Branching off from yesterday's post about how these rappers, who obviously have the means, need to focus on finding better hobbies, I'm also concerned that they could probably be finding better women.

Take for example Kanye West, who, say what you will about him, looks like he might be putting together one hell of a track record of prized pussy. The other day, when it was announced that he'd broken things off with his fiance of two years or so, what's her face, I speculated that he might have finally succumbed to the allure of white pussy.

My reasoning being that a) there's always been a certain subtext in his oeuvre having to do with his appreciation of the white female form (one of the few areas where we agree); and b) he had what I thought was one of the smoking-est black chicks evar - and you guys know it's not always in my interest professionally to pay a black woman a compliment.

So I figured his only logical move at that point would be to "upgrade" to some smokin' hot white pussy. He was about to embark on his Glow in the Dark Tour (hmm...), which I figured would be as good an opportunity as any to fall into some "road hole," as stand-up comedians call it. And with his ego, I doubt he'd want to give his ex the satisfaction of him rebounding with a relatively mediocre black chick.

And wouldn't you know, it looks like I've been proven correct. I was checking the blogs over at SOHH, and I see that whoever it is that runs Ya Heard found some pics over at Perez Hilton of what looks like Kanye in a VIP area of some sort getting his "mingle" on with a gaggle of snow bunnies. In one pic, it looks like he's got his face buried in a broad's cleavage, and in another one, it looks like he's giving one of them a kiss.

Not that I'm complaining or anything. Do your thing, Kanye.

The (admittedly rather extreme) alternative would be some shit like the situation Papoose has gotten himself in. Granted, Papoose looks like a space alien, and his career in hip-hop is obviously going nowhere, but you'd think he could still do better than Remy Ma, especially now that it's been announced that she's about to get sent up for eight years for shooting her weed carrier in the stomach.

She probably should have hollered at the lawyer Cassidy got when he had some issues with his weed carrier. That kid's not even alive anymore, and Cassidy was only gone for like eight months. Meanwhile, something tells me that this broad Remy Ma shot was the kind of harbdody hoodrat chick that could handle getting shot in the stomach. Also, do we know for a fact whether or not she was going in Remy Ma's purse?

But I digress. I see that yesterday, Papoose, who must actually be a ninja (does that mean he actually did cold cock Fat Joe?), tried to break Remy Ma out of prison, and their wedding had to be called off. Actually, I heard that he just so happened to carry around a key to some handcuffs on his keychain (him and Remy probably used to chain each other to the bed) and the guy at the prison saw it and just flipped on him.

I wonder, though, if Pap didn't plant that key there on a subconscious level, in order to prevent himself from getting in married to a fucking insane hoodrat who shot someone in the stomach and who won't even be out of jail until she's well into her 30s, at which point she might not even have much use for men. Earlier this year, I was watching that show In Treatment, and one of the things I learned is that sometimes we set these subconscious traps for ourselves.

Even if that's not what happened, someone needs to pull Papoose to the side and have a serious mano a mano with him. I'm sure he thinks he's in love with Remy Ma, but I wonder what kind of play he got before he was with her. Based on his appearance and the state of his career, I'm gonna guess not a whole lot. Believe me, I can relate. If I had a nickel for every borderline homely white chick I fell in love with, I'd have thirty-five cents. But you don't see me down at the county jail trying to put my bid in.

What do you fruits think? Is Papoose selling himself short, or should I focus on my own problems and not be sweating another man's relationship? Speak on it.