XXL mag dot com family,
I ain't no wheres near a computer so I'ma holler thru my broke azz broke azz blackberry.

I wish y'all niggas was fucking with the kid tonite.. I caught this open bar event (I call them shits Obamas) for Courvosier x LRG sportswear and these niggas did it up lovely. Free food. Free swag. But most of all free top shelf 'yac bitches. LRG gonna rule this summer, but copp that Mighty Healthy if you know whats good for you. Mighty Healthy is on the come up.

Remind me to TiVo MTV tonite. Oops, I forgot, XXL aint hit me off so my cable is still finito Maybe I can catch the reruns of the most hotnest rap when I get back right.

Speaking of hot rap... Koch Records, get me my joints. At least get me that Kids in the Hall disk. Stop playing. I know y'all count each unit. Fuck it, Double O, let me get a CD next time I see you on the streets and I will give you five dollars like you is pumping shit on the corner at Times Square. I need that Buckshot too.

Did y'all niggas see Speed Racer yet? Take your seeds to see that joint. Shit is better than Iron Man. Trust. And I collect Iron Man comics too. Bob Layton stand up.

I am extra twisted right now sitting on a park bench in Washington Square Park just like a bum. A bum in a Polo RL knit typing on a blackberry. A bum no less.

Shout out to Miss Info. I finally met shorty in person and she is finer than a muvv up in this muvv.

Shout out to super DJ Clark Kent.

Shout out to the spaceships.

Hornets vs Detroit for the 'chip. Detwah in five. Believe that.

What is my word count now? Have I exceeded 25? Seriously fam, y'all deserve the best website in the world here but if I can't get my chips then I can't give out my best product. Demand better for your eyeballs. Help me help you love rap music and the Hip-Hop lifestyle.

Mostly you should help me get my paper so that I can continue on my quest to replace my liver with a robotic alcohol filter.

*professional dick riding commenters should kill themselves by choking on their mothers menapausal maxipads*