The Game Of The Hottest Rapper…

Let me just put this on your plate right now. Copp that new ‘Kidz In The Hall’ CD. If you fucks with hipster rap then get with that dude Kid Cudi. Class is over. (I just met my word count quota)

Music Television is washed up. The problem with MTV is that they are talking about rap music on the television. Rap music on the television is crap music. The best rap music exists on the internets. By the time that shit gets to the television it is played the fuck out. All television is in the shitter right now, except ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘SquidBillies’, but everything else on t.v. is the wackness. Okay, except the NBA playoffs. The Cavs should have beaten Boston. Beantown is like leather so soft.

The hottest rapper in the game in REAL time is the Game. Whatever you like the most about your favorite rapper this dude got, except for a song where it sounds like he is having sex with a robot which is all the rage now. If he doesn’t get his shine on television for another year then who knows what the fuck may happen by then. Right now though, like right, right now, when you are reading this shit the most anticipated release is not ‘The Carter III’ or ‘The Paper Trail’ or even ‘Disco Hollywood Loafer Shoes’ (the new ‘Ye Tudda album). The most anticipated album for 2008 is the new Game CD. Everyone is wondering what foolish mortal stunts that Jayceon will commit to get his hypebuzz popping.

Game doesn’t even have a solid release date for the album but I am amped for the CD. Where is all the hype for Lil’ Wayne’s album? Other than people asking, “Where is the hype?” I hope the promo budget wasn’t spent already by Birdbrain. The remix of ‘Lollipop’ was on point and those lyrics from KanYe West really fit into Wayne’s steez. KanYe West is definitely a hot ass rapper [ll]. This dude went from being the hottest ghost producer to the hottest ghost writer. Def Jam needs to give cousin back his label.

I’m copping that Game album this summer, and maybe that NaS joint. And maybe that joint from Da’ Brat.

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  • GMAN


    im coppin game day it comes out and nas i think those will be the 2 hottest cd this year… where the fuck is cam?

  • master cheef

    this is an obvious attempt to get gaym stans on your side.

    even you love hip hop too much to really be anticipating that album.

    so it has come to faking and fronting.SMH

    • BossHogg

      Yeah Im A Game Fan Mutha Fucker
      And The LAX Is The Most Anticipated Album
      The Game Defines A True Rapper A West Coast Rapper With East Coast Influnces
      Two Albums And 5 Mixtapes, He Keeps On Getting Better. If You Don’t LIke Game Don’t Blog.. There’s Nothing Wrong With Bily Theres Something Wrong With Your Ears..Bitch!!!! You Faggot Go Do Your Homework Before You Open Your Mouth…

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    “Rap music on the television is crap music. The best rap music exists on the internets.”

    I agree. Billy u need to come with more off the chain post.

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    Face facts, Ye’s the King right now everything he’s graced been a smash. Wayne right now is like that wrestler who goes on vacation but as soon as he gets back he’s the champ. T.I.P. is comin hard, you heard it here first. But yea, The Game is definitely gettin slept on. LAX will be probably TOP 3 best albums this summer. This is problem one of the best summers for Hip Hop…

    • Be a Nigger Too

      Real Talk. This is what hip-hop needs. Bun B is about to drop, soon we will get The Carter III, Nigger, LAX, Terminate on Sight, Raw Footage, Only Built for Cuban Linx II, Invincible Summer, Sir Luscious Left Foot, HOPEFULLY Saigon. Am I missing anyone??

      • ThingAlec

        Then there’s also gonna be new albums from Ice Cube and Busta

  • tony starks

    real talk

  • kelito =-vision

    u right about that….MTV sucks but BET is even worse….i don’t really care for Game…but the decision makers at Viacom(owners of MTV and BET) need to be smacked for their rap programming….thet ruined Rap City, 106 and Park used to be hot, hell Direct Effect is garbage(always has been)

  • og bobby j

    I aint gonna front, ima download games shit….He aint horrible…plus it takes talent to ryhme all those names he drops and still incorporate the essential ryhmes with dre, 64 impala and khaki suit.

    • notoriousagc

      GODDAMN IT shut up JEALOUS ASS NY fags

  • ma gilla cudee

    well said…im not a big game fan but im still looking for his shit moreso than anyone else

    “Everyone is wondering what foolish mortal stunts that Jayceon will commit to get his hypebuzz popping.”

    dude keeps talking about suicide, and has mentioned that this will be his last album so you can only wonder

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    “most anticipated release is not ‘The Carter III’ or ‘The Paper Trail’ ”

    You so outta touch it ain’t even funny.

  • nc

    Fuck you mean beantowns like leather so soft pussy

  • Danny


    Yea, where is Cam?

  • j

    william who’s the 5th cylon?

  • Pierzy

    The Game & NaS albums will be sick. Carter III will just be wack.

  • Franchise

    Squidbillies is batshit insane dude, but hilarious. Games album will definetly be hot, and i think for his prealbum hype hes trying to sign that guy who knocked out Suge.

