on 2001

    “whatever happen to falling in love with a nigga with a bus pass”

    “ole keep a nigga baby”

    “tell the kid I was weekend pussy”


    start of deez nuts and the joke in the background over the intro

    “daddy if i have nuts on my chin are they called chin nuts”

    “hell no bitch you got a d*ck iin yo mouth”!!

  • ceedat

    Mannie Fresh is the funniest
    Little Brother

  • Trey Stone

    is Ludacris really that funny? i tend to think of his good stuff as more clever than funny (there’s a difference,) plus he doesn’t have the best success rate. some of his shit just comes off as forced or corny, ‘specially with the way he always over-enunciates stuff

  • Tha Ace

    read the comments and didn’t see Sean Price mentioned………..so you can add him to your little lists

    • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

      “Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to fuck with/Boot Camp click ain’t nothing to Wu-Tang/niggas seem shock by the way that i do thangs/song with Destiny’s Child/I still ride the two train.” –Sean P.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Damn Skit:
    The first’s two albums of Cypress Hill. When the skit is just only a minute beat. That’s a classic!!!

  • A-Z

    Envy and Red Cafe the co-op albums skits about fake rappers MC deathmurderhomicide


    cam ron is the king of funny ass skits his joints are better than redmans. off that last mixtape he did the one about the roaches in the chicken i was dying. ” those are not our roaches our roaches are brown not black “

  • Brown Hornet

    check out Biz Markie song “the Dragon”, the skits on Redman’s Malpractice were the shit especially that one when they were on people’s court, Big Boi was funny as hell in ATL, he stole the show, Kool Keith is funny as hell but his music is hard to digest for the casual rap fan, that LL Cool J track when he got on canibus and wyclef was just the ultimate one-sided game of the dozens ever.

  • blaqmarc

    I have to say that ODB first and second albums were real funny, but the funniest albums I heard on past hip-hop and I mean real hip-hop…was 3rd Bass, Beastie Boys, De La Soul, NWA, Biz Markie, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Wyclef (first album), Redman, Fu-Shnicks, The Pharcyde, Busta Rhymes, Leaders of the New School, Son of Bazerk, UTFO, LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew, and the first hip-hop funny album was Sugarhill Gang.
    I can go on and on all day but let’s realize one thing, those artist I mentioned were having…fun, not funds for what they were doing…FUN. The music, the message, the movement was more important than a gripful of dead presidents at those times and everyone had their own style and crew so that brought diversity into the game. I don’t buy new rap or hip-hop because I’m 40 yrs. old and I heard it all before these young cats ain’t got nothing to say on the mic, unless it’s how hard they are, how hard their hood is, and how much money they got before they made it big.
    Everyone go back to the old school and get some lessons on what real is then spit somethin’ to make me say that’s a real emcee.