New Rap Songs

Alfafamega f/ Busta Rhymes – “Headbanger”

“Hurt” 2.0. Now with fewer guns.

Bohagon – “Been About Money”

Prod Cyber Sapp. Bohagon’s a great rapper but has been struggling to find a marketable identity to push his debut, ironically entitled Who Am I?. This is one step closer but maybe not quite there yet. I hear the album is great. Fader just put a profile I wrote on Bo up on their site, if you’re curious.

Bobby Creekwater – “Rainman”

Another Georgia boy permanently trapped in label purgatory.

Mullyman – “Party Walk”

Prod by DJ Booman. Via Emynd. I’d be more willing to listen Baltimore Club if they actually started putting more competent rappers like Mully on it. The interpolation of The Wire theme is sort of discomforting though.

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  • GovernmentNames

    Being a crybaby about bloglink attribution is not a game I play, but I posted the Mullyman record over a week ago, surprised you didn’t catch it there first. I think Baltimore club is generally better without rappers, but “Party Walk” is one of the better attempts at a club/rap fusion, certainly one of the best that’s gotten local radio play.

    • moniuqe r.

      “I think Baltimore club is generally better without rappers”


  • James

    YO! I rep B-MORE all day. This club song is hot. Yes! Dont get me wrong it’s diffrent… But you gotta be creative as shit to rap over a track like this…

    I fucks wit it…

    It’s bout time we bring some new shit to the game.

    • http://fdsf ggbvsd


  • brandon Soderberg

    Baltimore Club with rappers isn’t really Baltimore Club anymore, it’s rap music.

  • GovernmentNames

    “Baltimore Club with rappers isn’t really Baltimore Club anymore, it’s rap music.”

    Fair enough, but if a track that would otherwise be considered club music if it was an instrumental has a vocalist on it, you kinda have to at least use the phrase as part of the description.

  • Arcey

    I like this dude Alfamega, held it down with TI & Busta but yeah it IS “Hurt 2.0″

    alfafa? wasn’t that a kid from the little rascals?!

  • Jayson Greene

    That’s the second good Bobby Creekwater song I’ve heard in a month. Sounds like he hasn’t let Em’s production put the same stranglehold on his career that it did on Obie Trice’s.

  • FatB410

    I’m from Baltimore and I’ve been fuckin with Club as well as local Rap for as long as I can remember. I like how the two come together in “Party Walk”. No, its not pure Baltimore Club, but its an even mix of the two genres. I will say that Mullyman is kind of jumping on the southern style a little bit. Baltimore artists are known for mixing East Coast and Southern styles in their music. In his recent songs, he has made the Southern style the majority in his influence. Now, I’m not hating, I’m just saying that he needs to go back to mixing the styles better.

  • jessie

    mullyman and boston club both are whack! like foreal,who listens to this crap?makes a nigga sick to the stomach!no talent1




    Word to wise. Baltimore has a new messenger………..


    baltimore have hundreds thousands of better messengers than what is out on the radio smh