The economy is fucked the fuck up. The music industry is fucked the fuck up. The fanzine industry which feeds off the music industry which is influenced by the economy is totally in the shitter. Magazines that I actually spend my money on are going belly up. People are circling the wagons everywhere. It was rumored that XXL mag dot com would be making some changes soon.

I won't be surprised when I have my termination slip in my hand. I had a good run over here with some great moments like the time last year that I shitted on MTV's brain trust and posted the key to personally e-mailing them at their office to tell them how bad their lists were. The people at MTV weren't amused though, even though I was the ONLY person that e-mailed them to complain. Many of the XXL Mag dot com readers = bitchmade cowards, but we already knew that.

I found myself on the wrong side of beefs with this site's resident nerd professor archivist because I don't care for LCD rap anymore than he cares for meaningless polysyllabic T La Rock lyricism. At the end of the day we agreed to disagree. At the end of the day we found that we had more in common than we thought. I can remember all the fun I had with contentious readers who would come to my threads just to throw rocks. I deleted a comment or thirty until they learned how to type right. Get it, type write?

I got the e-mail this week to come and pick up some paperwork of mine from H.Q. That sounds like its time for me to get my walking papers. Come to think of it, I've always wanted to sell apples on the street, or wear one of those sandwich boards and hand out paper fliers to passerby. This is going to be a good time for me. Maybe I'll finish my book and the half dozen screenplays I have been drafting. I'll have a lot more time now to catch up on my downloads to do list. I still don't have that new Atmosphere album on my hard drive.

So if this is to be my figurative last supper allow me to leave you all with some food for thought. What I would like to leave you with is the reason that I came to this site in the first place. I came because of my respect for the word. At some point rap music was no longer concerned with lyrics. Shit like swagger and album sales had replaced the importance of actual rap lyrics. Rap fans had become followers like sheep instead of leaders of the new school.

But where would rap music exist if not for the word? You can still have Hip-Hop music without rapping, but you can't have rapping without words. The word comes before everything else and right now there is a disrespect for the word in rap music. It is time for fans of rap music and Hip-Hop to reclaim our inheritance. Do you think the Sugarhill Gang stole Grandmaster Caz' rhymebook thirty years ago for "Yahh trick, Yaaaaaah" to become the most popular phrase in rap?

When I think of rap music at its zenith I think of songs like the full version of LL Cool J's 'Rock The Bells' or Rakim's 'My Melody'. Listen to this song by the Kool Genius of Rap called 'Men At Work' and tell me if this isn't the most hardbody rap anthem evar. The acappella version is posted at the bottom of the drop.

Do you hear that shit? No, did you listen to that shit?!? G Rap said he would, "bust your ass so fast it would fascinate". When is the last time that you heard someone rhyme so many complex polysyllabic words in one song? Kool G Rap isn't just saying them because they ryhme either. After you listen to those verses and you still fuck with robotic-voice rhyme-sayers I will say that Hip-Hop is truly dead and I won't feel a kind of way for pushing my apple cart down Broadway.

Keep Hip-Hop alive...