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    yeah that Kidz In The Hall video is bugged out, me and my younger bro(aka the 2yr younger, 100lbs heavier version of me)was checkin it out on MTV 2 yesterday, after i somehow stumbled upon the crib after i left work and came down from Cloud Kush……

    my video/TV/Internet activity has been halted tremendously due to me actually working on a new project of mines while fufilling my yr. worth of collab’s and indie-mixtape drops, trying to catch-up with producers who sent me untagged tracks that were 4gotten about and other random shit that happens, when your musical career is ran by the man in the mirror, and a couple of dudes/staff/childhood friends tryin to live the dream!!!!

    Now back to this MTV shit, honestly the 5 minutes i watched was enough to understand what was goin down….. a bunch of opinions that either was “pro” or “con” in regards to mentioned artists…..

    it was like name an artist and see who’s suck muscles were the strongest, and the more lips on the stick, the higher the rank!!!!

    can anyone even tell me the criteria being “hot” was based on so i can stop assuming that it had nothing to do with having talent and was more based on image and non-musical aspects..(which might be true seeing how a former staffer just penned an industry gay-ography)

    Peace 2 Mankind!

  • i Fux aka Etheraldinho aka Farouq Obama

    I hate Boston

    Yo BXS, Weezy had the hottest line on that remix

    “Safe Sex is great Sex/so better wear that latex/you dont want that Late Text/That ‘I Think Im Late’ text ” (c) Weezy

    Thats some hot ass verbiage. Ohh Ya I fux with Game heavy. Dude is nuts. Kidz in The Hall are kind of boring, Word to Naledge

  • geico lizard

    you are right birdman spent all of lil waynes promotion budget trying to sell more copies of that 5 star stunna album because he just dropped a new video for that and that turd sandwich dropped back in december so you know that came out of lil waynes promo budget. baby must be paying lil wayne in drugs so he wont complain about getting pushed back so much and not getting enough promo. squidbillies is crazy but the venture brothers season 3 starts up in june. i dont know when boondocks and frisky dingo are dropping their season 3 but adult swim always has at least one funny show on i want to see. the writers strike bumped fox’s 24 back to 2009 and rob and big is off the air now and i think south park is done for the season just like everybody hates chris so i dont have anything but the nba and cheaters to watch now.

  • Incilin

    Word up Billy. Game is my favorite rapper too. He got everything (flow, lyrics, street cred, hot albums, good singles, freestyles, battles, voice, and a range of styles), you 1000% percent right on that. But I gota admit, Game aint “hot” in the MTV sense. But he’s the best rapper around and he can bar for bar with any rapper on and off that list.

    Can’t wait for LAX, the only album I have faith in being really good or maybe even a classic. Who really trusts Wayne? Lollipop, 9 Mille, and Lisa Marie should have all ya worried. And I don’t trust Nas either, whose been a disappointment ever since Illmatic. Especially now that he changed his title to just Nas.

    Also, “The best rap music exists on the internets.” Realest shit you ever wrote.

  • @ atl

    But, as any straight man would say, “Man on man sex is nasty like sex’n a 300lbs trailer trash chick in a popeye’s garbage dumpster on a hot summer day!”


  • droopey

    the game, name dropper king! nigga please. okay “big dreams” was hot but the name dropping is a killah for me.

    weezy all day everyday!



  • DGood

    Squidbillies is hillarious.
    The Game is dope.
    Da Brat shoulda retired after celebrity fit club.

  • Juzzy


    Street Cred?????

    Hahaha ok SMH

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    yo the game is the shit dunno why you faggots hate with all the bull shit bout the nigga not having street cred and shit if the nigga was such a fake gangsta would the Compton bloodz and crips back him up, the nigga got poped 5 time whilst pushing drugs and he survived if that aint gangsta then i dunno what is, on a lyrical stand point he is not as nice as jigga,nas,or em but he brings his on shit to the table coz going 5x plat for his 1stt LP and 3x plat for his 2nd worlwide without the help of his mentor is a great achievemnet,let’s not forget in this day and age records dont sell that even your heroes jigga and 50 are failling to go 3x plat, even though they are 2 of the most popular rappers out there.they call game a name dropper true that he is, but why didn’t they call kanye a name dropper for always calling out gay designers such as Louis Vitton and shit and Weezy for always mentioning his father figure in all his songs, Nas for always mentioning pac and all em legends and jay for bitting biggy and name dropping every fictional gangsta’s name you can think of,the game is the shit you batter recognise he puts out shit with substance and not that bubble gum bull shti everyone is in to these days and if you cant handle that then suck a dick,call me a dick ryda see if i care but just come say it in ma face.

  • Notoriousagc

    except for a song where it sounds like he is having sex with a robot which is all the rage now.


  • Pinto AKA DJ Supafly

    I agree with you here, mahn. First time I do. The Game is DOPE!

  • http://xxl jg

    yo momma is the best rapper i have ever heard

  • http://xxl jg

    green eggs and ham

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