Fuck who's the hottest rapper. What does that shit even mean?

No, I'm not singling out the MTV Hottest Rappers in the game lists. Singling it out would mean that I cared, which I don't. I'm talking about in general.

Being "hot" don't mean shit. Especially in the information overload age we live in. In this day and age, being "hot" either means being on the internet the most, or being in folks face the most. Forgive me, but from the way I was raised and came up...that doesn't necessarily sound "hot." Being on the internet all the got damn time either shows that you have no life or you're desperate for the attention that regular humans who interact with other regular humans in ways that don't involve keystroke, don't bother to give you. And being up in folks faces all the got damn time don't sound "hot" either, that shit sounds annoying. Crazy, being the Noid is the shit these days.

But yeah, fuck being "hot." Being hot ain't about shit. Hot shit goes cold after a while and the only good cold thing in this world is beer and air conditioning in the summertime. Plus calling a muthafucka hot or declaring something hot really doesn't require any real thought. All you have to do is talk about what you see immediately in front you or what you see the most. My 7 year old cousin can tell you that Lil Wayne is the "hottest" rapper because that's all he sees. The same way your little cousin may tell you that Dora the Explorer is the "hottest" cartoon. The same way we all thought Martin Luther King is the "hottest" civil rights activist in elementary school.

Moving on, my bad.

I felt like talking about this "hot" shit because this new Bun B song I just heard. Its a FIE ass song with him, Rick Ross, David Banner, 8Ball & MJG. Its called "You're Everything" and they are pretty much showing their love of the South. FIE ass song man. But I'll be got dammed if Rowss ain't fuck that song up.

The song is still fie, but his presence probably keeps it from being STRAIGHT FIE! Bun is a legend obviously. Banner (although I can't understand his duplicitous ways, er, diversity sometimes) deserves to be on that song because like he said on the song, he put the 'Sipp on his back and put it on the map, plus he be having shit to say. 8Ball's verse is reminiscient of Lil Flip's final verse on "What Yall Wanna Do" on the Undaground Legend album, when he shouted out all the forefathers of Southern Hip Hop...classic shit. And MJG came through with one of his fiest verses in a hot minute. You really have to listen to this song man.

But damn, why the fuck is Ross on there. Is it because he's "hot?" What has he done other than put coke rap on the map? Don't get me wrong, I don't think Ross is wack really. I've heard dude snap and know that he's capable of stepping outside of this Miama drug dealer character he promotes. But damn, should he really be on this song? Wouldn't Trick Daddy be a more ideal option?

Hearing this reminded me of the first time I heard "Pushin" from Bun's first solo album Trill. The song is the shit. No doubt. But damn. Why was Jeezy on the song? Was it because he was "hot?" I mean nigga, Bun and 'Face on the same song? Spitting real shit? But with Jeezy in between? Awwww man, noooooo. My brother tried to tell the arrangement made sense because Jeezy represented the new nigga on the block on the song amongst the O.G.'s. He said it offered a fresh voice and perspective to represent what was going on at the time. Good arguement. It made me think, would I want to hear Saigon or Papoose (btw, are these niggas "hot" anymore?) on a song with KRS-One and Chuck D? Would I want to hear Jay Rock or Game on a song with Ice Cube and MC Ren?*

To those last two suggestion, I ain't gonna lie, I might be interested. But, if they stand to be as lopsided as Ross and Jeezy hopping on songs with proven legends, I'll pass.

*=Ok, bad analogy. I probably wouldn't mind hearing Cube, Ren and Game together.