If there was any column here at the X spot that has been unfavorable to the music that generally comes from the underside of the Mason-Dixon line it would be this page. Not because I hate southern rap, but because I hate dumb rappers, and most of which reside in the south. This isn't to say that all southern rappers are dumb, because that certainly isn't the case, just like I don't believe all rappers from the northeast are inherently smart (DipSet anyone?).

Every now and then I read or see something that just turns all my preconceived notions on their head. I was doing my usual internets routine of hitting up sites that I value when I came across a YouTube clip at the website REZIDUE.

Killer Mike gives an interview to Sacha Jenkins at Mass Appeal Mag. The link originally comes from Nah'Right. Seriously speaking, is there any other Hip-Hop website in the world other than Nah'Right? I'm not talking about rap music, or crap music, I'm talking about Hip-Hop.


Killer Mike goes in with some grown ass man real talk. I don't think you should even be allowed to view this clip if you were born in the 1990's. You don't have enough life experience to wrap your mind around the shit he is saying. Right now I'm amped to hear some Killer Mike spit. This is a man that has traveled the world and realizes that no one can hold him down. Rappers that have been to several continents > rappers that use auto-tuners. That my friends is just a simple fact.

If you had to go into a surgical procedure would you choose the doctor with the most experience or the one with the fancier car? So why allow rap music to enter your brain when it isn't being done by professionals? Rappers need to upgrade their lifestyles and rap fans need to demand more from themselves.

Man listen, just check the Killer Mike interview.