Let me just put this on your plate right now. Copp that new 'Kidz In The Hall' CD. If you fucks with hipster rap then get with that dude Kid Cudi. Class is over. (I just met my word count quota)

Music Television is washed up. The problem with MTV is that they are talking about rap music on the television. Rap music on the television is crap music. The best rap music exists on the internets. By the time that shit gets to the television it is played the fuck out. All television is in the shitter right now, except 'Battlestar Galactica' and 'SquidBillies', but everything else on t.v. is the wackness. Okay, except the NBA playoffs. The Cavs should have beaten Boston. Beantown is like leather so soft.

The hottest rapper in the game in REAL time is the Game. Whatever you like the most about your favorite rapper this dude got, except for a song where it sounds like he is having sex with a robot which is all the rage now. If he doesn't get his shine on television for another year then who knows what the fuck may happen by then. Right now though, like right, right now, when you are reading this shit the most anticipated release is not 'The Carter III' or 'The Paper Trail' or even 'Disco Hollywood Loafer Shoes' (the new 'Ye Tudda album). The most anticipated album for 2008 is the new Game CD. Everyone is wondering what foolish mortal stunts that Jayceon will commit to get his hypebuzz popping.

Game doesn't even have a solid release date for the album but I am amped for the CD. Where is all the hype for Lil' Wayne's album? Other than people asking, "Where is the hype?" I hope the promo budget wasn't spent already by Birdbrain. The remix of 'Lollipop' was on point and those lyrics from KanYe West really fit into Wayne's steez. KanYe West is definitely a hot ass rapper [ll]. This dude went from being the hottest ghost producer to the hottest ghost writer. Def Jam needs to give cousin back his label.

I'm copping that Game album this summer, and maybe that NaS joint. And maybe that joint from Da' Brat.