What is wrong with all of you people acting like Roger Clemens is a criminal? Do you even know what took place between him and his teenage friend? Do you know how many teens would love to have a close personal friend like the future Hall of Fame pitcher? If I were from Texas I would prA'li say that teenage girl should thank Jesus for her friendship with Roger Clemens.

Wasn't it Jesus who said something about bringing the children to him? Even if something sexual did occur I'm sure that it was only for educational purposes. Roger Clemens helped that young woman eduficate herself on her own beautality. People should be giving more credit to Roger Clemens for being a mentor to this girl and talking to her about things that she felt embarrassed to discuss with her parents.

Things like the Rusty Trombone, or the Teabag Moustache. What about the Chinese bowtie? You are never too young to learn Kegel exercises either. Where is a fifteen year old going to learn the proper way to do these strengthening exercises if not from a first rate veteran professional athlete? Now when she goes into the world she will be fit in body and mind. Without Roger Clemens guiding hand who knows what fate might have befallen this teenager.

Now on the other hand we see Robert Sylvester Kelly producing pr0nagraffiti with teenagers you know it is just wrong. I could see if this were the Isleys, but you see what the IRS eventually did with them? There is nothing educational or endearing about urinating on another person. Even if the act is consensual. What twisted man would even consider touching the unused flower of a teenager in that manner? These are heady times people and our morality is being confronted on every street corner. These are the days that we need to celebrate the real patriots that display our freedoms.

Thank you Roger Clemens. You sir, are an American hero.