OnSmash has a video interview with Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones [1]. In addition to saying several words that make little sense together but are possibly shocking when taken out of context, the Golden Child declares his adoration for MF Doom, Jay Electronica and Dead Prez. If we are to take Nasty's word for it, all three acts make music and "do shit". It's a surprisingly Jansportish lineup coming from a rapper who, until recently, favored the company of R. Kelly to Cormega. But I know the ledge. The Littlest Homie is preparing for Niceguy's (non-?) release and probable Ginobili flop. He's getting with the undiegrind because that's where the long term money is. He'll sign a lifetime contract with Nature Sounds or Landslide and will join these artists in caking off their self perpetuating fanbase of comic book store clerks, not yet college drop outs and aspiring failed political dissidents.

I kid. I have nothing but love for you, Nasir. A certain rapper ternt quantum physicist only agreed to my interview request because he mistook me for you. It must've been the chipped tooth that we both don't have.

[Posse On Suicide Watch T-minus 6]

[1] And word count... got it.